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  1. Yet another trip to the paintless dent guy!
  2. Anyone wanna put me up for a night?
  3. Inland Empire Scoobies
  4. Bad news is on the way...check this out.
  5. My Baby Got Raped this Afternoon!? FYI, my WRX
  6. any of you guys got hook ups for volk rims?
  7. Rate this photo of my friend's Celica
  8. Sighting and the formation of the Minivan Internet forum
  9. Finally, a rally school in California
  10. Any GOOD Bodyshops in LA Area Sell Hi-Quality Body Parts & Mods?--STI, Greddy, etc.
  11. Sighting: White 4dr Impreza 2.5 RS in Diamond Bar
  12. Selling my WRX V5/6 wing
  13. Italia!!!!
  14. Sicky Sighting...
  15. I think I found a solution....
  16. Just Got my bk WRX wagon 2 days ago at Renick!
  17. Which shop to go to?
  18. Sighting!!!!!! By C.O.C. 2ish
  19. UPDATED for sale list
  20. Sighting Yellow REX in Garden Grove
  21. Lakers
  22. Anything going on anytime soon in SD??
  23. Is SolidForce racist?
  24. FS: Tein RA's for WRX!!!!
  25. I'm getting older...
  26. Where is a good place to get a helmet for track days?
  27. Has anyone had the rear drums-to-disks conversion done at a shop locally?
  28. Kim's crash on Memorial Day (everyone OK) (Mustang not OK)
  29. Please DO NOT try to rip off your fellow Suby lover
  30. Pikes Peak Hill Climb Info...
  31. van nuys KK meet
  32. anybody go hiking this weekend? can i join?!
  33. Where to get tint and BEST alarm installer, in O.C.
  34. anybody from palm springs/coachella valley?
  35. Jazz Festival Fundraiser
  36. Damn .... saw a REAL Skyline R34 GTR tongiht ...
  37. of all the car that like to mess with the rex..
  38. Santa Clarita Valley Meet
  39. who has JDM projectors?
  40. CA meet Dates
  41. Somebody tried to break into my car!
  42. south
  43. UCLA Sighting - 2 car caravan
  44. FS: Pickup Only, 4 PIRELLI P7000Z Supersport Tires 225-40-18, 2 80% Tread Left 2 Worn
  45. So long my friends
  46. van nuys kk
  47. FS locally: TurboXS TypeH BOV + wrx flange adapter....
  48. CA meet Dates
  49. RSVP for Party at Franco's!
  50. Suby Specialist...Do they Rock or what?!
  51. Kilroy Airport Center Wagon Sighting
  52. Hot Chick Sighting
  53. For trade: black rs hood scoop for white
  54. 4 stock wrx alloys + re92s for sale $400
  55. FS Locally: Kartboy Shift Knob
  56. Off roading in the WRX...where?
  57. Any SCIC'ers following the World Cup?
  58. LA Area Hoopsters: Full Court Games on Sunday @ Hacienda Heights Private Gym
  59. Thursday night San Diego Crew
  61. The keith Tour, 2002
  62. look what i got!
  63. KK meet, van nuys.
  64. Fri night drive in San Diego! (5/31)
  65. Aargh!!!
  66. FS:stage 1 unichip 600
  67. Sighting/Conversation on the 101
  68. Cal speedway autoX
  69. 2000 Rs Wheels 4 Sale
  70. anything going on tonight in the long beach area?
  71. Magazine
  72. Stock MY02 WRX Rims and Tires for sale - Santa Monica
  73. alright people. lets see some pics. what does everyone look like
  74. MOBIL 0w-30 oil Temperature Question
  75. Local stuff for sale in SFV
  76. 22B Replica Wing for WRX - Want mine for cheap?
  77. Question for the Local Dealers
  78. Black WRX on Beach Blvd in HB
  79. Anyone with a torque wrench wanna help me out?
  80. TK bumper fix in socal?
  81. FS locally: Kartboy short shifter!!
  82. CA Meet Activities (Vote)
  83. here yah go!
  84. Need Subys! Meet 6/7 in HB.
  85. What gauges to buy?
  86. Lakers' Fans...REJOICE!
  87. Exclusively Subaru
  88. FS Localy: 2 MTX 12" Subs
  89. FS(locally): Brand new Khumo Tires: 215/45/17
  90. Poor me, no Impreza for a while
  91. Damn Crazy WRX on the 14
  92. FYI "California Meet" SLO guys check it out
  93. Newport Beach Sightings RBP WRX Sedan
  94. Sighting Fri 10/60E Rush Hour / WRB Sedan
  95. Why did Big Valley take down the WRX's?
  96. New Guy here...
  97. nightmares of fixing tickets
  98. Stock WRX blue wing for sale locally
  99. Looking to buy a blue wagon
  100. Blitz Power Meter i-D for sale
  101. Whose WRX is this?
  102. Local Clifford Alarm Dealer?
  103. Almost got a fix-it ticket
  104. Another Edwards AFB Sighting.
  105. can anyone spare stock wrx intercooler inlets??
  106. Fuddruckers ?
  107. 2 Sightings! Wow!
  108. FS: stock WRX parts
  109. Kartboy shifter for sale
  110. Look what Someone Drove to Work Today!
  111. i see you, skylab
  112. painting question
  113. Public Proclamation: Why I won't post WRX sightings anymore....
  114. Rate This Web Sight.......
  115. Help!!!!
  116. i am so bored, anyone care to have a meet
  117. things to do while bored in class
  118. Shaun from renick are u here?
  119. 4 Sightings TODAY
  120. looking for all wheel drive location
  121. California speedway June 16th (Sunday) people
  122. black wrx sighting on my driveway
  123. Paint STi Scoop....
  124. Weekly RAGE!1!
  125. RS Sighting on the 91 Fwy
  126. 2 crappy sightings
  127. Motormadness
  128. mmm ... Yummy Vishnu bits are here :)
  129. Wanted So. CA Legacy GT sedan 5-spd
  130. black WRX in SLO sighting =)
  131. Any stock WRX 6-cd changers lying around?
  132. *sightings*
  133. Sighted by spiralsmurf
  134. Recommended Graphic Shops in SoCal?
  135. Sighting - HB Main street
  136. Wheels exchange??
  137. Is Super Autobacs in Garden Grove open?
  138. Anywhere in S. Cal--LA Preferably Have STI WRX Hood Scoop In Stock for under $175?
  139. What channel can i catch some WRC action?
  140. Pasadena Starbucks Meet Thursday 06-06-02
  141. Hotmail users please read!!!
  142. Scary Sighting
  143. Renick Motorsports ISR merger party & i-club car show August 3rd
  144. roads
  145. STILL FS locally: TurboXS TypeH BOV + wrx flange adapter....
  146. 20 minutes. 2 sightings....Simi
  147. newbie in da mix
  148. Sighting......for the past 3-4 months!
  149. Sighting
  150. Irvine Subaru Service Closes at 5PM?
  151. WRBP sighting at BJ's in Westminister
  152. Local source for 1:18 SCCA WRX Rally Diecasts?
  153. sighting on 118 East at 6:15pm (CRAPPY SIGHTING!)
  154. Apex-I n1 muffler and 3 inch exhaust install
  155. primitive sti replica kit
  156. License plate ideas
  157. Caravan to Ralphs for PCH run from SGV
  158. Giving Something Back 4 a Change: FREE Sub to MODIFIED Magazine--Lk Sport Compact Car
  159. Bad news about the 2003 Rim Rally
  160. Caravan to Ralphs for PCH run from Inland Empire
  161. Sighting (w/ BOV omg)...
  162. UCSD Girl in 2dr Blue 2.5RS who I saw last weekend
  163. newbie
  164. Palmdale Lancaster scoobys goin to PCH?
  165. 2002 EVOC Subaru Perf. Driving Clinic
  166. Palmdale RallyX school Sat Sept 14
  167. Rig Rice?!?!?
  168. Sighting PCH 830-930 AM 6/7
  169. Happy Traffic School Loophole
  170. CE lights and CARB?
  171. Brea, at new Home Depot... nice Rex!
  172. tec3 install in sfv
  173. Opinion on bodykit and paint shop
  174. Help me install my JIC FLT-A2?
  175. sighting on Melrose
  176. Spoiler????
  177. golf(pitch and putt)
  178. Nice plates on Silver WRX's
  179. Long Beach Meet Pictures
  180. Can anyone help...?
  181. Need Help ASAP
  182. sighting: turbo RS at street races
  183. *SIGHTING* @ CSULA 6/08/02: New but Modded, White WRX Sedan
  184. caravan from Corona to PCH run Ralphs center
  185. Outback Bosco
  186. What's with all the CHP?
  187. Pictures from fudruckers meet?
  188. Caravan from OC to Ralphs for PCH Run
  189. Clairemont Mesa WRX Sighted
  190. lil'redwagon kicked butt!
  191. FS: NEW/Unmounted GREDDY WRX Front Lip--Unpainted $210 or Painted WRB $320
  192. OT: Web Developer looking for work in So Cal
  193. If you have wrx wheels forsale please let me know.
  194. Good garage in Orange County...
  195. SD to PCH caravan June 15th!
  196. PCH Run June 15th Latest Info
  197. sti replica scoop?
  198. Check out these pix of my Wagon @ Buttonwillow spankin American Muscle
  199. Caravan to Cal Speed Way Sunday 06-16-02 Details Inside!!
  200. One more Edwards AFB sighting.
  201. Irvine gather before PCH run
  202. sighting: white 2.5 RS
  203. Gfb Bov
  204. For Sale locally: BRAND NEW Kosei rims and Potenza RE730 CHEAP!!!
  205. Tacoma Revved on me!!
  206. Machine/weld shop in OC
  207. Me too! Me too! Sighting!
  208. La Jolla Black Impreza Sighted
  209. Got Dents?
  210. SHM w/5zigen exhaust seeking that special someone to buy it.
  211. Is this a good price for a used wagon?
  212. attn: ryaneatworld
  213. FS in SCIC - STi CF GT Wing
  214. Rims
  215. heads up
  216. I'm not going to the PCH run/meet/vortech/bbq
  217. Loophole for front window tint law found here
  218. Anyone in SVF with Vishnu Stage 0?
  219. Any Interest in a 91 Legacy Sport Sedan?
  220. LA West Side Indie Mechanic?
  221. cf hood in LA area 4sale
  222. Subaru turbo (boost) gauge (single, steering column mount) Brand new - $165 shipped
  223. Local Project Fun fun un n
  224. Selling in the forums... everyone should read though
  225. Speaker scam hits Poway, spread the word yO
  226. *SFV SIGHTING* YMCA sighting! WHO ARE YOU?!
  227. Place in LA where I can get nice vacuum hose?
  228. More Lidar / Lasar in Newport Beach
  229. Anyone live near Laguna Seca?
  230. To those that remember, my car got stolen..well got a new one! *PICS*
  231. Anybody got a white/black GC8 hood I can borrow?
  232. Wow, I'm not driving in the fast lane anymore
  233. Hey Jing!
  234. Police presence increasing?
  235. Something new to look out for on the roads
  236. where are all the lakers fan?
  237. 2003 Forester anyone?
  238. Caravan to El Toro AutoX 6-23-2
  239. Visting LA, bringin' some cash... where's the good speed shops?
  240. KK Meet. Tonight!
  241. Scooby Sighting in Fullerton
  242. Just saying Hi!
  243. FS: Eclipse head unit. Model 5303R
  244. Moving to LA babYYYY!
  245. License Plates.
  246. Representing SCIC in SC
  247. Vacation in LA!
  248. Sighting: 133 South (Irvine)
  249. WRC Reminder!
  250. Sighting- Black 00 RS Porter ranch