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  1. Good and Bad Ideas from Massachusetts
  2. HumanCar is Back With a Grid-Rechargeable NEV - People Still Needed
  3. Nissan receives a $4.4 million penalty
  4. Buick Business Hybrid Concept breaks cover in Shanghai - Details and Photo Gallery
  5. Rumormill: Porsche reconsidering Panamera-based 928 successor?
  6. Toyota To Show Off “Smart-Road” Safety System
  7. Roewe N1 Concept
  8. Toyota to take on Insight by cutting Prius base price to $21,000
  9. Saturn was Supposed To Save GM, instead they crushed it.
  10. US to give Chrysler $500M, GM $5B in new aid
  11. Cars in future: Robot drivers, sunlight power
  12. Audi planning to resurrect the legendary ‘Ur-Quattro’
  13. Toyota Land Cruiser to receive a new V8 engine
  14. Opel/Vauxhall Insignia ecoFLEX gets 46 mpg keeps its 160-hp turbo-diesel
  15. Aerodynamics on Land: Aiming for 800 M.P.H.
  16. Peugeot RD Concept
  17. William Clay Ford II Forecasts Bright Green Future For His Company
  18. Linian Roadster (Honda's 'Scion' for China) gets s2000 sucessor?
  19. Transparent ‘organic LEDs’ to revolutionize car displays
  20. Official: Audi Q3 will be built by Seat in Martorell factory Audi Steppenwolf Concep
  21. 2009 Gilera Fuoco Road Test Review
  22. 2009 MSE/TeamRS Ford Fiesta debuts at European Rallycross Championship
  23. Ford executive calls for increased gas tax, or hell doth froze
  24. Upcoming Bmw 1-Series will carry a three-cylinder engine! Electric version also consi
  25. Volkswagen Quarterly Profit Plummets
  26. MEC Design Presents New S-Class Body Kit
  27. Bright Automotive unveils new 100mpg plug-in hybrid 'IDEA' van
  28. Video Chrysler's New Peapod Vehicle(electric)
  29. Bruised Reputation? Hyundai Recalls Almost 1 Million Cars In 4 Separate Campaigns
  30. GM to close most of its plans for nine-weeks starting July
  31. GM won't make $1B June debt payment
  32. Honda Accord SR-9 Study Unveiled in Shanghai
  33. AC Schnitzer presents new braking system for the Bmw M3
  34. Brembo present carbon-ceramic watch
  35. Meet Mini's Speedster
  36. Ariel Atom 3 at Virginia International Raceway - Video
  37. Scoop! Chrysler Hopes to Build Plug-In Ram and Town & Country
  38. Gemballa Tornado 750 GTS: A $500,000 750-hp Porsche Cayenne Turbo
  39. GM Opel Stake To Fiat Today?
  40. Volkswagen’s sport models will carry the ‘R’ logo
  41. Leaked: 2011 Renault Clio
  42. New offer made to Chrysler lenders
  43. Porsche and Piech Families to main assets to VW
  44. Zero S review
  45. Ford Reveals Britain's 'Greenest' Small Van: Fiesta Van Econetic
  46. Audi to offer turbo'd 2.0-liter on A5 this summer; V6 manual model dropped
  47. Fesler-Moss reveals customized Chevrolet Camaro
  48. Pontiac to be killed this coming Monday?
  49. Chevy Revives Corvette Grand Sport
  50. Honda launches dedicated finance arm for Acura
  51. Porsche Panamera to receive V6 engine! Hybrid version also in the works!
  52. Shanghai Motor Show: Buick New Regal 2.0 Turbo
  53. Sunbeam Tiger Concept
  54. New Morgan Aero SuperSports with BMW V8: High-Res Photos and Details
  55. A5 Sportback Spied
  56. Audi Announce New Mystery Model Unveiling Scheduled for July 16th
  57. Video/HKS teases us with its CZ200S-059SPEC at Tsukuba Circuit Exhibition Race
  58. Aussie Homage to the Holden Torana GTR-X: A Lost Opportunity
  59. Next-generation Audi A3 delayed by a year
  60. GT-RR 570 Premium Package released for the Nissan GT-R
  61. Chrysler Statement Re Tentative Agreement With CAW
  62. Westfield 1600 Sport Turbo
  63. Morgan’s LIFEcar may still have a future
  64. Geely says the GE is not a Phantom copy… Say what?
  65. SDK Develops Graphite for Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles
  66. Is Spyker planning on introducing a Maserati Quattroporte killer?
  67. Class War to Ding UK Luxury Car Sales
  68. U.S. may legislate Open Fuel Standard Act
  69. California adopts transportation investment plan
  70. Leo Motors tests electric vehicle conversion
  71. Toyota Announces 2010 Prius Pricing
  72. Tesla-powered Smart car concept
  73. An Alternate-Fuel Wild Card in Fiat’s Deck
  74. Chevrolet Corvette gets launch control for 2010 update
  75. Mazda Builds First RX-8 Hydrogen RE for Norway
  76. Honda’s New Ogawa Engine Plant Designed For Carbon Benefits
  77. Chrysler, UAW reach deal
  78. Officially Official: GM kills Pontiac
  79. Geely, U.S. investment firms visit GM's Saab
  80. U.S Treasury to Nationalize GM: American Leyland Is Born
  81. GM launches last ditch bond exchange offer
  82. 2009 Lotus Exige Cup 260 First Drive Road Test
  83. Toyota Seems To Admit First Generation Tundra’s Suffer From Frame Rust
  84. GM plans 4 core brands with 3 sales channels
  85. 2011 Fiat Uno First Spy Photos Plus Artist Rendering
  86. Toyota planning a hybrid RAV4
  87. New 1.6-liter Common Rail Diesel for Seat Ibiza
  88. Honda Still Strong on Hydrogen Fuel Cells, But Eyeing Plug-In Hybrids as Well
  89. FIA GT Nismo GT-R
  90. Chrysler planning second Fiat-based compact sports sedan
  91. GM talking to Toyota on another shared model to replace Pontiac Vibe
  92. BMW AMULETT Sysyem
  93. Königseder Tuning takes on the Porsche Carrera GT
  94. Scoop! Cadillac Epsilon Sedan Will Slot Below CTS
  95. Mcchip VW Golf GTI VI with 252HP to Premiere at Tuning World Bodensee
  96. Sterling Moss SLR
  97. 2010 Mazda1 Rendered Speculation
  98. Chrysler reveals small sedan from Fiat to its dealers
  99. Motor Trend/Automobile Publisher Files for Bankruptcy
  100. Treasury Wants Delphi Dead
  101. Ford Fusion Hybrid travels 1,000 miles with 1/3 tank left
  102. Video: Zenvo ST1, Danish supercar in action
  103. Honda and Toyota make $3100 on each hybrid sold
  104. Nissan and Seattle announce zero-emissions vehicle alliance
  105. Underground Racing goes nutts on the lp640
  106. Ford Fiesta: Build/survey interesting options
  107. REPORT: Obama planning to announce Chrysler bankruptcy tomorrow
  108. Dems to monitor your miles, tax you
  109. Most bizarre news of the day: Fiat + Chrysler + Opel ... WTH?
  110. World First Technology for Future Land Rover Product
  111. Lexus Puts the World at Your Fingertips
  112. EPA Considering Raising Ethanol Limit To 15%
  113. G-Power Hurricane CS based on the Bmw M6
  114. VW Passat TSI EcoFuel Trendine is the greenest car in Europe
  115. MINI to Launch John Cooper F1 Limited Edition
  116. Bmw 750hi coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show
  117. First VW Sharan Mules Shots
  118. April 30th, 2009. Chrysler throws in the towel.
  119. Chrysler to switch to GMAC for financial
  120. Audi E1: first details revealed
  121. Honda Accord 2.2 i-DTEC 180 Type S
  122. New Nissan/Infiniti QX?
  123. Nissan GT-R versus a FWD Focus??
  124. OFFICALLY OFFICAL : Chrysler Files for bankruptcy proceedings
  125. Exclusive Taurus SHO First Ride
  126. Cop this Commodore!
  127. Spied: 2012 Buick 'Baby' Sedan
  128. Italian CNG Exec Charges Honda with "Mafia-like" Conduct over Fuelmaker as Sale Nears
  129. All-Electric Citroen C1 ev’ie Launched in Britain
  130. Report: Lotus bringing new Purist edition Elise to the U.S.
  131. UK/A Powerful Proposition From Saab The New 9-3 Turbo Edition
  132. Bonnet Airbag Will Help Save Lives
  133. Researchers Develop 'Smart Controller' to Manage EV, Plug-In Charging
  134. Ford sells more cars in April than Toyota
  135. Stupid Human Trick
  136. Chrysler aftershocks to hit industry hard
  137. Geekfest: 2009 SAE World Congress
  138. If buying American is your preference, check the first digit of the VIN
  139. Official: Mercedes-Benz preparing new E-Class limousine
  140. Smarter GPS to Let Cellphones Point the Way
  141. Electric Carmaker Phoenix Motors Files for Bankruptcy Protection
  142. What Clunker Cash Might Buy
  143. 2010 Mustang GT Convertible
  144. Fiat explores merger with GM Europe
  145. Wild Ass Rumor of the Day: Nissan to “Buy” GM
  146. Bertone Mantide May Enter Limited Production, Cost AU$2.7m
  147. Camaro Grilles Cracking-at-high-speed
  148. Confirmed: Jaguar-Land Rover’s Indian entry by year end
  149. Honda planning to invest big amount of cash into Pioneer
  150. Ethanol test for Obama on climate change, science
  151. Japanese Parts Makers Want Government $$$
  152. How The Automotive Task Force Is Calling The Shots At GM
  153. ChyrCo Court Docs: Dodge Viper Part of “Bad” Chrysler
  154. Chrysler lenders win one-day delay
  155. Mercedes-Benz says that KERS cannot be used by road cars
  156. Chevrolet Dealer Charges $5000 Camaro Premium, $1000 for “Nitrogen Tires for Life
  157. Some Chrysler News
  158. Penske wins bid as Saturn buyer *Merged*
  159. Mazda announces world-first converter design
  160. Independents give better repair service,
  161. Unbelievable: German Car Sales Up Again, +19.4% in April
  162. Latest details on the US House's Cash for Clunkers bill
  163. Which Fiats and Alfas are destined for U.S. *Merged*
  164. UAW Chief Says UAW Taking "Great Risk" In Chrysler Deal
  165. Fujitsu Develops Relays for Solar Powered and Power Saving Applications
  166. GM TO Keep Saturn"s Hybrid Technology
  167. Buick Astra approved for 2011 as a 2012 model year
  168. Rumor: Nissan 370Z hybrid in the works
  169. Bmw 3-Series GT coming to the Frankfurt Motor Show
  170. Chrysler and Fiat reliability – Merger of equals?
  171. TrueCar - find out what other people really paid for their car.
  172. Chysler May Not Be Canceling The Wrangler
  173. Motorcycle smog check proposed for California
  174. Ford spending $550M to switch Michigan Assembly from trucks to small cars/EV
  175. BMW posts $73.7M Q1 operating loss
  176. $4,000 rebate on a new Chrysler
  177. Delivery of the Z4 3.5 turbo to the dealers
  178. GM Plans To Issue 60 BILLION Shares Of Stock
  179. Ford invests $550 million to produce global Focus and battery-electric Focus
  180. New Kangoo Be Bop ZE Plug-In EV Previews Tech to be Used on 2010 Nissan and 2011 Rena
  181. Lexus preparing new competitor for the Bmw 1-Series
  182. GM, University of Michigan create research institute
  183. GM To Swap Latin American Ops For Fiat Stake?
  184. GMAC Fails Stress Test: There Goes Another $11.5 Billion of Your Money
  185. Canadians Hosed by Chrysler
  186. Obama wants boost in biofuel use
  187. First Mass Manufacturing Line in the U.S. for Lithium-Ion Automotive Batteries
  188. Manny Lopez Rant/Obama's flawed auto logic
  189. New Honda Civic coming in 2011
  190. Fiat CX-Over
  191. Lotus Exige 270E Tri-Fuel
  192. Widebody Challenger
  193. Porsche abandons VW takeover, pursues merger instead
  194. Seat Ibiza Bocanegra Production Version Unveiled in Barcelona
  195. Hyundai hopes the luxury Equus sedan finds a niche in U.S.
  196. Chevrolet Impala SS and Cobalt SS Sedan: Dead for 2010?
  197. Detroit Auto Show could leave Detroit?
  198. Dacia Sandero Stepway Officially Released
  199. Energy Department Slashes Hydrogen Transportation Funding in Proposed Budget
  200. Ludwig Willisch no longer head of the BMW M Division
  201. Audi reveals new technologies to improve fuel economy
  202. Bmw’s Project i will include two, three and four wheel cars
  203. Rumorville: 2011 Nissan GT-R with More Power and New Aero Kit
  204. VW's Limited Edition Golf VI GTI Child Seat
  205. New Owner For Volvo "By June"
  206. Report: Lotus Europa based Dodge Circuit electric-car has been killed
  207. Evora Cabrio Will Be A Two Seater
  208. Rumor of the Day: GM Turning OnStar Off?
  209. Hyundai Abandons India For Europe
  210. Official: Nissan not coming at this year’s SEMA Show
  211. What Is The World's Most Recycled Product ?
  212. GM plans to shift overseas production
  213. Dealers Plan to Test Strength of Franchise Laws
  214. New Car Shortage Coming- You Better Buy Now!
  215. Saving Recycled Car Parts From Near Extinction
  216. Zetsche Wants BMW Closer; Benz to Share V-12?
  217. C11 Chrysler Busy Bouncing Checks
  218. GM To The CAW: New Agreement Or We Liquidate
  219. Insight is best selling car...
  220. Rumor Of The Day: GM To Leave Detroit?
  221. Ford Planning US Spec KA City Car
  222. California’s roads are country’s roughest
  223. Mascoma Proves Its Consolidated Bioprocessing for Ethanol Really Works
  224. Chrysler's Sorry State Revealed
  225. 2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X
  226. Best Idea Evar : Self Serve Garage
  227. Ford offering 300 million shares of common stock to raise cash
  228. Bob Sinclair, former chief of Saab in U.S., dies at 77
  229. GM's Lutz, five other executives sell all remaining shares
  230. In German Suburb, Life Goes On Without Cars
  231. Rumors of the compact pickup's death have been greatly exaggerated.
  232. Bmw M3 and 1-Series M coming with less cylinders by 2012
  233. Give Me A Break! Are These Really The Most Recommended Cars In The US?
  234. AP Source: Chrysler to cut 800 dealers on Thursday
  235. GM: Buy The Sky (Factory)
  236. Newspaper reveals Three Saab Buyers
  237. Euro-wide electric charging plan
  238. Winterkorn 'to lead VW/Porsche'
  239. GAZ May Team Up With Opel, Magna International In Post-GM Carve-Up
  240. Shelby Daytona Coupe Le Mans Edition By Exotic Auto Restoration
  241. SLK's Hot Head
  242. Ethanol Industry’s 15% Solution Raises Concerns
  243. Chrysler bankruptcy may take up to 2 years, report says
  244. Caterham Benefits as Supercar Owners Downsize
  245. Ohio Cashes In On Freeway With Artificially Low Speed Limit
  246. 2010 Brtish Motor Show Cancelled
  247. 22 channels of satellite TV, on wheels
  248. Engine Rebuilding May Offer a Simpler, Lower Cost Way to Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions
  249. Lingenfelter Camaro
  250. 2011 Nissan Murano Convertible coming in summer of 2010