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  1. Electrician Job
  2. Subaru Dejavu!!!!
  3. Thanks VTR
  4. Warning to all Portlanders: Bachelor party heading your way!
  5. I thought the Subaru crowd was supposed to be friendly?
  6. where can I get my wheels paint touched up?
  7. Drive from Wa to Feb 9 Subicru meet. Stopping in Portland too....
  8. Raise your hand if you're sick of this weather...
  9. AllState Insurance claim gone wrong
  10. Local PDX "tuner lug nuts" where to buy
  11. Unfriendly Subaru crowd part 2.
  12. NWIC Photographers: Photo Assignment #6 - Still Life
  13. Adventures in babysitting...
  14. US Postal Service = Fail
  15. Eastside STI
  16. Manly Breakfasts Only
  17. snow in portland
  18. RockBlocker Install Near Portland
  19. Minor fender bender, need help
  20. Figured I d say hi...
  21. portland area photoshoot
  22. Feb 9th Subicru Meet - Caravan from Eugene
  23. Mid Winter Wonder - 24 Feb 08
  24. Bad day for a local rider...
  25. Haha! Who's this poor guy?
  26. Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
  27. Live in WA & Work in ID - Anyone?
  28. FEB 16th SiL Juanita Breakfast Run
  29. My plasma died in a fatal crash!
  30. bored today (not a football fan)
  31. hydramist? anyone
  32. THE SWAP HAS FINALLY BEEN DYNOED...354awhp and 405 lb ft!!
  33. dirty meet
  34. NWIC Auto-Xers!
  35. Attn: Subie Girlies of the NWIC - Bonding time!!!
  36. Bowling Pics From Saturday Night at Secoma Lanes
  37. Snoqualmie mid-week fun
  38. Poor Travis...
  39. I need of shop recommendation
  40. what were your 5 fav superbowl commercials
  41. Windshield small leak... body shop?
  42. Bellingham OT: Dachshund Walk June 7th
  43. Chip Tuning Distributors.
  44. 1 Year
  45. were to go to get powder coated?
  46. got it fixed
  47. Video of your Subaru for YNoTWs
  48. Pacific Raceways
  49. Just bought a gc8, anyone in Lake stevens?
  50. widest tire for stock sti bbs
  51. Roof rails? Not on this Wagon! 56K ok
  52. Check this out... anyone know of this guy
  53. Zerk gun anyone, PDX?
  54. dirty meet March 2st
  55. WSP ticket advice
  56. Salvaged [email protected]!!
  57. Lets drift next door to WSP
  58. EEWWW gross bug eye
  59. Worst Eastside Subaru encounter..Anyone else ?
  60. need some rims painted.
  61. Spokane Meet<--(Red Robin)-->Feb 16th
  62. Do we really need FMIC in the NW?
  63. Bellingham WA Subby owners, dinner on Friday?
  64. So I was out in Portland...
  65. any 06 wrx with subaru red caliper in beaverton?
  66. RT615 vs RS2
  67. Basketball fans, not busy tonight 2/6, near Everett?
  68. Need a job in the Salem area
  69. NW Swap Shops
  70. Short notice help....
  71. YOUR best evo roasting, post em
  72. Moving to k-falls
  73. Info on a car.
  74. catch can findings
  75. Open source Protune?
  76. um, new Seahawks coach in 2009?
  77. Not sure what to say about this video.
  78. FMIC question.
  79. apartments in fedway/kent
  80. Part number finder...
  81. WEEEEeeeeeeee, More Taxes
  82. Yay Corky! (96WRX)
  83. Bought a WRX yesterday
  84. Pwned!!!!
  85. Help! Can't find a Decent STI car wash
  86. 4th of July fireworks near Columbia River Gorge?
  87. Who has an iPhone??
  88. Subie Music!!!!
  89. Those moron are at it again...
  90. Okay, own up. Who was this?
  91. Snowy drive in close to Portland?
  92. ebay experience question
  93. 4wd dyno in northwest?
  94. Ok so this is just funny
  95. NW rota dealers??
  96. Calling all powder coated wheels....
  97. Meet up tonight in Salem
  98. Decisions, Decisions...
  99. Hi-Perf Wipers? Worth the money?
  100. Suspension Place... In Seattle!
  101. how to join
  102. My old Celica is in Modified Mag
  103. Say its not so... Rob's JDM wagon For Sale!?!?
  104. phpbb - anyone know this stuff pretty well?
  105. Need a 50mm socket
  106. welding stock RS radiator
  107. Post your caucus results!
  108. Need help finding bpv hose.
  109. What are the best/brightest *DOT LEGAL* aftermarket 9007 & H3 replacement bulbs?
  110. Evo 9 Mr Seats
  111. Dp Coating
  112. Shop recommendations.
  113. Vehicle Permitted Beaches
  114. Salem Ram Brewery get together
  115. Who is using prodrive springs?
  116. Can I use my 05 Wrx clutch and Flywheel w/ my 6spd and Sti block???
  117. where's jonathon and that one kid???
  118. Another loss in the community
  119. Vibration in Cruise Control Wand
  120. ATTN: 08STI at microsoft P1 B42/43
  121. HD Radio owners?
  122. weigh station
  123. bscc autocross practice
  124. Struts and springs
  125. bill requires yellow license plate for DUI drivers
  126. BMP Car Control Clinic Anyone going?
  127. Hong Kong Trip PICS! SKYLINE!
  128. How do you sell a car??
  129. Local Cryo-Treatment
  130. Beware!!!!
  131. Anybody know who this is?
  132. stereo installer on the fourms
  133. Forestry/Gravel Roads in WA
  134. Whos the BEST????
  135. Where to get affordable windshield? Portland
  136. Place to cut hood scoop holes?
  137. "Thanks UPS"... can you say 'UPS sucks?'
  138. Trying to plan a week-day meet...???
  139. New Front Windshield and Tint needed in Kent.
  140. OEM STi 04-07 UP-PIPE GASKET PART#?
  141. PERRIN Performance This Weekend at Import Motion
  142. Doo-Wop Rally
  143. Boise?
  144. anyone know this car?
  145. last min carl's jr meet tonight in U P in tacoma
  146. Thank You PRE
  147. car acting weird after turboxs dtec install... video
  148. looking to buy a BUGEYE.....seen this one?
  149. Uppipe help
  150. De-Catting a clogged Cobb Catted downpipe????
  151. Happy Valentines Day!!!
  152. Employment notice
  153. Ninja Action Needed on hwy 202
  154. Anyone have and sti cluster in their 2006+ wrx
  155. Any Local Good Machinists?
  156. Sean (master2192) Memorial Caravan
  157. Salem "F" V-day beer meet!
  158. You anti-social monkies...
  159. re-scheduled spruce goose cruise sat march 1st or sunday march 2nd
  160. MY07 STi Sirius problem... Quick suggestions?
  161. Want to Drive My WRX?
  162. Dear Horatio
  163. Yet again impressed by 555 MOTORSPORTS
  164. Killers of Comedy Seattle Feb.15th
  165. Who is playing ice hockey?
  166. Where can I go sledding????
  167. hitlers xbox gets banned
  168. Global Import & Domestic Car Show
  169. Lets go to Traxx!!! M/G by VTR
  170. Awww....Bummer
  171. Outrageous Audio !!!!
  172. Need help fabbing a light bar!?!
  173. Spring install? I suck and need help
  174. Need a welder in Duvall...
  175. Cadillac Brake Help. Local shops?
  176. Juanita Beach SiL Meet Picture Thread
  177. STI at Mission Ridge
  178. Reddevil lives again!
  179. WTB: stock WRX front brakes
  180. I did the unthinkable...
  181. FP down, VF39 in.
  182. NWIC Photographers: Photo Assignment #7 - Motion
  183. It's always just one bolt...
  184. Fender rolling help needed...
  185. need help! seattle area!
  186. I Have Proof Jake It Hawt!!!
  187. Makes Me Proud...
  188. anybody else
  189. Do you care about your reputation?
  190. Great showing by the Nasioc
  191. Anyone know of a good hat store in the Seattle area?
  192. What's this Knight Rider gloriousness??
  193. Speeding camera tickets
  194. darin from cascade towing in enumclaw A+++ service
  195. Teske Design presents BOND OF BELLEVUE - 3/1/08
  196. brake line tost!
  197. Oregon Trail Rally This year?
  198. Took a little trip to the Ocean
  199. new bumper, sideskirts, exhaust, and rims!
  200. Meth kit install...
  201. Time for an opensource tune...
  202. WA. State: More Auto Fees For The State?
  203. Reckless Driving
  204. Some fun Pics in T-Town w/ my new stuff
  205. Need Quick Help!
  206. Import Motion is over so help me unpack the PERRIN truck
  207. Need Photoshop Help! $5 fo you
  208. Where to find a cap for an egt bung?
  209. Time to swap tires?
  210. Some people have no respect!
  211. dent place recommendations?
  212. Anyone see that Meteor last night?
  213. Advertising at its Best
  214. good place to learn stick.. portland area?
  215. EVO IX MR Recaros in a STi w/ black WRX interior
  216. New Wheel Help
  217. Screwed?
  218. NASIOC Group Ice Skating!! Wednesday Feb 20th!!!
  219. Anyone with Tokico D-Specs in a Bugeye? Offer me a test ride/drive PLEASE?
  220. Wagon tail light swap. . .#1001
  221. side skirt paint shop?
  222. weird request
  223. AT/MT identifier pin has no wire in it.. wtf
  224. Roy, WA
  225. Clutch repair - bellingham?
  226. License Plate ticket
  227. Does anybody else feel the 04-05 HIDs are dim?
  228. Scammed in Portland
  229. My clean, streaky car. Help!
  230. What is the recommended lugnut torque specs for lightweight/ tuner lugs?
  231. Headed to Big Mountain/Whitefish Montana tomorrow, Anyone here live there
  232. Go Carts in Portland
  233. What to do with your Subaru rental??
  234. Goodbye Subaru, Hello....
  235. Would anyone like to give me a ride?
  236. Today in other car forums
  237. So who has a fender rolling tool??
  238. I just got a Bobby tune at P.R.E.!
  239. Kent folks
  240. Open source Launch Control
  241. where to get interior paint
  242. Uppipe Removal
  243. I want to take some pictures this weekend.
  244. bedding in track pads
  245. I plan on selling my '05 STi...
  246. Part #'s for suspension upgrade....
  247. First night of drag races at PIR 2/23/08!
  248. We Should Have A Meet Tonight Meet At The Safeway Up In Fairwood In Renton
  249. Interior- phase 1- complete
  250. SRP BBQ, Kirkland pre-meat, meet and drive.