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  1. sd national tour
  2. Mammoth
  3. DECISIONS: dp, up, ebc, bov
  4. I would like to thank..................
  5. Pasadena 626 area caravan to Long Beach (Cerritos) meet
  6. To whoever is going to the drifting event on sunday @ irwindale:
  7. RIDGECREST 2003 - awsoma powa
  8. Cerritos Town Center Meet... Result.
  9. anyone in san diego have a rubber mallet?
  10. who's installed sti mounts?
  11. NicE mEeT~!
  12. parts
  13. So many things going on this weekend, Guess what Life Plaza meet tonight!
  14. INSTALLed pde up pipe, txs TB with HKS rear section.
  15. I've got it coming out of both ends
  16. Drift Showoff
  17. spiralsmurf, check your pms
  18. I want to go for a ride in a wrx w/ a turbo that holds 16-17 pounds boost to redline!
  19. Volcom Band Joust
  20. sight'd in SLO: Silver RS @ Grad
  21. SXPi -- everyone with problems (only), please get in on this thread....
  22. gas prices, what r u paying, and where?
  23. Darkstar and Griffy went Drifiting!!!
  24. Cerritos/Long Beach meet Pic Hosting...
  25. Advanced Motorsports (AMS) @ Irvine Spectrum..not impressed.
  26. Meet @ TGI FRIDAYS in Yorba Linda
  27. LA meet/picnic
  28. G-FORCE Has Reached Rock Star Status--Groupies/Fans Now!?
  29. anyone local custom exhaust shops?
  30. New Shops?
  31. Who has adelphia cable internet in LA area? Help me!!!
  32. Purolator PureOne filters?
  33. hit a rut in the hair pin and lost front driver tire At Ridgecrest
  34. Vividracing... man o man...
  35. PDE or PERRIN
  36. San Diego Area Alarm Shops
  37. Important Discussion about Val
  38. Yo wassup! (new here)
  39. Kings Ducks tonight anyone going?
  40. need help with used wheel estimate...
  41. FS: Unbreakable Autolock, OEM Cd player+Cassette deck
  42. Jean dry Lake Rally-X this weekend
  43. San Diego vendors?
  44. You Guys Don't Like Me Huh :(
  45. need SCIC help rally service crew
  46. anyone going to snow summit tomorrow?
  47. Sighting: 405fwy north 3/4/03
  48. KPOP concert in Hollywood
  49. Watch Paintball --> PSP La Open
  50. recommend tint shop in LA area?
  51. Anyone else going?
  52. Mod Shops in Southern Cali
  53. SD sightings 5mar03
  54. Where is jlogan79?
  55. SCIC'ers: Help me spend my $$$!
  56. Sightings
  57. cheap body shop in so cal?
  58. Sightings!!! Blue Stock Looking WRX in LB
  59. Looking for an exhaust trade...
  60. SolidForce's HOCKEY UPDATE #1
  61. Did I see an EVO on the 57s?
  62. Rally Turkey
  63. Who was behind me on the 91 Freeway yesterday?
  64. New Road Track in Phoenix
  65. Vendors in the San Diego/Anahiem area?
  66. Say goodbye to My_Unit_is_9mm and Urine Subaru
  67. We're a Prodrive Family
  68. Silver Impreza needs help installing his Morettes
  69. Evolution 8, Sat in one today, Mark up at $59,100
  70. 3 blue WRX's in Northridge
  71. sightiong yellow wrx palmdale
  72. Spot for Willow Track Event March 21st
  73. Do I need a bra?
  74. Tire question
  75. Question to anyone that purchased from Santa Monica Subaru
  76. Denny's Meet TONIGHT (HB)
  77. MEET: TGIM at TGI FRIDAYS in Yorba Linda on MONDAY
  78. South Coast Subaru, lowering springs cost?
  79. Here are some California License Plates still available
  80. Well, isn't that special?
  81. white WRX s/ "mascar" sticker on Temple
  82. anyone ever buy from this store???
  83. local muffler shop for custom work
  84. Alfa Romeo Owners Club at Willow Springs and Laguna Seca
  85. Ack! Steering bushing install problems! Help!
  86. 03/07/03 HB Meet pics.
  87. WRB wagon sighting Beverly Hills
  88. Where can I get a 10mm wrench?
  89. Cheapest Rota's?
  90. Get A Ticket By Washing Your Car!?
  91. Its a nice day... What are you gonna do today?
  92. Smog check help!
  93. Boost problems, anyone have an idea?
  94. gauging interest for trunk?
  95. Anyone want to help me install an ALK this week. I'm in chatsworth.
  96. got into an accident...what should i do?
  97. Sighting: WRB Wagon on Figuroa
  98. local wheels wanted!!!plz
  99. any know of fancy restaurants near the staples center?
  100. Sighted on Miramar 3/8
  101. Rife PRaza Reminder!
  102. damn drunk drivers!
  103. I got a ticket, can i borrow someones silver front bumper??
  104. We And Eat...upland's Cable Airport..3/15
  105. Evolution Encounter Torrance
  106. Pics of Import Xtreme Showdown
  107. got my APEXi AVC-R today
  108. APEXi garage sale PICS
  109. so i was at the Prodrive Power Pack meet
  110. Anybody have a wrx wagon tailight??
  111. AV subies Lets Try again.... 30th west and P
  112. Im hurting this morning... any ideas
  113. Hiro is the hottest car on speedoptions
  114. Finally killed my U Pipe boost leak problem!!!
  115. Sighting: San Clemente
  116. So I might have to find yet ANOTHER job.
  117. Ok, I'm getting an APC thingie for my car...
  118. Who lives on Olympic in Century City?
  119. Need some SoCal. Help
  120. Attn: WRX GOD, aka Rob Shaw
  121. Come support Subaru Autocrossers in San Diego! National Tour this weekend.
  122. Exhaust Install in Ventura County
  123. Who will be attending ROTW on Friday May 2nd?
  124. Seats?
  125. My car got hit by soccer mom... Help with autobody places
  126. Does anyone know of local Recaro SRD dealer in So Cal.
  127. Long beach meet pics they work now!
  128. Northridge sightings
  129. Happy Burfday cvalle-sd cuz 311 is down DOWN!
  130. RECARO seats x2 for sale...
  131. so i was at 7-11 today...
  132. Help with San Diego body shops....know any?
  133. Sighting: 101 eastbound WRB sedan
  134. Got into an accident...Need body/motor shops in OC
  135. Got caught speeding how much is the ticket?
  136. Dammit... car scratched
  137. Where do you guys meet?
  138. Take a stroll down memory lane.
  139. You know you're SCIC Old School when........
  140. Alignment from Discount Tire @ Santa Monica?
  141. Speedzone Friday night anyone? My co-ed fraternity is going (ie chicks also there)
  142. Where to buy VOLKS in soCAL?
  143. CaliExposure
  144. I have a web radio show for you to listen too
  145. Simple Question...
  146. Sighting on the 210 West
  147. Need: Deltagate 7 - 10lb spring
  148. matt if your going to life this Sunday can you bring your digi camera?
  149. What color should Mark repaint his car?
  150. Dirt day this Saturday attn: Gokou
  151. Pics from the Jean Rallycross
  152. Look at me I failed....
  153. My First Wave (SGV)
  154. Purchasing UTEC soon... any members wana help me tune it...
  155. Bored...Photoshop fun.
  156. Starting the job hunt...any pointers guys?
  157. My God been rejected 12 times now for smog they wont even tuch it! Please help!
  158. Where to tune your WRX in the SFV?
  159. Join the Car Tax Initiative Effort!
  160. Good Race Shops?
  161. Any Suggestions on DVD burning software?
  162. March 22nd, Birthday Meat
  163. Dent Removal
  164. Who Dis?
  165. calling all Foresters
  166. A Sunday on the Big Track at Willow
  167. Anyone have some hog ring pliers and hog rings I can borrow?
  168. sighting: 22 fwy
  169. So when's the next party in LA?
  170. anyone seen or heard about this new testing?
  171. So I completed the rally school, how do I get a pro license?
  172. Tires.
  173. A.V. Pizza Meet anyone?
  174. It's 1am and I think I heard a whistle tip...
  175. Want to go to the Drags... any advice...
  176. Neon SRT 4 next to my Suby
  177. Tombstone Rally-X
  178. FS: Stock WRX Turbo & Intercooler
  179. The #1 reason I don't visit this forum much:
  180. New toy for an El mirage run
  181. Why is it so damn HARD to make an appointment at Irvine Subaru?
  182. sighting: White WRX: Hot Girl, Gold Rims
  183. Need 'SUBARU' badges
  184. I need the following people to contact me...
  185. SXPi trying to sell wrx motors on ebay
  186. Good service dept near riverside?
  187. Psycho Mini-Van Driver
  188. Sighting: girl driving silver wagon wrx/jdm goodies
  189. emission laws?
  190. Mustang GT 0wN3D!!!
  191. magnaflow in NoHo? or in surrounding area!
  192. Where to buy boost gauge in PSI?
  193. Pasadena WRX sightings...
  194. Does anyone know if the rear seats for a WRX wagon and a ...
  195. My best Sighting Ever! I think it was mvstype ^ _ ^! Lol
  196. so many sightings...
  197. Anyone planning to be really bored Saturday day?
  198. Blown strut?
  199. freeway debris
  200. 1984 Subaru GX Hatchback
  201. HEY HEY HEY.....WRX engine and Tranny for less than 3k
  202. Sighting: Silver WRX, CF Hood, in Circuit City Long Beach Parking Lot...
  203. Ngk 7 spark plugs(BKR7EVX-11)
  204. Does anyone know a good amp installer?
  205. Service suggestions?
  206. What is a good price for...
  207. Back from Track day in Phoenix
  208. Posing Vs. Performing
  209. Sighting: 210 FWY black wrx saturday march 15
  210. San Diego Meet: Warner Springs or Bust!
  211. Sighting! 405 South, "SUB WRX"
  212. Casual Night at Life Plaza Tonight
  213. Installed springs, now 4EAT problems???
  214. Where to go to bed new pads?
  215. OMG another awesome Sighting 55n/b!
  216. Prodrive limited edition 2003 WRX at Irvine Subaru?
  217. I am teh worst luck evar...
  218. 24 hr. Kinkos
  219. Anyone from San Diego going to Rim of the World Rally?
  220. Hate my Eclise, wanna get a real car, like the WRX
  221. SD guys: Julian - not all it's hyped up to be?
  222. whats happening to life, no more life at life???
  223. Gas Mileage
  224. sighting: 405 near LAX, silver WRX w/ wing
  225. Riverside Subaru, Weekend before ROTW
  226. Anybody know of a GOOD body shop in Costa Mesa?
  227. First Time Sub Shopper
  228. Report from SCCA San Diego National Tour-SD
  229. Another Darkstar meet... Intrest Thread.
  230. WTB: WRX Sedan or WRX Wagon rear sway bar
  231. ATTN 03 silver bullet
  232. who was that?
  233. Sighting: Silver WRX pulled over between Del Mar and California onramp of 110N
  234. EasyStreet to sell APS products!
  235. tint question
  236. Who has Scoobysport exhaust installed? Want to meet!
  237. Group Painting *ONE TIME ONLY!!!*
  238. My 21st Birthday Dinner Meet Saturday March 29th Info Inside...
  239. Street legal drags march 22 - 23
  240. My New Dog
  241. so i go to LA mess up my brakes and end up on the Fast and the Furious set
  242. Exhaust no longer fix it?
  243. Funny Sighting
  244. Who's going to Streets of Willow Friday?
  245. Its officially a myth......
  246. who will be post #100,000?
  247. One more reason to hate Mitsubishi Motors
  248. Sighting: WRB bumper to rear on 134E Saturday
  249. Sighting: New STi!!!!!
  250. Sighting on Monday.