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View Full Version : Water/Methanol Injection, Nitrous & Intercooler Cooling

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  1. A couple of WI questions for a new user
  2. Running water ONLY inj? Please see inside :)
  3. 04 STI TMIC onto 03 WRX ??
  4. Idea...wonder if anyone has tried it
  5. What bar MAP sensor does the wrx 2002 run
  6. will the MY05 sti tmic fit my06 wrx?
  7. Intercooler Cleaning? Okay To Spray Inside?
  8. Spec C Tank 100% Meth?
  9. 92 octane map meth on 91???
  10. Help me trouble shoot my meth kit...
  11. Where to CLEANLY mount tank in an FXT???
  12. Ebay Fmic
  13. hfs-5 (or other kits) installation/performance review
  14. FMIC recommendations
  15. intercooler spray 50bucks?
  16. I'm an IDIOT, IC Rubbed Through Ac LIne! Where can i get a new one?
  17. What intercooler piping to buy?
  18. Use a small nozzzle for H2o only, really only looking to raise knock ceiling a bit.
  19. ebay tmic troubles
  20. Best use of $...FMIC or TMIC+meth?
  21. snow meth install help
  22. Snow Performance: "GOOP" Now Included In Every Kit!
  23. Stored volume in supply lines??
  24. Getting Air In & Out - Looking at atmospheric flows through intercoolers.
  25. Production pics of our new S-HSV
  26. high octane LPG conversion
  27. Stupid NOS question
  28. Suggested alky kit?
  29. am I installing my WI nozzle correctly? (PIC)
  30. How to buy SMC
  31. SMC Pump Leaking
  32. Mounting a STI water sprayer on a wagon
  33. Black FMIC
  34. Tuning question
  35. Injection systems- Is one at the top ?
  36. v-mount idea maybe? need opinions
  37. Is methanol what i want???
  38. Meth Injection With Avgas ??
  39. Which injection method is more accurate ?
  40. Coolingmist users- Boost line?
  41. does anyone have install instructions for smc kit?
  42. Stage II, daily driven..... 50 shot?...tranny? advice and opinions
  43. Bellows for Zero Sports Air Splitter
  44. Perrin WI Kit to Hydra
  45. How much did you use when tuning?
  46. how much would meth injection help me?
  47. WI and Misinformation.....
  48. best water injection to use with utec
  49. pressure switches
  50. 91% Isopropyl or 90% Meth?
  51. How long high pressure tubing is needed for trunk mount tank?
  52. VP Methanol---M1 or M3??
  53. feel a power gain??
  54. Spraying before the recirc valve
  55. Changing supply tank
  56. Launch Control + Meth
  57. aquamist flow feedback when on full boost
  58. Nitrous?
  59. who's running nitrous?
  60. Stock fuel system + meth; Turbo upgrade?
  61. New redesigned Ebay TMIC(kinda long)
  62. Small Variance on demand switch?
  63. quick question about mounting pump for WI
  64. Will 50/50 water/meth mix degrade synthetic oil, causing failure?
  65. what to wrap the intake pipe with
  66. Running an intercoolerless setup??
  67. Water/Meth Injection Automatic Fail-safe with Access Port?
  68. Trunk meth kit install
  69. Who runs washer fluid?
  70. Fuel Pressure Problem - Need Help
  71. Stealth'd Trunk-Mount Snow BoostCooler...
  72. ebay i/c
  73. What wire is the MAF wire(06STI) to tap for Snow Kit?
  74. 1gph nozzle
  75. 1gph nozzle without tuning
  76. the ADI journey begins...
  77. ebay GC8 fmic help
  78. V-Mount options and requirements
  79. How many gallons of water/meth do you use in daily driving?
  80. I need this part for a APS front mount ASAP.
  81. SMC users...a little help
  82. Big Turbo, Big there such a thing as "too big"?
  83. STi IC Water Spray Bottle
  84. IC spray bottle - too close to turbo?
  85. Meth Injection & Hot temps
  86. Aqua HFS-5 DDS3 v8 calibration
  87. Aquamist spare parts
  88. NX N-tercooler Install Q's.
  89. Meth or Alcohol Injection Vs Racegas C16
  90. 12V 3 way solenoid valve?
  91. anyone heard of MPG-CAPS
  92. Bottle Options
  93. Water Spayer Information
  94. Cryo2
  95. The Safest, Most reliable meth system
  96. What to use to seal nozzle?
  97. IC leak
  98. meth question
  99. best Intercooler heatsink ?
  100. which windshield washer fluid do I buy?
  101. I have water/methanol injection in a 05 STI I have a question
  102. Cooling before the Intercooler
  103. Cobb Tuning TMIC
  104. SMC install
  105. SMC Users... Nozzle Selection and mix ratio... going from VF39 to FP Green
  106. Spec C water tank - Part Number?
  107. Melted piston using methanol
  108. Nitrous Bottle
  109. a DIFFERENT ebay FMIC question!
  110. Aquamist Pressure Gauge
  111. Adding second supply tank
  112. Snow Performance Compare: Check Valves vs Solenoids
  113. Anybody have equations for cylinder pressures with N20?
  114. STi Intercooler Spray Setup Setup?
  115. How well do air to water intercoolers work w/ an air to air heat exchanger?
  116. SMC or PWI
  117. anyone mount their nozzle through a silicone hose? how to?
  118. anyone have a nitrous Intercooler wiring diagram for NX kit
  119. Intercooler efficency
  120. Need some snow performance pics...
  121. Compare: Coolingmist S-HSV vs our Competitors kit.
  122. Question for SMC users...universal tank
  123. 5' Wiring Harness Now In Every Kit
  124. NOS WHP or Crank HP
  125. new S-HSV Direct port kit to be released shortly...
  126. Which Kit?
  127. Whoa..knock city: Does this happen to you?
  128. Need help with I/C spray
  129. Chemists: how do you measure water:alcohol ratio in a container?
  130. Wet Nitrous using Meth instead of gas
  131. Spec-C tank and Meth...venting???
  132. Vari-Cool Controller Kits now ship with serial cable and software
  133. What wire to tap for MAF to Snow Controller
  134. fitment problem with the 06 sti and txs fmic
  135. where to tap nozzle on fmic
  136. Dumb question from an FAQ writer... meth vs 50/50 power...
  137. Car sits for a week...meth boiling back?
  138. A wet TMIC idea?
  139. Does the Snow kit come with long enough wires?
  140. Help with intercooler pipes
  141. Tuner willing to install non-Aquamist kit?
  142. Keeping fog lights with fmic?
  143. Turbo XS Intercooler
  144. AEM meth inj kit
  145. spray painting the ic?
  146. SMC install
  147. 07 WRX IC Spray setup
  148. TopMount for 06 STI
  149. which nozel
  150. Signs of a failing pump?
  151. What do you think?
  152. started installing my new alky system
  153. Failed, tried to install samco IC hoses...
  154. Coolingmist Smart Injection details inside!
  155. coolingmist
  156. Motorcycle race shop WI advice
  157. e85 + water/meth
  158. 07 sti dbw wiring diagram or which one is for tps
  159. Intercooler fluid question
  160. CRY02 Intercooler Sprayer
  161. Splitter Question for my 06 WRX
  162. Fmic On Bugeye Q's
  163. alcohol and NOS
  164. How much boost?
  165. Aqua Mist HFS-5 vs Element Tuning Hydra Mist
  166. 12L Spec c tank in wagon?
  167. JDM STi V7 Intercooler
  168. Venders local to Maryland that sell Snow Boost Juice
  169. Where to get switched current for my Aquamist?
  170. Details on our soon to be released failsafe, controller and new kit configurations.
  171. Where'd you mount your Coolingmist Varicool Controller?
  172. I need help people with the smc kit!
  173. Where to get label for Nitrous equipped vehicles?
  174. thinking about alcohol injetion
  175. Hydra with Hydra mist only?
  176. APS OR WBR fmic
  177. WTB: Aquamist Nozzles
  178. best intercooler for my 02
  179. Help me setup a nitrous kit
  180. I Need Fmic Piping!
  181. No Stores carry -20 or -25F Windshield washer in So-Cal
  182. ARC FMIC help
  183. Varicool TrunkMount Install - Wagon!
  184. AEM Water/Meth Injection Kit Q
  185. AEM Alchy + CRY02 + TXS UTEC
  186. USDM STi TMIC
  187. LGT HFS-5 Install Pics...
  188. hot-wire shurflo meth pumps?
  189. IC pump question
  190. Need a failsafe with manual boost control
  191. New PERRIN PWI-1........Rev3
  192. Methanol Corrosion
  193. Coolingmist product questions/concerns
  194. i need some answers 2 over heating at high speeds?
  195. The official build your own intercooler thread!
  196. HELP! which nozzle?
  197. Anybody using a Jegs tank like this with Aquamist?
  198. For the pure-meth sprayers
  199. Variable Pump Duty Cycle Worth it?? (Coolingmist Vari-Cool Controller)
  200. Snow Peformance: New Controller Reads Boost Or MAF!
  201. Tee-ing controller map sensor off OEM boost gauge
  202. how much power should i be planning on making??
  203. Which intake for Turbo XS FMIC
  204. AEM Injection Kit
  205. How does Meth affect trap speeds?
  206. Liquid Cooled Intercooler
  207. Thinking about Nitrous.
  208. What would a 50/50 meth/water mix do for my traps?
  209. 05 sti Intercooler Sprayer in an 06 please help.
  210. Testing water injection function?
  211. Where the heck am I going to mount my tank/pump???
  212. Cooling pro IC
  213. Aquamist success story videos
  214. ssac fmic ?
  215. 2002 WRX- FMIC Questions
  216. Anyone running SMC Kit?
  217. Suggestions for IC sprayer nozzle?
  218. Coolingmist Smart Injection
  219. 2006 wrx injectors can i use sidefeed
  220. Rex Wet System for a 2007 impreza 2.5i
  221. Zex Wet System
  222. Another PPS (progressive pump speed) system...
  223. Hard to install a meth kit?
  224. Has anyone got this ebay fmic yet?
  225. upgrading turbo do i need to change spray nozzle?
  226. Blow thru MAF on APS DR725
  227. Front mount intercoolers?
  228. Wiper Fluid Tank
  229. 2.5 n/a capacity?
  230. Spraying Meth Through Ic Spray
  231. JDM STI inter cooler which one???
  232. E85 vs methanol/alcky/water kit
  233. Rear Trunk Mounted All-In-One Water Alcohol / Methanol Injection Systems
  234. FMIC vs STI TMIC+meth?
  235. Injecting w/ disabled priming pump
  236. nozzle install help
  237. Labonte MotorSport-Get to Know Us
  238. Nitrous Question Barrage!
  239. OMG Need help picking meth kit.
  240. 07 sti I/C spray tank install
  241. Where to buy STi silicone y-pipe?
  242. Isypropyl??
  243. 50/50 vs 100% meth
  244. Is Spec C tank really intenally baffled??
  245. The new VCS3G Alcohol Injection Controller by Labonte MotorSports
  246. Injection Fail Safe by Labonte MotorSports now available
  247. Questions About Water Methanol Alcohol Injection - Post Them Here
  248. Newer style T-bolt clamps: Constant Torque
  249. shurflo pump reaction time
  250. Any recommendations for a 03 WRX?