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  1. First Ever SOCAL Import Swap Meet - Details Inside!
  2. Sexybabybeth, clear your PM's please.
  3. Help installing motor/tranny mounts and WTB : sedan/cusco rear sway
  4. dealers doing price matching for OEM parts?
  5. Free oil change and car wash
  6. Group Transmission-fluid Changing Day
  7. I'm in urgent need of an uppipe gasket.
  8. Urgent Free Stuff Now Now Make A Profit
  9. OFFICIAL : CB for details...
  10. EJ257 Swap Underway
  11. Sighting: Blue WRX Traveling North Bound on 405
  12. SpicyMSP = Subaru wannabe!
  13. Hapype BIRthday mlambert!
  14. OEM Painted Side Skirts
  15. New in the neighborhood
  16. cv joint just broke iam stuck at work!!
  17. 2004 Wrx Wagon Washer Tank
  18. Ticket Assassin works again!
  19. Pulling Engine/Tranny from car Saturday. Anyone want to help or work on your car?
  20. need a new clutch
  21. anybody know of...
  22. CSUSM sighting
  23. glendora mountain road and ridge experience
  24. Pat and O meet
  25. Need a sedan 20mm or Cusco rear sway bar ...
  26. Sighting: 55 South Blue WRX with Borla Exhaust
  27. damn who crashed a silver wrx yesterday
  28. mattjk congratulations on the new paint job!
  29. STi salvaged pricing
  30. Good Subaru Mechanics in LA County (especially NE Los Angeles)?
  31. Offroad/Rally exhaust clearance
  32. Anyone bored on a friday night, I am, hahah
  33. Sighting on 67 Blue WRX
  34. De-oranging headlights
  35. finaly a good story about my car
  36. Sightings - Seen or Be Seen
  37. So I Served Kobe Bryant Cheesecake Tonight...
  38. Scammer Alert!!
  39. LIDAR Cops
  40. Sighting: 5N San Clemente WRB with vinyl stars?
  41. 91W sighting
  42. Big Bear run 12/6
  43. Where to get EGT wire locally?
  44. Urgent Help, tool needed!
  45. Snow Chains on 17"s
  46. Where are all the Pasadena/Burbank/L.A. people?!?!
  47. Thanks Matt!!
  49. speed vision RIGHT NOW
  50. Sfv Subaru Drive In Jan?
  51. Blown 2nd gear in STEALTH-WRX (Nick's) Transmission
  52. Still looking for a place to fix my poor keyed car
  53. hood
  54. Meh, beater won't start. SFV/Simi help plz
  55. Lil Rain in So. Cal
  56. New member!! Need some advice!!
  57. Evo meet
  58. sighting: Blue wrx on cornell street near uci
  59. sorry USC fans
  60. Scion Down!!
  61. Hose help please, tore hose to BOV.
  62. Kanga's Demise
  63. Anyone in Southern California? San Fernando Valley?
  64. San Dimas/covina double SIGHTING
  65. Help: Does anyone have an extra stock lug nut?
  66. who will host an 18mb Offroad Fun Mpeg for me..
  67. Anyone interested in fundraiser car wash?
  68. powder coating
  69. some people are stupid
  70. need help finding adhesion promoter
  71. Can anybody explain the warrenty?
  72. Mammoth Weekend!
  73. FS: T3/T4 Miata
  74. WRX Gumball 3000 Cruise !!!
  75. A little video of me On the Dirt.. :-)
  76. san diego alignment
  77. Any Good Finds/Deals @ Speed Factory Swap Meet Today?
  78. Anyone driven Clarke's Grade....
  79. 20% Discount Sushi at Mizu-Zushi Pasadena
  80. Look what STEALTH made me
  81. CHP got these too
  82. Out of state car buying
  83. Attn Guy with LIC plate USCHJWC
  84. Euro meet @ Fusion in SDiego
  85. Anyone bored of their rims and interested in possibly trading?
  86. So....guess who has floor seats to see the Lakers vs the Nicks??
  87. Kma 367
  88. Redlands Meet 12/13
  89. Sighting: Blue WRX Wagon Irvine Center and Sand Canyon
  90. AEM needs your help
  91. San Diego Tues Dec 9th GTG
  92. CSUSM STUDENTS!! Any in this forum?
  93. Who are the 4EAT guys from so cali or orange county
  94. This is some sick *ish
  95. Anyone in the L.A. area willing to help install very minor parts?
  96. Sighting - white STI csulb
  97. I need a little extra Raammat or Dynamat, pretty please.
  98. suma-ru!
  99. Project Old Skool part II
  100. ACK dents
  101. Accident = me sad
  102. Sighting .. yet another =B
  103. Lake Tahoe
  104. Blue WRX on 210e... Thanks!
  105. The funniest thing EVER (well not really...)
  106. silver wrx sighted by redorange is300 in newport
  107. Need a stock turbo in san diego area..
  108. SD Autox Saturday 13th
  109. Need Gift Help
  110. Alarm install shops
  111. sighting on the 55 early
  112. Whats the skinny on the bowflex
  113. who flipped their sti this morning on the 55???
  114. Sighting: 15 south at summit/baseline exit....
  115. Anyone going to Mammoth this weekend?
  116. Body Shop in SFV
  117. Sandpiper Collision in Costa Mesa
  118. Wagons ho
  119. dodger stadium sigthings
  120. IM stupid and i need help
  121. Subaru sightings at Irwindale (12/11)
  122. Friday SouthBay Meet
  123. CROWB4R sighted...
  124. Sighting last night
  125. Sighting by UCI ARC
  126. San Diego Tuesday Dec 16th GTG
  127. another story of a close call...
  128. Anyone interested in buying an Indo Board before X-mas?
  129. another crowbar sighted
  130. Costa Mesa Speed shop?
  131. Anyone want to hit the drag strip this weekend?
  132. New In Town
  133. Boost Gauge install L.A area
  134. anyone seen tha new superstreet?
  135. Surgery Information
  136. Got another scooby!
  137. i saw two of ya'll today
  138. anybody bored tonight and want to install springs?
  139. NYE plans
  140. FYI: Troll Control Tonight...
  141. Showoff Classic anyone?
  142. Launsport Rear Fenders?
  143. How to stop trolling dead in its tracks
  144. Big Bear Pics 12/6
  145. Need help
  146. k&n recharge kit
  147. Attn: Jdmjunkyard
  148. Need B18C1 L or S Block locally, today
  149. Seriously... what happened to the "Ashley in time out?" thread??
  150. speed trap listings
  151. Showoff classic photos!
  152. pe1820 for sale
  153. 1st Sighting Back in SoCal
  154. Where is DemiGod?
  155. Anyone work for 24 hour fitness??
  156. Good massage place in Pasadena area
  157. SFV guys...
  158. Sighting in Burbank
  159. Yet Another sighting
  160. Paul's Commandments
  161. Brea Mall Sighting
  162. well now, ain't that craptastic.
  163. who can tune my car good in socal?
  164. This guy did not ship my part: 1Slow///M3
  165. I want to thank the VENDOR LargeOrangeFont.
  166. wow another forum trying to meet at life on sundays
  167. Gravel Crew sighting - Laughlin International Rally
  168. Sighting on 15 South from high desert
  169. "bridges" apartments HB
  170. To those who love the Function Garage girls...
  171. so i am back from my Time Out...mattjk your pms are full, please call me
  172. Who wants a free 2.5L Crankshaft?
  173. sighting on the 210 E today
  174. pics from jaos rally
  175. Wagon fender swap
  176. Help me pick a christmas present
  177. Arrowhead Conditions? Are Chains required?
  178. My WRX Ruled at wet SOLO II this last Sunday
  179. Anyone know where i can get One Rota Subzero in bronze?
  180. Import Classic photos 2
  181. Need a Body Shop
  182. I'm back from my TO debacle...
  183. Sighting!!!!
  184. for all the scic golfers
  185. KARAOKE JAM tonight!!!!! Irvine
  186. LOTR tonite!
  187. lets talk about past experiences with Renick Subaru
  188. Where's the cheapest place I can find a Stromung in LA?
  189. San Juan Cap ticket
  190. Sighting and I am guessing it was moktod
  191. NEW and FINAL CB thread....please read and reply!
  192. Need a set of BLOWN stock 02-04 WRX sedan struts:
  193. sighting
  194. anyone interested in creating a team w/ me?
  195. Mileage...
  196. Christ is Santa!
  197. Place to buy/install clifford LCD alarm or...
  198. Redlands Starbucks meet Sat. 12/20
  199. my girlfriends niece died today.... im so mad right now
  200. Irvine Shadow Oaks searching
  201. socal tuners?
  202. Hiro, Where You At
  203. Is anyone here going to CES?
  204. sighting... NAB coronado pool
  205. Sighting...Aliso...
  206. Blue STi key for GC8?
  207. fastoypup please check your pms
  208. Blue WRX in Hemet Area..Who are you?
  209. Reputable Alignment Shop
  210. Taking the Beast for a walk...
  211. AWD Dyno location...
  212. where to get Cusco rear sway bar?
  213. Ticket Assassins Strikes Again!!! (My Exhaust Ticket)
  214. Fake ID consequences?
  215. I got into an accident.
  216. Friday Night Meet Crossroads
  217. ATTN: DARWIN please PM me
  218. check this out Saab 9-2X
  219. cool cop
  220. 2 $17 vouchers for Bear Mtn/Snow Summitt
  221. More of a sounding than a sighting
  222. Two OC Sightings
  223. Where to go shopping in OC
  224. oops. mistake
  225. Sighting at work...
  226. Exhaust Ticket
  227. Nothing going on tonight?
  228. need help with a CEL
  229. dead
  230. Smog Test results with mods ...
  231. HI.. mordy_2v, chri3, Neaners, charles s, 2Stroke,&NaVaWRX
  232. Not Spam
  233. Who can change my timing belt tensioner?
  234. AllanK's ride is "2 Fast and 2 Furious"!!!
  235. The Mind Wobbles
  236. WRX picture in LA Times....sort of
  237. Shirt/Shorts Printing
  238. Where is the best place to list a car for sale?
  239. scic meet
  240. Just wanted to point out a Great SCIC Member...
  241. 2.5 RS owned at So. Cal Porsche Fun Run
  242. Looking for wrecked WRX
  243. Metallica March 5th?
  244. Sighting - Angeles Crest Hwy
  245. Sighting - White STi on Stunt Rd
  246. Clear bra (for the car)?'s
  247. Sighting: subarus on the 78
  248. sighting in burbank
  249. want stock white bumper front/rear
  250. Caravan to Streets of Willow.