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View Full Version : Water/Methanol Injection, Nitrous & Intercooler Cooling

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  1. AEM meth kit nozzle
  2. APS 725 Fitment issue?
  3. AEM/or alky controle!?!?
  4. Perrin PW-1 default settings
  5. Anyone have a volt vs flow chart for the hydramist turbine sensor?
  6. Perrin PWI-1 and Turbosmart Eboost2 EWG Failsafe
  7. Can I mix some E85?
  8. aps intake question
  9. TMIC Nitrous Spray
  10. Getting tuned on different gas.
  11. aem nozzel location on fmic?
  12. Will this Sprayer work?
  13. Stock TMIC replaced with BGI TMIC
  14. How long will meth last in a Plastic Gas Can?
  15. Aftermarket Radiator question
  16. STI JDM TMIC/Tanabe front strut brace fitment?
  17. CX Racing Vs Spearco TMIC
  18. Can I make my I/C Spray spray for longer than 2 sec?
  19. methanol and spool time
  20. Radiator fitment question
  21. quick questions
  22. 02 WRX TXS ver1 Hyperflow FMIC kit going on FXT, what intake?
  23. radiator hose,wich to buy?
  24. Pics of my custom V-Mount setup
  25. looking for info about Nitrous Oxide
  26. DIY 08 STi intercooler Sprayer
  27. Can I Run WI For Just its Cooling Effects and Not as a Power Adder
  28. Two meth jets
  29. I am going to a GT35R, fully built- what size meth nozzle?
  30. aps&perrin vs garret
  31. Modify Injen CAI to work w/FMIC
  32. snow kit install
  33. End tanks for garrett core
  34. sti jdm tmic fitment?
  35. MAF 0-5V wire on USDM 07 STI
  36. Cusco Intercooler Water Spray Controller English Manual???
  37. W/I Failsafe
  38. Intercooler Timer Relay
  39. Feeding Meth injecton from a 12 L Spec C tank
  40. Aps Dr 525
  41. Surge Tank for use with Spec-C Tank based meth ket?
  42. HEET/meth in gas tank?
  43. whose ran nitrous for a year or longer
  44. IAT Switch For Intercooler Fan
  45. Measurement of bottom inlets for 04-07 STI TMIC?
  46. Problem aligning drivers side STI JDM IC mounting bracket
  47. CMGS WRX/STI Kit Details
  48. Upgrading my intercooler help
  49. My experience with Labonte...
  50. Quality automatic intercooler sprayer for under $50.
  51. NX N-tercooler Nitros Kit
  52. NOS/CO2 Intercooler Sprayer Good/Bad?
  53. Check valve or solenoid??
  54. can it be done?
  55. HFS-6 kit wiring
  56. Controllers
  57. STI JDM/USDM TMIC bad fitment 03 WRX (with pics)
  58. custom piping Q
  59. perrin fmic quick ?
  60. top mount w/ meth best nozzle location???
  61. HFS-6 no boost cut
  62. progressive controller and GPH
  63. Question about AEM kit
  64. ic noise possible upgrade
  65. hydramist jets
  66. aem install. a few q's!
  67. leaking meth/water tank
  68. Anyone using a float switch?
  69. just a question
  70. Race Logic Traction Control and Methanol
  71. Intercooler Question
  72. Spec-C Tank-What needs to be Modified for Meth Use?
  73. need help with snow meth kit.....
  74. New generation of water tank concept... by Howerton Enginering
  75. Is Perrin "catch can foam" safe to use in a meth tank?
  76. Silence, tubing!
  77. So has anyone figured out what the effective octane injection 50/50 really is?
  78. My meth/h20 install (not a subie)
  79. Shelf life of Meth
  80. Water Methanol 50/50 mix by weight
  81. Pros and cons for tmic or fmic
  82. Progressive Meth Kit
  83. Front mount intercooler diffrences????
  84. aquamist flow problem
  85. Methanol mixing question
  86. My Spec-C Tank Modified for use with a surge tank (Picts Included)
  87. Failsafe resistor for BCS.
  88. Some FMIC help...
  89. meth line
  90. Issue with moisture in SMC controllers boost line
  91. FMIC: Should I DEI wrap the hot side piping?
  92. Aps Dr500 And Dr525
  93. AWIC project
  94. Will Spec C tank work with cusco V-Brace?
  95. Wow, WTF
  96. Godspeed Intercoolers
  97. e85 flex fuel system ... anybody try these guys with an +-06 STi yet?
  98. Please Help: SMC Meth system not spraying after clutch install
  99. DevilsOwn Stage 2 meth injection kit
  100. Help finding a part.
  101. Injectors....550 wrx or sti pinks ?
  102. smc kit on 06 sti????
  103. Blow off valve swap (Welded Turbosmart to Turbo XS RFL) Should I do it?
  104. Water/Methanol Injection question
  105. Yet another Problem with my aquamist system..
  106. HF-6 Finished install pics
  107. Water/Meth on My 2004 WRX Hybrid "The Dilemma"
  108. Mishimoto Products. Opinions?
  109. Need help with a intercooler kit (CXracing)
  110. Perrin/APS FMIC Hybrid
  111. Failsafe meth +TPS
  112. GR Zero/Sports I/C Splitter Installed (Pics)
  113. CMGS and VC2 Progressive Controller Tips/Tricks
  114. meth injection check valve
  115. Thnking about water/meth/alc injection..
  116. Looking for a new tank - suggestions?
  117. 01 rs / 02 wrx fuel rail ?'s
  118. FMIC install + stock hood scoop - bellows/splitter = air in footwell with WOT
  119. Help "dialing" in Perrin PW-1
  120. Which lines do i preform a boost leak test on?
  121. Has anyone gone balls out like the EVO guys? (30+ psi on pump)
  122. Moisture Build up in Charge pipes
  123. Opinions on Blow-Through MAFS? This one..
  124. just finished my surge tank setup
  125. meth pump
  126. aps tmic vs injen fmic
  127. Coolingmist - Using meth to compensate
  128. steam coming from engine...please read.
  129. install question
  130. HFS-6 Help
  131. radiator fan qns
  132. Intercooler piping kit
  133. Oil Cooler Lines?
  134. collingmist stg 2 user : what do your tune look like ?
  135. New Snow Performance Pump...
  136. Spraying Water?
  137. Enhancements to our CMGS controller and upgrades.
  138. Where to mount meth kit on 08+ STi
  139. TMIC if daily temperature is 91.4
  140. What Meth kit are you using other than Aquamist
  141. Devils own vs AEM injection kits
  142. Cheap Polished Intake Manifold on Ebay.
  143. Alky meth injection and wideband o2
  144. Water/meth injection water pump question
  145. PIcs wanted on an 06/07 underhood kit
  146. aem or snow performance
  147. Details on our NEW ALL IN ONE failsafe system CMGS-FS
  148. Meth question for my buddy with an SR20 S13
  149. Just got a New intercooler
  150. MMMM forget plastic tanks metal please
  151. Nitrous oxide with AP in WRX 09
  152. So I guess I'll be the idiot to try it- no IC = no lag instant turbo response
  153. Huge water/meth leak
  154. which radiator?
  155. SMC CLOSED! pump failure
  156. Will a 50/50 water meth mix ever go bad???
  157. Tank: underhood vs in hatch
  158. Subtle solutions heat chimney fitment problem
  159. Mixing Methanol and Gasoline
  160. My Labonte Stage 3 Meth setup
  161. My Labonte Stage 3 Meth setup MY08 STi
  162. ic spray tank as meth resovoir
  163. Opinion on this.
  164. Wastegate Chatter With Meth
  165. Trouble with meth failsafe, might be pump??
  166. Perrin recirculating BOV or BPV w/e its called
  167. Piping for APS FMIC Core
  168. What is the real difference between Aquamist and ...
  169. Coolingmist CMGS...What we are all about....
  170. Best water/meth injection kit for my daily driver?
  171. Custom front mount piping
  172. How do i adapt AN fuel fitting onto my stock plastic hardlines?
  173. Greddy Intercooler question
  174. How long does your meth last you?
  175. hfs-5 question
  176. STI Manual Intercooler Spray Switch?
  177. has anyone tried either of these two oil cooler adapters?
  178. 02 Wrx No Heat
  179. aquamist 2d on the way
  180. What to do with a spare Nitrous bottle?
  181. Is it me or has this section really died down in the past two years...
  182. Gravity-fed Surge Tank questions, or baffling
  183. Clockwise vs Counter Clockwise FMIC Piping
  184. Fast and Furious style....
  185. Aquamist HFS-6's advanced algorthm
  186. methanol
  187. help
  188. methanol spray point
  189. white stuff floating in coolant
  190. where is there a 12v switched to hook up to
  191. SSAutochrome TMIC
  192. AEM Water/Meth Ijection Kit
  193. HSV setups. Tell us what you want...
  194. urg, i'm all out of ideas - searched to no avail
  195. Meth as insurance only
  196. Zex direct port nitrous setup installed
  197. Any difference in CAI and Short RAM Intake
  198. change out stock intercooler??
  199. Were can I buy a nozil and check valve for my aem meth kit?
  200. I gave a question that im notsure is stupid or not
  201. Injen CAI and taping 04 WRX bumper
  202. Aquamist HFS-6 help needed
  203. Which tank would work best?
  204. Meth injection on 09-10 WRX?
  205. Labonte vcs3g
  206. Need help to identify injectors
  207. new idea for big tmic shroud / baffle - inner tube
  208. Help! ARC Intake AND a FMIC?
  209. meth injectionor not?
  210. Anyone rocking the AEM water/meth injection??
  211. labonte kit (help needed)
  212. MAF/IDC-based, or boost-based?
  213. having trouble deciding on what kit to buy.
  214. smc
  215. NOS in a 1996 JDM STI V3
  216. vf39
  217. Meth or Nitrous?
  218. dual nozzle chaps pls fall in.
  219. changing my fmic
  220. How can I tell diff b/t SSAC and TXS cores
  221. Aquamist's new HFS-3 for 2010, replacing the HFS-1
  222. AEM alky injection system Q
  223. hydrogen generator HHO injection
  224. Turbo Coolant Banjo Bolt Free Mod
  225. where is that TD04 w/ water/alky thread at?
  226. Question on hardlines that bolt to intercooler
  227. how to get cold air with a txs fmic? will the aps cai work?
  228. fmic bracket
  229. FMIC without the piping?
  230. Methanol Characteristics for wmi kit
  231. Welding shut a meth hole in TMIC safe for long term & high boost?
  232. Recirc Bov with water/meth system
  233. hissing boost leak
  234. boost juice by snow performance
  235. Anyone running a Snow Performance 625cc Nozzle????
  236. IC spray w/ alch mix
  237. Anyone know a step by step for the Aem meth kit on a 06 sti?
  238. Any power gains by changing Sti intercooler hoses?
  239. 09/08 STI TMIC on a 09 WRX
  240. FMIC install.. immediatly turns off?HELP
  241. FMIC install.. immediatly turns off?HELP
  242. IC/BPV gasket P/N
  243. Need some advice for my bigger tmic
  244. AWIC + Dry Ice
  245. Question about a bigger TMIC
  246. Good info on nitrous?
  247. snow stage 1
  248. APS or Turbo XS wich FMIC would you go with?
  249. ?'s on water/meth nozzle
  250. Fuel injection at TB vs. methanol injection