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  1. 2010 Audi A4 TDI clean diesel and A3 TFSI coming to U.S
  2. Rumor: 2010 Porsche 911 Turbo S in the works
  3. Next-generation Volvo S60 launch delayed
  4. Porsche's Off-Message Models Axed in VW Takeover
  5. Dodge Caliber SRT4 Discontinued for 2010
  6. Lexus Premium Hatch Revealed/ LF-Ch
  7. Chrysler planning to withdraw from the Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance
  8. Honda Crosstour announced by Honda
  9. Top Ten Stolen Vehicles for 2008
  10. Improving Cars' Fuel Efficiency with Soap Bubbles
  11. Hyundai Motor America Reports All-Time Record Sales for August 2009
  12. Fiat considering two commercial trucks for N.A
  13. Kicking the habit of drug-driving
  14. 911 Sport Classic Revealed
  15. Suzuki Swift SZ-L
  16. Ford Customization Programs a Hit in Europe; Should They Come to U.S.?
  17. Gaddafi's Libyan Rocket
  18. Kart attack
  19. BP Makes "Giant" Oil Find in Gulf of Mexico
  20. 2011 Ford Mustang specs hit the Web
  21. Volkswagen Golf CC
  22. The hijack-proof truck
  23. 1000 MPH or Bust
  24. Ford C-Max (2010) MPV scooped
  25. Audi electric car teased for the first time
  26. Open-top Peugeot RCZ planned
  27. Report: Porsche To Make Paddle-Shifters Available Across Lineup
  28. 2010 Hennessey VENOM GT Concept Car
  29. GM halts 2010 Buick LaCrosse shipments over “quality issues
  30. Hyundai Set to Launch All-New Mid-Size Sedan
  31. 2010 Lincoln MKT First Impressions
  32. an Electrifying Highways Liberate Electric Cars from the Tyranny of Batteries? Read
  33. Ferrari exec to take over top post for Lotus Read more:
  34. Preview: Next-generation Lamborghini Murcielago
  35. Audi president labels Chevrolet Volt as a car for “idiots”
  36. Panasonic in-dash HD nav system & Blu-ray player ready to ship
  37. New Energy Solution Emerging for Warfighters
  38. Yo Mama Can't Drive
  39. Dealers create their own cash-for-clunkers incentive
  40. Ford CEO has carte blanche to stay
  41. Audi hatches diesel in America
  42. BMW Augmented Reality Glasses Help Average Joes Make Repairs
  43. Napa bus will have engine similar to Prius' Read more:
  44. Honda caught astroturfing Crosstour's Facebook page
  45. Pizza Chain Files Suit In Camaro Contest Kerfuffle
  46. GM names new head of environmental and safety policies
  47. Hyundai ix-Metro concept at Frankfurt
  48. GM confirms GMC Acadia Denali
  49. Outspoken new chairman's blunt talk rocks GM execs
  50. High Hallowed Days of Hershey
  51. BMW North America is looking to cut prices of its diesel-powered vehicles
  52. First Drive: 2010 Mercedes E-Class Coupe
  53. 2010 Lexus GX Facelift to hit the dealerships by December
  54. Faster but Not So Furious, Boy-Racer Cars Grow Up
  55. GM: Fleet airbags required
  56. FJ Cruiser: Only for serious off-roaders
  57. An Accessory That Goes, if It Goes, With Everything
  58. Toyota Prius Faces Ban Due To US Patent Suit
  59. Nuclear Transport Trucks Revealed
  60. EcoBoost-Powered Volvos To Arrive In Aus By End Of 2010
  61. 'Saudi Arabia of Lithium' To Produce Batteries By 2016
  62. McLaren MP4-12C: F1’s best bits in a road car
  63. CNG: The Clean Little Secret That Detroit and the U.S. Media Want To Ignore
  64. New Cars Face Higher Hurdles in Safety Tests
  65. Electric and Hybrid vehicle Show
  66. Avis and Budget cars are now smoke-free
  67. Toyota testing breathalyzer unit on 30 commercial vehicles Read more: http://www.aut
  68. ??? Moment: Electric Carmaker Promises Remote Recharge?
  69. Honda Develops Dual-Clutch Gearbox, But There’s A Catch
  70. Volvo C30's facelift to be revealed at Frankfurt
  71. Honda sticks to latest fuel-cell car target
  72. Report: Dealer Confirms Audi RS3 Coming To Frankfurt Auto Show
  73. REVA to reveal two new EVs at Frankfurt show
  74. Citroen Concept Revealed
  75. Lotus presents the new range extender engine
  76. Infiniti preparing its first diesel offensive to take out the competition
  77. Microbes may be key to tar sands production
  78. Car of the future gets propelled by electromagnetic wheels
  79. USPS Finds Electrification of Its Delivery Fleet Operationally Feasible
  80. In Depth: The Hardest Cars To Get
  81. Sales Still Slow for Luxury Car Makers
  82. SUrvey | "Half of U.S. Residents would buy hybrid car"
  83. NADA reaches compromise with terminated dealers' committee
  84. 2011 Volvo S60 [Spied with little camo!]
  85. Mercedes SLS "gullwing" AMG leaks out
  86. Right or Left, Which is Best? Tiny Samoa Switches Sides
  87. BMW M6 Competition Coupe with Sportier Suspension Setup and Matte Grey Finish to Prem
  88. Jericho Arkansas pay ticket or get shot
  89. Kicherer C63 Supersport , a driving enthusiasts dream
  90. Tow No! Or Life's a Hitch
  91. Ongoing-payback-of-government-bailouts-will-focus
  92. 2010 HSV E-Series 2 Range Launched
  93. Driver Texting Now an Issue in Back Seat
  94. Lotus set to make a return to Formula One
  95. Report: Honda to release a hybrid minivan by 2011
  96. Audi and Mercedes Styled Grille Inserts by AK Car-Design
  97. Chrysler begins producing diesel Grand Voyager for global markets
  98. Ford’s battery electric Focus to be exclusive vehicle of Jay Leno Show’s Green Car Ch
  99. New Auto Dcs Gearbox, More Equipment, Less Co2 & Improved Mpg For Citroen's C-Crosser
  100. New generation of ESP sensors from Bosch
  101. [VIDEO] 2010 Corvette Grand Sport LS3 Dry Sump Oil System Explained
  102. GM Weighs Closing 3 Plants in Europe
  103. Tuners: Specter Werkes/Sports Corvette C6 GTR
  104. On São Paulo's Mean Streets, the Rich Roll in Armored Splendor
  105. EVO Magazine list of top drivers cars
  106. S Class Plug-In Concept: 0-60 in 5.5s, 73.5mpg...
  107. UK gov't acts against ex-owners of MG Rover
  108. Buy a G.M., Like It, or Get Your Money Back
  109. Limited-edition CCXR Trevita to shine like a diamond.
  110. Lotus announces first Evora race edition, Type 124 endurance car
  111. Face-lifted: 2010 Honda CR-V
  112. Son of AMC Designer Creates AMX/4 Prototype Sports Coupe
  113. AUS./Ford G6 Limited Edition
  114. Stricter vehicle emissions rules are targeted
  115. Korea: Hyundai Mobis Teams With LG Chem on Hybrid Batteries
  116. Driven to Extremes
  117. Renault could build hardcore version of new Megane Renaultsport 250
  118. Canada's ultimate supercar
  119. Selling Opel: GM's Biggest Mistake Ever
  120. Review: SCT Dyno Tuner
  121. Driver Distraction Debate Heats Up
  122. Green cars, green shoots at Frankfurt
  123. Why Ford could be out of gas
  124. Light electric motor spins out
  125. 157 MPG Volkswagen L1 Concept
  126. 2010 Toyota Landcruiser Prado Revealed In Australia
  127. New BMW 1 Series Spied
  128. Audi planning to switch to lightweight aluminium construction
  129. Chinese upstarts face doubts in takeovers of GM, Ford
  130. Alfa Romeo Mito Cloverleaf at 2009 Frankfurt motor show
  131. Debate Arises on 3 Wheeler
  132. Inside Line: Mazda MAZDASPEED3 vs. Hyundai Genesis Coupe V6
  133. Bugatti Galibier leaks out after private unveiling in Molsheim
  134. VW Golf R Unveiled
  135. Peugeot adds dual clutch semi-automatic gearbox to its 4007 SUV
  136. Not Sitting Still: Hyundai Tweaks The Genesis For 2010
  137. Manhart Racing’s BMW M3 E92 5.0 V10 SMG hits 208 mph
  138. GM considering partnering with Reva for electric Chevrolet Spark
  139. Chrysler may use Fiat engine system in some U.S. models Read more: http://www.autowe
  140. Disclosure sought on 'opt out' for side airbags
  141. Honda's Future Designs are Hidden in Plain Sight
  142. Frankfurt Motor Show
  143. Electric Peugeot BB1 revealed
  144. Audi May Sell Next Version of A1 Car in U.S., Handelsblatt Says
  145. Pursuing a Battery So Electric Vehicles Can Go the Extra Miles
  146. Why Frankfurt's battery bonanza could spark a letdown
  147. Ford to introduce 2- and 3-cylinder engines
  148. Toyota Auris HSD Full Hybrid Concept uncovered
  149. 2010 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup
  150. Geiger Unveils 710 hp Corvette ZR1 Geiger GTS for Frankfurt Motor Show
  151. U.S. seeks 5% fuel economy annual gains through 2016
  152. Bosch to cut 10,000 jobs this year
  153. Continental Develops Powerful Networked System for Better Place Electric Vehicle Serv
  154. Kumho demonstrates new tire technology at Frankfurt show
  155. GM rolls past 1 million miles in fuel cell demo
  156. Bob Lutz GM w/ CTS-V challenging all comers ...
  157. Buick adopts new advertising tag line
  158. Ford vies for Sync patents
  159. Lexus revises the 2010 IS range
  160. Frankfurt Motor Show: Renault Twizy Z.E. Concept
  161. Frankfurt: Renault Zoe Zero Emission Z.E. Concept
  162. Volkswagen Phaeton may come back to the U.S. as a diesel
  163. Fiat chief: Fiat-Chrysler can produce 6 million cars a year
  164. All new 2011 Ford Focus to debut at Detroit Auto Show
  165. Fiat CEO: Chrysler worse than we thought
  166. Mismatched floor mat may have caused deadly SoCal crash; Toyota
  167. Automotive Designer Elio Zagato Died Monday
  168. Rumor: Daimler, BMW May Buddy-Up To Retain Market Share
  169. The Renault Fluence is the elegant sedan among Renault's EVs.
  170. VW Polo GTI/Update
  171. Abarth Grande Punto SuperSport.
  172. Video: IIHS crash tests 2009 Chevrolet Malibu vs 1959 Bel Air
  173. Tire tariff jolts Ford supplier
  174. Many Lopez/ OnStar prices lock out users
  175. Audi says U.S. will get clean diesels at a premium
  176. '08-'09 EVO and Ralliart recalled
  177. Opel Astra makes its debut under the lights
  178. Mazda Confirms That MAZDA2 Subcompact Car Will be Sold in U.S. and Canada
  179. Iceland Switching Gears from Hydrogen Fuel Cells to Electric Cars Read more: http://
  180. Holy Bike Suit Batman!
  181. Toyota tells dealers it will use Prius name on more hybrids
  182. Roush unveils two 540-horsepower Mustangs
  183. Nissan will ship V8s to Japan for U.S. vehicles Read more:
  184. Mercedes to bring 100 hydrogen fuel cells cars to U.S.
  185. GM confirms plan to import Commodore as U.S. cop car
  186. 2011 Infiniti M: production car spotted
  187. Jaguar considers sub-£30K coupe
  188. BMW will equip U.S. cars with 4-cylinder engines
  189. Leno's electric Ford Focus gets a face (ST look), specs
  190. Chrysler exec Jim Press owes IRS, credit union more than $1.4M
  191. Ford Taurus SHO to Get a Little More SHO-wy in 2012
  192. Farago leaving TTAC
  193. Cadillac CTS-V Sportwagon Is Go!
  194. Real-Time Traffic Reporting, on Time
  195. Toyota can't seal ex-lawyer's lawsuit, judge rules
  196. Silicon Valley says Detroit must start over to survive
  197. One-third of clunkers buyers weren't in market
  198. Maybe Jeremy Clarkson Is Full Of It??
  199. Jeremy Clarkson/ Ford Flex 3.5L EcoBoost AWD
  200. Production version of Buick ‘Business Concept’ spied
  201. Z4 M-Sport
  202. Audi Tuning: STaSIS Engineering Partners with Elk Grove Audi
  204. Detroit’s Mr. Fix-It Takes On Saturn
  205. VW to take stake in Suzuki
  206. Spy Shots: 2012 Volkswagen Golf MkVII Test-Mule
  207. Noble Planning Sub 70K Sports Car
  208. Clutch time for GM and Fritz Henderson
  209. Driver Manuals Go Digital … Leaner and Greener Leaner too
  210. REPORT: GM kills plans for unibody pickup truck
  211. Corvette Could Go Hybrid To Survive Strict Fuel Rules
  212. Suzuki new Palette SW Kei-Car
  213. New LaCrosse Not Scoring Big with Buick's Preferred Prospects -
  214. Chrysler’s Overhaul: Chrysler to become more luxury, Dodge to become more sport, Jeep
  215. CPAs say GM safe through 2012
  216. BMW's yearlong Mini E trial exposes infrastructure problems Read more:
  217. Total issues oil shortage warning
  218. Comparison Test: 2009 Ford Fiesta Titanium vs. 2009 Honda Fit Sport
  219. Lamborghini Reventon Roadster
  220. Fords researches voice-to-text system for drivers
  221. 2010 Nissan Altima
  222. Steenstra Styletto: the new zero emission supercar
  223. 2010 Audi A3 1.6 TDI with 99 grams CO2/km
  224. The GT4 Spec 2010 KTM X-Bow
  225. World Rally Championship Coming To US In HD
  226. Motor Authority - blog Electric Supercharger Offers Diesel Efficiency For Gasoline E
  227. New Tire Rack Test Confirms Low Rolling Resistance Tires Equal Increased Fuel Efficie
  228. Elastic Energy-Storage Systems Could Challenge Li-ion Batteries
  229. To Outfox the Chicken Tax, Ford Strips Its Own Vans
  230. Aston CEO: V12 Vantage Coming to the U.S.
  231. Fisker Approved for $528M Gov't Loan
  232. Electric driven Turbo
  233. GM’s Small Premium Buick Concept hints at future compact Buick
  234. Why is your WRX insurance so high?
  235. Loss Leaders: Why You Pay a Penalty for Other Drivers' Mistakes
  236. well the CARS numbers are in:
  237. Ram Nameplate Will Become a Full Brand
  238. Alfa 166 Replacement To Be U.S.-Built
  239. California E.V. Corridor Is Open for Business
  240. Ford debuts 2011 Super Duty at Texas State Fair
  241. Hydrogen's prospects for autos refreshed
  242. Chrysler: Check engine now
  243. Myers’ Mainstream Electric Vehicle Ambition: Add a Seat
  244. GM Fuel Cell System With Gen-5 Fuel Cell Stack Could be Commercialized in 2015
  245. Drive/ Volvo C30 BEV (electric)
  246. Volvo's New Automatic Braking Techology
  247. And you think you had problems with Chris Bangle's car designs?
  248. 911 - Old Porsches made new again
  249. SEMA preview: Rhys Millen-built mid-engine Hyundai Genesis RM460 Coupe
  250. Hybrid Kinetic Motors, have announced plans to build a massive car plant