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  1. Custom angled universal mufflers
  2. Couple small projects
  3. 08+ STi hood replacement
  4. Bolt extraction kits?
  5. GR style exhaust on a GD chassis
  6. delete please
  7. Tig welding tips for Stainless Steel for n00bs
  8. Throttle body porting for methanol
  9. Custom MAF elbow
  10. want to install pop-top sunroof '06 OBS
  11. Help me choose tools
  12. Where can i get a bpv flange that will fit the stock bpv.
  13. Need a pipe expander ... that works
  14. Looking for help installing Home lift.
  15. GD rear tow hook
  16. Need a dual battery tray, custom..
  17. AKUMA MOTORSPORTS custom roated 35r turbo kit and i/c piping!
  18. opinions on this compressor
  19. ETS Titanium Products
  20. Alumiweld
  21. any thoughts on this block im considering?
  22. need info on how to fit dual exhaust on 08-10 wrx wagon?
  23. Diy methanol kit, will have more
  24. Custom radiator/intercooler setup
  25. Custom Holset HE351 on LGT
  26. Calling all bodymen
  27. custome ewg??
  28. iwg uppipe modded to ewg
  29. looking for specs on a ewg setup
  30. Turbotrix Forward Facing Turbo Setup
  31. Custom Rotated Kit - Is my turbo pitched too much?
  32. twin vf21 and vf20 on my ej205?
  33. Dry Sump EFR 8374 Lowmount manifold.
  34. dumb question on welding
  35. 3" mandrel bent SS custom catback
  36. S&R Performance - Fabrication Thread! All Kinds of Projects.
  37. Anyone make their own Subframe?
  38. A whole new fabrication coming
  39. Adding a SS Cat to a Catless DP a couple questions.
  40. Rivnuts
  41. Have a Shock Absorber Double-D Socket Made?
  42. Ewg
  43. Catch cans vs. air oil separators?
  44. place to buy custom exhaust hangers?
  45. What if i have this electric cut of straight pipe
  46. OEM Twinscroll Header Info?
  47. DIY Twin scroll header
  48. Psi Proformance Fabrication Pictures
  49. Tack welding, clamps or what
  50. Heatwrap
  51. should i replace it or pay someone to reapir it
  52. Fabricating a Heat Shield (step by step)
  53. teach me about drill bits
  54. Branch Resonators
  55. My take on ARC Canards...
  56. Fabbed up a custom turbo heat shield!
  57. New take on a practical front mount and rotated turbo
  58. not car related, but cool - real carbon fiber inside...
  59. muffler bypass
  60. Stock size of midpipe sti 08
  61. Custom Body Parts
  62. Anyone made custom radiator stays?
  63. Custom front tow hook mount
  64. opinions on chop saws
  65. couple things ive fabbed for my 97 impreza
  66. Hawkeye front measurements
  67. GT42 LS1 Manifolding.
  68. Semi-shave or fill engine bay holes
  69. perforated stainless tube?
  70. Help Finding This Breaker Bar
  71. Anyone made their own leak down tester?
  72. plce in tri state nj to make straight pipe
  73. Waterjet Cutting Services
  74. HTS2000 Thread Repair on Block
  75. Adjustable Fuel Rails
  76. DIY: Sheet Metal Repair & Patching (Video)
  77. The Foos's BW EFR 7064 build
  78. Cleaning up stainless weld slag
  79. What to build!?
  80. Interior LED mod?
  81. Working with a Millermatic 140 on 10 ga mild steel
  82. 05 STI Removable core support?
  83. From crosspipe to dump tube!
  84. GC FMIC Bumper Beam
  85. 2" to T3 transition piece.
  86. core support body work?
  87. Metal Elbow From Intercooler to Turbo
  88. hood scoop on a rs
  89. Exhaust Piping
  90. Invertiweld TIG welder?
  91. Stock midpipe modification.
  92. Requesting Radiator Support modifications.
  93. Radiator Ducting
  94. Hood scoop intake box
  95. my 2009 wrx custom exhaust.
  96. 02' Wagon complete hatch shave...
  97. Wanted. Machine shop
  98. Snowjack
  99. tig machines. Need some help picking one out.
  100. Custom seat brackets for 99 impreza rs.
  101. Custom Exhaust...
  102. Tacking with mig/finishing with tig
  103. best starter mig welder?
  104. Swapping parts from 07 impreza to 08 hatchback impreza need help asap!!
  105. Bracket Repair, HELP
  106. Want to buy custom rotated up pipe and downpie who can make it?
  107. Converting fluxcore welder to gas... HELP!!
  108. Intake manifolds powdercoated/ painted.
  109. Door card swap fozzy to impreza
  110. Experience with the Thermal Arc Fabricator 181i?
  111. CAD design software?
  112. HT Auto Body Kit From SMY
  113. Where to Source SS304 3" Tubing?
  114. Q300 owners - anyone modified the exhaust?
  115. stock impreza 2.5i custom exhaust help!
  116. EJ22 Full Exhaust Project
  117. custom intercooler... center inlet
  118. Anyone have opinion on mig with spool gun for aluminum
  119. Tips to drill out Pinch Bolt Class 8.8 M8 / To remove ball-joint from knuckle/spindle
  120. Air Tool Advice Needed
  121. DIY: Clear turn signals
  122. DIY: PVC lip
  123. DiY Bronze Shift Knob
  124. Carbon fiber hood fading?
  125. Custom battery boxes/relocation?
  126. Can phenolic material be threaded?
  127. Crossover/Crosspipe Flanges
  128. Forester/impreza lift kit
  129. What to remove on a DBW TB to be able to weld on it?
  130. cheap back purge setup.
  131. Radiator relocation?
  132. vis cf trunk lid problem....
  133. cracked block... can this be welded?
  134. Custom/Home-made Shifter
  135. VQ30DET S15 Silvia manifolding.
  136. Helicoil question
  137. Some STI Cage and Sheetmetal work pics
  138. Question about Stainless Steel 304 vs 409 welding
  139. Making a single port header out of a dual port header
  140. What would you use to cut/grind down a trailer hitch?
  141. Quieting Down an EWG
  142. Can you help out a green tig welder?
  143. Affordable vband exhaust clamps
  144. DIY hood lights
  145. Torque Wrench for Spark Plugs?
  146. Custom acrylic intake box
  147. ac line protection ?
  148. anyone makes custom stickers
  149. welding/bending roll cage
  150. impreza 2.5i muffler exhaust and intake.
  151. New Roll Cage Idea
  152. Dual waste gate set ups
  153. Dual waste gate set ups
  154. Plate relocater& Perrin fmic
  155. made myself a skidplate
  156. AMS Cam Gear Wrench
  157. Legacy GT 3" Dual Exhaust Fabrication. Pretty Nice!
  158. OBX Throttle body spacer
  159. Custom multi-reservoir
  160. light/push bar
  161. Random Parts Fabrication
  162. GR STI V-Mount, Rotated TO4
  163. mechanical timing belt tensioner: is it a good idea?
  164. wastegate locations, do they really matter?
  165. evo voltex
  166. questions about making fmic setup
  167. chrome paint
  168. Copper Gaskets - What copper do I buy????
  169. DIY Sheet Metal Brake
  170. using A/T cooler from an A/T radiator?
  171. A few things I have created lately
  172. Intercooler cores?
  173. Custom exhaust fitment question!
  174. ss custom exhaust
  175. Block tools
  176. My homemade wrist pin extractor
  177. Homemade welding clamps
  178. Need some advice on fixing exhast leak (need new flange)
  179. Really Small Hole in Underbody??
  180. Titanium dump tube
  181. Perrin downpipe cat removal?
  182. Newb
  183. Custom Oil filler neck?
  184. Master Cylinder Brace
  185. Adjustable Exhaust Silencer?
  186. Manufacturing from Google SketchUp Drawing?
  187. Cast iron to stainless steel
  188. Anybody know how to take a rear dash out of a 99 Impreza?
  189. Anyone wanna make me something?
  190. Looking for material to stop exhaust rub
  191. rwd drift subaru
  192. What fabrication equipment/tools do you have in your home garage!?
  193. Bandsaw (Femi versus Milwaukee)
  194. Custom modification to EL header questions
  195. First Welder
  196. Setting up a Harbor Freight 1.5 ton aluminum racing jack
  197. ac fittings (extending ac lines for vmount)
  198. Custom motor mounts?
  199. Stock '08 Impreza roof rack tool
  200. Stock 06-07 Rear diffuser 02-05 weld mounts
  201. roof vent.
  202. Sti fog covers over stock fogs 04 wrx question..
  203. Bugeye hood on 04-05.
  204. Future Fabrication - Reverse Mount Twinscroll T3 Setup
  205. Widebody wagon bumper fitting
  206. Best website for stainless steel piping?
  207. 08+ GT Spec D shaped in 2005 wrx?
  208. Body Repair Question
  209. Bearing press
  210. exhaust restrictor for fuel economy
  211. anyone know who made this manifold
  212. Splitting the Gas Tank in Half...
  213. Opinion on this gas air-compressor -- worth it?
  214. Do you bead roll the end of your ic pipes?
  215. Catback exhaust
  216. Factory hood lifting when doing 80+
  217. Senza Pari Custom Exhaust Manifold
  218. Humvee turbo in a subbie
  219. Custom master cylinder brace..
  220. Caged differential!
  221. Welding question
  222. Need Pics Of Rhd Rotated Setups
  223. Custom Straight Pipe Sounds
  224. Custom Exhaust Heat Shield
  225. JD squared bender dies
  226. Rotated HOLSET HX35 '02 WRX (inexpensive build!)
  227. ETS Titanium GOODNESS!
  228. Custom divided T4 twin-scroll up pipe
  229. Technical Drawings
  230. Tourque plate blueprints
  231. Tips for proper application of DIY CASWELL black satin coating onto headers?
  232. Who does Uppipe EWG conversions on this forum?
  233. Jigs up pipe or header
  234. How to mockup a EWG uppipe? PVC? Epoxy?
  235. FP green HTA 68 turbo oil drain line fitted
  236. custom side skirts
  237. Pics of your Fuel Cell Mounting
  238. Custom intake manifold
  239. Tial turbine inlet flange turbine side
  240. Cutting FMIC piping to work with Rotated turbo
  241. Painting a Roll Cage.
  242. anyone do custom wide body? i need advice
  243. Dimension Request for Custom Headers
  244. Trouble fitting TurboXS FMIC
  245. Ebay wing?
  246. What is the 2003 WRX body made of?
  247. custom up pipe for you.
  248. Need Dimensions of DCCD Switch ASAP
  249. Invidia Up Pipe EGT Bung?
  250. Car lowered, jack won't fit