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  1. The "Someone hacked the homepage thread''
  2. Any word on the Tri-State Stickers?
  3. Take the Bypass Road...Really
  4. F/S Honda Civic Part from NJ
  5. Tobay Beach Auto-x yesterday
  6. Meet at the Grease Trucks Nov, 2nd who's down?
  7. Camden 10/27: And I thought break-up sex was good!
  8. Spotted BRP RS in Pompton Plains (it's not Pat)
  9. FS Locally: 18mm Rear Antisway Bar
  10. WRC 2003 dates....
  11. RE92's for sale
  12. Spotted SQC23 and SI
  13. FT: either 1 wheel for 1 wheel or 4 wheels for 4 wheels(read post)
  14. Help with a ticket
  15. wrc 2003 color?
  16. Need your opinion about painting my RS Rims Gold
  17. Ithaca Body Shop
  18. Wed's Supper Meet!??
  19. Was I spotted??
  20. Who's switched to their snow's?
  21. Have an extra vf23, brand new -- sealed in box.
  22. SPOTTED: WRB WRC Replica! rt 30
  23. WTB local STi Stuff
  24. SQC guys...I need a MINES decal...
  25. SQC Queens Meet this Sat. 11/9
  26. recommended dealer in Rochester area?
  27. wtb: 1 stock sized re92
  28. Auto X in Yonkers NY Nov 10th and TSD Rally in Westchester Nov 30th
  29. Spotted: White WRX on Kosciusco Bridge
  30. Sunday Backroad Drives go to NNJ - Nov. 3rd.
  31. Nov. 3rd Final SJR Auto-x for Subaru Money
  32. is AIM down, or is it just me?
  33. E-a-g-l-e-s Eagles!
  34. WTB ASAP: Need to get an AT commuter car ~$2K
  35. FS: Local Beater, 92 Lebaron
  36. Limo Service
  37. Anyone live in Burlington County?
  38. Is there any 1 local with a set of STi injectors...I need your help!
  39. NY Times on sport wagons
  40. Help me install reverse indiglo gauges
  41. thanks to those ppl that dodn't know how to park
  42. FS: Sparco seats and panasonic HU
  43. Blitz FATT DC2 New In Box For Sale
  44. Any recommendations...
  45. Max Wrx
  46. Call me stupid
  47. Best ways on trading WRXs
  48. Lookin for an AUTO beater
  49. dark pearl blue 2002 RS in bethlehem
  50. Spotted: a WRX with good "fengshui"
  51. GC8/and WRX stuff for sale (local)
  52. Supper Meet: Oct 30 Jose Tejas in Fairfield
  53. TSD: PBX TSD Rally Nov 23
  54. Will Keith ever return?
  55. OT: Subaru Ice Race Car for sale...
  56. Red Rooster Meet #4 - Nov. 8
  57. Application for NYS residency
  58. 2000 2.5 RS 4-sale
  59. My wallet hurts today...
  60. Left car at rallispec and..
  61. spotted: scooby-spec day
  62. MBX Motorsports--- Still Around?
  63. OT sony 27" tv for sale or trade
  64. OT:Local Party/Rave Scene in Tri-state Area Info
  65. 10/24/02 clifton commons followup
  66. RIP Jay
  67. Locations of NYC Traffic Light Cameras
  68. Any 1 have an FCD that they may want to sell to me at the woodbridge meet ?
  69. NYC Water Restrictions Lifted
  70. Insurance in NJ...
  71. Astoria Queens TIre Places
  72. Insurance in NJ...
  73. Bill (skywalker) coming to NJ on 22nd
  74. FS: JDM Ver 4 Limited Front Seats
  75. Switching Turbos...
  76. Booster, Mcdade or any 1 that works for subaru..
  77. Ultra Rare: Green RS on ebay
  78. Rota Got Rubbed
  79. up-pipe install help/tips
  80. Can't make E-Town, How bout W.Hampton?
  81. Dealer in NJ
  82. Autox: NNJ Last Points Event, Nov 2
  83. Subaru Ice Racer for sale on e-bay!
  84. What is wrong with people?!?!
  85. Final point standings for philly scca autox
  86. Turbo timer help
  87. Cougar For Sale
  88. STI Uncut Key
  89. WTB: RS Front grill
  90. Listen up this will only take a second!
  91. Just got a wonderful citation
  92. spottings and can anyone get me jdm projectors for cheap?
  93. Gotta love the tinted windows :) and the Freehold police....
  94. SUPER LAST MINUTE......BM Tranny.
  95. short shifter
  96. Spotted: green GC8 OBS on I-87; first real snow...
  97. There's this white stuff on my lawn!
  98. For Sale - Rochester, NY Area
  99. Nokian Hakka WRs!
  100. any help or info would be great
  101. Request Help From WRX Owners In NYC
  102. My sister got a speeding ticket and I am trying to help her out..
  103. 11/10/02 Central Jersey (New Brunswick Area) Meet
  104. anyone wants to help install my springs on WRX? Will pay 100 bucks, I am poor
  105. NYC class M license?
  106. NNJ Toluene...
  107. TurboXS Dealer/installers in Tri-State?
  108. fs BOV locally
  109. f/s bpm short shifter and sti knob cheap!!
  110. hey TOMMY from SQC
  111. FingerLakes Rallycross 11/9/02
  112. spotting at port jeff
  113. Well it finally happened.
  114. Suggestions for Brakes in NYC area
  115. FS- lots of stuff
  116. Auto X: WSCC Challenge Cup Nov 10th Yonkers, NY
  117. Install help with drivetrain swap, 1.8 to 2.5
  118. 94 4runner, brakes are dragging, any suggestions?
  119. suburau with porsche engine?
  120. Bodyshop?
  121. OT Q: NJ, Sales Tax and Labor
  122. Is there still an auto-x on the 10th at Nassau Coliseum?
  123. Does this sound like poo to you? (venting)
  124. FS: Winter beater near Rochester, $200
  125. Center City Meet?
  126. Long Island Supra meet...others are more than welcome to come :)
  127. Need old/extra voicestream/T-mobile phone
  128. Just Breathe (the Mitsubishi Outlander song and other stories)
  129. Cheap tickets to fly to/from Canada?
  130. Anyone interested in racing/hanging at Atco Raceway friday?11/8/02
  131. etown 11/8
  132. nice xmas toy:)
  133. What tires should I get!!!!
  134. South NJ Region - What no write up?
  135. spotted: 8am on Jacson Mills Road - Orange sweet GC8 RS
  136. In the market for new bulbs...
  137. used to be 70ho83ftlbs
  138. FS: WRX Parts, Local
  139. Spotted: RT 17 White WRX at 2:00pm
  140. Should We Have A L.I. Meet This Thurs?
  141. In the wake of Lo-Buck
  142. Supper Meet: 11/6/02, White Castle, RT 22W Green Brook, NJ
  143. No More Attachments?
  144. Ill be in Syracuse (SU) ....
  145. SQC meet eve activities
  146. things 2 bring 2 lrp
  147. Spotted: Dark Impreza RT 22 East
  148. My freind is selling his girl Silvia!!
  149. FS: Optima Batteries (local philly)
  150. defi oil temp guage part needed
  151. Exhaust shops
  152. WTB: TXS Uni-Chip and Harness in the Tri-State area
  153. Update
  154. spotted: hooters in kop, pa
  155. '84 Olds Cutlass Supreme
  156. Was someone still looking for 00-01 rims & tires?
  157. FS: Quads, Rota Tarmacs and Misc
  158. New in box -- VF23 -- 790 if picked up/meet.
  159. Opinions on cold-air intake or no cold-air?
  160. Anyone have a single Podrive P1?
  161. FS 4 stock wheels and tires WRX, with Kumho 225-50s
  162. A ? regarding the resistor for Airbag ?Seat change
  163. Snows worth it?
  164. NNJR Auto-X 11/9
  165. L.I. Dinner Meet:Friday 11-8-02
  166. paintless dent repair in allentown
  167. long shot knicks
  168. Whose Silver WRX was at Glanzman today?
  169. Anyone know who crashed their '80's Subie Wagon in Pine Barrons last weekend?
  170. cusco rear vbrace install?
  171. how do you guys wash your cars in the winter???
  172. F/S: Brand New Stock WRX exhaust (Cat-Back); CHEAP!
  173. in need of a harness
  174. OT: 40% off anything Timberland
  175. Spotted green wrx in moonachie
  176. i-club tri-state decals
  177. WTB: 2.5RS Air Filter Box
  178. anyone have leftover thermo-tec wrap
  179. Wanted Locally- WRX 3rd cat exhaust section
  180. Anyone know of any good Corporate Headhunters/Employment Websites?
  181. Atco still running Thursday nights?
  182. Anyone do spring installs in New Jersey?
  183. WRX and Mini Cooper in my company's classifieds!
  184. Cougar Still For Sale Locally
  185. Spotted Blue WRX wagon with bike rack
  186. Delaware :Audio Jam Meet
  187. Black WRX wagon on Tonnelle Ave...
  188. Spotted: '99 Blue RS & SQC #22
  189. My new dunlops have great fur traction
  190. Update: 11/22/02 road tuning with Skywalker
  191. Last min D+D meet tonight Union on morris ave
  192. Geek Meet: Apple Store opening, Menlo Park Mall NJ 11/9
  193. Who has a warm garage for me tonight?
  194. Sqc 11/9 Meet
  195. 22b to be in Turnersville at car show.
  196. you guys might like these rims
  197. might be selling m2 turbo back exhaust, any interest?
  198. Wtb: 1 Re92
  199. Caravan from LI to SQC meet
  200. how can i tell if fog light covers are authentic sti
  201. FS: 17" ADR RS2000 rims
  202. WRX and I-Clubbers in the NY Times
  203. Proposed Drift Event @ E-town Info
  204. blue rex at middlesex mall
  205. Friday spotted thread
  206. fs: rota tarmac 17 in CT
  207. Poughkeepsie Meet...
  208. Does anyone have a need for a bent 17" OZ SL?
  209. FS: Show quality honda civic.
  210. LHD STI lights, I wanted to see if any locals wanted them first.
  211. ATTN: boostinwrx
  212. good night tristate!
  213. 11/22/02 NNJ Dinner Meet
  214. Nice out today; Come to Philly meet
  215. Huge thanks goes out to Mike from AZP!
  216. FS Local - Long Island
  217. Anything going on tonight LI area?
  218. Subarus on Sunrise Hwy.
  219. Not a happy camper...(venting)
  220. Rent-A-Vehicle
  221. TurboXS Type H BOV Installation Help
  222. Any recommended alignment shops in the upstate NY area?
  223. Pinebarrens
  224. STi in NJ
  225. FS: Rota Attacks w/ Kumho Tires Local
  226. Picture request from todays Rally-X at Perrys Park
  227. Need four 205/55 16 tires in Philly area...
  228. Anyone interested in my spot at limerock tomm?
  229. I spotted the green WRX
  230. FS: WRX Parts
  231. Possibly FS: silver 5 spoke RS wheels
  232. Attention- bedabi or anyone coming to LRP tomorrow
  233. Question on NJ Driver lic. point system and transfer to PA
  234. Need some stock wheels (GDA)
  235. Go Jets!!
  236. WRX Stock Wheels and tires For Sale
  237. Mini-Dawg in the Journal News!!!!!!!!
  238. Pittsburgh Meet Nov 23 or 24?
  239. Recap: PCA auto-x at Tobay Beach 11.10.02
  240. tune up advice
  241. Big Philly Meet
  242. FS: local WRX parts
  243. FS: JL W7 speaker in box and amp
  244. Possible to trade car w/ unpaid loan?
  245. please help me find a good dealer
  246. finally gonna get the wrx soon
  247. FS: WRX wheels mega cheap and posibly seats
  248. WRX sightings in PA and NY
  249. Say NO to Cumberland Valley Motors, PA
  250. Turboxs turbo back on the way!