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  1. Jaguar XF 2.2D Premium Luxury review/ 4cly. Diesel
  2. Volvo C30 May Go Away, Fuel-Saving Insights from Suppliers, and Wait
  3. Bmw to unveil the M3 DTM Concept next month in Munich
  4. GM May Move Opel Upscale to Lift Profits
  5. Five Alive: Audi’s Q3 Crossover to Get RS3/TT RS Five-Cylinder
  6. Greenpeace launches spoof VW advert
  7. What is Dealer Holdback?
  8. Mazda, Mitsubishi, Subaru Report Mixed Outcomes as Factories Return to Normal Read m
  9. 2016 Volkswagen Golf: Inside and Out
  10. GM Tests Electric Chevy Beat in India
  11. FT86: Toyota Australia Press Release Says Mid-2012 Launch
  12. E.P.A.’s E15 Pump Labels Raise Ire of Automakers
  13. Better Place Opens First European Battery Swap Station, Expands To Australia
  14. Prius To Get AWD
  15. BMW Confirms 240-HP Turbo Four for U.S.-Spec X1
  16. JOSS JP1 Supercar Teased Ahead Of Australian International Motor Show
  17. Ford Drops Manual Adds Alloy Wheels to Mid Grade
  18. Why Chrysler struggled to lure Viper suppliers
  19. GM Warns it May Abandon Australian Operations
  20. The Shocking Truth About Start-Stop Systems
  21. 2012 Chevrolet Impala
  22. 2012 Hyundai Elantra Coupe Spy Photos
  23. How The First Crowdsourced Military Vehicle Can Remake the Future of Defense Manufact
  24. HSV Announces SV Black Edition For Maloo R8, ClubSport R8 And ClubSport R8 Tourter
  25. 2012 Porsche 911 (991) Specs Revealed: Carrera S Bumped to 400-HP
  26. 2012 Corvette ZR1 laps the Nürburgring
  27. Can Auto Sector Win In New Korea FTA?
  28. Saab 9-5 SportCombi specs revealed for U.S.
  29. June Sales Forecast: Swing Low, Sweet SAAR-iot
  30. Porsche Returns to Le Mans in 2014
  31. Mazda sees growth with lean gas engines, not electric vehicles
  32. FPV’s Murdered-Out Falcon GT Concept with Supercharged Boss 5.0 V8 Debuts in Melbourn
  33. Rumor: Caddy to reveal voice-activated infotainment system
  34. 2012 Nissan Versa Gets New Dual Fuel-Injector
  35. De Tomaso's famous supercar is set for a return
  36. Antilock Brakes Aren't Just for Four Wheels
  37. New Ford Mustang set for world debut
  38. Tata Takes On the World
  39. SUV 4x4s are coming to the race track but Subaru won't be there
  40. Fiat TwinAir gets own model
  41. Debate rages over how much pot smoking impairs driving
  42. CEO Krafcik: Hyundai's way cuts fuel use now, does it cheaper
  43. Lexus CX300h Planned as Down-Sized RX Luxury Crossover
  44. Datsun Being Revived by Nissan for Emerging Markets
  45. Mazda launches prepaid maintenance plan to boost loyalty
  46. Goodbye gasoline? GM gives natural gas cars a boost
  47. Leaf and Prius stomp the Volt on greenest car list
  48. Porsche Boxster Spyder vs. 2011 Audi S4/Ford Shelby GT500 vs. 2011 Cadillac CTS-V
  49. Lighter MX-5 gets turbo power
  50. New solvents could improve biofuels
  51. New process gets two fuels from one source
  52. Street Racing Mulholland Drive in 1978
  53. The Last Cadillac? Historians Decry Loss of Unique Cadillacs
  54. BMW E-Scooter Concept goes 62 miles before needing to be charged
  55. No kidding! Saab announces 3 new models
  56. Suzuki Vitara 2WD on the way/ Not US
  57. Volvo S60 Performance Project unveiled
  58. BMW announced 520d EfficientDynamics
  59. Infiniti to get A3 fighter in product blitz
  60. New BMW Z4, X1, 3-series models
  61. C63 AMG Black Series Confirmed for Canada in 2012
  62. 2012 Toyota Camry?
  63. Ford F-150 SVT Raptor frames bending in off road use?
  64. 2014 Ford Edge to Drop V6, Go Turbo 4-Cylinder Only
  65. Edo Competition BMW M5 Dark Edition
  66. New Standing Mile Speed Record
  67. Comparo: Honda Civic Hybrid takes on Chevrolet Cruze Eco and Volkswagen Jetta TDI
  68. Ford Releases Slick-Looking Fiesta Sport Special Edition for Europe
  69. New BMW M2 Coupe Revealed
  70. New Look Audi A4 On The Way
  71. Report: Kia to show rear-drive V8 coupe concepts in Frankfurt, Detroit
  72. Project Kahn Unveils Miyagi Range Rover Sport to Benefit Earthquake Relief
  73. 2012 Porsche 911 seven-speed manual layout revealed?
  74. New BMW 1-series GT scooped
  75. Windshield-Mounted Optical Sensor Helps Cars See, Even When It's Foggy or Dark Outsid
  76. New Discovery & Range Rover Sport
  77. Lotus extends Evora’s life
  78. BMW 335i Performance Edition To Be Released
  79. U.S.-Market Land Rovers to Get Eight-Speed ZF Transmission for 2013
  80. Toyota Can Spy On My Electric Meter.
  81. Scientists Demand Improved Hybrid Performance From Automakers
  82. Evo Driver School Gets Even Better
  83. Lamborghini to Drop Manual Transmissions
  84. Report: Glut of unsold pickups has GM critics fearing return to pre-bankruptcy habits
  85. Refreshed Mustang coming in 2013, next generation to be 2015 model
  86. Abarth Punto Evo Essesse revealed
  87. GM to Offer Year of Free Car Insurance in Oregon and Washington
  88. Wacky Renault Frendzy concept revealed
  89. Mitsubishi i Earns EPA 112 MPGe Combined Rating
  90. Just $57,725 Will Buy You an Insane, 360-hp 2012 Audi TT RS
  91. Ford's Mad Max concepts
  92. 2011 BMW ActiveHybrid 7
  93. Brabus V12 cabriolet squeezes 800 hp into an E-class Mercedes-Benz
  94. New Hybrid Mitsubishi Evo
  95. Deconstructing Car Dings in the Driveway
  96. Bright Colors Struggle to Bloom in South Korea's Silver-Car Nation
  97. Me & My Car
  98. Insurance cheaters call their luxury cars farm vehicles
  99. 2011 Porsche 911 GT2 RS - Short Take Road Test
  100. Hi-tech 3-pots for 1-series
  101. "...driving your car will be viewed as equivalently immoral as smoking..."
  102. Tri-Turbo V6 in M3?
  103. AP Sources: GM to sell diesel Chevy Cruze in US
  104. V-6 gets more mpg's than 4-cyl. in Chrysler 200 ragtop
  105. Porsche moves closer to replacing salesmen with smartphones
  106. Ferrari standing in the way of Lancia Stratos revival's production?
  107. First Drive: 2012 Lotus Evora IPS Automatic
  108. Nissan Wants to Trim Vehicle Weight By 15%
  109. Fiat’s Iveco Could Provide Chrysler With Ram Van Replacement
  110. With Chevrolet Sonic, G.M. and U.A.W. Stand Automaking on Its Head
  111. BMW: Carbon fiber in 2013
  112. 2012 Audi A5 Gains 3.0 TFSI Supercharged V6; S5 Drops V8
  113. Cadillac Gets Green Light For Rear-Drive Flagship Above XTS
  114. In Which We Ponder the Future of Small American Towns
  115. Volvo Shows Plans for Three Electric Vehicles with Range-Extending Engines—or Hybrids
  116. Toyota Goes Anime: Neon Genesis Evangelion Prius Hits Japanese Market
  117. Kicking Hybrid Cars Out of the Fast Lane
  118. Ford Fiesta SUV spied in UK
  119. 2012 Toyota HiLux more images and details released
  120. The world’s most unreliable car – Monster Mk1
  121. All-new Porsche 928 planned
  122. UAW aims to save plants on the bubble
  123. Investigation Brings Warning for TRW
  124. Report: Jaguar XFR Sport Break in the works, will take on the Audi RS6
  125. Spied! Next-Gen Lexus GS Testing on the Nurburgring
  126. UAW Meeting with Feds and U.S. Big Three over CAFE
  127. Pandora invades car stereos across the brands
  128. Kelleners Sport tunes the BMW 1-Series M Coupe to make 410-hp
  129. Rumor Mill: Kia to Build V-8 Pony Car
  130. The Internal Combustion Engine Still Has Some Miles Left In It
  131. A Mugen-Tuned Ariel Atom Versus… A Tuned Honda CRZ?
  132. Ford's Latest TSB Warns Against Modding 5.0 Mustangs
  133. BMW tri-turbo diesel, almost here
  134. 2012 Toyota Yaris unveiled in Europe, coming to U.S. this fall
  135. Saab: 9-4X arrives at U.S. dealerships
  136. 2012 Suzuki Swift Sport Details Confirmed: Report
  137. Supercharge your Audi R8 4.2 FSI V8 with O.CT Tuning
  138. Porsche 991 Pictures and Technical Information Revealed
  139. Mopar’s JK-8 Kit Converts Your Jeep Wrangler Unlimited to a Pickup for $5499
  140. Can Your Car Be Hacked?
  141. For Los Angeles, 53 Hours Without the Freeway Spells 'Carmageddon'
  142. No sweat: electric commuting trike
  143. Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara to share new platform
  144. 2012 Opel Combo revealed
  145. Teamsters Target BMW Over American Job Cuts
  146. Volkswagen CrossPassat in the wings?
  147. Ford's GT500 ZL1-Fighter Coming 2013, Mustang Redesign 2014: Exclusive
  148. Dyno Tested: 2011 SLP ZL1 Camaro Convertible
  149. Porsche's Evoque uncovered
  150. Administration Eases CAFE on trucks
  151. 2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 - First Drive
  152. Chrysler Prices New SRT8 Models
  153. 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8 / 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 - First Drive
  154. SRT’s Boss, Ralph Gilles, Mulls a Replacement for Dodge Magnum
  155. Confessions of a new-car addict
  156. 3-D Scanning and Reconstruction of Crash Scenes Will Save Cops and Drivers Time and M
  157. VW E-Up! spy shots
  158. From Buick, an Engine Lacking Nothing but a Roar
  159. Audi A5 DTM concept previewed
  160. Audi plays down rumours of X6 rival
  161. UAW to fight Chrysler plan to use non-union truckers
  162. Aluminum-Celmet Could Increase Electric Vehicle Range by 300%
  163. Commodore shuns heavy metal
  164. Dodge's next small car snapped in Death Valley
  165. The 4 (not 5) 'brownest' hybrids that are green jokes
  166. BMW M3 GTS vs. Porsche 911 GT3 RS by Fifth Gear [video]
  167. Nissan 2011 GTR at TopSpeed
  168. Coming to America: Ford's 3-cylinder Fiesta
  169. ndustry, Calif. clash over ZEV plan
  170. NYC Testing New Technology Aimed At Reducing Traffic Congestion
  171. Electric Car Maker Folds, Salinas Loses $500,000
  172. Power boost for next-gen GTI
  173. Former GM Vice Chair Blames ‘Management Incompetence’ – Not UAW – for Detroit’s Demis
  174. BMW is making a 335is sedan! But where’s the 335i Touring?
  175. Nissan using old Leaf batteries in new solar charging stations
  176. Video: Mercedes-Benz starts all-climate wind tunnel testing
  177. Utilities lease Chevrolet Volts in GM OnStar grid test
  178. Nissan jacks up Leaf electric car price $2,420, expands sales area
  179. Ferrari 458 Spider To Be Hardtop Convertible
  180. First Drive: 2012 Scion iQ
  181. New Mercedes SLK55 to Get All-New 5.5L V8 With 416-HP
  182. Lexus LFA GTE Race Car Spied
  183. Mercedes-Benz maps Smart car revival
  184. VW: 'More masculine' Beetle will appeal to guys
  185. Denso US Office Raided By FBI
  186. RUF’s Mid-Engine 750-HP CTR 3 Now Official
  187. A Hatchback Comeback?
  188. FII Roadster: Shelby Cobra for the 21st Century
  189. New 2.5 liter turbo boxer-4 to be in next Porsche
  190. New Chevy Add Campaign Comparing Camaro to GT-R
  191. 5 Used Cars to Avoid (and 5 Better Alternatives)
  192. Red Bull plots road cars
  193. Convertibles Facing a Cloudy Future
  194. Opel shows off the high-performance chassis of the 2012 Astra GTC
  195. The Porsche 911's Last Hurrah...For Now
  196. First picture of the 2012 Honda CR-V Concept released
  197. Round Two: GM Finds End-Of-Life Use for Chevrolet Volt Batteries
  198. OnStar FMV Now Available For 90 Million Older Vehicles
  199. Nanolex Paint Cleaner/Premium Paint Sealant Review
  200. Rolls-Royce 102EX EV CONCEPT
  201. Bentley Explores SUV as Demand Drives Market Beyond Sultan of Brunei:
  202. Ford earns $2.4 billion in second quarter of 2011
  203. Bowler To Make A Super SUV
  204. 2012 Toyota Camry Photos Leaked
  205. Limited-edition Mazdas revealed
  206. Saab says it can’t pay white collar workers
  207. Wireless Recharging to Make Racing Debut
  208. Driving an open-top convertible will cut your gas mileage
  209. 2012 Porsche Cayman R
  210. 2012 Hyundai Azera to Debut at L.A. Auto Show
  211. Hennessey to Build Few 1000 HP Cadillac CTS-V Coupes
  212. The best, and worst, states to own a car
  213. Slammed By Quality Concerns, Ford Struggles to Fix MyTouch
  214. Dodge Charger, Challenger SRT8 To Get 570HP SuperCharger
  215. 7 Urban Legends About Motor Oil -Edmunds
  216. Rumor: Lexus considering a coupe version of the 2013 GS
  217. Study Reveals Top Brands For Senior Citizens, But Will The Next Generation Follow?
  218. Why Are The Japanese Brands Failing To Bring More Appealing Cars To Market?
  219. 2012 Audi A6 Avant TDI Diesel
  220. Ford Explorer EcoBoost GetsA 28 Highway
  221. Land Rover to ditch Defender?
  222. BMW To Reveal i Range This Week?
  223. White House to unveil higher CAFE target on Friday
  224. Road Test: Kia Takes on Mazda with the Forte Hatchback
  225. America's Best-Loved Cars
  226. Next Hyundai Genesis to offer all-wheel-drive option
  227. What Happened To Hybrid Kinetic Motors?
  228. BMW i3 and i8 revealed
  229. Lexus LF-A Owners to Receive “Flying Doctors” Roadside Service?
  230. Vauxhall Astra VXR confirmed
  231. “Two generation” step for new Civic
  232. Unofficial Details Leak out About Next-Gen Ford and GM Pickup Powertrains
  233. New Mazda CX-5 unveiled
  234. Solar-Powered Roads Could Answer Everything
  235. Rumor Of The Day: VW and Mercedes Oppose CAFE Because Their Ara
  236. Skoda to tackle the BTCC
  237. Nissan’s MX-5 is back
  238. Consumer Reports Pans New Civic: Heads Explode
  239. Nissan Rolls Out a System that Lets Your Electric Car Serve as a Backup Battery for Y
  240. Four new cars for Ford at Frankurt
  241. $8 Million Gold-Plated Rolls Redefines Excess
  242. Toyota Previews Its Next-Generation Safety Systems, Including a Cardiovascular Monito
  243. One-fourth of U.S. drivers have trouble paying for auto repairs, AAA says
  244. Mini Offering $500 Discount on Manual Transmission Models
  245. Listen To The Sound Of Porsche’s Four-Cylinder Future
  246. DOT Mapping Out a Plan to Protect Cars From Cyber-Attacks
  247. 2013 Ford Fusion: More Spy Photos
  248. Nissan Silvia Getting a Second Wind?
  249. Exclusive: Bristol goes electric!
  250. Ukranian Used Cars Cut In Half To Avoid Import Taxes