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  1. UTEC causing IGN fuse to blow?
  2. utec version question
  3. 02 WRX UTEC tuned at Andrewtech
  4. Need a good VF39 map
  5. utec vs ap and protune, which is better for me?
  6. Tuning Closed Loop
  7. Tuning issues
  8. utec delta question
  9. i hope this is the right place to ask*utec tune question*
  10. new front mount.
  11. 09 WRX Support/Maps?
  12. Utec, radio shack adaptor, vista!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Utec Compatability
  14. Impact of fuel tables from front O2 sensor?
  15. utec software update fails
  16. Utec Vs. Delta
  17. Need help with high egt's
  18. Boost control w/ UTEC and ABC
  19. TGV deletes and Check engine light
  20. noob to utec just lookin for sum help
  21. My WRX knocked for the first time
  22. log only shows 97% throttle?
  23. Another VF22 map needed please! :)
  24. Anybody local to Philadelphia?
  25. CEL under acceleration
  26. gt35 needs a map
  27. Okanagan (BC) Tuner?
  28. TurboXS Tuner (wideband) internal fuse replacement
  29. UTEC with HSF-5?
  30. Looking for maps and UTEC parts
  31. Please analyze my meth run logs
  32. Just bought a 03 WRX with UTEC installed, need some guidance
  33. Setting Injector size
  34. need help with uti
  35. map selector qns
  36. Car falls on its face in very cold weather?
  37. need utec tuner
  38. How do I setup my 2 step?
  39. bcblues Map Comparison Tool
  40. Geting a UTEC need a tuner
  41. need measurments on stand offs
  42. reflash to stock?
  43. Hyperterminal for Vista Users!
  44. UTEC Log- Help cleaning up!
  45. Test Mode
  46. SD & JDM manifold IAT
  47. utec hides knock from ecu?
  48. utec MAPS
  49. Can any 5V WBo2 be logged into UTEC?
  50. stalling out.
  51. Question about SD on a UTEC?
  52. Base Map Need!!!
  53. car doesnt like running while cold..
  54. Utec map needed
  55. Stage 4 base map
  56. Old Utec vs Delta Utec
  57. What pins on the UTEC control LC/FFS
  58. UTEC connection issue (get main menu, nothing else)
  59. Knock after shift... Tips?
  60. can i use my turboxs high performance mbc instead of the abc
  61. car running lousy
  62. So I started logging to help a friend touble shoot but:
  63. UTEC REV 6, will it work on 05 WRX
  64. Stage 2 stuck at 7 psi max????
  65. Car looses power
  66. Problems with my stage 4 setup.
  67. Need Map
  68. Logging problems could use some help :(
  69. WTB: dead 2.5L UTEC to use as patch cable
  70. Utec SD injector settings when stock ECU is already flashed
  71. I have knocked 3 or 4 times now with UTEC
  72. UTEC question,map selector switch....
  73. between stock maps
  74. utec problem
  75. How to install launch control
  77. Stupid Question: UTEC on bone-stock 03 WRX
  78. UTEC and CEL?
  79. Need Help!
  80. compressor surge
  81. Analyze my Log
  82. Looking for Socal UTEC Tuner
  83. Where to download UTEC program?
  84. Ground Help
  85. New to UTEC and EM
  86. New utec noob
  87. Tuning for spool-up
  88. Sell me a Utec - not really
  89. R.A.P.I.D First Look @ my DIY what do you think??
  90. IAT & MAT dual sensor setup
  91. Utec tuner w 6wire data port(Phone jack)
  92. help please. i have a couple questions
  93. UTEC CEL,DBW and ETC
  94. Why is everyone getting rid of their utec
  95. will a utec idle ok with 280 cams
  96. need map for 03 wrx mods listed inside
  97. TPS calibration
  98. help
  99. p0031 code..will it affect tuning?
  100. Question about UTEC update flash
  101. need map for 03 wrx mods listed inside
  102. Turboxs stg2 map wont start.
  103. Another misfire thread
  104. I have an 04 sti... how do I know which utec is for me?
  105. Utec Idle Issue!!!! Help!!
  106. Dtec boost solenoid problem, very rare
  107. Whats this I hear about UTECs causing damage?
  108. utec stage 1 problem
  109. electronic boost controller
  110. Noob question about UTEC please HELP!
  111. Another Utec/Idle/Cams question
  112. I can't remember....
  113. Having Problems w/ UTEC
  114. utec delta on g35
  115. Spare Solenoid question for meth control
  116. Soooo... my utec fried :(
  117. Which signals are unaltered?
  118. TurboXS Tuner Dead
  119. Need BigMAF with Speed Density?
  120. bad tunning?
  121. How to Properly Datalog the UTEC?
  122. auxiliary boost controller BASIC questions.
  123. Need Utec Delta connector layout explanation
  124. installed utec need help
  125. Looking for Utec maps?
  126. not hitting target boost
  127. Really Basic UTEC stuff. A little Help Please.
  128. P0102 and P1112 only with UTEC plugged won't start either!
  129. Create UTEC maps using MS Excel
  130. simple question
  131. does dtec-map sensor plug into delta?
  132. UTEC plus PLX Wideband?
  133. Need help confirming FFS LC remote switch wiring
  134. 05 STi Utec Launch Control is inconsistent
  135. Utec Issue
  136. Need Help with Utec on Wrx 02
  137. anyone using the WB02 on the Tuna to simulate a narrowband signal?
  138. anti-lag with UTEC??
  139. Alot of UTEC Questions before i decide to run it!
  140. anybody have a stage 2 map with a fmic?
  141. What do you think?
  142. TUNE Issues
  143. knock count it safe?
  144. Has anyone ran the turbo xs stage 3 map from
  145. 20g 830cc injectors (map help)
  146. I hate the LC-1
  147. Hyperterminal
  148. Boost map with gm bcs
  149. Stage 2 maps boost??? Datalog
  150. utec question on emissions
  151. utec and apexi avcr
  152. No serial connection on my laptop or other computers WHAT NOW??
  153. sti utec will it work on a wrx
  154. TXS Stage 2 Map
  155. need a base for 2.5L block/2.0L heads w/VF30 and TMIC
  156. How do you use your OS and UTEC combo?
  157. cant connect labtop with utec
  158. I need some confirmation on these pictures
  159. Need a timing map for Q16
  160. Problems w/ UTEC
  161. Taking a trip from sealevel to mountains - What to adjust?
  162. utec year specific??
  163. Help
  164. UTEC not safe?
  165. utec hesitating
  166. check engine light o2 sensor
  167. Reset ECU w/ UTEC?
  168. Car wont run with Utec... :(
  169. Feels like I'm in valet mode but I'm not on that map
  170. Hope this is in the rite spot tactrix cable
  171. Tuners in Southern Indiana Area
  172. Utec and Delta questions
  173. weird log can someone tell me what this is?
  174. utec vista
  175. Never fear it's SUPER N00b!!!!
  176. Maf volts question
  177. UTEC with MAF unplugged
  178. Stock car + utec = CEL
  179. I really messed up my car!!!! HELP with UTEC!!!
  180. car is hesitating with utec1
  181. Breaks Up in 1st Gear ONLY 2nd-6th are perfect?? 97%IDC at 6500?? So lost HELP!!
  182. Lean idle AFRs using SD
  183. UTEC causing connection problems for the Subaru Select Monitor (dealer diag tool)
  184. Base map log
  185. Pulling Codes
  186. I have a Utec, but my tuner prefers opensource....
  187. need some info
  188. Sti utec compatibility
  189. Stg 4 lean at cruise
  190. Couple utec questions...
  191. MAP tuning !
  192. help! utec delta, check sum failed! map corrupt
  193. UTEC Noob questions
  194. Safety mode
  195. success scaling injector for openecu and with UTEC user!
  196. Utec issue
  197. Going stage 2!? Need help deciding which route to go!
  198. 3.5 bar AEM parameters for UTEC
  199. Knock Knock (with logs)
  200. p0037 huge limp
  201. Maps??
  202. used delta - pc interface
  203. Starting car with blow through for the first time
  204. So I need some help with a school project(datalogs needed)
  205. I put the UTEC back in... Qs
  206. Problem viewing datalogs
  207. Hesitation at ~3600rpms...Any Advice?
  208. Buddy just gave me a utec and......
  209. utec and home made water/meth injection help
  210. how do you read the programing for a Utec?
  211. cold weather and speed density
  212. rough idle/hesitation at 3k
  213. Running rich during highway use and idling
  214. logging a/f with utec?
  215. Check sum when loading maps
  216. need help datalogging
  217. utec stopped working after 5.8 reflash
  218. ABC Question
  219. Stripped ABC
  220. prosport wideband help
  221. CEL for catless exhaust, can it be disabled with a utec setup?
  222. UTech and all accessories and wiring for 1200
  223. need 2007 sti base map please!!!
  224. Utec & Utec Delta?!?
  225. Save changes, get garbage on screen, then it's PIN-locked
  226. Utec Maps??
  227. pc link
  228. Will this work?
  229. Looking at buying a TurboXS Utec
  230. UTI vs MPS_UTECLogger
  231. TurboXS base maps
  232. Lean spike under slight load / part throttle
  233. Speed Density AFR
  234. can utec disable secondary 02 sensor 02 wrx
  235. Help, UTEC Delta 02-05 Map Selector
  236. Can UTEC be used along with ECUtek?
  237. Utec Problems
  238. Fast solution Utec turboxs
  239. Can UTEC run an 06 sti engine in my 02 wrx w/ AVCS?
  240. Gameboy Advance and connections
  241. what to use for tune
  242. UTEC problems
  243. Need Help with Tuner Pro.
  244. '03 Wrx idles very rough, getting worse
  245. Can't start car after Utec Delta install.
  246. Super Noob Questions, Yes I did do a search
  247. HELP! stage 4 with no base map!
  248. 2006 sti uninstall question
  249. Utec Auxillary Boost Controller?
  250. Hybrid Daily Driver Starter UTEC Map