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  1. Do all WRX's come standard with Keyless Entry???
  2. Ignorance is sometimes courage - rant on speeding
  3. new WRX owner in SD needs some info
  4. Best Downpipe with HKS catback
  5. Easystreet Motorsports wins class at Fontana this past weekend...
  6. Install Help needed: Inquire within
  7. Utec Tuna
  8. Jury Duty
  9. Paint and Body work in SFV?
  10. Recommend a body shop in Santa Monica/West LA
  11. Powder coating?
  12. Gravel Crew's Max It Out Video event
  13. whats with all the n00bs in SCIC?
  14. Meridian Motorsports coming to Village COffee
  15. tire shaving places in oc?
  16. A good week for clubs in LA (Way Out West and BT)...
  17. I need a helmet
  18. Ok i need some smog help please o
  19. Tombstone Rally-X March 20th!
  20. Good subaru shops around?
  21. Sighting: Nikkigirl on Fox Sports Net TV
  22. Nessito Helpo
  23. The Rally Taxi Resurrection Thread
  24. finally got my DEFI gauges installed...
  25. Spotted red 04 wagon in San Brdno on Waterman Ave???
  26. Pictures of my car in the Malibu canyons!
  27. Body Shop Recommendation
  28. Just moved deeper into the 909
  29. Sighting: Prodrive STi
  30. ne1 got a trompet
  31. When is the next SD P and Oscars meet ?
  32. INstalling schtuff.......
  33. Any good car auctions?
  34. Last Nights Linkin Park Concert
  35. get paid!Who can install some gauges for me?
  36. Y me!!!! Y Oceanside!!!!
  37. So i got pulled over in "the wagon" this morning
  38. Tombstone Cancelled!!!!!!
  39. Thats it, we're starting a Suby Mafia
  40. Canyon Run Today!!!
  41. Fishing tours (Rosarito or Catalina)
  42. San Diego: What's happening these next few days?
  43. How to change the STI fuel injector for WRX?
  44. Going to Catalina for the weekend, need activity suggestions
  45. Happy Birthday Shumaiboi
  46. Tint Masters in teh 626
  47. Got pulled over this morning
  48. San Diego Bonfire/BBQ on the 27th!
  49. Anyone have their UTEC tuned by Suby Specialities ???
  50. new SD member introduction with picts
  51. Timmons Subaru BBQ Sat Mar 20th
  52. caravan to Buttonwillow on sunday
  53. Riverside/909 thursday meet - 3.18.04
  54. Dirt roads
  55. This Saturday come out to Timmons for a great time...
  56. Next auto-x at california speedway?
  57. St. Paddy's day.
  58. Nice road to drive near Irvine/Newport?
  59. Sighting?
  60. Should I buy an STI now or wait for 05?
  61. Timing belt questions
  62. Who's got the '03 RS at my work?!?!
  63. Huntington Beach Friday night
  64. What are you paying for insurance in 2004 on your WRX?
  65. loan
  66. ias caravan????
  67. Good places in SD for a car photo shoot?
  68. March 27th/IE meet?
  69. 101 west = dead.
  70. Volunteer "targets" needed for SCIC bukkake night
  71. Good first date places around SFV
  72. say cheese!!!!
  73. 3/17 Big Willow Event - THANKS!
  74. What should NASIOC/SCIC do for ROTW this year?
  75. Sighting!!!! Silver WRX wagon on 73 yesturday
  76. Ordered my COBB Access Port
  77. SAN DIEGO, TV movie casting for Jap modded cars and drivers tomorrow (Friday)
  78. Ticket Assassin
  79. I love you!
  80. Borrow a helmet for Monday?
  81. Interested in a West LA meet?
  82. Happy Birfday, Recce03!!1
  83. Lowsy Auto body! BUt something cool came of it
  84. Is it just me...
  85. 210 sighting w/pic
  86. thursday riverside meet
  87. SouthBay Friday Night Meet
  88. AGGGH! Quit throwing rocks!!!
  89. stoptech bbk install at my place friday night!
  90. friday meet anyone?
  91. hey mattjk
  92. Another Rockreation sighting! White 02-03 Wagon with pink "i" badge
  93. I don't suppose anyone would be willing.....
  94. DoomEquation For GOD errr I mean MOD!
  95. SIGHTING: MY02 WRB Sedan w/ CE28's @ The Block
  96. Looking for a place to do some "beddin' in"
  97. Help hosting resizing
  98. Who is this DoomEquation n00b?
  99. paintball at tombstone 3/20 ?????
  100. I had my very own sighting
  101. list o sightings
  102. since i'm extremely lazy right now...
  103. Reminder for TCRA AWD/TURBO participants.
  104. Hmmnn Turbo Subies all over the place
  105. R32 is an awsome car
  106. It's a gRind meet! This Sunday 3/21/04
  107. ATTN: SFvoltron RIM2004
  108. My first accident. Some people are so stupid!!!
  109. We "NEED" SD section! Vote here for one!
  110. Malibu tonight
  111. AWJunkies presents on a short notice post about BBQ, BONFIRE, DRINKING!
  112. Keyless entry programing
  113. LPCanyon Run Tonight!!! (Malibu)
  114. HELP! I need to install my replacement steering rack boot before monday!!!
  115. Cool Honda Jazz/Fit Sighting
  116. Shot at with a Paintball gun
  117. EWWWW! Horrible, horrible sighting
  118. sigthings
  119. I Fing hate automatic spriklers
  120. Why SCIC rocks
  121. Introducing myself.. (WRX n00b)
  122. A little Vigilante action
  123. Dynamispeed where are you
  124. Some sightings thru out So. Cal
  125. My New 04 WRX
  126. SIGHTING! White STi on 101N about 1-2 days ago
  127. Props to Subiestyle
  128. exhaust bolts questions
  129. Anyone need Utec tuning this week?
  130. questions about springs
  131. 2003 WRX up pipe bolt specs
  132. wooo
  133. Lets Go Clubbing!......
  134. need help please look..
  135. Who's going to the Subaru all track day tomorrow 3/22?
  136. Grr..I never wanted to exploit my AWD for road rage, but..
  137. my stuff is not for sale anymore
  138. i got some mod path q&a
  139. How Hot Is That Chick at Mirimar Speed Circuit
  140. WRX Recall Notice
  141. Crazy Gideons...good or bad?
  142. A place to get my cwest V2 kit installed (OC)
  143. Tire Pros a good place to get wheel alignment?
  144. speedzone and bobba
  145. Best weekend sighting: Mad Max's Pursuit car
  146. A GT-S Near Southern Cali
  147. free car wash at costa mesa dealerships
  148. Any good restaurants in SD/Mission Bay area?
  149. Canyon run on Sat. morn. Anybody down?
  150. A message to the oreo cookies
  151. Village Coffee Euro Sunday Pictures are up 3/21/03
  152. Fuel Cut-Off switch
  153. aluminium welding in SD?
  154. BUDDY C is now in action
  155. Wtb: Hks Ssqv Cal
  156. IClub subaru track day photos
  157. Rich's Tint Shoppe, West Covina
  158. Anyone going to the s2k spugen meet?
  159. Sighted: NASIOC member Kwyjibo in teh SFV!
  160. some buttonwillow videos for those who couldn't make it...
  161. Aww Crap its a Sighting.
  162. SD and SCIC people..
  163. S.D. When's the next GTG?
  164. Local wheel experts....
  165. Redlands Meet 3/28
  166. Hks Bov
  167. Need Info on Modified Toys (Vendor on here)
  168. Happy Birfday gRipped GC!!1
  169. Happy Birfday mordy_2v!!1
  170. San Diego Body Shop Question and general insurance question
  171. Does anyone know a good place to get my car re-painted?
  172. Whos going to the Mini Vs. STi just to Watch?
  173. Krispy Kreme meet in SD
  174. sighting..... in dawn of the dead :)
  175. 22B on ebay
  176. Sighting: WRX E5 (Irvine)
  177. 03wrx stock front/back seats $120
  178. just so you know who that madman is...
  179. Races at the Q
  180. Anyone else see Kobe at Irvine Spectrum?
  181. tune-ups
  182. I almost ran over Goldie Hawn.....
  183. anyone know a good autotransport company?
  184. Caravan to Willow Springs Sat AM
  185. Happy Birthday, WRX GRL!! Mar. 24th
  186. Lakers vs. Kings tonight! Who's down for a meet?
  187. Went to get my oil changed today... Guess what i saw!
  188. SCICer's Be Aware!
  189. Anyone got a HKS BOV flange?
  190. New WRX owner in San Diego!
  191. SIGHTING!!! in Dawn of the Dead!
  192. Shipping wheels from Cali to Alaska - which shipper should i go with?
  193. Sighting: Glendale
  194. $12 All You Can Drink!
  195. Rim Fixing
  196. microbrew fest
  197. Meet @ Burbank
  198. When is the next Pat and Oscars meet in san diego?
  199. Blue STi on jackstands in Thousand Oaks
  200. long time listener, first time caller. i need help asap
  201. local aftermarket manufacturers?
  202. Paint Shops in SD?
  203. Happy birthday sigma pi
  204. Where can i buy hair clippers this time of the night
  205. Some video from Buttonwillow...(56k death)
  206. YAAAEY i got to drive a Ferrari modena 360
  207. Happy B*Day TravAss of teh Gravel Crew "Silver04RS" teh Funny InSiDe!
  208. San Diego Tuesday March 30th GTG
  209. Sushi and boobies !!
  210. P&O meet on April Fools Day
  211. ECU for 2004 STi : UTEC/Unichip/AEM/e-Manage: opinions-experiences??
  212. need help reinstalling stock airbox
  213. IDRC race this weekend in Palmdale
  214. Happy Unbirthday to me!
  215. Where to get best price on DLP tv?
  216. Where is a good place to get new carpet in a WRX
  217. Where to buy Rota Wheels, hopefully local.
  218. Directions to bamboo hut please
  219. Sorry for a bunch of Post...
  220. Spundae @ Circus - Armin Van Buuren coming soon.
  221. Unlikely Sighting: Enzo Ferrari!
  222. Dyno
  223. sighting on del dios hwy
  224. SR20 Development
  225. Hot Rodz of Irvine
  226. omg impressiverex, go to sleep!!
  227. Southbay Friday Night Meet
  228. Props to SubieStyle Again!!!!!
  229. Pat & Oscars Meet 3/28 in San Bernardino
  230. Upholstery shop in San Diego that does awesome job on suede?
  231. Subie O2 sensor
  232. Sighting: Land Rover caravan going through the Ortegas
  233. Anyone in the O.C. anyone want a roomate?
  234. Canyon Runs...
  235. Rim of the World Car Show! Who wants to go?!
  236. Got into an accident, help
  237. oh man! whos is this?? look at the mudflap/floormats!
  238. Host some video anyone?
  239. planned non operation
  240. [SD] Anyone w/ tranny/suspension experience willing to lend a hand?
  241. Drift Day this sunday: whos going?
  242. Don't forget there's a BBQ tomorrow evening in SD
  243. Oh yes!
  244. Hey everyone!
  245. TGIM Mini v STi Carpool Crew
  246. Caravan to Willow from SFV???
  247. S.D. Excellent Subie Mechanic
  248. help...Stage 4 install Obstacle
  249. westend contact info?
  250. Sighting in Costa Mesa