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  1. What CR are you guys running?
  2. Breaking Her in!
  3. JE Pistons
  4. Brainstorming with my timing belt cover...
  5. German SOHC Subaru tuner?
  6. 2.5l Wrist pin tool part #
  7. The build begins.
  8. valve lash
  9. Newbie Q: EJ25E vs. EJ255 vs. EJ257
  10. v7 spec c cams into stock wrx heads?
  11. obd2 inspection
  12. Starting my 2.5 hybrid
  13. Will JDM STI AVCS cams in USDM STI AVCS heads?
  14. sti block sohc heads... what pistons/rods to go with?
  15. Building a 2.2 Stroker
  16. 2.5 hybrid help
  17. Question about rods..
  18. rod bearings replaced... rebalance the crank necessary?
  19. ej20 block with legacy doch heads
  20. Oversized pistons for ej257 (100mm)
  21. No 02 sensor bung in gp moto header
  22. brian crower block
  23. 2.0 swap to 2.5
  24. Oil starvation cause the engine to fail
  25. Component checklist: EJ257 OEM motor going in
  26. Shimless buckets.
  27. 02 Wrx Hybrid Breather Hose Setup
  28. I think my turbos bigger heh
  29. 205 Hybrid ? Subaru Gurus HELP!
  30. major newb question
  31. ej22 build questions
  32. Electric exhaust?
  33. Camshafts and ej205 ??
  34. EJ205 crank limit?
  35. Crank bearing clearance question??
  36. Head Part number breakdown/differences?
  37. question about heads...not that kind you pervs...:D
  38. Diff betwwen 02 WRX Heads VS 05 WRX HEADS?
  39. Mahle pistons/ bore question
  40. Opinions about my engine build
  41. Really noob question
  42. Detonation Problem = Engine Rebuild, but what to do?
  43. Updates and pictures on my car
  44. EJ20 Valvetrain, cams, etc..
  45. Whats needed for torque plate honing?
  46. What pistons should I use..
  47. Ej20G heads on an EJ18, will things get banged up!
  48. 5 valve head?
  49. My EJ257 swap
  50. Hex plugs on back of heads - coolant or oil passage?
  51. break in
  52. EJ22T Piston squirters...are they serviceable?
  53. need ej22t piston squirters
  54. Opinions needed with regard to compression ratio
  55. Buying blocks, EJ25/EJ20
  56. ExoticSpeed turbo kit.
  57. weight of OEM EJ257 valves
  58. Available oil pumps and part numbers
  59. aftermarket cams?
  60. combustion chamber cc's...
  61. Checking belt timing after install?
  62. Horsepower ??
  63. Rods or no?
  64. Which pistons for 8.5:1 with WRX heads? Vendors respond pls.
  65. Power Enterprise 800cc Fuel Injectors
  66. Oil Squirter
  67. timing belt intall
  68. 2.5 Hybrid...forgot tto change dipstick assy
  69. 2.5L/2.2L running problem
  70. Expert Advice needed on Valves
  71. kind of newbie quetion
  72. What Company For Crate Engine? 2.5l
  73. Transferable Parts
  74. Which 2.2l block for J/Y build?
  75. I need help with spark plugs????
  76. What oil to run with Axis block?
  77. Fully built 2.0L or 2.5 Sti short block?
  78. need help with oil smoke (engine just rebuilt)
  79. All USDM avcs heads the same?
  80. Overhaul vs. Replace
  81. "Reliable" GT35R...
  82. Getting detonation on my new hybrid
  83. baffled sump
  84. spec c
  85. Hybrid Cams Question
  86. Short Block which one to use?
  87. Big turbo? lots of boost? shim the stock sti valvesprings to offset the pressure?
  88. Need some info/advice from the build engine guru's
  89. Final Decisions and questions...
  90. Need help.. I was told I could find help here...
  91. C and G Performance?
  92. Exhaust Cam Resistance ?
  93. Questions about Turbo and Injector Upgrade
  94. new to the built motor discussion.. a few questions to get me started..
  95. motor swap
  96. what EXACTLY is needed
  97. Some EJ22T information for those of you considering that route...
  98. The *OFFICIAL* Long Rod discussion: pro's, con's who uses them and WHY
  99. Engine balancing
  100. I need some insight????
  101. Vortech FMU 3-1 results
  102. Question about 2006 sti transmission
  103. Decked heads on Crawford S2... new CR?
  104. Pulling engine tomorrow, need help keeping heads pieces from falling apart
  105. Pittsburgh Area Garage? - Need a Build
  106. Egt Help !!!!
  107. smoke from air cleaner
  108. short block clean up
  109. bushchur pump??
  110. who has this throttle body???? 70mm
  111. Cam lobe refuge machining
  112. Built motor by AR Fabrication
  113. Gonna max out my cams! Plus mod list
  114. STI rod vs...
  115. ej22t rods cast or forged
  116. 100mm Crankshaft
  117. new oil pan? new oil pump?
  118. Hybrid Built Question I need Help!
  119. Just more 205/257 questions!
  120. Did I bend my valves?
  121. What turbo would you choose?
  122. Compression on Axis block
  123. Opinions on Rebuilt block
  124. I want to get high!
  125. Is it Worth it? (2.5rs Block Build)
  126. Where Do We Go From Here?
  127. New Buschur INFO!!!!!!
  128. Hybrid EJ22 with EJ25 dohc crank and rods?
  129. .16 gap on my plugs????????????
  130. EJ205 crank same as EJ207?
  131. Building you own, blueprinting and balancing info needed
  132. 03 WRX swap finalized
  133. Differences in Rods??
  134. higher comp ratio vs higher boost. stroker build
  135. Rev limit on stock ej257 crank
  136. Hybrid motor with 16g turbo?
  137. Building a used sti engine???
  138. Build motor for GT35R
  139. who makes valve springs for doch 98 2.5rs heads?
  140. trying to get engine to mate up to tranny
  141. rebuilt motor break-in suggestions ???
  142. fuel pump question/opinion/fact
  143. heads for ej257 swap
  144. Injector Flow Chart Help
  145. near impossible to start after gas on new engine
  146. Hybrid 2.5 SB, 2.0 Heads
  147. who makes oversized bearings?
  148. changing fuel lines
  149. Valvesprings??
  150. Which Head Gaseket to use?
  151. Valve seals?
  152. Forged pistons OEM Block
  153. Parts checklist for Heads swap - what can I reuse, what needs to be new?
  154. Oil Drain Line Banjo Bolt Size
  155. Taking Engine Out!!
  156. piston pulling video-how to
  157. phase 1, 2.5 rods
  158. why not stroke a 2.2L closed deck to 2.35?
  159. 2.0l to 2.5l swap, and what AVCS means to you
  160. WRX/STi camshaft question?
  161. 2.6-2.7 stroker ?
  162. 2.2 liter overhaul
  163. GT30R....port it?
  164. jdm STi oiling system
  165. engine swap.... where to buy & how much?
  166. Buckets and shims and DOHC heads, oh my!
  167. WRX Cobb stage 2.5, where do I go next, engine build?
  168. EJ205 Head Volume
  169. compression check on gruppe-s stage 1 shortblock
  170. Ej22t Or Ej25 For Build?
  171. Is a Block Guard useful?
  172. can't find cams!!
  173. USDM STi intake manifold to Spec C intake manifold caveats?
  174. How much power out of a stg4 axis ej22t?
  175. My Holset ej257 review
  176. Anyone see a 2.5 shortblock with 2.0 heads and TD04 or similar?
  177. big project help!
  178. Anyone running a GT40R with a built 2.5L
  179. sbr 35r didnt make numbers i wanted
  180. Post your Engine Rebuild Tips HERE
  181. Main bearing relocation?
  182. Got heads now what cams
  183. EJ22T stroker Rods
  184. Crawford S2 with JDM V8 Spec C Heads - thoughts?
  185. Bore tolerances for stock EJ257?
  186. engine hardware question
  187. What would you do?
  188. Building Motor Question
  189. building an engine for more low/mid range torque
  190. Hot tanking our blocks
  191. EJ20G rods vs EJ257 rods
  192. knock sensors....
  193. upgraded coils ???
  194. build order
  195. To Sleeve or not.
  196. Aftermarket (bigger) or ported throttlebodies, anybody running them?
  197. Belt Tensioner Gone?
  198. Rebuilding an STi EJ20, parts?
  199. EJ20 to EJ25 and trans swap
  200. Crankshaft Sprocket
  201. help motor installed and tuned now it doenst run
  202. stock wrx 2.5 power
  203. Perrin gt30 blown seals from factory
  204. Pulling the motor in old yellow
  205. quick question about tgv delete wiring.
  206. How long does it take to manually prime the engine with oil?
  207. who has seated Mahle pistons
  208. tgv deletes/fp red?
  209. stock motor build ?
  210. heads
  211. plugging coolant lines for oil cooled turbo
  212. 02 wrx build
  213. hybrid overheating question
  214. JDM V8 Shorblock and Spark Plugs
  215. Fuel rails and JDM intake manifold
  216. Stock WRX internal capabilities?
  217. Flow on WRX needed
  218. what compression ratio on JE pistons?
  219. Should i have my turbo rebuilt?
  220. Recommended oil change for 2.5 hybrid?
  221. cooling system questions
  222. Hybrid with VF37?
  223. What brand of engine stand
  224. Turbo Comparison 02 WRX Hybrid
  225. destroking a 2.5 na motor
  226. gaskets?
  227. jdm 2.0L non avcs heads
  228. ej22e pistons
  229. 2.5L Hybrid+100mil JE pistons=X compression ratio
  230. Need a shop to get my fully built engine done at, all additional info in post!
  231. Cam wheel swap
  232. P0340 after new engine installed
  233. case half hardware help, please!!
  234. Ver.7 heads on ver.9
  235. Built Motor... retain the oil/water heat exchanger or add oil cooler?
  236. You'll never think of valve springs the same...
  237. wiesco pistons
  238. help on choicing heads
  239. head stud dowel removal
  240. HELP! cobb block pistons dont clear valves!
  241. Yep, another "Name That Noise" thread
  242. Crawford pricing?
  243. This may sound bass ackward butt...
  244. Plug oil squirters..Yay or nay?
  245. Anyone have dyno results of Buschur racings modded 255l fuel pump
  246. 2.5i build?
  247. 07 STI Internals.
  248. hybrid ( rs head with wrx block )
  249. what's better??
  250. 2.5 build