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  1. What are the benefits of a built engine with turbo?
  2. EJ piston pin removal tool
  3. More 2.5 STI short block info...
  4. Piston pin tool?'s
  5. EJ257 Valvetrain removal
  6. v7 versus USDM STi valvespring comparo
  7. Talk me out of swapping pistons on my own.
  8. Paradigm shift...Chrome plated comp rings
  9. Boring the 257
  10. I want 400WHP!!!
  11. EJ257 main bearing clearances
  12. EJ257 assy issue
  13. Mahle Power Pak Piston Update
  14. Piston FAQ: Read if you are thinking about buying them!
  15. Con Rod oiling...Eng inputs?
  16. S3L Owners, need your input!
  17. New EJ257 assembly observations
  18. Pecking order for building a stronger 2.5
  19. DIY Closed-Deck
  20. Assembly labor insight
  21. compression ratio question
  22. JDM Heads,or cmas,and goodies??
  23. Just started: built Block install
  24. 200-250 DD build?
  25. My Custom Turbo Manifold Im making, and some other crap.
  26. need some cam advice
  27. At Last some proven gains from heads and cams
  28. electric air con pump
  29. Stock or Cometic Gaskets?
  30. My quest for 10's....Pics and write-up
  31. Cross-drilling our crankshafts?
  32. jdm v7 heads vs cosworth heads
  33. Stroker Kits
  34. degreeing new cams???
  35. 2.2-2.4 stroker
  36. 2.5 conversion question
  37. raising compression?
  38. Painting block?
  39. forced induction is forced induction?
  40. Franken motor build
  41. Advice
  42. Honed...
  43. Phase I EJ25 Rods The Same As EJ22T's?
  44. Will Stock Pistons Hold Up to Boost?
  45. AVCS Heads on Non-AVCS blocks.
  46. Who Makes Forged Rods For: Phase 1 EJ25 DOHC
  47. clearance. Clarence
  48. AVCS heads ---> non-AVCS use???
  49. Which short block?
  50. 3k to invest on motor!!!!!!!!!!
  51. STI Cam Sprocket/Gear Removal??
  52. Compressor surge with JDM STi BPV?!?
  53. piston dish comparison...
  54. Questions about upgrading my block
  55. another CR question with 2.5 w/ WRX heads and 264 cams
  56. worldone stg2 motor
  57. Hybrid Phase II: Forged (Mahle piston install)
  58. drop in forged pistons
  59. 2.0 block
  60. Various liquid sealants for a rebuild
  61. ej205 crank
  62. I'm bored, have a spare WRX shortblock....what to do.
  63. Crower Stage IIs...WTH?
  64. Helix cams info thread.
  65. Ready for big mods, any suggestions?
  66. biggest n best turbo for stock 2.0 block
  67. internal coatings.
  68. EJ251 block build for FI duty
  69. head porting and arp head studs.....
  70. Need a Little Advice/Help
  71. 2.5L spare yayy options?
  72. 2.2 turbo stroker
  73. Rear main in too far. Whack in another?
  74. Built EJ20 motor question? ( Nitrous )
  75. 2.5 Block w/ V8 heads or JDM FXT Motor?
  76. what i am doing with my new 2.5l sti shortblock
  77. Rod and Crank Bearings
  78. check a motor without disassembly?
  79. 2.2 turbo and non turbo head questions
  80. block swap checklist...need
  81. What pistons other than JE?
  82. 2.5L crawford shortblock on 2.0L 2004 WRX heads
  83. Eagle rods question
  84. Crank and Conrod Bearing Clearence
  85. Proposed 2.4L build
  86. Intake Manifold Bolt torque specs..
  87. pop-up pistons...
  88. machine shop costs
  89. question what needed for built motor
  90. Single cam heads?
  91. Break in variations for forged Mahles?
  92. Single cam heads
  93. Built Forester Block?
  94. look to porsche...
  95. Moderator Attention Please: Sticky Please
  96. Building My Spare Shortblock
  97. 272's
  98. The engine builders tool kit(engine builders please advise)
  99. Blown Ej257
  100. Dream Engine set up?
  101. Cam Swap Questions
  102. ARP Headstud Question
  103. Modded Stock Injectectors Vs. Sti Pinks Which Is Better
  104. Hot to change Connecting Rod Bearings
  105. First oil change after piston swap...
  106. Axis Stg2 = High oil press?
  107. Crawford R4 info?
  108. which block does crawford use to get the 2.8ltr stroker??
  109. Broad torque Curve?
  110. Tech Works Shim Under Bucket Question-Where to get replacement shims?
  111. Crawford S5 Shortblock
  112. s2 block?
  113. Your Thoughts Please: hybrid build for summer 06!!!
  114. Anyone Gone To A Dry Sump Oil System?
  115. Need some help with built motor - we're stumped
  116. hows this motor ?
  117. Please tell me more about these cam specs.
  118. Helix cams,people whu run them opinoins please!
  119. ej22t rods...affordable?
  120. What weight oil are you using?
  121. Has anyone performed a miracle and fitted Mahle pistons??
  122. Oh no...
  123. anyone heard of ej22t pistons failing???
  124. a little help deciding
  125. Difference In Pistons
  126. An insider look at Crawford performance *Pics*
  127. Phase I EJ25 rebuild
  128. ej20 rods are the same as the ej22t correct?
  129. drop in pistons
  130. Lightening/ knifing crankshaft
  131. Does this look like detonation? my #2 rod bearing has been hammered to peices
  132. My set-up is proving hard to tune :(
  133. sti piston oil ring assembly??
  134. update on my 2.5l swap with break in tune
  135. stroker kits for ej20
  136. Time to machine the crank. Procedure?
  137. Q. Bout Crankshaft
  138. so what is the real bore size
  139. Newbie Q about cam bearings
  140. built 2.o w/ v6 sti heads
  141. 2.5 Swap - Axis, Cobb or Gruppe-S?
  142. AVCS Heads in a non AVCS Car?
  143. Crankshafts...
  144. valvetrain noise
  145. EJ22t engine bearings
  146. Torquing the rod bolts
  147. USDM 2.5 STi connecting rod length / and mahles...
  148. need a new engine!
  149. DIY Built EJ25...As Good as Crate Motor for 400WHP?
  150. What skills/education do I need?
  151. Valvetrain interchange?
  152. 2.5 USDM STi master engine gasket Part ID list
  153. custom engine build-up
  154. EJ257 longblock, ported WRX heads and larger cams
  155. where to start?
  156. What is the upper limit HP for the stock (phase 1 2.5 DOHC) connecting rods?
  157. Valve issues...they would not even tune me..
  158. Port and Polished heads
  159. so im going to start a build
  160. help!!!Connecting rod questions
  161. Best way to store heads/cams
  162. Who knows how to sell me EJ25T main and rod bearings?
  163. Mahle vs stock sti piston & pin weight information
  164. Engine balancing & flywheel change
  165. ej20g with oil squiters and exta dowels??
  166. got Flow #'s for WRX head b/after P&P?
  167. Coated bearings question
  168. na sohc build up
  169. what rpms are you spinning your eagle rods to?
  170. oil pan ,and pickup tube
  171. replacing cam retainers on new heads, PLEASE HELP
  172. Crower Cams vs Helix RNA
  173. Do you know????????
  174. 75mm Edelbrock Throttle body - anyone use one?
  175. Engine upgrade for an European STI
  176. my pvc woes please help
  177. Building motor from new shortblock
  178. leak at valves?
  179. Valvetrain Upgrade
  180. Improving the 257 scrankshaft
  181. jdm ej20g/k specifications?
  182. Best Subaru Short Block?
  183. ej22t bore or sleeve?
  184. Socket Size for ARP head stud nuts??
  185. Built N/A Motor Won't Start
  186. need an sti motor built...who is good freelance engine builder?
  187. valve train hp gains
  188. Sti long block with 02 WRX ecu
  189. 2.5 SB, 2.0 Heads, 20G, What Supporting Fuel Delivery Parts?
  190. gasket matching bad?
  191. About how much power should this make on 02 WRX
  192. EZ30R price
  193. A bajillion options for replacing an STi shortblock
  194. who to finish a motor?
  195. 22T running PII SOHC RS heads on stock RS ECU idea “what do you think”
  196. what should be replaced
  197. Need Help With Valve Lash
  198. noob built motor questions
  199. Tell me what else I need
  200. phase I crank: forged or cast?
  201. Cobb Rods
  202. jdm V7 internals
  203. 2.65lt shortblock and matching heads
  204. stroker kit
  205. JDM ver. 7 ...are they anything special?
  206. Pre AVCS JDM STi heads - questions
  207. H-beam Rods
  208. what damage could be done?
  209. Whats needed?...9k redline.
  210. assembly specs for an ej257
  211. who can help? H6 heads - cams reground and porting
  212. ej257/wrxheadhybrid/4eat idea...
  213. JDM VER 7 EJ205 wrx engine vs USDM EJ205
  214. 2.5 liter shortblock install
  215. engine
  216. built H6
  217. A few questions before I jump in... 2.5L sb swap
  218. just finish my motor build and installed everything
  219. hybrid sticky!
  220. Coated bearing
  221. Turbo/Cam Selection on AutoX Hybrid?
  222. my hybrid tune saturday the 3rd
  223. jdm sti to 2.2t block
  224. oil pump sealant
  225. What Compression Ratio to run?
  226. Helix 264 or V8 cams
  227. Oil Pump Question On A Jdm Sti Vi (ej207)
  228. Cobb Tuning Shortblocks
  229. I had an idea...what do you guys think? VERY LONG...
  230. OEM or Aftermarket Bearings
  231. help on head to block matching
  232. Timing belt tentioner came off!
  233. 2.0 RA JDM vs 2.5 USDM Shortblock
  234. Need Help!
  235. sti cams in wrx heads?
  236. 2.5 crank case??
  237. my 2.5 motor build, and questions?
  238. My set-up , Engine boring Question !
  239. Engine Assembly Lube Recommendations
  240. EJ22t cylinder wall/sleeve thickness...
  241. O-ringing: Head or Block which is better?
  242. Which CAMS?
  243. Which CAMS?
  244. Smoked on 'deceleration' after new build up
  245. Need Help with missfires!
  246. Bigger cams running with stock ECU?
  247. Building 06 WRX internals.....
  248. twin turbos
  249. 2.0 internal help???
  250. Removing the pistons....