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  1. San Diego Caravan to Dromo I this there.
  2. Has anybody taken their decel vibration prob to Irvine sub??
  3. close call last night
  4. [email protected]'s handy work inside
  5. Unbolted Muffler at the Track
  6. Steep Hills in Orange County
  7. WRC @ Sports City?
  8. Missing: I ROBOT
  9. I can't believe it!
  10. so who was that BRP i saw @ by RIMAC today?
  11. SCIC PCH fun run & BBQ March 16th!
  12. 4SALE/TRADE: MRT WRX Turbo-back Exhaust & INTRAX Coilovers
  13. FS: all my wheels and tires
  14. FS locally : Indiglo Gauge
  15. ATTN:ryaneatworld
  16. New Style from Renick?
  17. sighting at mission gorge
  18. Recommendation for good local shop?
  19. anyone know how to make a webpage
  20. 2 sightings today that I will never forget. (OBS owners are hippies)
  21. ROAD/RACE Motorsports
  22. any of you socal-ers hang out at lollicup?
  23. FS: my ride(sniff)
  24. Performace place in Yucaipa??? Who is it?
  25. silver wagon sighting (sigh...)
  26. UCI Sighting
  27. Sighting: Silver GC8 on the 52 and 5
  28. Rain!
  29. March 3rd auto-x results posted
  30. FOR SALE.......Blow Off Valve
  31. does any one want to buy a wing ?
  32. Want to trade my WRX wheels for RS wheels!
  33. when are we gonna do this?
  34. help with spring install?
  35. accident report
  36. bunch of impreza sightings
  37. WANTED ASAP: Stock WRX Up-pipe & Header/"Crossover" Pipe
  38. SD Meet, Friday the 8th @ Sports City
  39. Sighting - Costa Mesa - Silver WRX Sedan w/Dark Wheels
  40. Sti,zero Sports,syms,aqua,aifel,and More.
  41. WTB : LOCAL Acura Type R transmission...
  42. Looking for Redline Gear Oil in SD
  43. For Sale LOCAL
  44. What's NRX?
  45. Thursday Night Drive @ Canes
  46. I need your stock Airbox
  47. FS Locally - Pioneer DEH-P7300 CD Player
  48. April 12: Track day at Buttonwillow Raceway (UnlimitedLaps)
  49. WTS locally: dell 8100 laptop
  50. FS: Stop Tech Brake Kit for WRX
  51. Im in Im in. solo2 nat. tour here I come
  52. Need help from San Diego guys
  53. California DMV has been ripping me off for years
  54. TEC II install?
  55. Stock WRX supension for sale
  56. ahh. what a way to turn over 12k!
  57. HELP! which exhaust should i get?
  58. Front license plates...
  59. Sighting 3/8 5pm- Blazing on the 133 & 241
  60. Thanks Suby Specialties!
  61. Sighting - WRB WRX Wagon Santa Monica 3/7
  62. anyone here have a cool white wagon?
  64. Wrc Corsica!!! Leg 1
  65. what's your MPG in so cal?
  66. Locals and ROADRACE
  67. Wednesday Import Grudge night at LACR? anyone?
  68. anyone in socal have kakimoto gt1z?
  69. Vvrrrooomm!
  70. Sighted: white GC8 in parking structure - in Santa Monica next to farmers market
  71. Just a thought relating to Physics and Lights
  72. For Sale LOCAL
  73. Driving School: Buttonwillow Raceway, March 30 and 31!
  74. How to fight a 'Modified Exhaust' ticket?
  75. At the track Sat 3-09
  76. gosh darnit... front plate + window tint ticket!
  77. Fatboy Slim gave me a soul brother handshake! weeping...
  78. F/S Gram Light Wheels with Kumho Tires
  79. For sale: Forge bov
  80. I must be fast as I am high performance
  81. FS local: Wagon roof rails and side skirts.
  82. where did my thread go?
  83. News to share with fellow SoCal'ers :)
  84. << Dirt anyone??
  85. Official SCIC Orange County Registry.
  86. Good Cheap Bodyshops?
  87. What should my Offer for a WRX be at the dealership
  88. Help me please!! Brake line ruptured: WRX towed to Renick
  89. Desert Trip - March 23rd & 24th
  90. Cusco Zero 2-R Suspension $2200 shipped.
  91. Who did I see on the 405 Saturday?
  92. Engine Rebuild in So Cal (SD, LA, OC...)
  93. Driving Topanga Cyn: to myself
  94. Autocross results
  95. Many Sightings: White & Silver WRX
  96. to moderators....
  97. Meet this weekend? (3/16)
  98. Blues Explosion at the El Rey tonight! Anyone else going?
  99. WillowSprings Raceway-Big track 3/19 or 4/25
  100. 2 sightings tonight: silver sedan & white wagon
  101. 4SALE: Stock WRX Struts, Springs & Front Swaybar Used Only 2500 Miles!!
  102. Opening a store to cater for everyone’s needs
  103. Mia jumped the start - no penalties given
  104. Driving School, Time Trial & Race at Buttonwillow
  105. Buttonwillow track day april 19th
  106. anyone have JDM GODSPEED DOWNPIPE for sale?
  107. northern VALLEY people, wanna cruise to the meet on saturday?
  108. Palomar Run Postponed
  109. What's your interest in an auto X school?
  110. UPDATE: Rota wheel GB
  111. Looking for feedback!
  112. Malibu Canyon or Angles crest run anyone???
  113. Las Vegas Girl 1st visit to LA
  114. unintentional Suby Specialties meet today...
  115. Meet
  116. FS: Yakima Rack parts for Gc8 Impreza (e.g RS<2002)
  117. bob baker el cajon - service issues
  118. The Steed!
  119. crashed my subie, pix inside....
  120. Finally got some good pix of my car...
  121. Anyone between SLO and woodland hills goin to PCH run?
  122. Sighting on Gale in Industry...
  123. ...I drive like a grandma...
  124. What's your job?
  125. SOLO 2 Nationals in San diego
  126. April 7th Meet @ Lollicup Arcadia - 3:00 PM!!! ***TIME CHANGE*** 3:00PM!!!
  127. "sob" wrx for sale in S.D.
  128. Low speed crash test
  129. a quick sighting...
  130. Whats Youre Fav. Subaru Color
  131. Shelby Open Track Pictures
  132. TRS Racing
  133. Washington Mutual Sighting: Silver WRX
  134. WRX ==> top ten cars
  135. coming out to socal
  136. apex integration garage sale
  137. Fun Run, Cheap Burgers, and Dirt?
  138. O/T For Sale LOCALLY: Gemini BPM 250 profession DJ mixer...
  139. powdercoating? Good place in so cal?
  140. Sighting Blue WRX in next to Westwood farmer's market
  141. PCH run WHos bring what???
  142. Newbie just saying hi
  143. Rim Repair Shops?
  144. white WRX sighting on Calle Cristobal/Sorrrento Vly rd.
  145. Its cherry red
  146. Buy my mudflaps
  147. Well, guess I was rapped last night :(
  148. So I saw a new Tiburon Today...
  149. I'll ask here: need 1 MY99 RS wheel, tire optional.
  150. New Local Place!!!
  151. Emasculated by rental auto....
  152. ebay: Blitz Stuff FS
  153. Mug shots are in!
  154. OC Caravan before the PCH Run
  155. Urgent!! Need help on Smog check problem!!!
  156. I am going to Suby Specialties tomorrow...
  157. Sat. night SD meet up - let's do this, people of SCIC!
  158. Any skateboard hook-ups for a fellow SCIC'er?
  159. Pictures from PCH Run & BBQ
  160. AutoX National's (Pictures)
  161. my first sighting post
  162. where to get those palmpilot obd2 readers?
  163. smog hint for cars w/unichip and exhaust
  164. Anyone have Tenzo Rally-Type Seats?
  165. anyone know aobut this blitz TT?
  166. First Post
  167. anyone have access to seat brackets?
  168. performance shops in CA
  169. Sponsorship/Project Car
  170. Are you in OC?
  171. "your car is cute", she says
  172. Derek in Mira Mesa
  173. Paintballing with a VW club....
  174. Who's the Pilot at John Wayne SNA
  175. Bodywork Cost to Much!
  176. HEAD LIGHTs ?????
  177. WOOHOO I got a job
  178. Custom Audio Installs...anyone interested?
  179. Spotted : BAIC white wagon in Old town around 10pm
  180. FS: Local 02 WRX Stock 16" Wheel w/tires new !!
  181. <?? Location Poll ??>
  182. Sitting PCH on Saturday
  183. Irvine Sighting Sunday
  184. Anyone know a good optometrist?
  185. Er, Anyone know a good optomologist?
  186. NEED Locally: RE-92, decent condition...
  187. Rolled fenders
  188. does someone in Ventura county has obd2 reader to get rid of my CEL?
  189. F/S Socal locals- greddy boost and egt gauges and apexi t/timer
  190. SoCal Gas Sucks!
  191. 2 Sightings! Sunny & Daniel
  192. Bodyshop in San Diego?
  193. Impact Wrench in San Diego?
  194. Course worker volunteers, Rim Rally
  195. BIG PCH run date June 22 or 23?
  196. Rally Cross this Saturday at Tombstone
  197. Anyone wanna help?
  198. FS: VER 5 wing
  199. Too many sightings.
  200. I am Losing my baby *tear*
  201. FS Locally, Injen CAI
  202. Clutch shutter might be okay but...clutch slipping??? ARGH!
  203. RS wheels for sale!!!
  204. AROSC Subaru race class
  205. ICE ICE Baby
  206. Formula One Sunday Brunch @ Dromo1
  207. White RS and Blue WRX @ Nokia Sighted
  208. stage zero
  209. Want some profesional quality pics of your car?
  210. Look What I Got!
  211. SCIC Party at the Creek VII and VIII!!!
  212. SIGHTING: 101 N. Santa Maria - Honda STI! ahhh!
  213. For those of us in the SF Valley...AH! Yes a New Suby Shop?????
  214. Anyone in post prod, film, AVID, etc on this SCIC list?
  215. finally back
  216. lookie at what I found on the Recycler
  217. Your Bad So Cal Gas!!! Very Bad!!! I wish you were gone.
  218. do you guys like morettas(sp?)
  219. Hello
  220. if anyone interested in rear diff protector or CF trim kit from dealer
  221. 03/20 Sighthing on Miramar Base...
  222. Where did you guys mount your TT?
  223. Santa Barbara area thingy?
  224. I can't believe I'm posting a sighting!
  225. Suzuki vehicle - need good financing
  226. ATTENTION all SCIC autocrossers!
  227. Sighting: White WRX w/ Morettes, Black GT Wing, OEM Body Kit, Rims In Diamond Bar.
  228. Sighting of the RS persuasion.
  229. A gentle reminder.
  230. Yo! Silver WRX with Black eyes
  231. Santa Barbara vendor, dashboards
  232. 100 Octane gas Tomorrow!!
  233. Anaheim Sighting...
  234. Catalunya Rally Starts Tomorrow
  235. Silver WRX Flying on the 10 East Bound
  236. Next PCH run???
  237. Sighting 3/19 <Balboa>
  238. 3rd Sat. in April?
  239. Performance shop in sandiego/irvine area?
  241. Will the cops bug me??
  242. Greetings
  243. Know of good place to install body kits?
  244. sighting - White WRX Wagon on Sat 3/16 on 10 fwy in San Gabriel
  245. Anyone with fixed Decel problem?
  246. Are speeding tickets more common in a WRX?
  247. Up Pipe installer needed
  248. Sighting 3/21
  249. Volunteers (Possibly)
  250. here ya go ryan