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  1. WRX sightings PA and NY
  2. Sema 2002
  3. Have you damaged your seats?
  4. New style STi more pics...
  5. Team IAC motorsports weekend afermath
  6. Some bling for Ridinlow!!
  7. fs stock wrx wheels
  8. FS: WRX OEM/Aftermarket Items Local
  9. FS: TurboXS Unichip, harness, ABC and hardware
  10. HOw much have you spent on mods on your cars
  11. Misc WRX parts - pick them up from Queens and save!
  12. Hanover PA Meet Nov 23rd
  13. hanabe hid?
  14. WRX engine for sale again
  15. Liberty Mutual Discount from Subaru
  16. pics of my wrx, from rochester,ny
  17. FS: WRX engine for sale again!
  18. Bling Bling for sale!!!!!!!! Someone help and photochop some more w/this one!!!!!!!!!
  19. PA Turnpike Bridge Toll Agent Loves WRX
  20. Supper Meet 11/13: Green's Court American/Chinese Buffet, Totowa NJ
  21. Y cant i post attachments?
  22. Dug up some pictrues last night
  23. LI Supper Meet: Dave & Buster's in Islandia 11.21.02
  24. Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) in Eastern PA?
  25. nys inspection
  26. Limerock photos
  27. See you guys next year!
  28. for sale 19's inch rims...yes 19's
  29. Pics of the 11.10 Tobay auto-x
  30. places in north jersey?
  31. In search of good paint shop for '02 Impreza
  32. fs-2003 Subaru : Custom Rally Convertible
  33. Mechanic in the Rochester Area
  34. Last day to race at Etown! Friday 11/15
  35. FS: Local, Swiss Army Knife.
  36. Remember BadBoxer02, Give My Friend Advice On Buying His Car
  37. BMW Auto-X @ Nassau Sunday 11/17
  38. Anyone need a RHD legover wagon?
  39. FS: Lots of misc. stuff
  40. importfest2002 anyone?
  41. want to hear prodrive muffler; near tarrytown
  42. Simple spotting on 287s Blue WRX
  43. L.I. Install shops
  44. Saw a black GC8 2.5RS coupe on 287S by Morristown last night
  45. Road Rally in Rochester this Sunday or Not?
  46. HELP! ..Bodyshop anyone?
  47. Who wants to rally the Cougar
  48. Thanksgiving meet
  49. Hey Garrick, still selling the shiftboots?
  50. FS: 95 Impreza Outback; 1.8; 5 Sp trans; 101k (must sell)
  51. Funniest car on ebay ever.
  52. Sunday Backroads Drive's - Nov. 17th - Cancelled for Weather
  53. After 3 months I got her back! But not for long...
  54. FREE - Blizzak tires on 16" steelies (not for subaru)
  55. Spotted: Bergen Mall 11/14
  56. Blue "sti" WRX spotted. Lester Glenn parking lot
  57. May be leaving the Scoob Family
  58. Spotted - Blue WRX at Sunoco on Ryders Lane in E. Brunswick
  59. any one know of jobs that are hiring?
  60. Mini-Installfest Sat Nov 16 in Valley Stream
  61. 48 Hrs: Information and Details
  62. Mod-friendly quality PA mechanic
  63. Spotted two nice rex's in Union. NJ
  64. Got a new job- anyone need a Subaru?
  65. Wrecked silver WRX at Fairway Subaru in Hazleton PA
  66. if any of you guys are from ITHACA
  67. Spotted ...WRB in an accident..
  68. FS: Ludespeed stage II
  69. It's SNOWING!!
  70. Sale: Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valves...
  71. NY heating law..
  72. FS: Misc. Stuff
  73. What's up? no love for a legover driver?
  74. Spotted on Rt. 35 in Katonah
  75. I need advice...Badly!
  76. Etown 11/15 Aftermath
  77. Who own the '02 Blue RS that was parked behind Delilahs?
  78. FS: Pick-up ONLY Misc WRX parts (Queens)
  79. Anyone up for another Jersey Shore ICLUB meet?
  80. Happy Birthday to the Mute!
  81. Anyone tgot their used RE92s that they want to get rid of?
  82. question about where to post for spottings in maryland
  83. Mod Day, Turboxs, Whiteline, Samco!!
  84. Any Carls?
  85. Trade: My 99RS Coupe MT For Your 99+RS Sedan MT?
  86. FS: brand new vf23 in box -- $760 picked up
  87. The Jets are going down!!
  88. Maine Winter Rally+Rally Cross Dec. 7 & 8
  89. Lets start planning December's Allentown Meet!!
  90. FS: Have a bunch of stuff for sale take a look please
  91. your PMs
  92. New user, anyone from LI out there?
  93. Who was filming their WRB WRX in Syracuse today?
  94. Island Dragway Nov. 24th?
  95. Lrp Vids
  96. I'm new, so don't bite! :)
  97. Trading WRXs': paper work and taxes?
  98. WTB: WRX rims/tires
  99. OT Advice: Quad or dirt bike?
  100. (WTB) local gc8 morette head lights. plus other things
  101. spoted white bc legacy turbo with gold wheels n fogs on jericho at 4:30
  102. Supper Meet Nov 20...."Fish"
  103. FS: Red Recaro SRD Seats
  104. SBD Welsh Countryside
  105. couple good deals..
  106. ILP Performance Thanks for coming out
  107. WB: a WRX intake manifold.
  108. Carfax help!
  109. HELP: Liberty Subaru
  110. Possibly new source of parts..
  111. Attn: Willie SQC # 000
  112. Hooters Meet, Philly-Bensalem, Nov 24
  113. FS: lights, helmet, etc.
  114. attn subarugt
  115. Anyone know how to tune a link?
  116. DE area I clubber needs help!
  117. FS local: STI performance muffler or trade for aftermarket exhaust
  118. flaming brakes
  119. Helmet suggestions needed
  120. I-CLUB drama! Just found this out!
  121. sAFC Placement?
  122. Anyone see any meteors yet?
  123. Where to get Cannon Floor Mats in NYC?
  124. Who has expirience w/Paramus m. court?
  125. Need stock RS exhaust (3rd Section only)
  126. Car insurance in NJ
  127. OK, so who was the WRB in Center City Rush Hour this morning?
  128. dont know???!?!
  129. !IMPORTANT! New i-club Domain Name.
  130. For Sale: 17" GOLD Rota Battles
  131. Ticket in NJ
  132. Edvig emptied my wallet
  133. SPOTTING : Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  134. Car is back, thanks to ILP
  135. Tire Pressure
  136. Gauging Interest on Painting Stuff Pt. 2
  137. 11/22 meeting's directions to both Westin Hotel and Penang
  138. Welcome Back Mighty WRX
  139. last NASA-x on the 23rd
  140. FS: Blitz dual drive super sound
  141. FS: 17" Rota Tarmacs (Local)
  142. FS Greddy and TV
  143. Looking for a place to stay for PBX...
  144. Anyone want a set of 22b vents?
  145. NASIOC Gear
  146. CNY (Syracuse) meet Saturday 11-23-2002
  147. Hunter Mtn on sunday
  148. Got my first speeding ticket...
  149. Speeding ticket and CEL in same day
  150. New Logo Comment
  151. Oh man, I can't believe I'm doing this but whats up with the locked threads here?
  152. fourortwowheels is 4or2wheels
  153. OT: shaolin monks show, anyone want to go?
  154. SPOTTING:Bazookas
  155. spotted yellow wrx in north bergan
  156. OT: Upgrading a windows ME machine
  157. OT for sale cleanly modded vr6 GTI philly area
  158. I feel EJ20 conversion probably totaled(?)...
  159. red 95 outback for sale - $3000 ???
  160. Does anyone have pics from LRP 11/11/02?
  161. Blue WRX Wagon on Rt. 6 in Carmel
  162. This is sad...
  163. NJ Shore meet: Tuesday Nov 26th, Redheads Bar and Grill 7pm
  164. Players Run 2003 Entry! -Need Sponsors
  165. Lock Haven University Subarus
  166. JDM RHD Non-HID Projector Headlights
  167. e-town test and tune?
  168. Bump
  169. OT: wheeee it's Friday!
  170. 50 Cent and G Unit Concert Friday nov 29th, anyone want to go?
  171. Wtb: re92's or 205 16'3 with low miles
  172. Die another Day--who wants to go....
  173. f/s stock WRX radio 6 in dash cd/tape
  174. TurboXS Stg 4 install location ...
  175. n1 work at costco in hazlet?
  176. Gimmick Rally Next Saturday
  177. OT: I'm Job Hunting
  178. silly q - GC8 2dr/4dr question
  179. RS-T in Brooklyn
  180. my mom spotted a suburau
  181. So, 2manycars got his car tuned today
  182. New Spotted Cards
  183. I need some re-92's(stock tires) so whos got em?
  184. Feedback on Paisan's Modding Skillz...
  185. Kumho's on L.I.
  186. Big Pothole=Flat Tire and Bent Rim
  187. Spotted: Silver WRX Exton K-Mart
  188. Spotted: Aspen White WRX at Granite Run Mall Sears...
  189. The Weasel has been spotted!!
  190. two spots: sleepy hollow, 287 near nyack
  191. need 1 stock re92!
  192. Should Piker28 Trade Legacy's?
  193. 48hrs: Rochester Folks Info, etc
  194. 48hrs: Pittsburg Meet/help/info
  195. 555
  196. creation of i-club/nasioc independent club
  197. 11-27-02 !!! Extreme Fun Supper Meet !!!
  198. jeep (vid) you may have seen live
  199. misc split ramblings
  200. Morette Highbeams
  201. spotted
  202. Philly meet Sunday Nov. 24th Pictures (LOTS of pics)
  203. Everyone Line up for birthday punches for...
  204. 11/23 auto-x thankyou
  205. Wtb: Dj
  206. where to buy wrx
  207. Volts or Oil Temp
  208. Snow!!!!!!
  209. McModerator I need your help
  210. I'm selling my BMW, pls check it out--94 325i
  211. Where are my 7 Springs skiers?
  212. FS: Onkyo Integra DPC-6 DVD Changer, cheap
  213. Max boost & Fuel Cut Questions...
  214. Sunday Backroad Drives Go to Ct. Dec 1st
  215. Help on a 2003 WRX
  216. Just watched Mischief 3000...went to website...Paisan you kidder!!!!!
  217. Berks County, PA (inspection question)
  218. My baby is hurt!
  219. White, modded WRX in AC...
  220. Kumhos in the snow
  221. Fs: WRX ALK (anti-lift kit)
  222. Well, Seem I Won't be Driving my Scoobie for the Snow Storm Wed/Thurs.
  223. Attn: Dave Chung
  224. L.I. Meet Tomorrow - IF IT SNOW'S
  225. OT: I need a Detective/Law Enforcement Internship
  226. FS: Used cusco front camber plates
  227. I need a local shop HELP
  228. whos the white wrx/rs that raced my friend's sleeper on the 135?
  229. Spotted: Blaze Yellow WRX w/ tint and a UK300 Wing on the FDR...
  230. ATTN: Xavier
  231. FS: CF hood, sparco seats, panasonic HU
  232. I am heading up to Atco with a 300WHp car tonight
  233. snow coming and WRC on Speed...
  234. Looking for a tire shop between Nyack and Harriman
  235. Nov 30th: Pittsburgh meet
  236. attn : people with a white wrx.
  237. Anyone ever drive SO3's in snow?
  238. Picture Updates of TEAM IAC
  239. A Deer vs. a Rex....
  240. Its now snowing here. 10:31PM
  241. just got into an accident
  242. I got spotted in edgewater nj
  243. Meet @ AutoSpeed in Cinnaminson Sat. Nov 30
  244. what's the chances of beating a careless driving ticket if an accident was involved?
  245. anyone interested in sti seats
  246. Wrapping my seats in leather?
  247. 48hrs: Philly Meet Jan 4th at D&B and Jan 5th at Oregon Diner
  248. Strafe's Super For Sale Post (WRX, Hatch, Telescope, 5150)
  249. Obss????
  250. Cars with Tint