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  1. Just got my car back from a shop for repainting.. question
  2. How to remove fine swirl marks and a good wax?
  3. Pix of a car with Altezza Tail Lights in CF
  4. Washed my car today and...... Subaru paint sucks!
  5. What do you use to wash & detail?
  6. Cleaning question (poor butterflies).
  7. Getting wax off side skirts?
  8. Meguiars Tech Wax
  9. no clear coat on mirrors
  10. Zymol
  11. What is happening to my paint?
  12. Cleaning your engine bay?
  13. Your Car Wash Routine
  14. Suggest basic cleaning supplies please.
  15. Paint code/color name for interior trim?
  16. waxing white cars
  17. Need Paint Help!!
  18. these are the times im happy i bought a black car
  19. sti guys: are you having any paint issues (rust)?
  20. DIY Fluid Caps - Yellow to Red Mod
  21. here we go again: paint flaking off
  22. waxing probs anyone ever have this happen?
  23. hood scoop and car wash
  24. Mothers Clay Bar
  25. Windshield wiper cowl?
  26. What to wash interior with?
  27. My paint looks dull- what is wrong with my car?
  28. Another Clay bar question
  29. I ran over a puddle of paint!
  30. Found out the best way to eliminate swirls
  31. Does waxing eat up the car's clear coat?
  32. Wagon roof rack removal question:
  33. Any tips for using a clay bar my WRX?
  34. Tribeca Subaru Badge
  35. I finally got the wax off of my windshield:
  36. hypothetically speaking, if i wake up and find my car covered in bird droppings..
  37. Paint Overspray
  38. Detailing:Bringing out the mbp flakes
  39. First polish/waxing obsidian black pearl
  40. which front lip??
  41. Washing the car
  42. Low gloss vinyl dressing? Opinions?
  43. looking for an amazing wheel cleaner
  44. Before/After shots of clay bar and polish use
  45. Best Wax/Sealant for Dark Cars
  46. how to fix all those little hood paint chips without repaint?
  47. When to wax a brand new Subie?
  48. Help STi Daily Drivers... Wheel Cleaning
  49. Sticky Suggestion: Best "X" type of detailing product
  50. Hood Deflector Install:How hard is it?
  51. exterior care assistance
  52. Klasse Sealant Glaze - quick detailer?
  53. How to properly wash your exterior?
  54. Opinions of Eagle One Wax-As-U-Dry
  55. Care on carbon fibre bonnet
  56. What is a claybar?
  57. when can i wash my car
  58. Any 05 wrx OBP owners?
  59. Disadvantages of Clay Bar
  60. wax wont come off..
  61. Brake Dust Galore !
  62. waxed my trunk and still can see subaru
  63. Help! Removed part of my fake pen stripe, Leaveing a line.
  64. How to wash and wax a car properly
  65. Sick of black car
  66. Claybar and waxing tips?
  67. Leftover wax removal?
  68. newbie on waxing/microfiber towels/ clay bar process
  69. how to remove egg
  70. Condensed Water Washing -> is it safe or not?
  71. Different questions about detailing...
  72. P21S wheel cleaner meets it's maker.
  73. Can NXT attract grit?
  74. Water Spots.
  75. Detailing products to buy
  76. waxing your ride
  77. Aftermarket Wipers?
  78. between waxes
  79. Black WRX paint- what am I doing wrong?
  80. clay bars do wonders!!!!
  81. Clear Bra Paint protection
  82. Teach me how to wax
  83. How-to make your car look perfect (polish, wax, etc)!!
  84. NXT or #26. Which goes on top.
  85. After summer storms - how do I keep up?
  86. So heres the deal...(sedan conversioners come in)
  87. Cleaning Your Interior
  88. Clay bar/waxing.
  89. Car Covers... Any Suggestions?
  90. Treatment for faded carbon fiber hood?
  91. So i just got done claying/polishing/waxing
  92. You guys/gals know the balck plastic on the outside of the '04 WRX....
  93. Overwashing car?
  94. Waxing Wheels?
  95. Those with clear bra on your car...
  96. Your preferred spay wax?
  97. Why does my CF Hood look dry and dull?
  98. Debadged but can still see letter outline, help??
  99. Stupid "girl question" of the year
  100. Subaru's Paint Sealant
  101. Help! Someone egged my STi
  102. Subaru's Thin Paint
  103. First time Claybar user, very happy with results, sorry no pics.
  104. waxing/polishing cf trunk
  106. Brown spots on paint - won't come off (pics)
  107. Do you wax/polish by hand or machine?
  108. Is it safe to wash a car with a 1600psi water compressor?
  109. wash/wash procedure
  110. Brake dust
  111. NXT wax residue appearing after waxing... Why?
  112. '06 White STi w/ Clear Bra installed
  113. clay bar take off clear coat
  114. Damn water spots!
  115. Washing Car and not drying, any damage?
  116. how come no sticky for detailing?
  117. (NJ) Looking for VERY GOOD detailing shop
  118. Scoobysport Exhaust tip tarnished. What to use to get it chrome again?
  119. Cleaning kits
  120. autopia is the shiznit
  121. Any way to polish plastic headlights?
  122. cleaning brake dust off the rim
  123. mildew in car
  124. Waxed my car with Zymol
  125. interior cleaning of throw up
  126. My acid sweat from elbow has softened the drivers door vinyl at the top
  127. Paint scratch swirl marks on new 05 STI from dealer
  128. 04 side skirts
  129. subaru paint. man its dalacate
  130. Annoyed with your 2004 WRX seat upholstery? (Found way to clean water stains)
  131. Clear on my CF hood...
  132. Need a good mobile auto detailer in LA area (Monterey Park)...
  133. Interior seats detailing
  134. cleaning wheels
  135. I still need help after debadging :(
  136. I can still see subaru lettering after the debadge
  137. Giant compendium of all aftermarket paintjobs.
  138. Cleaner wax question?
  139. longest lasting paint sealant?
  140. '04 steering wheel
  141. Debadging- is it right?
  142. exterior cleaning steps
  143. Brake dust and cleaning rims
  144. The PORTERCABLE CHALLENGE.. Look before&after
  145. Scratches under door handles.
  146. to anybody who owns a black car...(car wash question)
  147. Swirl Marks on WRX
  148. Catless white subys chime in!
  149. Ultimate car wax conclusion
  150. 7 levels of washing
  151. Is there a "next best thing" to a new paint job?
  152. S203 Hazard Button install on a 2005 WRX
  153. Waxing at night
  154. How do I get this wax off?
  155. Bad Paint?
  156. How to avoide wax spots/deposits/"holidays" when waxing???
  157. wat wax should i get?
  158. Dealer calls it Tree Sap...
  159. how long before i wax my new car....
  160. I have a quick question! Please help ASAP
  161. Mud Flaps - What other choices are out there?
  162. headlight ?????
  163. Road Paint on Car Help.
  164. Cleaning Engine Compartment
  165. Boxter -> Boxer emblem
  166. detailing work with a circular motion or no?
  167. Waxing new paint Q's
  168. waxing
  169. Fading trim
  170. Car was just painted - wait 30 days to wash?
  171. Just got the machine polish kit from Griotsgarage - amazing
  172. Armorall question...
  173. Do automatic car washes strip wax?
  174. Just picked up an 02, question about eyelids.
  175. Scratch on my new 06 WRX, spot paint or whole bumper?
  176. Best way to keep engine bay looking clean
  177. How does the White hold up?
  178. Scratch above clearcoat
  179. Dirty window please help me
  180. What do you use to clean your car?
  181. Wax?
  182. need help with clay bar
  183. Fixing headlight hazing and more
  184. Most Bang for Buck Detailing Products
  185. Removing Soot
  186. 400 dollar wax from dealer???
  187. new car washing/waxing
  188. polish n wax white???
  189. Where to Buy Porter Cable 7336 or 7424?
  190. STi paint care and repair
  191. Cracked headlight trim help
  192. Liquid Ice new Turtle Wax Product Review...
  193. rock guard care?
  194. What towels are u using to wash/wax/dry?
  195. stupid1tie check on claybar process
  196. Ultimate detail
  197. one day a year car is shiny (with pics)
  198. hand polisher....worth it or not?
  199. Best Detail Job
  200. Porter Cable 7424, 7428, 7336?
  201. Question about Nu Finish polish
  202. loosing finish on my cf hood. what can i use on it?
  203. Can't get wax to stick to my hood
  204. Tips for Obsidian Black Pearl
  205. Did a full interior restoration today....PICS
  206. good car wax??
  207. calling all flat blacks
  208. Getting rid of mildew smell?
  209. Car Wash
  210. Interior scratch removal.
  211. mr. clean auto dry
  212. Do you think i can revive this.
  213. The Perils of a Black Car.
  214. How to clean the insdie of a headlight? (w/pics)
  215. Detailing Questions
  216. hood dents..
  217. stuff not to do
  218. Where can I buy a bra for the front end of my 2006 STI?
  219. Don't wax a car that is less than 6 months old?
  220. Paint, Sandpaper, Gloss question
  221. am i crazy about my wheels?
  222. Advice on Severe Swirl Marks
  223. porter-cable or...?
  224. debadging a 3 yr old car
  225. Clear Bra?
  226. I am so angry right now... XM radio antenna scratched my new STI ***pictures***
  227. Average cost for detailing?
  228. Bug removal
  229. where to find OEM paint
  230. what takes off water spots on exterior of windows?
  231. Paint FULL of scratches, waxing not working, about to take drastic measures.
  232. Beware: Poorboys Bug prewash
  233. Exhaust Hangers...
  234. I need some BIG help washing my car!
  235. I need tips for a quick wax job.
  236. Investing into the BEST Car Cleaner-Polish-Seal Equipment and Chemicals
  237. Neglected car - Paint cleaner then polish?
  238. Any random orbital buffer better than none?
  239. damn weak subaru paint
  240. Washing Sparco Seats
  241. Sti Wing!
  242. I debadged.. cool?
  243. What Wax do you use?
  244. Which Air freshener do you have?
  245. Can I get away with not claybarring?
  246. Mysterious Handprints
  247. windshield washer fluid etched into glass
  248. Removing shoe polish
  249. Wax stuck in badges...
  250. washing the car.