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  1. White WRX, Black P7 wheels
  2. im carless....
  3. NEW shop in So. Cali
  4. Do Not Miss The Rim!!!!!
  5. hey SUBY SPECIALTY guys....
  6. Spdusa
  7. JDM headlights FS Locally
  8. Picking up my WRX in 15 minutes ... cant wait...
  9. Numerous sightings/ Solana Beach
  10. Sighting: BLUE WRX on La Puente Rd -> Nogales... Onderboy??
  11. Pass smog check with these mods??
  12. Local folk: Selling my Go Fast Bits BOV, $100
  13. WRX Sighting - Who was dat?
  14. FS: grille with a pink "i"
  15. 2/17 Auto X @ California Speedway
  16. Attn: Mprezya
  17. Ryan or Sean - need a price asap
  18. Possibly for Sale ZeroSports BTZ201
  19. Attn: Gimmescoobysnacks
  20. Blue WRX in Costa MEsa last night?
  21. sighting
  22. Sighting: Irvine about 1am sunday morning
  23. FS locally
  24. Track days? March/April
  25. 02/17 Accident Sighted: White WRX on 8 freeway...
  26. Sighting Black RS 134W last night
  27. anyone in Rowland?
  28. Anyone going to Battle of the Imports at LACR?
  29. Help! I need suspension!
  30. Several Sightings: 02-17-02
  31. Sighting: Silver WRX wagon tows a yacht
  32. Where can i Reapolster my interior? for a good price!?
  33. Undertow is out of SCIC
  34. TurboXS Installers - Help Please!!!
  35. What is the legal tint darkness percentage
  36. Looking for rear bumper
  37. Alright who was it???
  38. Sighting Blue GC8 Impreza RS in Covina w/Suby Specialty plates
  39. Sighting...."I know, I know"
  40. Anyone in the SF Valley Looking for a Roomate?
  41. Sighting...Manhattan Bch REI
  42. What's a guy to do???
  43. For sale locally
  44. Tint places in Irvine ??
  45. Body Repair
  46. IDRC in palmdale
  47. Need good auto trimmer.
  48. Needed Locally, RS Crank Pulley
  49. Project: Angel Eyes
  50. Radar Detectors
  51. Ridgecrest Rallycross this weekend!
  52. Wanted 1988 Ford Thunderbird Automatic transmission or complete car!
  53. RAZO Cigarette Lighter?
  54. FS: Stoptech Brake Kit
  55. Sighting: lady who waved at us in white 99(?) RS on Torrey Pines Rd.
  56. Silver WRX Sighting: Solana Beach, dammit.
  57. who wuz it?
  58. Relocating to North County/San Diego..any job openings
  59. Willow Springs
  60. My Three Sightings Today
  61. Places for WRX smog check???
  62. open track at buttonwillow March 2nd & 3rd
  63. Alarm & LA Area Installer Recommendations?
  64. Torrance Meet???
  65. FS locally: Red Hood - $30
  66. Once a freakin again.. I am posting a sighting.
  67. My weekend idiot sighting. Don't worry it's none of you. (Long)
  68. Since it's Sighting Day, Wrightwood Mon?
  69. Questions about Suby Specialties
  70. Unichip Tuner with Dyno
  71. san diego i club members
  72. Just some random pics
  73. irvine subaru... question for you
  74. Who sells Cobb short shifters?(besides Cobb)
  75. How Should I Fix My Bumper?
  76. My REX is a damage magnet
  77. Sighting: brp coupe w/ 4-dr spoiler on La Jolla Village dr.
  78. uppipe install problems.....
  79. About Headers
  80. Alarm System
  81. Sighting: 2 modded GC8 parking outside Garden Cafe (Alhambra)
  82. anyone's cd player didn't work right from the dealer?
  83. Assael does sucks!!!
  84. Sighting: Silver WRX with Stickers Along the Side... by Mt Sac!
  85. Sighting 2/21:BRP GC8 @ challenger middle school and...
  86. S.L.O. Area Mini-Forum
  87. F/S Localy, Stock 2001 RS Wheels w/tires
  88. Idrc @lacr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  89. Strictly Subaru
  90. F/S Locally Cleaning out Trunk Sale
  91. Sighting: Glendale/Burbank
  92. Solana Beach Sighting
  93. Sighting Glendale 5frwy
  94. Hollywood Park Sunday 03/03 Autocross
  95. UCR roll call?
  96. Sighting BRP RS at Club in Anaheim
  97. Once again...For sale locally!
  98. Brand New Vishnu Stage 0 for sale
  99. Double Sighting in SD
  100. Sighting!!!! Burbank area...
  101. first sighting post: Silver WRX wagon at Schrader YMCA, P7s, friday night
  102. SCIC support needed! =)
  103. I Need your Help!!!!!!!!
  104. Sighting ... RED RS by College of the Canyons...
  105. sighting in SD
  106. Sightings near Palmdale
  107. 2 Glendale sightings 2-23 saturday night:
  108. Triple sighting
  109. Headed up 5N to San Francisco
  110. Best Deal on MOBIL 1 in LA?
  111. How to install Carpets
  112. How was the Ridgecrest RallyX?
  113. Desert Trip - March 9th & 10th
  114. Black WRX near Cal state long beach - I was behind you!!!
  115. Wanting to Get Involved
  116. VALLEY sighting!
  117. Progress update on my car
  118. Buddy Club P1 SF
  119. 2002 WRX ZeroSports Front Bumper BTZ201
  120. Picking up car tonight
  121. Rota Wheel GB payment info...
  122. IDRC pics....15 of em and kinda big (scooby mostly)
  123. FS Locally - MY02 WRX parts
  124. Hey, this is cRayZee
  125. LA Area WRX'ers w/Painted Factory Skirts, Where'd You Get it Done?
  126. Good Detail/>>>HAND<<< Car Wash in LA?
  127. WRX wheels and tires for sale.... in Cali first!
  128. 91 Legacy SS for sale?
  129. Over Zealous Moderator?
  130. Sighting! Black WRX in Westwood
  131. Just a random thought...
  132. FS: 2001 RS 16in Alloys
  133. sighting! silver wrx at arcadia h.s.
  134. Anyone been to Steve Millen in Costa Mesa?
  135. Whose the youngest SCIC member?
  136. "Oh it's my girlfriend's car" encounter
  137. A sighting!!
  138. Uci Sighting Silver 02 Rs
  139. Sighting.... Rallly burgers
  140. Anybody see this?
  141. DIY Guru's...
  142. Moving to San Diego. Any Suggestions?
  143. Why can't I post pict anymore?
  144. help.. Car Choice
  145. Trade?? Gold RS for WRX wheels?
  146. attn: Suby Specialties
  147. sightin on 101 west today!
  148. UCI sighting: silver WRX girl driver with guy in passenger seat
  149. Usd Wrx
  150. Attn: Val
  151. Another Sighting 210W 7:30am
  152. Silver WRX @ katella/tustin 825pm 2/27
  153. Fathym this!!
  154. Anyone at UCI want to do my paper?
  155. sd i-clubbers wanna go drivin tonight??
  156. Attn: Mods Why Move My Topic??
  157. local shops and retailers
  158. Out secret of world domination is out!!!
  159. Exhaust install near West LA... where to go?
  160. Thanks, SUBY SPECIALTIES!! They Just Earned a New Customer!!
  161. Anyone want to sell their stock airbox?
  162. Prodrive kit
  163. Newbie
  164. March meet????
  165. Sighting: Black WRX Wagon--Marina Del Rey
  166. ?????
  167. Aussie GP @ Dromo One
  168. Anyone up for an AV meet?
  169. Going to try that ground mod in a few minutes after work.
  170. Blitz intake forsale local SCIC
  171. Funny how much some people will pay for a smile.
  172. [email protected] rocks...
  173. Need a bit of help...locally
  174. WANTED: HKS Powerflow Intake Housing from ANY car--Filter NOT NEEDED
  175. for all you VALLEY KIDS..... **READ**
  176. Virtual Car Show
  177. Sighting - Silver WRX On Westwood and Santa Monica
  178. FS six spoke wheels with re-92's (2000)
  179. Our cars are magnets for idiots
  180. FS locally: Eclipse 54400 CD player
  181. southern california autocross
  182. TRADE: DRONNELL TS-05 with Khumos
  183. PE1820F 400hp turbo FS locally
  184. "YOU" vs. silver S4 last night on highland?
  185. Visit from the Dent Fairy
  186. Any West LA SCIC'ers wanna meet up to watch F1 on Saturday?
  187. San Diego Drive- March 7(Thursday Night)
  188. Clutch and flywheel installed in SoCal?
  189. My Light Bulb Setup
  190. Sighting> SKYLINE & WRX on the 14 north
  191. fuel pump dead, ***?
  192. I FREAKIN' SAW YOU! (a sighting)
  193. Need a good muffler shop/welder for downpipe mod
  194. Sighting in Garden Grove
  195. Stuff For Sale Locally!!
  196. Attn Everybody in SCIC: Where are you???
  197. Sighting, White WRX Wagon
  198. Sighting: Black WRX w/ Spoiler and Concept-Five Rims
  199. Lethargicman sighted **merged threads**
  200. Stuff For Sale Locally or otherwise
  201. Sighting at OCC in Costa Mesa
  202. Converting a Heathen...I mean Si owner
  203. Should *Sighting* Threads be stopped?
  204. Location of the fuse for headlights
  205. Reading autoweek....UH OH for us WRX'ers
  206. WrX wheels & tires for sale
  207. UCI To Dromo 1 caravan??
  208. 2nd place again at Cal Club Solo II today
  209. 3/03 Sighting on Grand...
  210. Multiple sightings in Irvine today.
  211. driving schools in socal?
  212. Mario (In2Deep)! Got pics?
  213. Post your March Third SD autocross times and pics....
  214. Sighting on 5N @ 5N/805N merge
  215. sightings in Newport Costa Mesa Area
  216. WRC fun starts again!
  217. This message is for r5t2
  218. TRADE:17X7 Dronnells with Khumos for stock wrx wheels and tires
  219. Help, anyone have a set of rs wheels?
  220. All in the Rota wheel GB from Redstar (REPLY ASAP)...
  221. SCIC Party at the Creek V and VI??
  222. Who Sells Helmets??
  223. Can Someone Lend Me Their **WRX** Bra for the Weekend?
  224. For Sale: four RE 730's 215/45/17 - used
  225. Answer me this one
  226. Headlight poll *SCIC* importance
  227. Did you go to Treeline last year?
  228. looking for someone?
  229. any elementary school teacher here?
  230. Somebody, Stop Me!
  231. Spotted - Silver 2 door RS @ Orange Circle
  232. Who was at UCI (in n out)? And who were you?!!!
  233. SAD DAY: Had to Trade my WRX for an Escort Today! =(
  234. Sightings rock - WRB WRX Wagon on 8E.
  235. ATE Super-Blue in OC ??
  236. WARNING !!! Driving to Zuma beach (plz read and help)
  237. Meet this Sunday the 10th!!
  238. Fullerton (Bastanchury) Sighting
  239. Couple of SD sightings
  240. Sighting UCI Blue WRX with blue windshield stripe
  241. Uprd?
  242. Pasadena sighting
  243. yet another sighting to feast on.
  244. tell me why does the idea of someone i know buying a wrx annoy me???
  245. Hi guys I am new here
  246. FS Vishnu boost control
  247. Sighting on S405...
  248. Anyone installed cams?
  249. Welcome SRi Performance with a meet....ideas?
  250. WRC Corsica, 5 days of WRC coverage!