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  1. Dash trim,,ie air vents right and left
  2. Silver Reflective Window Tint
  3. Is this Price in the Ball park
  4. Sunroof Visors
  5. Has anyone tried this?
  6. Paint Care Products
  7. Overspray on my car.. What to do to get it off?
  8. Someone scratched my car. Best way to fix?
  9. Just did the Meguiar's Three Step and wow....
  10. can you help me
  11. Body care
  12. tinting and detailing in orange county
  13. Don't give me no lip?!
  14. Question about that 3M clearbra stuff...
  15. Time & Patience = Clean Car
  16. California Gold Clay Bar + Zymol wax
  17. Debadging Techniques (merged thread)
  18. Just finished using Mother's Claybar...
  19. Ideas after debadging..
  20. How to use a buffer.
  21. SUBARU rear letter removal?
  22. Wax Applicators
  23. Clay Bars
  24. Clay bar failed
  25. Nu Finish
  26. WRX Morrette Twin Headlamp Install (w/pics)
  27. Help! Is my paint ruined?
  28. Car polish = bad for clearcoat?
  29. Cleaning black cars
  30. Survey: How often do you wax? What brand do you use?
  31. ToughGuard paint protectant?
  32. Paint Splatters on my car
  33. Protecting weak clearcoat
  34. problematic wash points
  35. Removing yellow road stripe paint?
  36. Window Tinting
  37. Subaru car cover review
  38. Is it worth it to wax my car?
  39. Paste wax vs. liquid wax?
  40. What do you use to wipe the car down?
  41. Meguiar's Scratch-X... utterly failed!
  42. Cleaning hard water buildup
  43. Shammies suck!
  44. Meguiar's Three Step
  45. good wax
  46. Any experience with Zymol products?
  47. Best detailing products?
  48. paint (protection and shine)
  49. Got gasoline on my paint! Help!!!
  50. My whole car is a crazy swirl!
  51. Zaino Brothers Car Wax
  52. Damn swirlmarks
  53. Anyone use a buffing machine?
  54. orbital buffer burn marks--help
  55. Can you wax a car to much?
  56. Bird crap!
  57. Car Wax
  58. Meguiars or Zaimo?
  59. anyone used this 3M strong guard
  60. rainy day and fine lines on paint
  61. MY98 Impreza L temp lights?
  62. Waxing question
  63. preparation before waxing
  64. Don't clean rims with this!
  65. Orbital Buffer ???
  66. Removing Wax
  67. What to Clean Wheels/Tires With?
  68. Swirl marks in paint??
  69. debadged rear and now clearcoat chips
  70. why debadge?
  71. easy wash/wax products
  72. cleaning car
  73. Meguires scratch X works.
  74. bad paint mistake
  75. Would this paint job be possible?
  76. What's everyone using for detailing?
  77. temp. rust spot containment?
  78. Liquid Zymol?
  79. Horns...
  80. Just installed side skirt
  81. Black WRX Scratches?
  82. Drying Rex after washing
  83. Blackfire Paint protection & polish review
  84. Instruction for using claybar?
  85. quite a bit of swirl mark/scratch related stuff
  86. Amazing what 3 hrs waxing will do..
  87. Installing OEM Body Kit
  88. Question on paint. NOT scratches and chips.
  89. 02 WRX: Poor Paint Quality
  90. what kind of car washes are safe?
  91. wax on wax off
  92. Car Washes
  93. How to wet sand?
  94. Wax, cleaner or this??
  95. question about waxing and new paint
  96. My only regret- my paint
  97. Inexpensive Dressup
  98. The Official Detailing Thread
  99. Tired of those dirty/scuffed up foglight or headlight lenses?
  100. Question about keeping paint nice and breakin period
  101. door ding basics?
  102. These swirls are driving me nuts!
  103. So I took off my Moonroof Deflector
  104. '02 wagons - bumpers
  105. Quick help- how to remove old wax?
  106. waxing takes out swirl marks
  107. Newbie car wash question
  108. clear bra pics?
  109. Car detailing- how well do you take care of her?
  110. Advice on washing engine
  111. Wax a new car?
  112. Paint Chips
  113. window scratches
  114. Greddy Lip on black WRX
  115. What I did last night after work
  116. WheelWax (from vs. Mother's or Meguiar's Polish
  117. Black rims?
  118. I got egged, what's the best way to clean it?
  119. Tree Sap!
  120. Strange substance on paint?
  121. Carbon fiber hood for white RS: Paint it white?
  122. Removing/Replacing the chrome "SUBARU" Letters on trunk lid.
  123. Simoniz cordless random orbit polisher
  124. Proper waxing technique?
  125. Best Wax
  126. What do you use to shine up the interior of your car?
  127. I just can't take it anymore
  128. Bumper vents painted - pics here!
  129. Rust
  130. Waxing
  131. Clay bar and wax
  132. Air Fresheners
  133. zaino users
  134. keeping white rims clean?
  135. first car polish/wax?
  136. Debadged and dented?
  137. Why are people debadging their Subarus?
  138. Dupont Paint Treatment
  139. Lubricant for clay bar
  140. between waxing
  141. I stumbled onto this detailing site
  142. Anyone try Eagle 1 "Wax as you Dry"?
  143. Bubble in my paint.
  144. Headlight mod disaster- help!
  145. Plug and play harness for LHD or RHD headlights
  146. pinstripes are off, now how do I get the residue off?
  147. help with my CF hood
  148. So your Subaru paint scratches easily?
  149. Zainos and how to apply
  150. Paint Emergency!
  151. Insect Removal
  152. Removing wax from black trim
  153. Detail Shop needed! - Chicagoland area
  154. subaru letters still seen after debadging...
  155. Tire and Wheels
  156. How to avoid/get wax out of crevices??
  157. wax remover as polish?
  158. troubles in waxing
  159. pinstripes, IMPREZA sticker gone, but the paint is faded underneath
  160. weak clear coat?
  161. How to use a clay bar
  162. 20K miles and headlights starting to look like crap
  163. What part of the WRX should I not wax?
  164. I debadged my trunk today
  165. ArmorAll all over my insides
  166. Somebody egged MY 2.5RS
  167. how long should i wait
  168. Polishing and waxing
  169. Can someone help me with a dent question?
  170. waxing, the car that is
  171. Shave/de-letter your lenses
  172. how to clean engine bay
  173. When to wax a new car (I searched)
  174. Protection against scratches on thin Subie paint
  175. quick detailing question
  176. What am I doing wrong when I wax?
  177. Where can I buy a good orbital polisher that is not to expensive?
  178. Scratch
  179. Baked Bugs
  180. When can or should wax my new WRX
  181. Waxing
  182. best car washing products/method you've tried
  183. Used Zymol polish for the first time...
  184. Debadging question
  185. Detailing?
  186. New Car smell
  187. Zaino polish or 3M?
  188. car care
  189. Maintainance on leather?
  190. drips from mirrors after drying the car
  191. Waxes, cleaners, & polish
  192. how much did you pay to get your factory side skirt painted?
  193. Meguiars wax? turtle?
  194. something on my paint x_X
  195. the freakin paint
  196. Wax Question
  197. Washing: Micro Fiber or 100% Cotton Chenille
  198. How to get brake dust off of wheels?
  199. Problem: yellow dust after waxing car.
  200. People with black Impreza's
  201. Car cleaning products and methods?
  202. Zaino, anyone interested in a GB?
  203. Update on Zaino GB
  204. Gold Class liquid wax, why didn't I use this stuff before?
  205. Static Wax
  206. wrb car, blue 'i' badge, stock grill?
  207. got rid of the bug eye effect
  208. please help, I need to fix vandalism asap
  209. Flaw in the paint
  210. I tried the Mother's Clay Bar Kit...
  211. Best way to finish off/fix new paint job?
  212. Need help with bad polishing dealer job
  213. Who knows a good "detailer" in PA?
  214. Is it better not to use polish?
  215. Carbon Fiber Hood Install Questions
  216. I'd like to reiterate how much suck Subaru Paint has
  217. How to polish out small scratches
  218. Clay Bar
  219. product opinion
  220. Help: Drying car problems
  221. Where should I take my car in a for a new paint job?
  222. recommandation for good wax
  223. ? for you Zaino users
  224. Mother's Clay Bar system
  225. CA: OC Detailing shop recommendation
  226. MgGuires gold class liquid wax
  227. How can you make mud stick on your car?
  228. How do I remove the sunroof wind deflector on my 00RS?
  229. best way to remove overspray?
  230. Anyone have Ziebart, or Klasse info?
  231. debadging - images of warning
  232. How often do you wax?
  233. CF or repaint... what do you think?
  234. Is there a Once a Year Wax?
  235. Cleaning Products
  236. clay is clay?
  237. How to clear MY04 headlights - photo instructions
  238. clay bar v. polishing compound
  239. Obital Buffer Vs. Hand
  240. Waxing Help
  241. owners with white wrx's....paint spots need help
  242. Does WRX have a clearcoat?
  243. Mothers Paste Wax Vs Griot's Garage Paste Wax Round 1
  244. Debadging
  245. Zaino order input
  246. Question for leather seat owners
  247. Removing Bugs and other nasties
  248. I got sex all over my back seat!!!
  249. Who's got the decoder ring for the Zaino Instructions
  250. Car waxing question