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View Full Version : Water/Methanol Injection, Nitrous & Intercooler Cooling

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  1. should i get SMC alchool system?
  2. looking for more POWER!
  3. Is there a point in injection system on this setup?
  4. All new URD High flow water/methanol system discounted...
  5. How do you know your's spraying TOO MUCH ALKY?
  6. Failsafes.
  7. VP Racing M3 Methanol?
  8. Thoughts on direct port injection?
  9. Let's talk about FIRE supression!
  10. Xylene and toluene?
  11. nx sprayer help
  12. Alcohol injection really help to gain hp?
  13. SMC Install Problem
  14. Snow Performance 100% meth capable?
  15. Stage 1 Alky Kit?
  16. Questions about Perrin's new alky kit...
  17. Need info for FAQ update
  18. Intercooler core upgrade ?
  19. Aquamist DDS3v8 promotional video... must see!
  20. My 2D install.
  21. Cooling Mist Guys.. Is this right?
  22. Sneaky Pete systems
  23. How much torco?
  24. race gas or meth injection
  25. Buying Used Alky Kits Safe???
  26. Aquamist new hi-flow system for 2007
  27. Nitrous cooling on intercooler...power gains worth the few hundred bucks?
  28. anyone tried the Lindsey Racing Thermal Hard Pipe?
  29. HELP needed.
  30. ss auto chrome tmic intercooler
  31. 2006 2.5i Nitrous Help!
  32. need a meth system!!
  33. fmic from ebay
  34. Kink in meth line
  35. Damage attributed to AI/WI?
  36. Water Injection cleaning as it runs?
  37. Failsafe Wiring Diagram - DDS3 + SMC via PWM w/Boost-cut
  38. The 2.0L Stock Turbo Alky, 50/50, Water Information Database
  39. Aquamist HFS-5 system design concept explained...
  40. intercooler question: Whats the benifit to this:
  41. TMIC question
  42. PWR or KOYO
  43. WI siezed my BOV! [pics]
  44. Compressed air cans = I/C cooler?
  45. Who uses Nitrous on their sti?
  46. anyone with FMIC keep the front beam
  47. Do I need larger injectors to run NOS?
  48. Which measure is better for a meth kit
  49. Pump Location WRX owners please.
  50. Injen FMIC
  51. A peak into the future of coolingmist
  52. Who's running meth injection on their stock STI 39 with "supporting mods?"
  53. Intercooler question
  54. Spraying Nitrous on IC
  55. oil cooler
  56. Ic?
  57. Alcohol injection nozzel placement
  58. Stock intercooler tank
  59. bov interchangeability
  60. Coolingmist Controller Install & Other Questions
  62. How safe is water/meth injection?
  63. Snow Boost Juice- shipping fees
  64. Perrin or SMC?
  65. Intercooler Ice??
  66. Guide to installing Injectors and fuel pump?
  67. Meth Kit w/out AP...???
  68. Meth evaporating?
  69. Fmic no2 spray bar conversion to wet kit Questions..
  70. High Speed Valve vs Progressive Pump video...
  71. pics of water/meth pump location
  72. Devilsown?!
  73. Tmic
  74. Dyno plot of Accessport Stage 2.0+meth on 2002 WRX?
  75. w/i with stock tmic
  76. 18g'd 2.0 wrx bugeye - thoughts on this coolingmist kit on ebay?
  77. OEM Brackets for JDM V7 TMIC?
  78. Bolt size to plug SMC hole on intercooler
  79. What Hoses/Piping fill fit v7 TMIC?
  80. coolingmist vari cool test
  81. Noob that is injection chemically challanged
  82. Perrin Blow-Thru FMIC Tube
  83. TMIC Polishing?
  84. How long until my stock turbo blows up?
  85. Consistant 50/50 mix
  86. Where to mount the jets for my Hydramist?
  87. Coolingmists new SHSV kit Available Soon!
  88. In need of a 90 degree silicon bend.
  89. 06 wrx stock turbo / meth question .....
  90. What exactly are the effects of running meth injection on your motor?
  91. Stupid Newbie question
  92. Nitrous cheaper then upgraded turbo and intercooler?
  93. so is my car drinking alky or is this normal?
  94. Aquamist HFS-5 system: Official Q&A...
  95. Pump power
  96. FMIC sprayer
  97. Final Pricing
  98. Aux injectors for meth/ethanol injection
  99. stainless worth it?
  100. Alcohol resistant baffle foam?
  101. Coolingmist question
  102. Recently tuned for Alchy
  103. SMC to fit 06 wrx water reservoir
  104. Special rubber hose for methanol?
  105. Pics of my Wagon WI Tank
  106. Methhhhhhhhhhhh.
  107. what intercooler will fit?
  108. Anyone install a FMIC Install on a 2007 STI yet?
  109. aquamist 2d and nitrous? advantages?
  110. smc power on 06
  111. Discuss: Water and water+meth tuning
  112. Being that water is incompressable...
  113. Dual stage guy need you help
  114. 05 RS with 50 shot nitrous
  115. TurboXS FMIC Question (Bumper Beam)
  116. will the perrin big MAF intake fit with DR525?
  117. anyone with blow-thro pipe read!!!
  118. Meth kit installed
  119. SMC Kit
  120. My NITROUS set-up....PICS!
  121. Nitrous+alky?'s Yes I searched
  122. For TurboXS FMIC users...
  123. 4L Exalto washer bottle + 12v pump kit?
  124. Who here has had problems running water/meth/alky??? Lets hear from you...
  125. Introducing the new HFS-1 system by Aquamist
  126. Perrin water/meth injection system????
  127. ebay fmic users...
  128. Meth?
  129. Xrocket21's Meth injection review *1 year* LOTS OF INFO
  130. what's wrong with my boost?
  131. cocktail mixing
  132. Koyo Radiator Problems! 04 WRX
  133. front mount intercooler poll fmic
  134. Water injection at 3psi.
  135. NEW Snow Performance Safeinjection Q&A...
  136. It finally works - Hydramist install pics
  137. SMC underhood kit install instructions - anyone got them or can explain the install?
  138. snow or coolingmist?
  139. Hyperflow monster??? APSDR725 Opinions?
  140. SMC or Coolingmist
  141. Aquamist myths and views... HFS-5
  142. my coolingmist kit installed with pics
  143. STi Rad Caps okay for Stock Radiator?
  144. 5 gal. tank in trunk for 1d Aquamist.
  145. water/toluene instead of water/methanol
  146. ssautochrome FMIC
  147. Where to get JDM STi TMIC Splitter for Bugeye
  148. Nitrous help
  149. Air Intake Temp Gauge?
  150. where to source intercooler cores?
  151. cryO2 parasitic losses?
  152. SMC Troubleshoot
  153. Plastic IC, Nozzle placement
  154. 93 legacy turbo... TMIC question
  155. KTR Aquamist 2D + DDS-3 Install Pics
  156. Fm that will keep stock bumper beam?
  157. intercooler sprayers, when do you use it?
  158. twin walbro ''y'' fitting?
  159. Dyno numbers
  160. has anyone installed their jet in a silicone hose vice actual intercooler or piping?
  161. new utility to stop pump pulsing
  162. injecting meth at higher rpm
  163. methylbutane, any advantage spraying
  164. Which FMIC fits a KN intake?
  165. Yet another Aquamist 2d install
  166. NX kit has arrived!
  167. 2.0+TDO5 20g+EWG+METH
  168. Intercooler piping size question
  169. Will this work? please check my diagram...
  170. automatic intercooler sprayer
  171. Which TMICs fit USDM STI? (please read)
  172. Blown Fuse
  173. Aquamis 2d/800cc users - where's your cut-in set?
  174. NEW Snow Performance Mounting Adaptor and Bungs
  175. IF you only bought 2 failsafes......?
  176. Aquamist DDS3 Availability
  177. Vari-Cool Controller Flow Data Logs and Video
  178. Is there a IC sprayer kit that can be a meth kit down the road?
  179. Stock STi IC sprayer Drip
  180. SMC control box mount in my STI...
  181. ebay TMIC...
  182. Anyone using a fuel cell for their Alky tank
  183. Turbo XS fmic
  184. SSAC-FMIC w/Turbo XS Ram air compatible?
  185. question about cooling fan
  186. Methanol supply and usage
  187. TMIC without Protune Problems
  188. Alcohol, Methanol, or Race gas for GT35r?
  189. Would you spray it?
  190. Meth
  191. First Look. Coolingmist S-HSV.
  192. Moved to Memphis, Bigger intercooler
  193. My next mod
  194. Meth mix - Denatured Alky - H20 --usage
  195. SMC nozzle size to perrin WI
  196. EBAY FMIC, Cant find the Xs power anymore?
  197. Engine management
  198. anyone wanna join the NITROUS LEAGUE
  199. ARC Intercooler
  200. Injen SES1201FM on 2006 WRX? (yes, the small injen :))
  201. So I installed a nitrous kit..
  202. Water Spray Kit for WRX TMIC
  203. Quick Question about Install
  204. I was tuned on 100% denatured alky, can I....
  205. What's the difference??
  206. question about injectors
  207. Advice: SAFC2 for nitrous?
  208. Single Fogger Nozzle - Jet Size recommendations?
  209. How long is Methanol good for after being pumped into a container?
  210. Direct port injection setup installed...
  211. nitrous question
  212. smc meth kit
  213. meth injection?
  214. platinum spark plugs+50/50 methanol/water injection a no no?
  215. dose anyone use a C02 Intercooler sprayer?
  216. Best TMIC for 350-450whp
  217. Great Success! Awic Official Write-up
  218. Devils Own results
  219. Location of meth nozzle on STi TMIC
  220. Coolingmist install
  221. CXRacing FMIC on STi?
  222. Safest meth kit?
  223. Coolingmist Stage 2 w/controller
  224. Perrin PWI-1 Kit--Working with Dyno plots???
  225. Basic coolingmist kit results on 06 wrx VF39
  226. Coolingmist S-HSV Pre-sale and info.
  227. Utec
  228. Dont have any methanol! what are the alternatives???
  229. SMC injection kit with snow safeinjection
  230. where to tap into fuel
  231. Mixing race gas
  232. Increasing the cooling capacity of the AWIC
  233. "Pure Shellac Thinner Solvent Alcohol" = 100% methanol
  234. DIY (sorta) Failsafe
  235. Mods that I need for going FMIC?
  236. Very Urgent! Need Smc Help!!!
  237. Aquamist System Installed - Water/meth now in catch can?
  238. lag with w/i please help
  239. nitrous questions
  240. howto install coolingmist kit w. solenoid
  241. FMIC and 20G lag? What to do?
  242. water meth ratio?
  243. sti > wrx intercooler? By how much?
  244. intercooler spray wiring diagram help please!!!
  245. Nitrous questions
  246. Newb Question on Intercoolers
  247. anyone drill into the EBAY fmic piping for meth kit?
  248. Bad nitrous solenoid?
  249. Where is the MAP SENSOR LOCATED on 2002 wrx?
  250. 10-15% ratio for alky injection