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  1. Best way to remove scratches/scuff marks?
  2. For the detailers: Klasse compatability with Zaino?
  3. Washing a black car?
  4. How is owning a carbon fiber hood high maintenance?
  5. Help! My STi got oversprayed!!!
  6. Drying Squeegies?
  7. So many rock chips... carbon fiber or repaint?
  8. Micro-Fiber Towels
  9. My new STi looks like crap!
  10. Too late to remove the "Subaru"?
  11. list all your favorite detail products
  12. cleaning/care advice request
  13. Waxing my Car
  14. Waxing techniques
  15. Meguiar's Cleaner Wax + Megiuar's Gold Class
  16. Shaving Letters off Car
  17. What's the best plastic cleaner/polish?
  18. Ardex Products
  19. When is it too late to debadge?
  20. Paint chips!!! Arrrrrrghh
  21. Are clear bras worth it?
  22. Clear Bra question
  23. waxing my brand new 04 wrx?
  24. clay bar? what is it?
  25. Detailing tips.....
  26. My WRX detail project
  27. Zaino: Gets out swirls?
  28. Stickers on paint
  29. Anyone having problems getting the wax off
  30. How to get that gunk off
  31. Car washing kit???and wax
  32. New paint $$
  33. New STi owner / anyone with Stongard experience?
  34. Started zaino, claybar, have terrible swirls!
  35. how do you remove swirls in stoneguard (clear bra's?)
  36. armor all?
  37. Wax after polish?
  38. Wax won't come off again...Revisited
  39. Egged! paint ruined!
  40. Paint Care While at College (quick & dirty waxing)
  41. STI Dent Repair Advice?
  42. Cleaning Machine
  43. Groit's Garage Detailing Wonders
  44. Prodrive Satin paint
  45. Bugs/Chips/Scratches/More Bugs!
  46. Meguiars' quick detailer spray
  47. car care: wax, sprays, dust
  48. antiglare dash coating?
  49. 3m clear protectant?
  50. Clay bar vs. polishing
  51. I need some advice on cleaning subaru interiors
  52. How can I get the dealership sticker off?
  53. Shaving cream on my car
  54. Best detailing stuff I've found!
  55. Wheel Cleaner
  56. Kids spraypainted my subie last night...advice?
  57. What is the best way to wash your scoob?
  58. What's the latest you debadged? (WRB)
  59. Tips on debadging
  60. detailing question: california water blade. Anyone use it? recommendations?
  61. what do you think of this vaccum cleaner for the interior? recommendations?
  62. First Wax
  63. How to fix a minor hit-and-run bumper scrape (my pics inside)
  64. polish headlights?
  65. 04 STi paint seems very soft?
  66. What order while waxing car- meguiars then carnauba?
  67. What can I do about swirls?
  68. raised ripple like orange peal on lower door
  69. How do you get off this brakedust? (pic inside)
  70. 3m Clearshield or invisible rock protector. ('04 WRX sedan)
  71. Waxing wheels.
  72. Review for Mr. Clean
  73. Deep scratches
  74. smoothing touch-up paint
  75. Brake dust removal
  76. Supercharged waxing
  77. I dont know what I did
  78. How to polish a carbon fiber hood???
  79. mr clean autodry car wash?
  80. I need help getting good stuff to wash my car
  81. Best wax?
  82. Swirl marks
  83. Detailing and clear bras
  84. Need Help!!
  85. Debadging Help- Goo Gone Not Working
  86. Gel or Liquid Wax?
  87. Damaged paint after tint installation..
  88. Getting rid of swirl marks
  89. washing the car
  90. Car got keyed!
  91. Claybar after waxing/polishing is done?
  92. Meguiar's NXT Generation Tech Wax??
  93. OEM paintjob drops
  94. Rate my waxing results ---Pics.
  95. What's the best car wash out there?
  96. Detail myself or have the Pros do it??
  97. Best tire dressing?
  98. claybar question
  99. Taking off vents in 01 RS
  100. Fingerprints in clearcoat
  101. Touchup paint and waxing
  102. headlight lens so dirty
  103. How do you not obsess over paint?
  104. armorall repacement much much better!
  105. How do you shine up wheels?
  106. what can I do about those "swirls" in the paint?
  107. Tree sap problem
  108. Ok to wax after Mr. Clean autodry?
  109. One on my headlights is foggy
  110. Somebody kicked my car
  111. faded aspen white paint + newly painted parts... what to do??
  112. finally... a clean, silky smooth car!!
  113. How to clean seats?
  114. Mr. Clean carwash system
  115. bumper changing colors
  116. clear coat gone?
  117. NXT vs Gold Class
  118. Detailing 04' JBP WRX! It's Almost the complete opposite of Swirly!
  119. why does nxt haze so badly on my car?
  120. 04 WRX rusting!
  121. Clay bar
  122. Tree sap= unhappy WRX owner....(Experts needed)
  123. Best washing/drying material?
  124. Cleaning Rims
  125. Need good touchup paint application instructions
  126. NXT is seriously the bomb
  127. Rock chips @ 300 miles!
  128. My cupholder is kaput!
  129. Water Stains on seat
  130. How often do you wax your Subie??
  131. im not sure if i wax wrong
  132. What tire foam makes tires the shiniest?
  133. Bugs are little demons.
  134. paint experts i have question for you
  135. What do you guys dry your cars with?
  136. polishing applicator?
  137. another NXT rules thread (with pics)
  138. Langka does not work!
  139. G-12718 NXT Generation Tech Wax
  140. Ok to wax a new car?
  141. Polishing and waxing
  142. NXT when it rains
  143. Anyone ever use Meguiar's Gold Class?
  144. Porter Cable 7424 - 6" Variable-Speed Random-Orbit Polisher :D or D:
  145. I Scuffed the Front Bumper on a Curb. What should i do
  146. Washing Waxing Confusion
  147. Recommended paint protection plans?
  148. Why does my hood always haze after waxing?
  149. Detailing - Paint Question
  150. Zaino - ZFX vs. Z-1 Polish Lok
  151. Klasse acrylic
  152. Black STi + White Paint = Teh Suck
  153. White STi paint questions
  154. Trunk carpet
  155. Paint problems '02 PSM
  156. how often should i clay bar?
  157. Quick polishing and waxing question
  158. i'm going to do my own full auto detail....
  159. Should a clay bar be used in place of Bug-n-Tar remover?
  160. Is it okay to Wash car in sun?
  161. STi Spoiler Reduction
  162. Best wax to use?
  163. Stupid noob waxing question
  164. How to remove wax on black trim pieces
  165. Hey Car Detailers Or People Who Use Tire Shine
  166. Claybar?
  167. I claybared then it rained and I can't wax
  168. Swirl marks all over my WRB : (
  169. Best Solution for Windshield/Window Haze
  170. ZAINO polish is AMAZING!
  171. Anyone heard of 5 Star Shine Polymer Wax??
  172. What sponge do you use to wash your car?
  173. Touch-Up Paint for Dummies
  174. Armor All on glass
  175. Where to get the Porter - Cable 7424 Random Orbital Polisher??
  176. My first attempt at repairing paint chips
  177. Boat wax on my Suby
  178. Stupid sidemarkers
  179. A LOT of water collects on my car.
  180. de-badging techniques...
  181. headlight cover
  182. What does a microfiber towel do?
  183. waxing my car help
  184. Could I wax my windshield
  185. scratch removal question
  186. Bird crap etched my clear coat!
  187. Detailing question-wax removal
  188. Can I leave wax on overnight?
  189. Car washing randomness
  190. Clusters of very fine scratches on paint!
  191. Best all around clay?
  192. long lasting wax
  193. White car love help
  194. I have lots of swirls in my paint
  195. In/Exterior Bling -- What should my wife have my kids get me?
  196. getting my car detailed
  197. Getting a 2005 WRX, black or white paint? Help me out here.
  198. Wax
  199. noob at detailing. how to clay bar?
  200. Debadging issue!
  201. to wax or not to wax?
  202. How bad is it to wax new paint?
  203. I done a bad, bad thing
  204. STI Emblems
  205. Mr. Clean Autodry
  206. explain the appeal of debadging
  207. Need help removing deep scratches (picture)
  208. Best way to get tree sap off the paint?
  209. Practical interior/exterior car care products and tips-- reviews/opinions welcome!
  210. 3m Paint Protector vs. Bug Deflector
  211. Silly Rock Guard Crap
  212. Car wash day..
  213. subaru paint question
  214. Big Wing owners, do you get dirt embedded in your bumper?
  215. What's the best interior cleaner?
  216. No Scrub Wheel Cleaners?
  217. New Paint Care?
  218. i suck at teh wax
  219. How much is a full exterior detail?
  220. Frost on the inside windows
  221. Deoxidizing old looking paint?
  222. Usage of random orbit polisher
  223. Eh... How bad is gasoline for your paint?
  224. Costco Microfiber Towels?
  225. California Water Blade.... what do you think
  226. Drying your Subaru
  227. Hazed/oxidized headlights
  228. how to remove the badge sticky stuff?
  229. Car wax for the spring
  230. Paint removal from hood.
  231. Please Help With Paint Issues!
  232. Waxing carbon fiber hood?
  233. My Baby's Spring Waxing
  234. Help, I got wax in the door handles!!!
  235. What is the most efficient way to wash a car at a self-wash place?
  236. Anyone use NXT Paste?
  237. Where to get "STi pink" spray paint?
  238. car detailing
  239. Cordless buffers of choice?
  240. I wanna take off the 'SUBARU' rear badge.
  241. Debadged..have light Subaru left over..even after waxing.
  242. Spring Time Detail to Perfection Routine
  243. Get those wheels clean, finally!
  244. Was washing my car last night and discovered that my roof has a rough feel
  245. Claying with art clay
  246. Noobie with new black car
  247. Engine Detailing
  248. first time klasse
  249. Road grime, aggghhh
  250. Midnite Black pearl swirl marks