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  1. i need help please!!!!!
  2. matching heads with camshafts?
  3. White smoke--Stage 2 noob
  4. What are your oil pressure and temperature readings, what do you like to see?
  5. sti fmic piping question
  6. Builders who use torque plates
  7. USCC Challenge?
  8. Damaged Oil Filter Housing. Block okay to use?
  9. warranty work for rod knock
  10. Subaru GT(Sti Version)..5K to invest..RECOMMENDATIONS
  11. Cobb Stage3 vs. Cosworth vs. Axis heads
  12. Fuel System UPGRADE for Subaru GT Sti
  13. Budget 2.0 Build up
  14. race oversize valves for USDM EJ20
  15. Is the td04 on the 06WRX the exact same as the td04 on the 05WRX?
  16. 2.0 build up
  17. headgasket?
  18. HELP:jdm V7 sti 2.0 piston rings?!!?where?!?!
  19. EJ207 Opened Up *pics* (2.5 or Rebuild)
  20. some help please
  21. stuck cam gear bolt...
  22. Wierd Tap sound
  23. Can you get exhaust UP the intake valves?
  24. Removing Coolent Lines to the TB
  25. Question..!!
  26. What to do with Wife's car?
  27. How can i tell if the engine was rebuilt?
  28. Axis EJ22T Stage 5 Build
  29. What do you think about these leakdown results?
  30. used 2.5L
  31. upgraiding a sti engine and mods
  32. Help with My lil Project........
  33. Turbo for EJ207? Details inside.
  34. Winter Project: EJ207 tear down and build up *56k NO*
  35. my valve lash sheet
  36. Are stock STI/WRX crankshafts nitrided?
  37. help with install questions
  38. fp red vs. sbr 35r
  39. HELP im an idoit lol!
  40. Hybrid crankcase vent pcv questions
  41. vacuum line woes
  42. harder internals
  43. how reliable STI built engine vs' stock STI engine
  44. EJ20K Build-up Thread
  45. Intake manifold plenum
  46. gt35r built on a 2.0?
  47. Header UP DP Coating
  48. version 8 STi spec c block to a ver 8 sti block
  49. Rod bearing issue- NEED HELP!!
  50. red line increase noobie question
  51. BEST pistons for V7 2.0 sti?
  52. Blown motor, need some help...
  53. New Guy, ej20g build
  54. Heads?
  55. My engine build idea
  56. Piston fitment in EJ207
  57. are 2.2 pistons and 2.5 pistons the same size as far as bore goes?
  58. WPC treatments. Who has done it and how do you like it?
  59. feeding my holset turbo oil?????
  60. gruppe-s race engine stage1
  61. EJ22 Build up or wrx swap?
  62. 2.0 Twin turbo blocks come with oil squirters...
  63. Crower rods!!!
  64. ensuring my timing belt install is correct!
  65. Brian Crower stuff
  66. Have you put your engine on an engine dyno?
  67. Easy way to test for bent valve?
  68. BOV's with MAF?
  69. Half moon valve cover seal
  70. Odd compression test and leakdown test numbers
  71. What does this sound like to you?
  72. Machining rod ???'s
  73. turbo feed plug set screw
  74. what year wrx has these?
  75. sti pistons question
  76. titanium camshafts...
  77. axis stage 2 compression test
  78. Piecing it together. Building a EJ205
  79. Built EJ22T power output
  80. Yet Another 2.5 Hybrid in the Making
  81. Map used for 2.5 hybrid breakin
  82. quick question about engine stands...
  83. please help with swap
  84. Increase efficiency of rotating shaft.
  85. boost limit of the ej207 block?
  86. divider for a intake manifold
  87. stage 2..stage 1...?
  88. My car is odd.
  89. Valve springs and retainer questions
  90. What to look for in a machinist / engine builder? Choose A, B, C, or D.
  91. +33PSI on OEM STi valvetrain Q??
  92. Delta cams with titanium springs
  93. Crawford S2 Short Block STI Type C heads and Cams Build up Review....
  94. New to engine rebuilds, but learning!
  95. aftermarket headers
  96. Cp Pistons, 205Heads, 257Block..CR??
  97. Engine Build up advice
  98. Building up my engine
  99. A few ej205 build up questions
  100. ej22 vs. ej22t
  101. completly built cobb block...stock heads?
  102. Oil burning during breakin
  103. Reasonable or not?
  104. Couple of questions about building RS turbo block
  105. 2006 wrx semi closed deck?
  106. STI short block/JDM wrx heads?
  107. Help advice Impreza
  108. wrx arp stud install
  109. HELP..What is the diff between ARP...
  110. Piston Question
  111. 102.36mm pistons = what exact engine cc?
  112. oil out of my heads
  113. Stroker Kit Vs. JDM 2.0 / 2.5 Shortblock
  114. My pain is almost over!
  115. Techie question on head porting...
  116. Built motor STI EJ25 with EJ20 Heads plugs Qs..
  117. still can't find a help
  118. do i need a cosworth oil pump??
  119. Q's about darton sleeves
  120. Groovy bearing?
  121. VF-22 Compressor map
  122. Higher CR w/ StgII cams and CNC'd heads.
  123. Ok, So I got my building block. tell me what you think...
  124. Why CANT I use STI rods and pistons in a 2.5 phase 1 block?
  125. catastrophic engine damage w/pics!! Expert opinions wanted..
  126. what heads will work???
  127. ic piping
  128. Alternator
  129. project 2k2 wrx:goal: highest stock turbo location whp
  130. need some help
  131. Where to get built motor?
  132. EGT/Water temp & flowmap of a EJ22T with VF22
  133. Motor sitting for winter ?s
  134. EJ20G heads w/ej22t short block CR question
  135. smog question
  136. New engine
  137. Loud clicking noice from engine
  138. 06 2.5i ecu upgrade?
  139. What COBB shortblock did you end up with?
  140. EJ20K valve lifters: same as WRX or different part#?
  141. Supertech valves.NEED HELP FAST
  142. AVCS Wiring Questions?????????
  143. safe revs for an ej22t?
  144. Choosing rods... JDM STI fit in EJ205?
  145. Head CCs
  146. At what point is the factory cooling system a liability?
  147. 2.5 Build Problem
  148. What is the largest bore you can do on a 2.0l wrx block
  149. a list of ej257 --> 05 wrx swap ?s
  150. stripped?
  151. Going for a MILD rebuild - advice?
  152. Couple of questions
  153. recirc type catch can need help with search
  154. Gasket set choices, skimp?
  155. NA power
  156. not idle after swap??
  157. EJ20K crankshaft: similar to any USDM models?
  158. Hey Guys, I finally registered under the name for work. Im Here to help
  159. smoking rebuilt engine
  160. For those using or installing HELIX camshafts!!!
  161. Two questions: Piston Slap and Torque Plate Honing
  162. EGT connector
  163. dry sump system
  164. Deck Height Shaved - What Headgasket Thickness?
  165. Is it possible to put internals in myself?
  166. Buschur Racing Dual Walbro Fuel Pump Setup
  167. AFR off on hybrid. Need advice
  168. Problem with bearing clearances?
  169. ver7 avcs cam gear
  170. What level of heads on stock 2.0 ECU?
  171. 2.2 swap in a wrx?
  172. Where to get built motor or the heads broke
  173. Horspower & torque levels
  174. Break in method after forged rebuilt??
  175. To Sleeve or not....
  176. OEM Rods and cranks
  177. This thread is for hybrids with strange questions/problems...
  178. 2005 STI I got a video of my car being dyno, check it out.
  179. WasteGate ?
  180. hybrid engine questions
  181. Bearing clearance question
  182. Looking for a tool to break torque on my plastic cam gears.
  183. sti swap
  184. I can put a WRX oil pan on a STi motor, right?
  185. How much CR change can the stock ECU compensate for?
  186. Valve seat question
  187. i need 2.0 engine specs
  188. Check out this polish job (repost?)
  189. 2.2-2.35 build ?'s
  190. valve-to-piston clearance?(ej20g+v7block)
  191. Piston replacement options
  192. measurement questions on valve lash and plugs
  193. EJ22 build again! Mad as hell :( What boost to run??
  194. Need rebuilder in Maryland
  195. DeatschWerks injectors on Hybrid
  196. Have a bad 04 STi shortblock, deciding what to do with it.
  197. Aftermarket pistons & captive wrist pins questions
  198. Quick question!!
  199. Trans-Motor Dowel Removal?
  200. Some EJ20 carnage pics..
  201. Idle with bigass cams
  202. Motor and Tranny or just the Motor?
  203. looking for specs
  204. Supercharger for my car!
  205. wrx heads with shimless buckets
  206. slight rattle has got me slightly nervous
  207. N/A at 100k...valve guides worn...worth replacing?
  208. Engine Options - Axis vs OEM STi vs Rebuild
  209. cp piston and eagle rods
  210. New STi short block + Mahle Coated Pistons + Manley Rods = Good to max out the 35R?
  211. Headgaskets
  212. DOHC heads running on SOHC ecu-CAN IT BE DONE!?
  213. cam question
  214. STi rods and pistons into phase II block
  215. JDM WRX vs USDM WRX Cams
  216. Forged internals????
  217. Beautiful baby girl
  218. Mahle Powerpak's
  219. New motor plans, let me know what you think
  220. Where to start? Research obviously...but...
  221. How much?
  222. engine wont fire up?
  223. Look what i did!
  224. Average Oil presure on 2.5 hybrid?
  225. 257/207 Hybrid with GT30r/GT35r: What compression do I want to run and why?
  226. Engine rebuild advice for 06 sti
  227. Cams 06 wrx
  228. max HP through the stock fuel line?
  229. so let me get this correct about cams
  230. O ringing heads with MLS head gaskets?
  231. help please - Phase 1 EJ25 crank specs req'd
  232. COBB said STi oil pump on thier it good enough?
  233. L19's or Custom Aged 625 rod bolts for Eagle EJ20 rods?
  234. MAF mass airflow question
  235. Anyone running Brian Crower Sti cams???
  236. Torque-Yield/Single Use Bolts?
  237. 2.5 Hybrid - Sanding Required at Combustion Chamber?
  238. looking to get one of these, which would be better for a daily driver?
  239. Need Help!!
  240. @ what point is STI oil pump not good enough?
  241. loyale engine interference or not??
  242. Manley rods and Mahle pistons? whos using them?
  243. copper head gaskets and o-ring block
  244. STi Shortblock/CP Pistons + V7 Heads
  245. Manley valvetrain...
  246. Cosworth Cams Work with a Non Sti Wrx Head?
  247. Need advice on a boost spike!
  248. Hybrid Cold Start Noise Issue
  249. dry sump oil pump.... how does it work?
  250. Cosworth build heads... indented shimless bucket.