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  1. TRADE: my CF blinker covers for your Clear covers
  2. FS: Pink i Badge & Solid Sti fog covers MBP
  3. Photos from NASA Auto-X sunday
  4. Help please Oil Pressure warning light
  5. Selling my RE-92's and 6-disc changer
  6. FS 2002 RS Blue Auto
  7. Second Annual Post-Thanksgiving PPM Meet: Saturday, 11/29/03, Deptford, NJ
  8. Spotted: WRB @ Muhlenberg College
  9. RPNE Rally Sprint - Nov 8th - Workers Needed!
  10. WTB: Local - Boost Controller
  11. Help! Race car nose cone stolen!
  12. Who do i see in chinatown all the time?!?
  13. Wanted: 98 RS Parts
  14. Wanted: 1 or 2 Bridgerocks for my wagon
  15. Is there a website i can check on how many tickets i owe?
  16. Well, I know nothing about the Subie GL10... Care to Chime In?
  17. WRX wagon at the Edgewater movie theatre
  18. Anyone have a pair of 16" azenis that arent corded yet?
  19. Odd eBay auction
  20. Powdercoating/Anodizing
  21. WTB: Realiable transportation fairly cheap...
  22. L.I.: Hooters This Thursday 10/30
  23. Help from someone attending Rutgers
  24. 04 WRX LH Fender
  25. Beaverun Rally-x, Nov 1, 2003
  26. Anyone up for a backroads Delaware meet/drive?
  27. STI in JC
  28. Silver/Silver STi Available At 5 Star of Oneonta,NY
  29. NNJ Region SCCA Autox question
  30. whos black RS on the channel 5 news
  31. transmission shops allentown area
  32. replacing a fuel filter?
  33. Sonic Yellow WRX in accident on NB RT 287 near Wanaque!
  34. Interest? USDM 6MT
  35. Heading down to Phily on friday
  36. Possible ebay scammer
  37. Any subies in SYRACUSE... respond!!
  38. Brown man needs a side job
  39. Gauging Interest: Meet this Saturday, 11/1...Edgewater Starbucks..Interest?
  40. Lehigh Valley Wheel repair?
  41. LI Backroads drive Nov 23rd
  42. OT: a devil's commercial is being filmed in montclair
  43. Stony Brook Auto Show Sunday November 2nd.
  44. Anyone know where i can get this light pod and intake?
  45. for trade my 99rs 5 spoke for gold rims
  46. Team IAC @ Summit, Need Crew
  47. Multi car meet 11/15
  48. off topic
  49. Tomorrow 10/29/03 is Drift Out Wednesday: HALLOWEEN SPECIAL
  50. Calling all Allentown Subys
  51. Sighting in Camp Hill PA
  52. Wana here something funny
  53. intakes,,,,,whats the deal
  54. Wanted to let you locals know!!
  55. new mods! lighting! 56K advisory!
  56. Not getting email notifications??
  57. anyone here from newark
  58. Holy Postwhore..../ Go to Atco
  59. Paisan: actions not appreciated
  60. Small Meet in Albany
  61. Rain?
  62. F/S Locally
  63. For Sale Trade better price for tristaters alpine tv and changer
  64. Spotted: Subies in Geneva & Andes, NY
  65. FS or for Free!: Zerosports ABS replica wing
  66. why does no one post supper meet threads anymore
  67. Discent bodyshop central Suffolk?
  68. I spend way too much time here
  69. spotted silver wagon in bk
  70. Spotted spotted WRC replica Amboy/Sayrville Area
  71. Interest in MBP 2002 WRX hood?
  72. seat rewrapping?
  73. Tri-State's Ghettoest 2.5RS...
  74. Ummm...Actually it's an RS........
  75. My RS is priced to sell. $8800.00
  76. Nj turbosmart bov FS
  77. vf-30
  78. Urgently need a set of snow tires cheap.
  79. some things for sale
  80. Local For Sale: Stereo Equipment, Guages, and 2002 WRX
  81. My car before recent changes
  82. Not a Newbie anymore!!
  83. just a few NJ noob questions
  84. Subaru racing Granny
  85. FS - GC8 in morris county
  86. Certified snow tires
  87. cf hood and trunk for sale
  88. New a new member!
  89. FS: '02 WRB WRX Sedan
  90. Hunter alignment machine in Philly area?
  92. Just found an anti theft "Immobilizer"
  93. Black 04 WRX Sighting in Downingtown, PA
  94. anyone know where i can get a TORX screw bit?
  95. Atlantic City Garage Collapse
  96. white 04 wagon
  97. WEST CHESTER area meet?
  98. FS: Fish tanks
  99. Greetings
  100. Question about whiteline steering rack bushings?
  101. Trade: Exhausts? MRT
  102. NJ Mfr insurance?
  103. this is why you DONT report hit and runs :rolleyes:
  104. Blue WRX on GSP
  105. Happy B-Day ......
  106. Anything in Philly this weekend?
  107. FS Two Yokohama AVS intermediates
  108. I'm back...
  109. Hey Look!!!
  110. please refrain from posting license plate #'s
  111. so who's the new post whores in the estados triudads?
  112. TRADE: MY98 Golds
  113. Stage 4+ for sale locally
  114. Wanted locally - stock turbo!
  115. My personal dilemma (not car related)
  116. cops disguised as taxi's on LIE
  117. FS: Original In-Box Windows XP Home Edition Software
  118. Halloween Loop, Wilmington De.
  119. shipping tires?
  120. Happy HALLOWEEN Tri-State!
  121. SoLiDbReAkZ welcome back wings meet!!!
  122. HELP!I failed inspection!
  123. what cars share our bolt pattern???
  124. This Weds - anything going on in e-town?
  125. I can't belive to this Oettinger RS6
  126. Ride For Kids-Sunday
  127. CKY concert in Philly tonite
  128. FS: 2003 Blaster with FMF Pipes
  129. 11/2-Imports Vs Dumestics
  130. Spotted: kitted Silver WRX with HIDs and STi wing on 76 exit KoP
  131. FS: 19inch Axis Rims
  132. they try to steal my car too
  133. Phone Killed.....
  134. clear coat peeling?
  135. DOH! found my coolant leak problem
  136. spotted blue gc8...
  137. FS: Some WRX Parts...
  138. Sold my Green WRX
  139. any good but cheap window tinting shop around?
  140. $100 Ticket for expired inspection
  141. Pictures from the loop.
  142. FS WRX wheels & tires (low miles).......
  143. Need STock Turbo ASAP
  144. Dear Mr "light skinned" dread and friend.
  145. FS: local VOLK WHEELS
  146. PA/NJ Backraods Drive Aftermath
  147. DOW8 DOWloween: Fat Tizzie's Driftabaru
  148. LI SBD recap
  149. The weaving winged woving wagon is gone!
  150. Philly: anyone going to see Matrix Revolutions this Wed?
  151. weekend spottings
  152. Inspection question
  153. Beaverun Rally-x, Nov 8, 2003
  154. RST for sale
  155. FS IBM Travelstar 30gb 2.5" Drive
  156. WTB local...WRX stock radio with 6 in dash
  157. FS: Arai Quantum/f Okada and Alpinestars GP Plus Gloves
  158. Covering VIN Numbers
  159. FS: Perrin Inlet pipe
  160. It's been decided! NNJ supper meet 11/05
  161. First JV Mall Meet
  162. looking for a shop that will anodize
  163. a saab wrx?
  164. FS: Dronell Dpowers TS-05's (gold) 18x7.5
  165. FS: Used RE92's. 40$ for all 4..
  166. Autox: NASA @ Giant's Stadium, Nov 16
  167. clutch shudder warranty coverage question
  168. So _b is this what you meant by providing GC-8 parts?
  169. NJDMV is teh fastar!??!
  170. Dressing up as funny internet personalities for halloween next year...
  171. See ya's in a few weeks!
  172. WRX Prodrive Rear Muffler Instock $389.99 shipped
  173. Buying a WRX Wagon?? Where to buy in NJ?
  174. I have a technical question for the Ladies and Metro's..
  175. FS: Gold 17'' Rims with Tires
  176. FS: TurboXS Full Turboback Exhaust
  177. FS: Subysound Trunk Enclosure with 10" JL 10W3v2
  178. FS: WRX DBA 4000 Front Rotors, DBA 650 Rear Rotors
  179. Good Body Shop Around Allentown Area
  180. FS '99 RS stock parts
  181. For sale /trade
  182. Omg Quaife!
  183. They tried to steal my car AGAIN...
  184. Spotted: WRX; Upper Darby
  185. WTB: Stock Wrx Exhaust
  186. Car fire in Bloomfield White wrx.. anyone? (update inside belonged to a Watchung Cop)
  187. girlfriend's moving sale
  188. FS Locally: Bowflex XLTU
  189. Keys lost in Lincroft/Brookdale CC. Help?
  190. 2 car thieves own3d in Clark, NJ
  191. AutoX FMCC Nov 9th Whos going?
  192. tool in silver wrx wagon
  193. FS: Local -Volk Rims , Kaminari Wing, HKS Camp, 4 pots
  194. FS: Stock MY00 RS complete front brakes
  195. Rally New York!
  196. Anyone go to Rutgers or near New Brunswick wanna help me out
  197. AZP Tirerack Tire Order Run
  198. FS or Lease takeover 2003 Acura CL-S 6spd
  199. Impreza Trunk Tools
  200. towns where these cars are getting stolen from?
  201. say goodbye to the legacy
  202. Got pulled over, but something seems weird. Advice please
  203. FS: OEM WRX Center Dash Gauge Pod
  204. Parting With My Turbo-Back
  205. My wagon is officially for sale!
  206. WTB/T: Wagon Cargo 'shade' - FUNNY PIC!
  207. If someone is interested in legalizing a RHD alltrack look here
  208. Every 1 Read This
  209. Pictures From Sunday's Montauk drive
  210. When is everyone switching to winter wear (wheels, tires)
  211. got hit! dang Taxi driver!
  212. Alarm Installers CNJ
  213. gauging interest: 02 Mint MBP hood
  214. Remy Bait ... Alizee inside!
  215. FS: 90 Civic hatch with LS/VTEC engine
  216. Spoted the Weasel 555
  217. F/S '02 Parts and misc.
  218. Tonights KOP Mini-Meet ( seeing Revolutions)
  219. Spotted: 347/454 East @ 12:30pm today..
  220. Anyone live in Rockland?
  221. I just lost my job.
  222. Info on Fish'n'Chips
  223. To all the poor unfortunately people whose babies have been stolen
  224. FS: McCulloch HID kit
  225. King of Prussia Meet 16th
  226. Pictures from HPDE at Limerock 10-25-03, featuring Paisan, Zephyr, and Noks
  227. Public transportation To JFK/Long term parking Q
  228. Alarm - Recommended Installer List
  229. The xt got rear ended
  230. 11/12 Supper Meet
  231. Drifting in the snow at etown?
  232. WTB Sedan Rear Sway Bar..
  233. anyone interested in wrx 03 interior and K&N drop in?
  234. SJ Philly area mini meet 11-15
  235. State Inspection
  236. Clear bra
  237. Anyone know of a dealer in NY state with a new '03 WRX wagon on the lot?
  238. ok...who in the tri state knows this?
  239. woodbridge meet
  240. Philly, Pa 11/8 Late night cruise
  241. need alarm installed
  242. FA: STI v7 Springs
  243. Dyno Day timeslots 15th.
  244. Anyone Have a 2002 WRB WRX Rear Bumper Cover Laying around??
  245. Someone had a run-in with THE thieves (long story)
  246. NJ insurance /buying a used car -- HELP!
  247. Tristate911 First Alert Text Messaging
  248. Great job on a clear bra
  249. Well, It's Official... My RS is Sold!!!
  250. fs:scoobysport[hayward and scott] muffler 4"tip