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View Full Version : Water/Methanol Injection, Nitrous & Intercooler Cooling

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  1. Water Injection
  2. diy: water injection
  3. Anyone running or planning to run water injection?
  4. Thoughts on water injection
  5. J&S Safegaurd and Aquamist Water Injection
  6. Water Injection Questions
  7. BIG water tank for water injection
  8. Who else is using water injection (pictures included)
  9. Anyone have Water Injection?
  10. Great Alcohol Injection Write Up
  11. Aquamist water injection
  12. water injection
  13. water injection placement??
  14. I need a water can for water injection, any ideas?
  15. big decision to make. air/air intercooler or air/water
  16. Nitrous install Questions
  17. Water Injection...tell me what I need to know
  18. Navybluesubaru's water injection install: Part 1
  19. Navybluesubaru's water injection install: Part 2
  20. Would anyone use IC Waterspray and Water Injection w/ FMIC?
  21. Convert IC water spray to Water Injection?
  22. want water injection
  23. Water Injection AND Nitrous???
  24. Bkr7e's for nitrous set up?
  25. Nitrous Problems...
  26. nitrous express NTERCOOLER
  27. Why not use O2 instead of N2O?
  28. Nitrous on 93 pump gas
  29. Simple Nitrous Question
  30. Water Injection?
  31. Cheaper and better than N2O2?
  32. Spark Plugs For Nitrous
  33. Nitrous or Water Injection???
  34. Nitrous Express N-ter Cooler Chiller For Sti??
  35. CO2 & Nitrous???
  36. can stock internals hold 55shot NOS
  37. Meth Injection Kit
  38. Nitrous for intercooler?
  39. Is Nitrous Safe?
  40. n2o on WRX?
  41. nitrous question
  42. Water Injection: Pros vs Cons
  43. Good Water Injection setup ??
  44. nitrous and turbo
  45. Needed: Install Directions for TMIC water injection
  46. Question about nitrous...
  47. Boost Cooler Water Injection
  48. STI and Nitrous?
  49. nitrous + TMIC?
  50. Alchohol Injection
  51. Water Injection Install questions
  52. Nitrous vs. Water Injection
  53. Nitrous on STi's???
  54. Spearco Water Injection, anyone familiar with it?
  55. Finally did the part break out used to build my water injection kit
  56. Finally did the part break out used to build my water injection kit
  57. how safe is a small shot of nitrous??
  58. Opinions on this water injection kit.
  59. can nitrous deformate the heads or not?
  60. Nitrous!!
  61. ATTN: water injection gurus
  62. Nitrous with my new turbo?
  63. anyone familiar with these water injection kits?
  64. Biggest N2o shot on a Cobb Stage2 WRX??
  65. nitrous?
  66. Headers or 35 shot Nitrous
  67. Want to know what Water Injection can do?
  68. Water injection, limits of plain vf22
  69. co2 vs nitrous to cool the intercooler
  70. aquamist 2d water injection...
  71. Direct Water Injection
  72. Thoughts on Water Injection
  73. two stage water injection?
  74. Water Injection Nozzle location
  75. 207 and n2o. Whos done what and how far have you taken it?
  76. Piecing together DIY Propane kit
  77. Nitrous and turbo together in harmony???
  78. wet kit nitrous
  79. Question about my turbo & water injection
  80. Water Injection
  81. water injection is da bomb!
  82. Water Injection???
  83. Water injection remote tank question
  84. Water injection question, pump activated by relay
  85. water injection system pictures installed
  86. windshield washer fluid for water injection
  87. Nitrous on STI? Once more...
  88. What shot (dry) nitrous is safe on stock WRX?
  89. nitrous?
  90. Water Injection?
  91. water injection
  92. please post some pics of your water injection sys
  93. Which water injection kit do you recommend?
  94. Idiot on water injection, help me!!!
  95. nitrous
  96. Nitrous and alky injection. Anyone try it?
  97. Aquamist (Water injection) questions and answers here...
  98. JDM STI nitrous setup questions.
  99. water injection and cobb stage 2 HWG map feels good !!
  100. Accessport & Water Injection
  101. Water Injection on wrx with VF34
  102. external wastegate and water injection vf22?
  103. intercooler watersprayer install
  104. Where to get the clogged jet/water flow indicator sensor for water injection cheap?
  105. anyone spraying nitrous in their 2.5?
  106. Help with water injection
  107. Water Injection
  108. Alky kit?
  109. Stage 2 + alky injection hp?
  110. Power difference between water injection and alky injection?
  111. edelbrock wrx nitrous kit
  112. hey, i gotta question bout nitrous..
  113. water injection kits
  114. nitrous intercooler sprayer
  115. would water injection fit my scenario?
  116. Could methanol or water injection be a replacement for sleeving a 2.5ltr block?
  117. Nitrous + TMIC
  118. what to do with WI when going with a FMIC?
  119. Another reason why the WRX wagon the best.
  120. Is alky injection useful with my mods...
  121. Race gas tune Vs water injection?
  122. Water injection and launch control
  123. ugh, i can't decide on WI/Meth or nitrous for my car
  124. injection questions..smc kit..50/50 water denatured or 50/50 water methanol...discuss
  125. Water injection
  126. Water Injection with TurboXS FMIC?
  127. Fuel pump for Water injection pump?
  128. alky injection/water injection... i dont understand
  129. SMC Alky Injection install with pics
  130. Is it even worth it for Alcohol / Water Injection for a stock turbo??
  131. big probs after nitrous backfire.
  132. Water injection and the stock ECU?
  133. Nos on my stock IC
  134. Oil analysis after 6,000 miles of alky injection
  135. Cry02 System from DEI - Pluses & Minuses?
  136. Water injection and race fuel?
  137. Call us believers (alky injection)!
  138. Call us believers (alky injection)!
  139. water injection guys: coolingmist is coming out with a new controller.
  140. nitrous?
  141. FP18g : 550 pink inj + Alky injection will be good?
  142. Alky injection/safe power for 2.0?
  143. Pre or Post Water injection
  144. alky injection nozzle, point up or down?
  145. Tune of APS sr30 + alky
  146. Will propane injection help spoolup?
  147. help! trying to install alky injection
  148. can I use a fuel pressure gauge for my water injection setup?
  149. Would water injection give more power here?
  150. what mix of alchy?
  151. Water/Meth/Alc Injection Good Mod for STi with Turboback/EM Only?
  152. About to get the SMC Injection Kit- Run with Meth or Alcohol?
  153. reinforcement for nitrous?
  154. Which top mount intercoolers work with the SMC alcohol injection system?
  155. SMC Users- What Size Nozzle Are You Running?
  156. SMC alcohol injection failure???
  157. Water alcohol injection is it worth it?
  158. Nitrous: Suggestions on Spark Plugs, Timing, etc...
  159. Windshield washer to intercooler spayer question?
  160. Meth or not?
  161. Help me make a calculation for my meth kit
  162. IC spray tanks??
  163. Denatured Alcohol versus Methanol Questions:
  164. Another IC Spray question???
  165. Water Vs. Alky VS. Meth...
  166. Alky Injection and WRX Rev Limiter
  167. Nitrous Install one step closer: Photos inside...
  168. Wiring IC Sti Switch for intercooler spray pump?
  169. Helix tmic or Stocker + alky
  170. which alky injection system
  171. Want alcohol injection? Try DIY....
  172. pictures of alky/water inj setups for fmic
  173. nitrous question
  174. H2O Injection and Nitrous?
  175. water injection question
  176. Questions concerning Nitrous??
  177. Water/Methanol Injection FAQ
  178. Question for you alky users....
  179. Alky Injection question
  180. Snow Performance Water injection- MAP or MAF?
  181. Intercooler sprayer timer, would this work?
  182. How do I order an SMC water injection kit?
  183. Intercooler spray
  184. Alcohol Injection on vf34 and utec
  185. Alcoholics Anonymous
  186. Holy crap!! We got our own forum!!
  187. No2/Co2 intercooler sprayer & Tuning?
  188. Introduction...
  189. Fail safes?
  190. Need advice to run alky/water.
  191. Where to buy Denatured alky?
  192. No2?
  193. H2O/Alky Injection System Comparo
  194. AFR and H2O/Alky injection
  195. Using UTEC to control a WI solenoid
  196. Just a few notes about my setup
  197. Cool! A new forum to whore in! (Alky + n2o ???'s)
  198. alky mods?
  199. features of our new controller
  200. Alky injection for track car: Good or Bad idea?
  201. Engine Management and AI/WI?
  202. "Juice" for your Meth kits.
  203. SMC users need first fill procedure
  204. SMC kit failure.
  205. Controller Kit vs. Injector Kit
  206. Post your Logs...
  207. Spoke with SMC today
  208. What are people using for tanks
  209. What kit works best with the AP(protuned)?
  210. watch your boozing
  211. Anyone running Alky Inj without an intercooler?
  212. Just a note about windshield washer fluid
  213. Correct Spark Plug for AI/WI?
  214. This is good news - an all new WIA forum
  215. SMC users, anyone with a FMIC?
  216. approx. octane ratings
  217. Aquamist 2D is on the car!
  218. Whose, who, what and where
  219. My DIY System
  220. What features do you want to see in our controller software?
  221. snow performance
  222. There are failsafe, failsafe and failsafes...
  223. Tuning required with water injection solely as a detonation inhibitor?
  224. Alcoholics, Where is your nozzle?
  225. dp nitrous
  226. Shurflo Pump Mounting Options?
  227. Need opinions
  228. Alky Inj. + Launch Control?
  229. Demand or Pressure System?
  230. CEL after long pull in 5th gear with alchy
  231. A few questions
  232. How will I run???
  233. SMC injection getting Static Radio...any fix?
  234. I saw the 2 useful stickies in this forum thusfar...
  235. When you say 50/50?
  236. Mr coolingmist, you are a gentlemen !
  237. methanol in Los Angeles...where can I guy it?
  238. Automatic waterspray on STI intercooler
  239. ColdFusion install for Anti-Lag
  240. pressure gauge?
  241. Hmmm
  242. COBB AP Protune with alky?? WHERE?
  243. How is the water line run from the trunk in an STi?
  244. What should i be injecting
  245. WI + STI water tank + Utec: Where do I begin?
  246. Comparing logical map routines for use with WI
  247. AFR recommendations
  248. Best Min and Max PSI Values for Progressive Boost Controlled Injection
  249. Boost vs EGTs 2d controller
  250. While we are on the subject of 3D controllers...