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  1. Seattle Area Question
  2. New Meet Opinion
  3. Meet at Top Foods, Auburn - Saturday's - 7pm!
  4. 0-60 5.035 First Stage 1 Run on my WRX
  5. Where to get a legal Hijet?
  6. Girls vs. Boys
  7. Central Oregonians -- OEM Potenza tires for sale
  8. piercings and ink
  9. Dealership made mistake during oil change..
  10. These cars Are Flying...Filying with wings
  11. These cars Are Flying...Filying with wings
  12. Fellow nasiocer and subie enthusiast passed away november 11th.
  13. New wheels (56k beware)
  14. Got T-boned driving my dad's truck. How to approach medical treatment?
  15. need bov help
  16. just changed the oil, did i do something wrong?
  17. Projects/Install/Repair day who's down?
  18. thee best restaurant in seattle, according to the culinazi is
  19. Washington state nwic'ers, auto sales tax Q.
  20. car audio install help, recommendations/experiences welcome
  21. Buy car in Washington St. VS. Oregon (which 1 better)
  22. Is there a "Was it you?" thread? If not, was this you yesterday?
  23. Anyone looking for an Autopower Roll Bar?
  24. Recommend my Wife some seats
  25. POLL!! Sammamish/ Issaquah meet 11-17-07
  26. Want a Role in My Movie?
  27. My Wagon Has 228,929.9 Watts
  28. shop in tacoma for wheels?
  29. Wheel question??
  30. Stg 4. Cost
  31. IT Student needs some OJT
  32. Tacoma, WA area painter recommendations
  33. Perrin DP opinion
  34. SOOOO PISSSED! :mad:
  35. to change or not to change?
  36. Whose 05 STI at Grand Prix Imports?
  37. Anyone know Don/Pam/Tara/Cory Koetter?
  38. help me locate a video clip please.
  39. Cars for fat guys...... I need your advice.
  40. looking at a car in Portland
  41. Mt hood GETTING SNOW !
  42. SUBARU made the oregonian !
  43. She said yea
  44. just installed ppg's
  45. sedan vs. wagon front bumper
  46. where to buy unlocked gsm phones?
  47. GARRR F'in bike theives!! 3k down the tubes!
  48. Dec 1st - Spokane Meet Mt. Spokane Cruise!!!
  49. ATTN: Nick (Horatio)
  50. Any help would be appreciated
  51. Thanks to Solotoy (Karl)
  52. price quote
  53. Anyone else get dumped on? heh
  54. Bobby's Hawaiian Style Restaurant & Gameworks Meet - Part II
  55. buying a 2001 legacy GT
  56. Finally college basketball season!
  57. Bit the bullet and just had to...
  58. I have a FP Green?
  59. ODOT: Making Medford worse, one part of Crater Lake Hwy at a time
  60. Anybody live near Puyallup WA and wanna check out an STi for me?
  61. New dSLR, picture time. :)
  62. Rant Time aka "Where to get a window replaced?"
  63. Idea for a fun project
  64. Josh Brown is da MAN!!
  65. 2 December Drives
  66. monthly meets portland/beaverton area
  67. Meter Maids
  68. Mt St Helens run Nov 24 10am.....
  69. Anyone in Corvallis have a code reader?
  70. HS Football in the T-Dome
  71. Sad Times Continue
  72. Good attorneys for Gross Misdemeanor?
  73. Getting car tuned tomorrow at PDX
  74. lil photoshoot w/ new camera take 2! [56k make me a pizza]
  75. Quick work out question
  76. Any interest in a Xmas tree run on Dec. 2nd?
  77. Winter tires...
  78. Ft Lewis, Oly, Lacey and Tacoma meet?
  79. Photos of PIR
  80. New car advise
  81. Thanks Worldone!
  82. ODOT's brilliant idea for new gas taxes (a novel)
  83. Woo hoo! Movin on up, to the eastside AKA Grand Re-opening
  84. gobble gobble, happy T-Day everyone
  85. anyone in pdx going to best buy tomorrow?
  86. What did you do to your Scoob today?
  87. thanks to Dealer express for the awesome tint job.
  88. Took more pics of my bugeye. :)
  89. Just got my car back after 1 year and 2 days
  90. Black Friday, here we come...
  91. who's subie is this?
  92. 08 noob is saying hello!!!
  93. BoReD
  94. What makes you thankful?
  95. West Coast Subaru Show is looking for logos!
  96. Behind grill driving lights
  97. colder weather on the way?
  98. Funny car jump
  99. Ohnoes!! My suspension is like WTF.
  100. J/Y Scavenging in MT
  101. Proud Suby Owner Once Again!!
  102. Olympia/Lacey Area
  103. Idaho falls anyone?????
  104. Went for a hike
  105. Building my sti block, and suggestions for pistons and rods?
  106. DIY wheel paint is done. check it out :)
  107. LOL who's watching Discovery Channel
  108. Late night photoshoot w/ Shane04 and Mehmikal
  109. Any local ceramic coaters?
  110. ahh drunk drivers.
  111. Stupidest Ticket EVER (one of them)!!!
  112. Tranny swap and LGT to Impreza question
  113. kitsap meet/drive
  114. Nice black butte
  115. Quick question
  116. I-84 was "like" the Autobahn today....highlighted by a donut and Honda
  117. Snow storm in the mountains!
  118. "Head and Neck Restraint Fair" before the next ORG meeting!
  119. has any one done this
  120. Good FORD shop on east side? (Duvall area)
  121. Snowing in Silverdale weee
  122. Its snowing
  123. WooHoooo!! Spokane Snow!!
  124. Oh HELL no! No RE-92 in the snow people.
  125. Anyone feel that?
  126. A good one for the NW.. second post
  127. Dang Ice
  128. Teh WING or NOT teh WING: that is the question
  129. Winter Camping, Mt Rainier, Dec 19/20?
  130. methanol
  131. Stupid racer thread
  132. Looking for shops to Flat Black my 06 wrx
  133. Default 1990 Subaru legacy wagon snows on a 1998L? ASAP answers please!
  134. Question for the Portland OR. area
  135. Snowboarding Baker or Crystal Sat DEC. 1st
  136. Muffler/exhaust shops on the Eastside?
  137. supercoupebubba's sti collision
  138. DP OPINION: Perrin Divorced Catless VS. Titek Bellmouth Catless
  139. Quick run to Alpental...
  140. Anyone interested in going to see Dane Cook tomorrow at key Arena?
  141. Wheel Paint Shops on Eastside?
  142. Nwernersisissss, Recommend me a northwest credit union or bank!
  143. Gradeschool friend of mine passes in car crash :(
  144. Winter Ready!!! going up on sunday.
  145. PC/console Gamers of the NWIC Collaboration...
  146. Mod Questions for Washington
  147. NW Toy Run 2007
  148. Please let me rent/borrow your 17's... Portland
  149. Something to think about
  150. Anyone see my old car around Bellingham?
  151. 2008 STi Sighting!!!
  152. Auto Waun? Anyone heard of em?
  153. "Monster" storm approaching Oregon
  154. White smoked tail lights for impreza (06)
  155. Another winner...
  156. Anyone else going to this?
  157. Stuck Thermostat????
  158. Benny Benassi at the showbox
  159. Body Shop help please!
  160. What next?
  161. Its snowing in SE portland
  162. Bellinghams 1st SNOW
  163. The NWIC Photo Assignment Thread
  164. Anyone from spokane washington??
  165. Feeler: Full wrx limited leather interrior w/ heated seats
  166. Fail x10 brakes lock up in teh snow
  167. Post your snow day pictures from today!!
  168. Front Runners (ducks)
  169. OMG are you kidding me...
  170. Snow in Bellingham!
  171. Have fun in snow? where?
  172. want to get car dynoed
  173. Best Deals on winter tires locally
  174. OMFG scary experience in SNOW!!!
  175. Our New Addition
  176. Things to do in Oregon?
  177. Having car problem. Need input today if possible
  178. Who's getting snow again?
  179. Snow 1. V-Limited 0.
  180. re070 in the snow... YIKES!
  181. Plastic clip help
  182. Looking for frantic four Keith or Eric
  183. Thanks to all that joined us on the Hatch Patrol Xmas run!!
  184. Service Question
  185. World One Performance now sells tires! Pirelli & Yokohama!!
  186. Traxx end of December
  187. Anybody else in the NWIC go see the Trans Siberian Orchestra?
  188. World's Largest Sitka Spruce (on Hwy 26 near the coast) Snaps in Half!
  189. User Opinions: Best Performance Snow Tire?
  190. I need some jack stands - any input?
  191. Subaru wagon vs. train......
  192. Anyone else flooding?
  193. good exaust shops in the couv?
  194. Swallowed a Suby
  195. Suspension Alignment at Les Schwab in Auburn
  196. NWIC Photographers: Photo Assignment #2: Shallow Depth of Field
  197. Stolen: Prodrive P-1 Front Lip
  198. Who is selling the $3500 Tribecca in Beaverton?
  199. Good Body Shop Near Pullman?
  200. good shop in tacoma area for heater core??
  201. Fs: Hks Dp
  202. Craigslist Sale: whos is it?
  203. NW: Snow, Rain and Puppy Cannons
  204. Cheapest Place for Steel Wheels?
  205. The new Subiesport is in and we're in it!
  206. Storm Photos from the WA Coast!
  207. JDM Spec B Bumper installed
  208. Honda shops?
  209. Paint booth for rent?
  210. I-5 detours anyone??? Help!!!
  211. Bad luck (hating winter right now...)
  212. Flash The High Beams if….
  213. aquamist kit
  214. I need...
  215. Oh NO, the new environmental threat, washing your car!
  216. what light is this?
  217. Whos goin to the Pepper Concert?
  218. Local Salvage Yards?
  219. Have some wrx questions!
  220. Anyone passed deq with catless exhaust?
  221. Dec 8 & Dec 9 Spokane Rally-X MEET!!!
  222. Anyone Know How to Fix Xbox360
  223. Outside Air Temperature Gauge
  224. Tool @ the Coliseum... were you there?
  225. Whats up NWIC?
  226. Best price and difference in 30K Service from Stealership?
  227. Oregon Meet?
  228. Anyone live in the Roseburg/Winston area?
  229. FREE couch in Eugene
  230. Helping our friends in Vernonia, Oregon
  231. Anybody else catch this wicked-bad cold/flu?
  232. Could you imgine if you were not able to Snowboard....
  233. Portland/Beaverton Area monthly meets
  234. Fender bender today
  235. Looking for a good upholstery shop
  236. My stock speakers are toast - who should I see?
  237. North end NW toy run meet up: Saturday 12:30
  238. Going out for a drive tonite...
  239. West Linn cops suck...
  240. Decent Car Washes in the NW
  241. To the guy who bought my APS
  242. NorthWest Toy Run 2007 - Post up your pics!
  243. Post tour Toy Run 07 Pictures
  244. Sti roof wing install on 06 wrx
  245. curtain call - Obsidian/Java black pear STi needed tomorrow morning...
  246. Snow!
  247. A hypothetical question...
  248. WTF... Pimp my Ride?
  249. Difficulty of lowering springs?
  250. Place that makes car decals?