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  1. dino oil question
  2. Want to earn $500, or $300 and Sopranos Seasons 1-3 on DVD brand new?? Look here!!
  3. Radar Detectors
  4. BM Tranny Dyno Day (24th) Stand-In Needed
  5. Aaron Auto Supply Corp in Medford, NY
  6. Nassau SCCA autocross on Sunday?
  7. Spotted: BRP 2.5RS in Palisades Park
  8. Well, Say HELLO to my new next car....
  9. I'm gonna have to start donating organs to live in NJ
  10. Radar workaround for local cops
  11. Need 2-4 hrs of moving help 2nd week in June
  12. Red WRX/RS Check-in
  13. NYC, NJ locals, Group buy on In-car camera mount.
  14. Happy Belated Birthday Prime Mover!!!
  15. SPOTTED: Lee!!!!!!!
  16. News: Englishtown Road Course
  17. Hey Whitey! new legover model pics
  18. Spotted TBG (Spencer)...
  19. what goes bad o a 98 DOHC if turbo'd?
  20. Night off...Any Meets??
  21. anyone know of an exhaust shop in buffalo...
  22. SIGHTED Silver WRX on 25A, 330pm, near Syosset going east..
  23. Central PA Meet - Monday 5/26
  24. For all the Altezza lovers haha
  25. Was in Poughkeepsie today...saw a black RS
  26. Philly/S. Jersey area, cost of living questions
  27. NJ Residents: Have you received your Inspection Extension notices yet?
  28. FS: 19" Axis Hagens (Hyperblack)
  29. Help! CEL
  30. Massapequa, LI meet Saturday, 5/24 @ tower records
  31. spotted: old skool rs on Lincoln Dr.
  32. Selling my car localy
  33. anyone in the tristate wanna but a rc car?
  34. borla gen headers for sale locally
  35. Stop stealing my chromies!
  36. Dyno Day Results, post em if ya got em.
  37. Limerock 1/2 price ticket at Sunoco for Monday
  38. Team Trailer has Arrived :)
  39. FS Blitz axel back for WRX ...CHEAP...
  40. Wilkies Subaru
  41. WTB STI JDM headlights for WRX
  42. need my own place
  43. Looking for something to do on Sunday? Come to New Paltz and see a world record!!
  44. I need a WRX left front fender
  45. A new F&C perhaps?
  46. Moving to the US
  47. F/S-or trade local: Greddy Profec B boost controller, apexi SAFC,v7sti RA springs
  48. STPR room available
  49. I have a Kartboy shortshifter for sale.
  50. Sighting:Rt 22/343 NY Blue WRX sedan
  51. You fools betta reckonize!
  52. NJ teacher certification
  53. spotted LI 5/5/2003
  54. SPOTTED: Debadged WRB WRX on Street Rd. in Bensalem
  55. tire mounting
  56. spotted: black wrx at starbucks in edgewater
  57. GC8 Parts For Sale
  58. So.. I might be moving back to Jersey..
  59. Paintball anyone?
  60. fs local: ganzflow & stromung midpipe
  61. Philly: favorite dealership?
  62. Looking for a mufflershop/someone w/mandrel bender!
  63. Auto-x: June 15th Nasa @ Giant's Stadium, who's going?
  64. Dream Car Garage
  65. well i got unlazy.......and here are the pics from dragon 2003
  66. TurboXS website info
  67. black wrx at wal mart?
  68. Gauging interest.. JDM STI Version 8 Seats
  69. Blitz Nur Spec: I wanna hear it
  70. spotted: I-95 north near philly int'l airport black RS coupe missing spoiler
  71. Who Parked a Riced Out Aqua Colored RS at Circuit City RT. 21?
  72. WTB: OEM subwoofer + harness
  73. FS: WRX on E-bay
  74. ppl with heart condition, beware! DO NOT ENTER! GC8 Altezzas
  75. Autox: M-Club Event @ Giant's Stadium Sunday June 8
  76. 2 STI models... any takers ?
  77. FS: GC8 Parts. Firesale Everything must go!
  78. Happy B-Day ERIC L.
  79. TXS shorty intake for sale
  80. For all you Photoshop Gurus (Like RidinLow or anyone else)
  81. 2001 2.5 For Sale!!
  82. 5/24 Dyno Day vids
  83. Ithaca AutoX/School this weekend (May 31, Jun 1)
  84. FS: 1990 Toyota Tercel
  85. Greenwich Concours This Weekend
  86. FS: 02+ Wagon Side Visor set
  87. Gauging Interest in a Puppy Cocker Spaniel....
  88. Header coating in NNJ?
  89. Allstate's new policy
  90. Murray's 21's B-day party - 5/31
  91. VW still for sale local. (other stuff too)
  92. Philly: question about airport area
  93. Neighborhood advice please.
  94. future supper meet poll
  95. Need a hand tonight (wed) NNJ....
  96. Stewarts meet in EB this friday?
  97. Local Pullies For Sale!!!!!!!!!
  98. Wed NNJ supper meet!
  99. Spotted Black GC8 on Mamaroneck Ave around 12:00
  100. Spotted: Silver STi
  101. call for Dragon videos
  102. Will it ever stop raining???
  103. SRT-4 Story
  104. Anyone selling a car for less than 2k ?
  105. Can anyone help diagnose my suspension problem?
  106. apex-i n-1 exhaust for sale for98-and up rs.
  107. Official STi Spottings Thread... (and some other spottings too)...
  108. The Italian Job Your opinions
  109. Gusman got some new shoes
  110. Spotted at carmike
  111. STi @ Suburban Subaru
  112. I think I am to balme for the rain....
  113. Spotted: Black WRX Wagon, Middlesex, NJ, BBS RKs
  114. I need one spline lug!!
  115. Atlantic City newbie. Help!
  116. Dragon by the numbers
  117. Used MRT TB for sale
  118. Happy 21st Birthday Brent! (Murray)
  119. FS: HKS Hi-power catback
  120. FS: Nets tickets - NBA Finals - Game 4 and 5
  121. Quick Sale- OEM Up Pipe.
  122. 48hrs of Tri-state '04
  123. OT: Spanish sales flyers only, no English in NJ.
  124. May29th Atco anyone?
  125. Spotted: 04 WRB WRX Wagon
  126. Valentine One causing air bag light to go on?
  127. Blue 04 STI for sale -msrp
  128. awe meet
  129. etown 5/30
  130. FS: NIB kaminari carbon fiber wing and front lip
  131. NYPD :) Thanks.
  132. FS: NBA Finals Tickets... 2 for Game 3
  133. FS: TurboXS Stg.2 Unichip w/abc and P&P harness
  134. Where's Faraz?
  135. CEL light help
  136. Spotted: Roosevelt Field Mall
  137. Spotted, Wappingers falls Subaru
  138. Spotted a 2.5 Rs
  139. Oooookay so who's the person in Tri-State who doesn't know how to park?
  140. Heres a Wakeup call for the TriState.. :(
  141. Just got a job at Elmhurst..yeeha!
  142. Tuning Shops in Harrisburg, York, or Lancaster PA??
  143. Philly Region SCCA Test and Tune
  144. DOYLSTOWN tonight fri. go there
  145. Anyone around Allentown have a GTEC or in-car-dyno?
  146. Spotted: one WRX-ECE!
  147. Silver/Blue WRXs' spotted..Rt 37 TR to Seaside
  148. completely off topic, but i thought some peeps would want to see this
  149. Spotted: Loews Cineplex Mountainside
  150. I was spotted for the first time
  151. WTB:WRX muffler
  152. Lip
  153. NEEDED: 1 wrx wheel...........or a set of 4 stock 16 off any subaru
  154. Spotted: Barry @ Jones Beach
  155. W00t for Building Murals!!!
  156. Not exactly a newbie...
  157. friday night in A-town
  158. oem parts need plz
  159. Syracuse Area-Trusted Shops for TXS Stage 4
  160. i got screwed hard with paypal
  161. Spotted Glanzman Subaru
  162. Prodrive Dealer in PA
  163. neon lights legal in PA?
  164. they multiply if you dont keep an eye on them
  165. I heart AWD Rainy Saturday Nights!
  166. I swear some peepo can't drive for *****
  167. Check out my silver REX.....
  168. More wakeup calls...what's going on?
  169. financing a WRX in APR?
  170. Differences between 2003 and 2004 WRX?
  171. Any Central Jersey U-haul (Truck Rental) Hook ups??
  172. fs: subaru parts, magazines and videos
  173. I Hate Punk Ass Kids!!!!!
  174. Exotic car gathering in Downingtown?
  175. silver WRX STi at Rafferty in Edgemont PA
  176. Pics of my dads car after i cleaned it! (work in progress)
  177. fender rolling
  178. FS: KYB-AGX -- H&R Springs w/STi top hats
  179. Hit a Dog...Need Solutions
  180. for sale v7 wing for wrx/rs
  181. Rally Questions
  182. painted sideskirts
  183. WTB: OEM clock for MY02 impreza
  184. Does PA require visual inspections as well as emissions?
  185. WTB: Stock WRX rims
  186. apartment in south Jersey?
  187. Philly Intl airport: whats the major airline(s) there
  188. Supra Forums
  189. Photoshop help. See pic inside.
  190. Check out this Lexus
  191. My 76 Schwinn Sting Ray
  192. BPM Twister Turbo Back FOR SALE
  193. if anybody is in the north brunswick area
  194. Anybody looking for an SVX?
  195. wtb: stock headlights and grill
  196. good paint/body repair shop?
  197. Twin Turbo STI
  198. Hypothetical Question: ENGINE SWAP!
  199. Hello again from Wyoming!!
  200. Honda help for a friend.
  201. I caught my son taking my REX for a ride
  202. June 4, 2003: The Meet the Canuck Supper Meet.
  203. This is just plain wrong - Gas milage.
  204. Who going to STPR?
  205. Just to sound like a broken record..WHERE YOUR SEATBELTS!!!
  206. so who did i wave to yesterday?
  207. FS locally: silver WRX hood - $50!!!
  208. Back Road Drive
  209. Philly Region SCCA Solo II June 8
  210. Spotted near Super-G in Wilmington: silver GM6
  211. cleaning out the shop come and get this stuff
  212. O.C. Import show!!!
  213. switched it up a bit...
  214. Gauging interest in 04 sti wheels and wing
  215. FS: Cobb Access ecu reflash
  216. Gusman21...think you might find this interesting
  217. Posted in OT earlier.....not enough responses
  218. she's finally home!
  219. OMG i'm bored.
  220. Ocean County:Spotted(11:30pm Tuesday Night)
  221. Calling the STi motor Man!
  222. Good place to paint spoiler in Queens/LI?
  223. M3
  224. bodyshop
  225. SVX Question (paisan?)
  226. local Group buy Oil?
  227. Charity Auction...for famalies...important
  228. FS, Philly: Prodrive muffer and Stromung cat elminator
  229. A fist sized rock attacked me
  230. hoj
  231. fs: ADVAN RGs in gold. 17x7.5 +48
  232. Remind me to NEVER buy a black car...
  233. Spotted: Black RS in Punxsutawney?
  234. STi at Roberts Subaru in Downingtown
  235. X-post, can anyone help me with this?
  236. Redd Rooster, Friday 6/13
  237. Spotted: other side of rt24 in traffic....
  238. Official: I Spotted a WRX
  239. police men are real busy in allentown
  240. great window tinting place in North Jersey
  241. The L.I. 2Fast 2Furious Meet!!!!
  242. Ok so who is gonna be guiltiy of seeing 2 fast 2 furious?
  243. RANT: does anyone ever check the "wanted" forum?
  244. Brandywine Autox Sun 6/8
  245. Speed Shop
  246. Syracuse,NY sport compact show
  247. Installapalooza v2.1
  248. Anyone going trough the Delaware Water Gap to STPR (friday)
  249. PA Installfest July 20
  250. New best time for me!