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  1. Need a Good Body Shop in the Inland Empire
  2. Need Help!
  3. Is there any garage sales coming up like the apexi sale
  4. Fire 1/2 a mile from my house :/
  5. BAR referee question
  6. Help: Brake Pads
  7. The commercial is out..
  8. where can i get a bigger crossbars for my 03 wrx wagon
  9. Where in socal can i get my forged pistons installed?
  10. Fire's getting closer and closer...
  11. my power is out cause of the fire...anyone else???
  12. Can i use your dremel?
  13. Help: In finding a local shop
  14. want to ride in your car with decent coilovers
  15. Desert September 12 List
  16. photographer?
  17. Illegal U-Turn Ticket
  18. Compression and Leak down test?
  19. Need Some Help Before 12:30pm
  20. Read about Team SCS going to Industry day
  21. Whole Foods Market X Subaru!
  22. What is more important to you guys, price or quality?
  23. Back at it again!
  24. scic disneyland meet
  25. PaintBall Rental Gear?
  26. i need some help /:
  27. Strut/spring Compressor
  28. OC Meet
  29. spending more time in sd...
  30. Need 06/07 WRB Grills More info inside
  31. Block vs. Dyrdek gymkhana 2.1
  32. To my Korean Speaking SCIC'ers
  33. what would SCIC do... (hit & run @ work... perfect bday gift right?)
  34. Happy Bday Tredizzle
  35. happy bday wrb kid of apollo
  36. Machine Shop?
  37. Who can help me opensource in SD? Tactrix..
  38. Super Mega Install Day @ Mount Tavern 11/7
  39. ESX Motorsports video
  40. Pre-Subiefest Meet and Subaru Swap Meet: Oct. 4th @ Forman Performance 11am to 4pm!
  41. So I get off work and this happens...
  42. What else to do while off work on disability?
  43. Any local san diego vendors?
  44. XPT Flash
  45. Offiishul SCIC Oktoberfest thread.
  46. ITN Rally this Saturday
  47. help me transport a motor
  48. any chance of getting what i owe
  49. HKS TI or EVO2 Exhaust??
  50. Please welcome the newest additions to the HB Speed family!!
  51. Little help...
  52. Need someone to help me Datalog
  53. Hot Dawgz and Hand Rails Sept 19, 2009
  54. Fyi!!! Snipper In West Covina
  55. *Happy Birthday Liberalswine*
  56. car's at bob baker subaru in carlsbad...
  57. Looking for a roommate
  58. Angles Game Tonight 4 Tickets - FS !!!
  59. wheel bent??
  60. Where do get E85 in LA?
  61. front control arm bushing install? don't have tools to do it myself...
  62. EVENT: Willow Springs, Big Track - September 16th
  63. anyone wanna help a broke guy
  64. Boom?
  65. drive train help??
  66. Does anyone know the previous owner of this 2005 obp sti?
  67. need carfax..
  68. *Official* SCIC 09/2010 Snowboard Thread
  69. Roommate Wanted
  70. EVENT: Western States SCCA RallyCross National Challenge Championship
  71. wrecked wrx on the 91w valley view
  72. Job Opening @ Puente Hills Subaru
  73. Now Hiring @ Thousand Oaks Subaru
  74. Looking to borrow a set of stock bugeye headlights
  75. suggestions in how to sell my car?
  76. What Are You Doing This Weekend?
  77. Can you get CARB sticker for SPT intake from dealership?
  78. Anyone experiencing an ip ban on t-mobile
  79. Photoshoot in irvine/tustin on friday
  80. wheel painting places in socal?
  81. Windshield replacement in SOCAL?
  82. new to the So Cal area
  83. Just saw some street racers in Lake Forest....
  84. Bob Baker Subaru , on September 19th, 2009 on Coastal Cleanup Day?
  85. ebay parts
  86. The thread for conversing! Don't flood meet threads
  87. SFV Virual Meet - New Home!
  88. All You Socal Clubbers!
  89. California Motor Swappers - BAR Cert question
  90. USC vs. UW FB Game
  91. Scan tool needed to reset check engine light - Mission Viejo Area
  92. Help with installing parts (Oceanside Area)
  93. Calling ALL Scoobies - 6th Annual Motor4toys Charity Car Show
  94. Who was the idiot???
  95. Subie tuning shops in LA area?
  96. any shops that powdercoats in SGV???
  97. HVAC Color Change 07
  98. What would SCIC do?
  99. The sept 19-20 Two day rally
  100. Rear Ended/ Repairs Question
  101. Any plumbers in SCIC?
  102. Good body shops in South bay?
  103. WRC comming back in HD to us here in USA
  104. Sparco Open House
  105. Opinions of IE....rancho Ontario fontana, surrounding areas..
  106. any places sell widebody kit?
  107. ....bue Car.....
  108. Injector cleaning recommendations
  109. who tunes for harman motive
  110. Octane Challenge - SEMA/Super lap track - Oct 11th
  111. Smog checkpoint in 626
  112. South bay checkpoints today and tomorrow
  113. nocturnal??
  114. Spring install:OC
  115. install day!?
  116. need your help..hit and run
  117. Need help installing my key hole trunk latch!
  118. Anyone that's near Diamond Bar down to come help me out real quick?
  119. Who got pulled over in Simi Valley?
  120. help me find owner of this car???
  121. track prep shops
  122. Anyone wanna help
  123. Looking for a PAINT SHOP to paint a trunk
  124. WRC coverage begins Sunday on HD Theatre
  125. MEET: Apple Valley/Victorville
  126. MEET: North county around pendleton, oside, vista
  127. wanna take me in you 18geeed
  128. can anyone help me out in the av??
  129. looking for a shop to rebuild my engine???
  130. October Motorgen Meet/K1 Speed/Canyon Cruise/California Speedway Thread
  131. Japanese Classic Car Show
  132. Wendsday Night Races At Willowsprings
  133. Need wiring done for swap
  134. Need to Borrow Engine Stand/Hoist
  135. One-Stop Shop For These Installs & Alignment?
  136. Check out team-SCS at subiefest
  137. STI specialists in Los Angeles
  138. Twin Tip Exhaust
  139. New to Subies and SCIC
  140. New Socal Subi owner
  141. I need PDR asap
  142. SCIC knotts scary farm meet
  143. is GMR a hard run?
  144. GTR challenge
  145. Inland Empire Caravan to Subiefest 2009
  146. Car Alarm
  147. machine shops
  148. Subie Fest San Diego Caravan!!!!!
  149. MEET: Simi Valley, Ventura County
  150. off topic forum madness..
  151. Any reputable tint shops near Mo Vall, Murrieta
  152. Anyone wanna help me remove my headlights?
  153. i r sooooo druk
  154. Rumbi's - nomnomnom
  155. Paint and body
  156. Exedy OEM replacement.
  157. Performance shop for a GTO?
  158. Frosty Heidi and Frank BACK ON!!!!
  159. Smog Test Question???
  160. Alignment around John Wayne Airport/South Coast Plaza
  161. Race gas near Fontana
  162. FREE BURGERS!!! Rudy's of Portola Hills
  163. Orange County Auto Show...
  164. What Wheels For Subiefest
  165. License to purchase cars at Auction
  166. BoobieFest 2009
  167. Anyone going to THRICE concert?
  168. any one from SFV going Subiefest
  169. Downshift Graphics vinyl shop
  170. Official: 09/10 Lakers thread
  171. Electrical Repair Shop
  172. Albert Tacos Orange County! Thursday Oct. 8th
  173. does anyone know what rims these r
  174. In a bind
  175. Sepulveda Muffler and Brake (SFV) caravan to yimisport
  176. Anyone decent at editing Flash websites?
  177. Where can i buy paint for my car?
  178. oil wieght
  179. Cal Poly Meet / Socal F4 2 YR ANNIVERSARY MEET & DRIVE!!
  180. exhaust install
  181. Univ San Diego Law anyone??
  182. Any local Sparco dealers?
  183. Need Help Asap!!!!
  184. Anyone know any good photo shoot places?
  185. Need reference for cheap glass replacement
  186. how much do you think this should cost???
  187. where to buy T-Bolt clamps near rancho Cucamonga
  188. Txic ~> Scic
  189. Tell us how Subiefest went when you get back tonight & pics if you have them
  190. World Rally on HD Theater-SUNDAYS
  191. Thanx to the silver wrx at the bottom of 14 fwy
  192. dc subaru jacket
  193. Go Angels
  194. Subaru Mechanics in Ventura County?
  195. Exhaust diameter of 04-05 STi v. 06-07 STi
  196. Vinyl Wrapping, Who, What, Where?
  197. Hey guys, just bought a 2010 WRX
  198. help!
  199. Can I borrow your engine stand/hoist...Blown head gasket
  200. Who traded their STi for a AMG? Dana Point
  201. recommended machine shop in SD No. County
  202. Good excuse to burn up some tires.
  203. the real accident story!
  204. Video of Angeles Crest Highway post fire
  205. Too Many Accidents!!
  206. Subiefest 2009 Time Attack Results
  207. Brembo Touch up
  208. Recommend a termite company to me.
  209. Any one in the Costa Mesa area?
  210. Any web designers need work?
  211. No Front License Plate Ticket.. Need Help!
  212. Have You Heard of the Starlite Rally?
  213. Mod friendly Subaru Dealerships
  214. Window got smashed in.
  215. Who Mountain Bikes?
  216. Mammoth Opens This Friday!!!
  217. Have You Heard of the Starlite Rally?
  218. Lost volk lugnut key, need help
  219. SD need your wisdom/insight
  220. Need some help in San Diego
  221. Subiefest 2009 video!
  222. lil shoot in hb today.
  223. Carving Pumpkins!
  224. Stolen lugnut
  225. Halloween Costumes.....
  226. dont know whats wrong with my car
  227. Need SCIC's help! Please...
  228. Formula Drift Irwindale Final Round
  229. Apprentice/Internship work for your shop
  230. Windshield replacement
  231. Cars and Coffee
  232. Looking for orig. owner of Black '06 WRX from SCS
  233. tune
  234. New project with a small problem.
  235. Does anybody have...
  236. Used Pricing? Perrin 30r kit
  237. Estimate on something
  238. GD Owners-Need a Big Favor
  239. SCIC: beware of smog pwnage COSTA MESA
  240. 30k maintenance
  241. Anyone willing to help a Noob w/install?
  242. Enkei Wheel Catalog
  243. ALUMINUM RADIATOR hook up?
  244. Subie Invasion Las Vegas: stay with me for FREE
  245. SOCAL members @ Saabaru Special Stage Top Saabaru 017
  246. Anyone know where I can find 18x9.5 +40 5x100 Enkei NT03+M?
  247. just wanted to say..
  248. Red Tail Light Overlays
  249. Found this on
  250. Attention Animal Lovers! Benefit Dinner 10/22 The District in Tustin