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  1. Hey anyone need stuff installed?
  2. here is a meet idea
  3. Meet at showguns every tuesday!!
  4. anyone wanna hit up Carlsbad track this weekend?
  5. This is for IMPREZYA
  7. bar or resaraunt recommendation
  8. OT : go vote on this...
  9. What the HELL ARE YOU ALL DOING UP!!!!
  10. I'm boycotting the new banana face. How about you?
  11. Poll: OC Beach meet (for the unemployed)
  12. bamboohut thursday nite....
  13. 7/14 Life Plaza Pics.. thanks Kym for hosting
  14. long overdue sighting
  15. ATTN: Alcoholics (or anyone who likes happy hours)
  16. Car Is Insane!!!!!!!!!
  17. have you guys heard of a new race team called "Night Kids"?
  18. Me again witha new apartment!!
  19. need help moving
  20. back from san fransisco
  21. Replica C-West V2 grill for sale
  22. Speed Factory sucks
  23. Would anyone be interested to buy non branded catback exhausts (more details inside)
  24. I finally got a turbo!
  25. Need tricked out import car for ad!!
  26. Thanks South Coast Subaru
  27. SD guys there's an AWD dyno at Pann...
  28. Sold the MR2 S/C!
  29. I'm on the campaign trail!! VOTE FOR ME...Punch and Pie!
  30. tint shops in oc?
  31. SRT Motorsports in Anaheim SUCKS!!!
  32. Need DeltaDash in OC ...
  33. VOTE SOLIDFORCE!!! Read here why you should! <---
  34. Anyone need a roommate in SD?
  35. Dealer for service in South Bay/West LA?
  36. Move your POS, Fire Doggy
  37. VOTE litoljon! No promises -- just facts
  38. Sighting: New Audi RS-6 in Silver
  39. has anyone seen this moron???
  40. scooby down
  41. lookin for some Mac music programs
  42. anyone want to go to the Orange County Fair with me. I have not been there in years.
  43. Hahahahaha. I can't stop laffink.
  44. Vote for SCIC's next moderator..... (Vote 1 week only)
  45. would anyone help me install boost gauge?( o.c. area)
  46. Dammit please help!!!
  47. Miramar GP Race
  48. OC Fair summer concert series-Teh Bangles!!!
  49. anyone interested in grillcraft
  50. Went to the Circus Last Night. Very Very Cool. Must See
  51. FYI: mod poll reset to zero!
  52. Friday weekly meet
  53. Kobe Charged
  54. RX8 spotting
  55. SIGHTING: Blue WRX going North on the 605...
  56. pch sightings: blue, silver
  57. are your wifes wheels holding up?
  58. How many STI owners in S.F. Valley?
  59. Where to buy?
  60. my friend's ride got featured in speedoptions
  61. I‚@‚‰‚Ž@Japan@YO
  62. ALmost died tonight
  63. Exhaust Meet
  64. oil change? where?
  65. Inland Empire meeting & canyon run (138 hwy)
  66. Vote for Karazyman to be your Moderator! Look Inside for the REAL Facts.....
  67. broke FWD tranny, what do I need to bolt on an AWD?
  68. South OC Surf meet anyone??
  69. [email protected] Sighting
  70. SF Valley guys - caravan to meet tomorrow?
  71. sigthings
  72. Looking for any upcoming meets in the SO.CA area (Irvine, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo)
  73. I Need to barrow a MAFS for 98 or below subaru!
  74. SIGHTING: CalPoly Pomona
  75. So, who went to Carlsbad
  76. need a trim
  77. S.C.V. Fat Burger Meet Pics
  78. Pics of a drunk driver I took yesterday
  79. body/paint shop
  80. Sat. july 26th, CA Speedway Drag Races, group meet?
  81. Anyone Know A Cop??
  82. Vote Subaruwrx return the power to the bourgeoisie
  83. i think i sighted oilcover kid
  84. Fun stuff to do in San Diego area
  85. is anyone doing anything tonight?
  86. anyone want to sell a RE-92?
  87. Purchasing a car out of state
  88. Miramar SpeedCircuit (Karting)
  89. I'm itchin for a canyon run, how about you
  90. Malibu at Day 26th
  91. Need help removing Voltage Clamp
  92. Going Kartin today anyone wanna go?
  93. custom interooler piping?
  94. WTT '03 WRX trunk/tail for STi trunk/tail
  95. i need one 17in kdw
  96. ButtonWillow This Weekend....7/27/03 Who's Going??
  97. Button Willow Caravan
  98. question?
  99. 3 Sightings in Irvine
  100. Costa Mesa sighting on Harbor on Sunday
  101. Who's the little biznatch that waved to me yesturday??
  102. SCIC Las Vegas Trip. Ulitimate Fight Challenge. Friday September 26th, 2003
  103. Recent Sightings
  104. My new toy!
  105. Best Mexican Food in LA Area?????
  106. Omori EGT Gauge sensor tap? Who has one?
  107. Friend is thinking of buying WRX, which dealer has the hookups?
  108. Gravel crew I am looking for martii!
  109. Need speed sensor for JDM WRX 95!
  110. Going out on a date..where to take her??
  111. Oregon Trail Rally on SpeedTV
  112. attn: eric m. sighting.
  113. Found problem and fixing it tomarrow!
  114. need some stuff - in socal - HELPMEEEE
  115. who's worried about dings?
  116. ANYONE have a UTEC?
  117. Dont race, hope it's not a WRX they are after.
  118. Man United @ the LA Collsium
  119. I saw a used WRX...
  120. need vehicle speed sensor 2 for JDM WRX!
  121. SRT4 beat my WRX
  122. help with a ticket
  123. California Speedway Drags, Aug. 23 Joint Meet!
  124. A sighting today! (surprised?) and deli plug.
  125. Frakko, stop posting sick pics!
  126. Dude this sucks I am still stuck at work
  127. TMRRALLY (sean) hijacked my AIM in case
  128. Matt
  129. Need Car Serviced in WLA area. Where?
  130. HIP HOP Clubs in Hollywood Area?
  131. HIP HOP Clubs in Hollywood Area?
  132. Where can I get a relatively inexpensive portable MP3 player??
  133. Got exhaust ticket need help
  134. Wtb 2.5 Rs
  135. Sighting: STi WRB on Gold in Laguna Nighetto
  136. Looking for tint in W. LA, WeHo, Miracle Mile
  137. Hosting a Lan Party in Irvine (this weekend)
  138. Sport Compact car Article
  139. Some groovy Mediterranean food.
  140. Friday Night Meet
  141. White/gold STi in Irvine
  142. UpPipe Install this Saturday...
  143. Sale @ Coors Ampitheater This weekend
  144. Orange County Meet?
  145. break out your dancin shoes...
  146. Knott's or Magic Mtn.
  147. SCIC's new moderators will be making their debut soon...
  148. Smog check needed!
  149. Where to buy a CF hood in SOCAL
  150. (Moderated by: MPREZYA, Onederer, SolidForce)
  151. Sightings Near Playa Del Rey
  152. Anyone going to hula competition at the end of August?
  153. License Plate: "APEX WRX"
  154. CAR is back up and running insane. AHAH sad turbo civic tried to race me!
  155. Northridge Skatepark tonight at 10pm
  156. officially meeting @ Del-Taco 7/26 8:00p.m.
  157. hello everyone
  158. NO more Life plaza, let's go to a new plaza!
  159. 3 threads moved to OT
  160. Sigma pi is a post whore!!!!!!
  161. OT Splitting an Apartment
  162. Wednseday night meet at Diamonds Billiards
  163. I got pulled over good story!
  164. Should the sticky "Rim" thread be removed?
  165. Pinging problems...what type of gas in Socal?
  166. August 1-3 = Defcon, in Las Vegas
  167. 7/26 Malibu Run Pics !!!
  168. custom 3 inch piping
  169. anyone driving up to life plaza from OC?
  170. someone left me a note at Life
  171. So... I Got Pulled Over.....
  172. Sighting: 2.5 RS with rally graphics in Irvine
  173. Got a CEL...anyone have a scanner in the sf valley area?
  174. The Home Depot Center
  175. office chairs???
  176. Canyon Run Tonight Still?
  177. anyone familiar with UTEC?
  178. radar detectors
  179. SUPER So Cal- Super Autobacs meet- Sign Up Now!
  180. Anyone bored and want to go for a drive?
  181. converting my car back to stock..
  182. visiting hollywood, reccommendations?
  183. Sighted: Lunatic WRX sedan driver on the Ortega Hwy. Sunday 27th.
  184. suggestions for rain-proof car-cover?
  185. A local siting
  186. Sighted: Subayai
  187. Whose black WRX STi on Sawtelle?
  188. EDM licence plates?
  189. Any pictures from the button willow driving clinic trackday?
  190. The RICE-FREE Autobacs meet (this sunday)
  191. SCIC slumber party?!?!?!
  192. Quest for the best pho
  193. Awsome drive tonight! Thanks david!
  194. Anyone going to Streets 8/2?
  195. A PCH Run?
  196. ^SCIC Fantasy Football^
  197. Almost got side-swiped by a semi last night!
  198. wow all these familiar names!!!
  199. California Dreamin
  200. Leaking freeze plug??
  201. San Diegans (especially Manila-I-Mean-Mira Mesans) Beware!
  202. I'm bored.......anyone want to go on a drive??
  203. Looking for a Canon EOS 10D
  204. Visiting San Deigo
  205. After a LONG 5 & 1/2 months
  206. Anyone interested in a box turtle?
  207. Free! STi interior for any with a MY04 impreza
  208. Beach barbecue in Ventura County on Saturday. :)
  209. so, a totalled STi allready??
  210. sighting
  211. ATTN: jlogan9
  212. Government shizzle dizzle forizzle my nizzles
  213. My Button Willow PIcs* ATT: BENNY!
  214. Cool Video Shot of Scoobies on the Buttonwillow Track
  215. Free wheels!! (OEM steel)
  216. Anyone drive San Fransisquito yesterday?
  217. Anyone down for a drive post intrest here!
  218. Ok it is official wed at 12am drive!
  219. so me and mattjk and a4girl and stealth-wrx are all getting evo's
  220. Need help finding a good italian food place in LA
  221. Need Help Finding Part!!
  222. OK All you AV Flakers
  223. ANOTHER reason to NEVER go to Santa Monica Subaru (semi-long)
  224. LA County Fair
  225. Advice on race tracks in SoCal area
  226. Anyone else catch the lightning storm??
  227. Where to get...
  228. Speed Ventures at Buttonwillow - Aug 23 & 24 - $130 a day!
  229. Got a buyer for my car, now I can't decide what to get
  230. Its Time For The Wrx's To Represent At Carlsbad Raceway
  231. Sighting (s) - 14 fwy 2p
  232. So cal Sports Car meet???
  233. Modded WRX *possibly* wanted
  234. bent my stock rims
  235. Miramar Karting Wednesday Evening
  236. Is there a Tuesday night meet in Orange County?
  237. Sightings on the 5
  238. Sighting...405 to 105 around 9:45pm
  239. HB meet reminder
  240. Ridgecrest/Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear/etc area run
  241. Purpose of local forums? Mods power happy?
  242. Is anyone driving up to the Bay Area this weekend?
  243. I need motorcycle insurance. :(
  244. so i come back to the interweb...
  245. Who wants their STi in a magazine?
  246. Need Navagator
  247. Anyone want to go to the beach oceanside>?!?!
  248. Is the Knotts meet on?
  249. Sunday BBQ at my house this Sunday. Come one come all
  250. 1 year anniversary!