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View Full Version : Water/Methanol Injection, Nitrous & Intercooler Cooling

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  1. need help finding the right meth kit
  2. Direct Port Nitrous
  3. SMC failsafe....anyone use one or are you using the "spray N' pray" method?
  4. How much octane on 50/50
  5. temp & pressure rating?
  6. DTEC question
  7. fmic removal
  8. fmic help!!
  9. Process west v-mount install help.
  10. Question: How do you determine final octane with meth injection?
  11. wat really is a fail safe system?
  12. What type of lines do you run?
  13. Perrin FRMT Inter cooler ??
  14. Any nitrous AND meth users here?
  15. Methanol Resistant Glue
  16. Biggest Tank?
  17. lots of meth questions
  18. How to choose a WI kit
  19. 75HP nitrous shot on stock ej22? fuel pump?
  20. Pump and Tank Location?
  21. perrin bov tuning question and prep for my perrin fmic
  22. What brand IC allows the stock BPV?
  23. recommended mods for running meth
  24. meth? nitrous? both? need advice
  25. Spec C 12L tank in an 07 STI
  26. Meth Injection on VF39?
  27. V-mount install done
  28. Need Advice
  29. Which shortram intake will fit APS DR525? need asap
  30. Critque My Oil Cooler Idea
  31. New meth injection on engine w/ 70K miles
  32. how big injector
  33. FMIC make intake obsolete?
  34. Aem Water/meth Injection Kit Questions Answered
  35. ebay frmt kits any good?
  36. new intercooler hoses
  37. Detonation Resistance vs. Power
  38. Phantom Front Mounts
  39. Custom IC builders
  40. Under standing my Water methonal Gage
  41. FMIC flow direction question
  42. Where to mount nozzle.
  43. Looking for picts Water/Meth Injection System (PERRIN PWI-1) Installs
  44. Nitrous problems-spark plug and leak question
  45. Intercooler piping size
  46. 2d Grid Based Progressive kits with failsafe.
  47. Failsafe monitoring AFR
  48. Snow Performance Incentive Program: 12/15/-01/15
  49. What do you...the customer want to see as far as comparison's go for meth kits?
  50. Snow Performance Featured On Forza Motorsport Showdown
  51. Who here has blown a motor from running meth...
  52. Hole in Intercooler piping
  53. injen fmic on an 02-03 wrx
  54. spec c tank and oem tank- 07 sti
  55. New Vari-Cool Controller and WRX/STI KIT.
  56. Maf triggered meth injection
  57. Meth Heads: Small Turbo, 100% and 50/50 Meth Injection. What should I expect?
  58. from Aquamist...
  59. Indepth study of different types of WAI systems
  60. Indepth study of WAI injection systems -restart
  61. Whats new for 08 and video demos of our 2D kits.
  62. between coolingmist and perrin
  63. Best TMIC with 20g
  64. Meth Kit Video ( the post injection trickle normal?)
  65. Tunning for Race Gas???
  66. RELAY, OR NO REALAY? wireing quesion
  67. Testing injection
  68. Is there a better liquid to spray on the TMIC
  69. nitrous questions
  70. let's compare PERRIN pw-1, Aquamist 2D, Coolinmist s-HSV
  71. How much water injection is too much???
  72. Tmic Vs Whp???
  73. Noob At This Meth Stuff Sum Ques
  74. Meth vs Larger Turbo
  75. in the market for fmic
  76. Tech: How an intercooler makes you horsepower
  77. Help with meth
  78. Misfire!!
  79. 70HP shot on stock ej22?
  80. fmic bpv
  81. Should i change the oil more frequently with meth?
  82. Aluminum Meth tank?
  83. When did you start using meth...
  84. ATTN: Stage 1 Trunk Mount Water Methanol Injection Only $315.99 With New Tank Straps
  85. Snow Performance NOW with Lifetime Warranty!!!
  86. SSAutoChrome?
  87. Aquamist HFS-5 users, what tank are you using?
  88. Two Inline GM Solenoid, One for BC and Other for Safe Injection
  89. Labonte MotorSports Recognized by Snow Performance
  90. CryO2 Vs TGV Delete's
  91. Easy Question (hopefully) RE: 2005 STi IC water spray tank
  92. Is the Perrin PWI-1 enough
  93. Installed big TMIC, but something is wrong
  94. FMIC and intake and tuning
  95. Need wiring help!
  96. New Lifetime warranty on coolingmist kits!
  97. Sti Spray Wire Harness
  98. tuning with meth newb questions
  99. Boost line
  100. Our S-SHV integrated into 3rd Party EMS.
  101. opinion on a meth kit.
  102. MAF based injection, no "STUMBLE" at startup.
  103. HELP!! I can't get my reservoir out!
  104. IC water spray
  105. nitrous in 06` STI
  106. Nitrous on a 04 wagon.....
  107. cusco intercooler spray computer
  108. What brand fmic is this?
  109. aquamist gauge to work with coolingmist kit
  110. VF39 and FMIC efficiency
  111. Injen CAI with APS FMIC?
  112. Where to mount the Pump??
  113. SMC kit and Safety Inspection at the tracks
  114. Running Meth - Which plugs (copper, platinum, iridium)?
  115. 50/50 Hydrogen peroxide and Meth
  116. Anyone try this or know about it?
  117. SMC kit help
  118. Meth/water tanks at crackhead prices.
  119. alk injection cure cyl #4 failures?
  120. Labonte Digital injection Controller review
  121. looking for waterspray kit wire harness.
  122. a couple question with my fmic-meth install
  123. Upgrading Alky System: Best Solenoid Valve to Use???
  124. where do you purchase meth?
  125. PW-1 on an 08..
  126. Leaking Coolingmist pump.
  127. How-To: Labonte MotorSports Water/Meth Install
  128. IC Spray Tank
  129. Which IC Spray Tank?
  130. Dual nozzle TMIC
  131. Brake Boosting and Meth?
  132. 87 + meth
  133. radiator choices?
  134. SMC install questions...
  135. FMIC question
  136. Adding boost with meth injection and no tune OK?
  137. New WRX-STI Kit (MAF and BOOST) in stock!
  138. Need some advice on IC couplers
  139. SMC kit is knocking @ shift points, need help
  140. Upgrade the I/C or no?
  141. TMIC Options...?
  142. Adding Meth With an Ecutek Tune
  143. Best WI kit to be used with apexi power FC
  144. New top mount for stage 2?
  145. Integrating RPM and or Vehicle Speed into our system
  146. Labonte MotorSports Newsletters
  147. New WRX STI MAF+Boost Progressive kit details and GROUP BUY.
  148. Intercooler Hose?
  149. Can we get an Aquamist Group Buy going PLEASE?
  150. snow performance help asap
  151. i have meth now what
  152. Aquamist HFS-1 or HFS-5. Help me decide for my 07 STi!
  153. Aquamist HFS-1 or HFS-5. Help me decide for my 07 STi!
  154. Thermal dispersant, anyone have hard data?
  155. tuning with Methanol with AP?
  156. FMIC/ car non driveable now!
  157. Intercoolers
  158. Use Auto I/C Switch to power on Meth Injection?
  159. Meth injection help
  160. Good news for SMC owners...
  161. SMC Question
  162. Help with FMIC install!!!!!!!!!!1
  163. aquamist gauge with coolingmist kit
  164. aem w/ gauge?
  165. 3 Quart Reservoirs Now Standard In All Kits (SNOW PERFORMANCE)
  166. If you run meth injection without any flow/clog indication... you crazy
  167. Meth mixes
  168. what are my options ?
  169. I think I figured out how to calc PWM duty cycles for stand-alones....
  170. dds3
  171. Blow-Through Boost tube with MAF system?
  172. failsafe
  173. which radiator should i get??
  174. PICS: APS FMIC DR525 Black w/red & APS Twin Vent BOV
  175. Getting into meth!
  176. Recomened Methanol dealer
  177. Pegging maf sensor for meth injection
  178. STi IC sprayer
  179. How much Meth/Water mix should I bring.
  180. METH kit questions
  181. VF39 + Meth Numbers?
  182. 02 bugeye water/meth ????
  183. Show us your water/meth injection tank and setup!
  184. How much fuel are you pulling?
  185. Meth ratio calculations. (washer fluid to HEET ratio etc.)
  186. Meth ratio calculations. (washer fluid to HEET ratio etc.)
  187. AWIC -- Need some style feedback
  188. people who went meth after stage 2
  189. any one running 100% meth no water?
  190. HFS-5 using sti tank/float sensor and aquamist sensor
  191. When does your meth kick in?
  192. how much meth do you burn?
  193. Bung hole question
  194. Pump Location
  195. Running 50/50 water/meth vs. 100% meth?
  196. Where can one purchase the JDM "behnd the seats mount" IC spray tank
  197. Many have asked, Aquamist HFS-1 or HFS-5?
  198. using water meth inj. with 07 STi
  199. DDS3 or Smart Injection?
  200. upgraded pump for smc kit?
  201. FS: Nitrous Express EFI Fogger Kit - Track Ready
  202. Dumb question... Bigger intercooler = have to have bigger scoop
  203. Stupid TMIC question
  204. Process West Oil Cooler
  205. Best way to control a second stage with UTEC
  206. Water/Methanol Evaporation in tank over the course of a month or so?
  207. running water injection without tune..
  208. labonte.......
  209. SMC Install help..
  210. tmic h2o spray kit
  211. SMC Kit-Windsheild Washer Bottle
  212. HELP! - Failsafe on hsf-1 kit..aquamist
  213. Easy fuel system question, hopefully...
  214. bolt on 100 HP supercharger.
  215. Very n00b BOV questions
  216. SNOW PERFORMANCE: New 2.5 Gallon Reservoirs
  217. 07 STI Injection? NEED HELP
  218. 07 STI Injection? NEED HELP
  219. tuning meth with wb?
  220. Yashio Factory Okachan Water Spray
  221. too much meth = knock?
  222. Installing I/C Spray kit
  223. RS radiator vs STI one?
  224. Optimal Intake Air Temps
  225. bent fins
  226. WI and BOV/throttle plate - Is it worth worrying about?
  227. Aquamist's new concept system preview...
  228. Newbie here. Please recommend me a kit.
  229. Water Injection. Any gains without a tune?
  230. WI system and recirculating BOV - any issues?
  231. Alchy in IC spray tank?
  232. I need Help alky guru's /tuners!
  233. Nitrous intercooler spray kit questions
  234. Water/Meth Tuning Question
  235. Post your water/alky/meth setup!
  236. DDS3-v8 controlling, fuel, ignition and boost...
  237. Coolant Additives
  238. Water-Meth Q & A (Labonte)
  239. STI spray nozzle? installing STI TMIC
  240. ? Whats needed for sti intercooler sprayer for 02 wrx ?
  241. Living in the desert...
  242. What Kit to get????? 07 sti stage 2 mods
  243. SMC tuning question
  244. Dirty intercooler?
  245. Hydramist water tank install question
  246. Tax credit for alcoholics...
  247. WOT Switch On A I/C Sprayer
  248. Dual stage, which nozzles?
  249. Methanol Mixing Worksheets
  250. 04 sti intercooler sprayer in 02 WRX?