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View Full Version : Water/Methanol Injection, Nitrous & Intercooler Cooling

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  1. Hyperflow I/C with stock up and down pipes/exhaust
  2. bigger tmic worth it ?
  3. does anyone use this meth.
  4. anyone w/ snow perf. meth kit pictures?
  5. How long is your meth lasting?
  6. Labonte - New Digital Demand Pump, Raises the Bar
  7. Need consensus: AEM 50/50 kits what nozzle you running and WHP?
  8. I'm finally done: stock-location AWIC with rear coolant reservoir
  9. Watercool
  10. which wire is the MAF sensor output ?!
  11. Toluene shelf life?
  12. where do i buy methenol @ in Socal?
  13. uh oh: winshield wiper fluid mixed in
  14. What coolingmist kit should I go with
  15. California 91 octane/ +toluene
  16. co2 sprayer question
  17. Affect of water/meth on your AFR?
  18. my snow perf safe injection unit started leaking
  19. Stock Turbo and hfs-5 aquamist
  20. noobie meth ?
  21. How do I remove the Intercooler Water Sprayer tank?
  22. snow performance stage 2 kit
  23. Snow Performance not spraying ?
  24. Want to do direct individual runner meth inj. What kit?
  25. Coolingmist 2009, see what we will be offering.
  26. Meth shooting from BOV (video inside)
  27. installing meth kit... controller question
  28. Anyone running a true dual fuel setup ?
  29. perrin fmic and spt intake??
  30. New IFS-30C adds additional level of safety for meth injection
  31. Aem Meth Kit...
  32. css fmic with stock bypass valve pic request.
  33. Poor mans h2o/alcohol injector system
  34. Intercooler Sprayer installed Finally!
  35. p0141 p2096
  36. Is there any difference in TMIC Brand?
  37. Need some help
  38. meth inj in tgv shaft holes?
  39. Stage 2 + meth with TMIC?
  40. whats the difference(radiator)
  41. Important read for alky tuners!
  42. what do u put in your meth tank
  43. need some recommendations
  44. Accessport with meth
  45. possible to use both JDM 12L I/C spray tank and the stock one?
  46. Is 50/50 worth it for me?
  47. Installed a CSS TMIC, very impressed
  48. Meth + e85 = ?
  49. sti water tank for meth
  50. Intermittent PWI-1 pump issues
  51. Dual tank i/c spray setup! 16L of PJUURRRRR on your TMIC!
  52. Meth Inject Q
  53. Meth on stage 2
  54. Totally Lost
  55. Noob Question!
  56. SSAC FMIC search!?
  57. Failsafe: EGT or WBO2
  58. Mixing ratio to make meth "user friendly" ?
  59. Can a fuel injector be used for water/meth injection ?
  60. has anyone Painted there FMIC pipeing? What paint to use?
  61. Nut Size on turbonetics t-bolt clamps
  62. is it worth removing my intercooler piping and heatwrapping it?
  63. has anyone ever heard of BPI fuel additive? Would you Recommend it?
  64. 07 set up
  65. Fuel Octane Booster?
  66. Cryo2, any1?
  67. DSM Injectors?
  68. Meth kit install: I have some trouble with nozzle location...
  69. Boost and timing poll on 50/50 meth / water
  70. Css fmic
  71. What about NOS to cool the TMIC
  72. Problem with AEM meth kit... Please Help!
  73. Ebay top mount
  74. Does anybody know where to go to install Aquamist in southern cal
  75. Worth It?
  76. fat tank ?
  77. Schematic install
  78. 93 0ctane mix
  79. SMC injection kit
  80. Aps Tmic
  81. Meth mixtures and octane ratings
  82. CA 91 Octane
  83. Installed Large intercooler & Lost Some Boost
  84. Bullseye Power TMIC
  85. new to the game
  86. question about meth and tmic2fmic
  87. AEM meth kit
  88. Any one link me to that one thread...
  89. Double injectors: Pre-Turbocharger plus Pre-Throttle Body
  90. Intercooler STi sprayer question HELP
  91. Nos with 35r
  92. Rear trunk tank water circuit....loose hose...please help
  93. installing a meth injection kit on sti
  94. looking for some info on water to air intercooler
  95. if meth is bad what will u go with?
  96. Solenoid help
  97. snow performance questions
  98. Fail-Safe options with a HFS-5 and a AVC-R?
  99. water injection system froze
  100. Anyone switched from MAP to MAF based controllers?
  101. ok to run meth/water injection without a tune?
  102. Lot of timing @ 14 psi and no spray = ?
  103. How to: Fix an over-dented OEM BPV if you're surging
  104. Does Anyone add Acetone to their fuel?
  105. What part is this? (pic)
  106. going fmic
  107. Meth kit question
  108. shurflo SLV series
  109. ebay tmic for 04 wrx
  110. SMC kit for 06/07's?
  111. Behind the grill intercooler
  112. Will a grill mesh reduce Intercooler Efficiency by diverting/distorting air flow?
  113. STI tmic
  114. cryo2
  115. online Methanol source? World Wide Racing Fuels
  116. used 1.5gal meth tank tapped in wrong place?
  117. Going from 50/50 to 75/25
  118. H2o/meth injection problem
  119. SMC instructions...
  120. Please help. another stupid question
  121. Boost port and none of my MAF wires are purple with yellow stripe...
  122. please help aps dr525 install
  123. wirring diagram and best spot for hook up.
  124. WRX/STI Super High Pressure Kits
  125. Nozzle Size Poll
  126. Frozen PCV, cover intercooler?
  127. when i have a FMIC...
  128. pic request: i/c spray tank mounting
  129. Need help with tuning and WI
  130. SMC Enterprises
  131. need help??
  132. Did i do this right? (FMIC install)
  133. Meth safe for racing?
  134. New PWR Liquid Air Top Mount Kit
  135. Perrin PWI-1 Made Anymore?
  136. Sprayin' early
  137. Stock Sti intercooler water bottle brackets?
  138. My Aquamist 2D Install
  139. Aquamist HFS-5 will be replaced by HFS-6 in 2009
  140. Heat Wrap FMIC Piping
  141. Sti Tmic On 06 Wrx
  142. Universal FMIC PrOjeCT Tips**Help** Recomendations.
  143. Good FMIC for less $$$$
  144. Chiller and tmic question!
  145. SMC users, what failsafe are you using?
  146. Pink Intercooler Pipes
  147. someone tell me what kit to buy, vendors ok
  148. methyl hydrate???
  149. NOS vs water/meth kit???
  150. Aquamist HFS-5 failsafe question
  151. Custom intercooler pipe question
  152. smc kit
  153. Nozzle/jet for smc kit?
  154. Anybody has a 02 wrx w/18g and Water/Methanol Injection
  155. Can you tell me about this meth/water kit?
  156. delete
  157. Vari-Cool II and CMGS (Coolingmist Gauge System) information and pre-sale
  158. Nitromethane
  159. HYDRAMIST nozzle locaion?????front mount IC
  160. Interesting FMIC project
  161. Need help with FMIC Install
  162. Interested in getting a FMIC...
  163. Methanol Eating Speakers? Anyone Else Experiencing This?
  164. fmic on gc8
  165. SSAC fmic kit????
  166. FMIC question
  167. Water Injection on N/A car?
  168. Spearco TMIC
  169. turboxs fmic and k&n typhoon sri
  170. Fmic...
  171. What happens when water/meth goes through your recirculating valve?
  172. Purchased a turbo specialties fmic. Need pictures of engine bay
  173. suggest me a WI setup (or critique my plan)
  174. Controller Power- On with engine or with water temp
  175. Want FMIC; need to keep WW fluid tank
  176. Meth Kit install Help
  177. Running " low " boost , aquamist , and no intercooler ?
  178. Cracked meth tank, how do I fix it?
  179. Devils Own MAP sensor signal problem
  180. will 03 turbo xs wrx front mount piping fit a gc?
  181. Gc- how to route avo front mount intercooler
  182. APS DR 525 FMIC install on an 06 STI
  183. Reverse IM w/stock location turbo
  184. help this noob.
  185. thermal dispersant
  186. Spool threshold/lag
  187. fmic question
  188. tmic y pipe question
  189. thermostat question
  190. SMC or Devils Own ALKY/METH kit
  191. Cold pipe over HOT turbo?
  192. tmic gt-35 perrin
  193. will this fit my 05 wrx
  194. using nos as chemical intercooling?
  195. Looking for a place to buy bulk intercooler hose
  196. Does putting a Bigger TMIC require a re-tune?
  197. What I want?
  198. Aquamist Injector not opening?
  199. problem with primer pump activator
  200. What's the limit?
  201. Hydramist vs HP???
  202. Meth Kit
  203. quick question on turboxs fmic!
  204. Snow Performance Q&A
  205. direct port injection NOS
  206. what TMic
  207. Meth + Launch control... Fuel or ignition cut??
  208. Advice needed, meth and intercooler question
  209. Can I run my meth without a tune or is it a bad idea
  210. How critical is tank nozzle location to the G-force?
  211. Moroso 02-07 Coolant expansion tank
  212. Water only or Water/Meth?
  213. CXRacing FMIC Intercooler ---anyone using this??
  214. FMIC Fitment Q's// DR575 piping w/ smaller core?
  215. TMIC boost leak problem
  216. Intercooler splitter question
  217. i just found out my pump died =..(
  218. will my car be ok? =..(
  219. wet nitrous feed line.
  220. E85 + WI - I'm a nOOb
  221. Question regarding SMC kit
  222. Perrin PWI-1 using STi IC Sprayer Tank for Meth.
  223. FMIC fitment ?
  224. SMC with 15jet Methanol smell ? HELP PLEASE
  225. apc fmic question
  226. Uhm Why Not use an AC Condenser for Intercooling?
  227. What extra is needed for a trunk install?
  228. 100% water injection
  229. JDM sti TMIC fit 03 WRX?
  230. STI jdm intercooler questions technical
  231. Intercooler Resevior Constantly Overflowing
  232. Aquamist NOT SPRAYING HELP!!!!!
  233. STI meth install
  234. Up to what size turbo will the STi tmic support?
  235. FMIC piping, over flow tank ?
  236. Where to purchase a Boost fail-safe relay?
  237. Methanol behavior with air
  238. E85 Questions
  239. FMIC Size
  240. coolant problem???
  241. HFS-6 Arrived
  242. perrin y pipe
  243. Meth injection latency issues
  244. How do I wire in this failsafe for Aquamist 2d?
  245. FMIC Coolant Hoses????
  246. Denatured alcohol+Distilled water= Dead A/F sensor???
  247. is it true?
  248. EJ 207 with td06 20G - 35-50hp nitrous or anti lag nitrous ?
  249. Methanol mileage?
  250. Need Some Help Putting Together a Brake Mister Setup