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  1. Launch control for dummies.
  2. Innovate OT-2 Help
  3. Mechanical or Electrical?
  4. XPT stage2 w/GMBCS and CAI?
  5. Advice betwen Open ECU and ...
  6. Can someone check my learning view please?
  7. 2009 STI g/rev limit problem?
  8. lol at LV
  9. Going to OL before its called for?
  10. Stage 2 learning view log
  11. air flow problem
  12. intake air temp and loss of Maf g/sec?
  13. How many of you have done OS tune's on 2010 WRX's?
  14. Did some logging... Can feel surging power and this graph shows why
  15. Pre first run adjustments to Stg2.5 base map
  16. Pulling lots of timing
  17. Needs some tweaking.
  18. Super Lean.
  19. Boost Oscillation with Turbo Inlet Install, advice on options
  20. Wideband on and off issues
  21. 3rd & 5th Gear Pulls - Some knock & not making full boost
  22. did testes1010 stage 2 and now random lose of power
  23. Seeking input, running ridiculously rich.
  24. Stock MAF Scaling
  25. Can't connect to logger
  26. 06 STI Open Source Project
  27. Total Number Of Flashes An ECU Can Take
  28. tinywrex site?
  29. 2004 2.5 Rs
  30. My Learning View... Doesen't look so great
  31. HELP!? NEED to Clear codes...
  32. LC-1 losing program and Rear O2 CELS
  33. Free race fuel base map please
  34. Tuning questions
  35. delete
  36. New Log...overboosted :(
  37. About to tune, ??? about setup
  38. Wideband tailpipe mount/clamp?
  39. Knock Sensor triggering at idle?
  40. "Unable to send ECU init" but Ecuflash is working
  41. Any insight on my LV ?
  42. XPT tune wont work for me
  43. p0422 CEL (not caused from ap)
  44. maf 5v Spike / car stumbles / during rain ???
  45. Is this ecu locked out?
  46. 02 wrx not starting
  47. JDM OS ECU Flash
  48. My Latest Learning View. WTF!?!
  49. logging to microSD stopped working - now no comm port visible in the logger
  50. First Learning View
  51. Can Learning View alone generally indicate the health of a motor?
  52. Passing emissions w/ a jdm motor on a usdm ecu
  53. When is the MAF too big?
  54. LM-2 and you....
  55. dumb question about romraider/ecu flash tune
  56. First learning view and IAM is 5?
  57. OTS Tune options for 2010 WRX
  58. cant connect!
  59. perrin big maf scaling??
  60. Help me with a base map to get my car to the tuner Please
  61. 07 STi Stage 2 map anyone?
  62. Trouble flashing my ECU with a Tactrix cable.
  63. Maf Scale help
  64. 02' Stage 2 catless wrx w/ big TMIC and P&L big maf intake
  65. Does the Tactrix OBDII interface use a specific mini USB cable?
  66. I just blew my ecu
  67. Romraider install issues
  68. Too much engine load?
  69. Accessport V2 cable with romraider?
  70. Folks with 16g's.. How much boost?
  71. 03 WRX bad cold start idle in closed loop / rich open loop fuelling
  72. RomRaider
  73. Help with Stage 1 base map
  74. gm 3 bar map sensor scaling?
  75. tuning help, please
  76. MAF Scaling - Smoothness Theory (Some Experiments)
  77. 2.5i Tuning Option!!!
  78. i want to learn how to tune.
  79. 08 WRX WGDC Falling Off As RPM Climbs
  80. Can I pull my Cobb APv1 tune off my ECU with Romraider?
  81. Tuner blew motor on purpose? long story.
  82. ecuflash - stuck at read from ecu
  83. Logging questions
  84. TXS Tuner Wideband and Romraider logging
  85. My first log, any suggestions?
  86. MAF Scaling and LESS power?
  87. Help With Slight Boost Spikes... Relying too much on TD? (Log Included)
  88. Possibly newb question, but I must ask...
  89. Homemade reflash connector
  90. Help with Roms
  91. Off throttle FLKC and negative KC
  92. How do I log for fuel pumps?
  93. Heres a log, im new at this setup, bare with me
  94. Blow Thru vs. MAP
  95. Learning View D column
  96. Calibration UEGO?
  97. Car wont start, help
  98. IAM at 0!?!
  99. Fuel Cut in 4th around 5000rpm.
  100. LC and boost issue.
  101. False Knock at very low RPM's
  102. Learning view screen shot... how is it?
  103. whats the trade off?
  104. How do I tune injectors?
  105. CEL/air leak help...?
  106. ecuflash and closed interface
  107. Tuning Noob... Looking for help
  108. First Learning View Screenshot...please advise
  109. Any Gurus wanna take a look at these Logs?
  110. Tuning Soon!!! Noob
  111. Random knock after a long day of auto-x, anyone care to check out a log?
  112. Is this a stock tune?
  113. ECU airflow limit with AP
  114. Green flashing connector switches
  115. noob ?...does resetting ECU erase custom open source tune data?
  116. Logging my ATP GT35R - Am I doing it right? graphs inside
  117. Can't connect to my god damn ecu!
  118. May be a stupid question but need to ask
  119. ECU compatibility
  120. Unable to send ECU init-check cable is connected and ignition is on
  121. Where can I find stock 07 wrx map?
  122. Deatschwerks 1000 latencies?
  123. Trying to learn how to edit ROM's / how to tune
  124. Can someone check out these logs.
  125. how does this log look
  126. Pulling/adding timing
  127. Opinions on this tuners map
  128. 2010 STI SE Open Source Tuning.. stuck.
  129. Finally got new ECU and flashed. Check these logs!
  130. Weird idle AFR problem and FLKC at all times!!
  131. cant get tactrix working
  132. Per injector compensation
  133. Fixed loose logs
  134. Sti base map
  135. Strange RR logging issue, stops at 4krpm up and starts 4krpm down..?
  136. Need help with Wideband afr readings
  137. Need help with knock
  138. Help! How do U get the romraider logger to log the LC1 AFR?
  139. Timing Comp A and B tables- need some answers, please
  140. Highest AWHP Open Source tuned Car?
  141. free speed density idea (what you think)
  142. *FIXED* (Found a massive boost leak.)
  143. What to order for tactrix?
  144. XPT Stage-I w/AEM Intake
  145. Removing headrs
  146. Will not log more than 14lbs
  147. Mac willn't Connect with OpenPort 2.0?
  148. Ecuflash Support for 2010+ subarus
  149. Romraider Datalogging...
  150. LC1 low AFR issue
  151. Help with Cylinder Roughness!!!!
  152. Innovate Wideband o2 question
  153. Perrin GT30R Blow-Thru and ID1000's
  154. WOT no knock, but knocking during normal acceleartion
  155. RomRaider Works Romraider ecu logger doesnt
  156. Learning View screen shot - Good or bad?
  157. Tactric cable 2.0 only reading Engine load?
  158. Getting AEM UEGO gauge working with RomRaider
  159. Q about rough knock correction and IAM
  160. OpenECU timing problem check out logs
  161. launch control removal for 02-03...FIGURED IT OUT..But need a good tiny LC patch
  162. Need help with VAGCOM, "Not trying to flash, just log"
  163. car is pulling timing up top but no knock
  164. Questions on the "Subie Newbie Tuning Guide"
  165. Trouble Installing RomRaider
  166. Disabling codes
  167. looking for help merging 03 wrx with 06 wrx map base just to get car running
  168. ECU Logging/Flashing Cable for 08+ Subarus
  169. Will limp mode lower IAM?
  170. Pulled timing again and again, still have FBKC during street run.
  171. do i need tactrix cord or is v1 or v2 accessport cable fine to use
  172. EcuFlash Mac OSX 10.4+ software
  173. Learning view, please look, some knock.
  174. Need advice on break-in map
  175. local tuners? northwest nj..
  176. Hybrid engine issue
  177. low rev limit/ valet mode using opensource
  178. grimmspeed ebcs tuning help
  179. Help with Logs
  180. Learning View Won't Open!!!
  181. 04 WRX Running Rich
  182. Looking for stock 2005 STI flash
  183. ODB 2 Codes with tactrix 1.3 cable?
  184. ****** Merchgod/Teacups to Cobb.....OS Plan Forward...Gathering The Troops *****
  185. 06 2.5i 4eat base map
  186. TONS of CEL codes, no CEL...
  187. Using MickeyD's CL MAF Scaling spreadsheet
  188. TUNERS: Near or around Michigan or via internet.
  189. Idiotic request..I want to make my car shoot fireballs..
  190. ecu swap
  191. Question on rescaling load
  192. Init Connector Remaining Connected?
  193. Help! My car is all jacked up!
  194. Tactrix and Opensource work on a 2002 WRX?
  195. Need stock map
  196. Help ! 2001-2002 WRX Reflash Connector not working
  197. 21.18 psi on stock td04?
  198. Anyone Have A Tune For? ....
  199. How should I work on this...
  200. Bren Tuned
  201. Running way rich
  202. delete post please
  203. XPT FREE MAP INCLUDED - A4SGE01C OSECU Stage 2 r10 - Horsepower? PAID ANSWER!!!
  204. NEED: 05 wrx base map for fp18g7cm, DW750cc
  205. Is my car creeping?
  206. noob question anyone had a success on raising 2.5i rev limit openecu ?
  207. Doug-topspeed :-)
  208. GM Map Sensor, Can you use the Map adaptor plate?
  209. a little help please with adjusting boost psi and loging!
  210. RomRaider logger locking up constantly after LC-1 install
  211. ? can you flash a non turbo ecu to run a turbo setup???
  212. Equilibrium Tuning is proud to announce our New Official Remote Tuning Service!
  213. I need help tuning my car please read
  214. Reflash question
  215. EJ253 AFR Issue
  216. VF48 on Xpt VF39 map
  217. What Parts do I need to opensource?
  218. need some help and direction
  219. learning view stg2 big numbers?
  220. Stock tune for 04 STI
  221. ? About the latest version of RomRaider
  222. Upping Peak Target Boost, TD04
  223. bren tune FTW
  224. Did I brick my ECU?
  225. Need stock map for 06 STi asap!
  226. 06 wrx vf39 tuning
  227. 02 WRX Injector/Tune Problem
  228. Extending AFR cells
  229. no knock, but iam dropped fast
  230. Engine Probs After Tune - Sound right?
  231. problems connecting tactrix
  232. Engine Timing While Starting
  233. Wanted: MY05 WRX 91 oct MT Stage 1 map, basically stock
  234. Which would you trust?
  235. Weird IAM Drop
  236. Engine load
  237. Opensource maps/ROMs : This is where they are!!!!
  238. Knock Correction Advance (degrees) question on a custom tune 08 2.5i AT
  239. I got E85! What can I expect PSI wise?
  240. Quick Question
  241. Rom logger shows up to 18.43PSI boost
  242. WT2 is this!?!?
  243. Trouble after Flashing ECU
  244. XPT Stage 2 for Open ECU vs XPT Stage 2 for AP?
  245. Which O2 sensor would you trust?
  246. group n map running really rich.
  247. How do i open my log when im done logging?
  248. Odd Learning View Values part 2...
  249. I hope i'm not fudged - plz assist
  250. 05 with an 02 tune? Will it work?