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  1. Engine Swap
  2. ATT: Anyone in So Cal over 21!!
  3. Interested in Tickets to the "New Tom Green Show"?
  4. HELP: broke my windshield... where to go?
  5. Any meets this week?
  6. Thanks Wrx Grl
  7. Gravel Crew 4th of July Party
  8. SO>CA where to gut uppipe???
  9. Woohoo!!!
  10. BBQ Sat afternoon in LGB 6/28
  11. going to lacr on wedneday,june 25th
  12. Sighting MBP WRX w/ Ladie inside
  13. Blue STI in HB 11:30am
  14. Sighting - Silver WRX
  15. San Diego Suby owners?
  16. 1MZ headers install
  17. Ikea in COSTA MESA?!
  18. Curb rash on rims...
  19. Recommend places for leather couches
  20. Please read!! My reconsideration for Engine, mods, Co-Worker died, RIP
  21. Whos going to comic con in SD?
  22. Anybody else going to the secret Janes Addiction show?
  23. Who the hell is psaeko and why is he complaining?
  24. Sighting on Rancho Vista in Lancaster
  25. Is this a good deal?
  26. Look at me I failed....
  27. WHERE to go ? Los Angeles
  28. Ben's car in the new Sport Compact Car
  29. Sighting - Silver WRX on 10-East
  30. Sighting: silver RS tried to race me
  31. Hopefully my next car.....
  32. Autocross this weekend
  33. Did i kill my drivetrain?
  34. Going to Laguna Seca today to watch a friends Toyota Atlantic race. What to do?
  35. i know we are old but i want to plan a wild rivers or raging waters trip. whos in
  36. Local Tire shops
  37. Where in LA to find Option Video and Magazine?
  38. If anybody is in the Costa Mesa area make sure you stop by..
  39. To the dumb a$$ in the WRB WRX who tried to race me today....
  40. Super Autobacs Stanton
  41. Who wants to watch Sean crash(again)??
  42. looking for an rc car
  43. Mini meet tonight (Thursday)
  44. Looking for Rim winner Rod Ferreira!
  45. Lots of San Diego sightings 6/26
  46. Saturday, 1PM, Costa Mesa
  47. Justin to Kelly movie meet tomorrow
  48. Happy Birthday Mark!!
  49. San Diego installs?
  50. be nice... evo's are awd too!
  51. Anyone got the hook-ups on Auto Insurance?
  52. moving to san diego??
  53. Willow Springs Big track days.
  54. For Sale: C4r0m3b3Ar's
  55. Sat BBQ UPDATE
  56. anyone wanna trade their prodrive axle back muffler for my dual tip stromung?
  57. Omg Devo Playing In Oc!
  58. Torrance meet aftermath
  59. Ikea sway bar and rollcage?
  60. ever notice
  61. WRXs of Coppertree biz park, Costa Mesa...
  62. Attn: Mr. Trd
  63. I need a small canoe or kyack
  64. DUDE! james2000rt i live next to rbvhs!
  65. Happy 21st to bajaduckey!
  66. help w/ window
  67. newbie thread.. regarding Smog
  68. Malibu at night...... July 27th
  69. My experience with over 15 M5's and M3's, oh, and two RUF porsches...
  70. Racing in portland!
  71. BBQ, install fest, and hangout at my house July 5th, 2003
  72. RE-92's needed
  73. San Diego: looking for room to rent
  74. 6/29 Rife sticker picures
  75. monrovia or duarte?
  76. New Thursday night location suggestions
  77. oops
  78. Anyone here own a REALLY MEAN Pit Bull?
  79. Substance that is of consequence...
  80. body shops...
  81. 4th of july meets?
  82. i saw the lancer wagon today
  83. Silver STI in Manhattan Beach
  84. STI Motorsports on Washington and La Cienega
  85. tint shops?
  86. Hospital meet. Sometime in July...
  87. all your base are belong to my band.
  88. How to get a hold of Subaru rep for warranty?
  89. What are you doing Tuesday night?
  90. ATTN: Tmr Impreza
  91. Sighting: An SCICer in Vegas?
  92. Turbo Specialties ???
  93. anyone heard of
  94. Need a Job-Ex IT guy
  95. LINK tuning?
  96. anybody heard of Island Motorsports?
  97. Happy Birthday: G-Force!
  98. WTB: 02 WRX bumper/headlights
  99. SD peeps 4th of July fireworks...
  100. Goodbye!
  101. WRX tuners in my area?
  102. Anyone have a STi in San Diego?
  103. Mounting and Balancing in OC?
  104. Looking for pic's of 1980's Japanese race cars
  105. Black WRX in Santa Monica
  106. To Anyone That Knows Someone Selling A Clutch
  107. white wagon sighting Westwood (on Veteran SB)
  108. Val's home for the holidays
  109. Any scoobies in the temecula area?
  110. cobb access ecu
  111. Let's do lunch.
  112. Thursday Night Starbucks
  113. BAIC in SCIC
  114. Dealer to boycott for STi markup
  115. Subi Sightings in WLA
  116. SD Co Ed soccer?
  117. where to buy spring compressors from?
  118. Snotty Banana Face
  119. 2nd Annual SCV/Fatburger/Triple King Challenge Meet
  120. Weird sounds, help please
  121. Who's car is this?
  122. Anyone else in SD down for dirt?
  123. Need new fuel pump! Please help!
  124. Wheel Spacers....
  125. Wheels spacers any one use them?
  126. Summer Sanitarium Floor Tickets!!!
  127. Where to buy: Lug Nuts
  128. Fuel tank capacity question
  129. Sighting on the 405 @ 8pm-ish on 7/4
  130. New carpet for cars?
  131. San Diego Sti Owner - Oppurtunity
  132. Whose Pontiac Montana??
  133. Is a header leak fixable?
  134. What did you do July 4th?
  135. sighting in north county san diego
  136. who r u
  137. Sept Rally School registration open!
  138. Best Deals on Tinting?
  139. TarLine rally on Sat July 26, need workers
  140. Tax & Licensing Fees in Cali.
  141. Silver STi on Palomar.
  142. front plates?
  143. Scion
  144. 07/06 : Life Plaza sticker pictures
  145. G-force bday photos!
  146. Norm Reeves Subaru - Temecula
  147. What happened to Rife Plaza???
  148. Thanks Kym!!!1 You are teh r0x0r
  149. MEET IN OCEANSIDE!! Saturday!!
  150. Hey Eli
  151. Subaru Owners Night July 8th
  152. SCIS is getting worse?
  153. Post Pics of Your Tint
  154. Subaru Owners Night?
  155. where to get sandpaper?
  156. subaru kym + Tore Johnson
  157. PS2 MODCHIP? Anyone in socal?
  158. Hey Late Apex!
  159. Anyone got a WRX 02 ecu laying around?
  160. So Who's Plates Are "WRX GRL" ???
  161. What happend to Malibu night?
  162. i have a question for the san diego crew
  163. car fax account
  164. Sited: Black WRX with Texas plates in San Juan
  165. silver wrx at Torrance Honda HQ
  166. Quick hood question
  167. Lakers get Gary Payton
  168. IDYLLWILD RUN saturday(12th)
  169. what the hell is wrong with you people?
  170. Sorry to "WRX GRL"...
  171. Where to buy
  172. QUIZNOS COUPON any SD people try it yet?
  173. Free : Angels vs. Royals tix (July 9th, 7:05pm)
  174. anyone selling a aem intake ?
  175. Renick Meet Pics
  176. Sell the REX?
  177. Any Car Pics From Rennick???
  178. Pilates anyone?
  179. Anyone Have a Dell Laptop. I need to buy a battery and have it before Saturday
  180. Wanna install my springs for 100 bucks?
  181. When will baby I am b come?
  182. Keyed... again
  183. Aliso Viejo: Pirates of the Caribbean tonite at 10:15
  184. What are the best self-serve car washes around OC?
  185. only losers are online at 11:19 pm
  186. Looking for a GC8
  187. Is the HB meet this friday going to happen?
  188. B-I-G Valley Dodge Subaru has plenty of STis for sale
  189. Am I trippin'?
  190. Alfa time trial and race at Cal Speedway Fontana
  191. SCIC Golfers (or hackers)
  192. SV at Streets of Willow 8-2&3-2003, only $100!
  193. What the heck was going on [email protected] last night?
  194. Anyone know how to get a hold of...
  195. San Diego Install/BBQ day
  196. Subaru Kim Vs. Subaru Kym?
  197. USTCC at California Speedway
  198. Does the SCIC need another mod?
  199. So, when's the next drift show?
  200. I got pulled over...
  201. What kind of accounting software does your work use?
  202. Mirimar Karting GP Wed
  203. baker precision, get's the old monkey
  204. hotties in costa mesa
  205. Who is selling a GC8 in SCIC?
  206. Who parked next to me, 24-Hour Fintess Manhattan Beach?
  207. Anybody free to help me install......
  208. a sighting...
  209. 7-Eleven
  210. hey nick hows the laptop?
  211. I need stock lateral arms. Kplzthx!
  212. Sighting - 134 East
  213. D2D Performance
  214. Old Timers!
  215. Anyone Here In The Mortgage Industry??
  216. Official SFV Thread (VERSION 2)
  217. mark lovell died
  218. CEL fix - RIFE plaza Sunday?
  219. Silver STi sighting - Fashion Valley, 7/11
  220. mexican food shack sighting
  221. Help! My car got attacked by a HUGE truck tire! (Need headlight)
  222. Anyone order from this site before?
  223. 2003 Sports Car Meet
  224. Need a Broken TT
  225. Rife Tonight??
  226. SIGHTING.... white GC8 on el cajon blvd.
  227. I need your stock '02 headlights
  228. Windshield Replacement
  229. Where are the Subies?
  230. UK 17 rims and Prodrive Springs
  231. I saw teh funnay thing at the Car Wash today...
  232. Extreme autofest - pomona photos
  233. WRX's spotted at Hyperfest CA Speedway 7.12.03
  234. low-tech matrix-style ping pong
  235. Anyone interested in going to California Speedway this Sat 7-19?
  236. Attn: RiceyMSP, erp, I mean SpiceyMSP
  237. 2 Week vacation commin
  238. Help w/my other car.
  239. Buying a car via private party in Cali.
  240. Spearmint Rhino*
  241. For SALE OR TRADE.....Boost cont, gauge, and springs
  242. Does anybody have weekdays off?
  243. Are Radar Detectors Illegal ?
  244. What is THIS!!!!
  245. SoCal: Need '98-'01 Impreza RS for test [email protected], free parts
  246. Jewlers in SoCal
  247. Value of 1985 Celica GT-S in SoCal?
  248. Anyone have basic tools I can borrow for boost gauge install in Riverside?
  249. Need AIM names for San Diego!! Please!
  250. Happy Bday Rich!