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  1. Side skirt painting
  2. sti upipe
  3. painting hookup in san diego?!?
  4. G-Force's ClubWRX/I-Club/SCIC BBQ V.4
  5. 0wn3d EVO from SCS
  6. Okay, The Official Bonfire Invitation
  7. where are the meets at?
  8. Streets of Willow this Friday
  9. anyone from orange county ordered a cobb accessport?
  10. Local Spring Install?
  11. If you drive off a cliff through a barrier good luck being found by CHP.
  12. i need tires.. reeeeally bad
  13. Congratulations Chelsea... Our new Moderator!
  14. Smog check
  15. question/help...
  16. Holes form emblem removal
  17. Where to snap pictures??
  18. Ashley @Dynamisspeed
  19. Tired of the noise
  20. braging about a mistake.
  21. Are there good restaurants in Lancaster?
  22. Help, Burnt Headlamp Harness
  23. to all satriani/guitar virtuoso fans
  24. 4EAT Automatic Transmission shops in the area?
  25. MEET!!1 @ Carlsbad raceway 4/24/04
  26. Go Lakers!!!!
  27. Evo VIII test drive...
  28. Kill Bill vol.2
  29. Is it fender rolling or trimming?
  30. Happy Birfday, LargeOrangeFont!!
  31. so coast pics >56k
  32. this sunday
  33. Tour the Elfin Forest!!!
  34. 4th gears grinding.....ive only had the car for a month!
  35. Price my ride
  36. anyone running borla hush or stromung dual tip in SD?
  37. downpipe, is it legal?
  38. It's a sighting post, dont read. MVSTYPE!
  39. Sighting: Melted Camry
  40. tax season is over!!!!
  41. Long Beach Grand Prix
  42. Look who made it into Super Street mag
  43. got an early bday present!
  44. San Diego April 20th GTG
  45. south coast subaru performance website
  46. Next Weekend Drive/ Tour
  47. dp+exhaust knowledge & opinion
  48. Julien/Palomar run and breakfast (17 April 04)
  49. Just to clear things up!
  50. Anyone in SD have expierence driving an RV like this:
  51. Congradulations to Sigma Pi
  52. what about a LOS ANGELES meet?
  53. New 04 WXR Wagon in Riverside...
  54. Even more SCS meet pics!
  55. Mod's RULE NOOBs DROOL!
  56. Tint Ticket - I'm freakin out
  57. new in town......where to go?
  58. Does anyone have a Gorilla Hex Lug Nut Key I can Borrow?
  59. Voltronn's b-day on sunday (white sti)
  60. Saab? The EJ20 one
  61. Let's get ready to rummmmmmble!
  62. Pit crew anybody?
  63. Anyone receive a recall notice???
  64. Speed Channel is gone...
  65. SD- need dp/up install!!
  66. Exterior Finally Finished..... Mine's Replica Lip Spoiler + Stock Spoiler and MORE!!!
  67. FT: My WRB 02-03 spoiler+trunk for your wrb spoilerless trunk
  68. Porsche Club rained out
  69. why are evo drivers a-holes?
  70. Sighting in UC Santa Barbara
  71. Just got back in town and I'm bored...
  72. Just a drunkin thought........ by Buddy Christ
  73. I got hypnotized tonight
  74. I met MVSTYPE today.
  75. my baby got totaled
  76. what dose your girl think about your car??
  77. attn you pro drivers out there
  78. Initial D: Fourth Stage
  79. wheel fixer
  80. Socal Suby to EVO drivers, what do you think?
  81. Attention SCV peeps
  82. carbon fiber hood for trade
  83. help with smog checks?
  84. Question Regarding UCSB 's Dorm Policy!
  85. Torrance Installs?
  86. Hwy 74 - Temecula to Palm Springs
  87. Who are all these n00bs?
  88. L.A"BBQ meet in Griffith park"
  89. irvine parts dept rated!
  90. Top 3 Gauges you would have!!!
  91. Sold My Project Spyder Imagine
  92. Police Harassment
  93. Good Gun Stores?
  94. newbie to West LA, need service for possible oil leak
  95. Install things for me $
  96. Towing Jet Ski's with my wagon?
  97. Need New Motor! Please Help!
  98. Renick subaru question
  99. Bad experience at a Dyno...The LAPD (Los Angeles Performance Division).
  100. seeing something back from ticket???
  101. APR mirrors - question/wanted
  102. Anyone in or around UCLA?
  103. 05 Legacy - anyone pre-order in LA?
  104. Out of State Plates
  105. 2003 WRX Service Manual
  106. Seein' lots 'O Subies in SD!
  107. Well known subaru shop looking for subaru familiar expierenced mechanic...
  108. Cal State LA sightings
  109. Happy Birfday, Mario (In2Deep)!!1
  110. So I'm selling the REX
  111. leaving to aurora, co tomorrow
  112. Sightings
  113. Attn: Stealth-wrx
  114. Good Car Cover for Southern California?
  115. is anyone kind enough to offer me a ride in your Tein or JIC coilovers equipped WRX?
  116. 420 you know where your cron is?
  117. help I need stock injectors now!
  118. MB driver jealous or ...?
  119. check this out
  120. props to Ashley and Dynamispeed
  121. Is everyone retarded on this board?
  122. Anyone selling/giving away kittens?
  123. Attn SCIC Mammoth Crew
  124. Anyone here wakeboard?
  125. Any reputable locksmith or Key makers?
  126. New Subee making noises
  127. Mobbin the drive inn
  128. Anybody driven Laguna Seca?
  129. 15k mile service San Diego - $299!
  130. They said my car might be done tomorrow!!
  131. The Yard House - Long Beach this Friday 5pm
  132. Is everyone retarded on this board? Part II
  133. North San Diego Co. AWD dynos?
  134. San Diego Tuesday April 27th GTG
  135. curbage road rash
  136. when out of state family/friends come to town.....
  137. Anyone in SD wanna go to BBQ school?
  138. Tire Mounting & Balance SCIC?
  139. So I just got into an accident...
  140. give me a ride on your Azenis tires
  141. I just put some new Yokohamas on today.
  142. CA license plate petition
  143. Insane amount of cops on the 10 Freeway
  144. Sighting: RS6 Wagon
  145. Happy birthday wayoutwest!!
  146. Local '05 STi report
  147. Help! Can anyone help me with the EGT bung?
  148. Ebay users, can someone please get me this guys number?
  149. for sale?
  150. Need tuning help!
  151. Club Finnamex Party/suby Meet Sat. 4-24-04
  152. Cruise button Recall
  153. Crowbar hummmm secret life?
  154. 30k much
  155. JAOS Western Mojave Adventure Rally
  156. Big bad thursday night Riverside meet.
  157. OT: Mitsubishi going out of business
  158. sue caltrans for broken windshield?
  159. uci minimeet at 9pm come now!
  160. Tire patches/plugs
  161. Guess who I sighted on the 5 FWY today...
  162. Sighting in Brea
  163. Passing Smog
  164. SoCalEvo meet 4/25/04
  165. Street Racing Enforcement Class
  166. Sighted: @ Starbucks Reseda @ Devonshire. silver bugeye, bronze attacks w/ roofrack
  167. 04 wrx wagon
  168. Where are all the mod friendly dealers at?
  169. Got pulled over
  170. San Diego Poker Night
  171. Sighting: 5 North Carmel Valley
  172. New Shop!
  173. BAIC Mt hamilton meet
  174. turboxs bov help
  175. attn. subaru dealerships or anyone knowing of a good dealer.
  176. Happy Birthday to MINO
  177. Anyone in Oceanside with a truck I need a favor... ($$$)
  178. Can Someone Do me a favor? Bucket Seats
  179. brucelee's 4th annual Mt Hamilton Meet (NorCal)
  180. Two Non Subie Sightings
  181. Need QUICK opinion FAST!
  182. Happy I got an Exhaust Ticket!!
  183. Palomar Run 5/8/04
  184. 555 graphics
  185. anyone near loma linda?
  186. Magnaflow Show April 24th Saturday
  187. toulene in OC...
  188. sighting in la crescenta
  189. Another Mini vs STi/WRX vs Evo challenge?
  190. OC local EVO meet right now
  191. Attn: US2JDM + mvstype
  192. anything happening in northridge tonght thats probly where ill be
  193. Protecting my ride from chips in CA
  194. Eradication of CA front plate law!
  195. Malibu People: Need a place to scatter ashes
  196. Bored in the OC
  197. Local place to..
  198. Mulan will be on Time out till ROTW just so everyone knows.
  199. STi pricing?
  200. US2JDM sighting
  201. Need to get rid of some!
  202. Fiesta Broadway 2004
  203. Rancho Import (formerly Balboa Subaru) Experiences
  204. Closest shop to 91423 to install Tranny/Clutch
  205. Sti Trunk Swap
  206. The blue WRX STI at Osbourne Canyon yesterday...
  207. Sunday night meet West Riverside
  208. not a very fun day shopping for an STi at Irvine Subaru
  209. need help finding a hose (return hose from BOV)
  210. A way to avoid sightings posts
  211. subaru suck!!
  212. man i need a wrx
  213. bets $$$$$$
  214. I got a new ride!!
  215. Weekend vacation to San Diego...
  216. For those who are going to RIM of the World Rally.
  217. I need someone who's driven an RV before for ROTW...
  218. For those that do not read the stickies....
  219. Sighting: Diamond Bar - Silver Wagon, around 6:30AM
  220. 4 wheel dyno near los angeles
  221. so cali meet near los angeles?
  222. Who sighted and waved to me in my neighborhood Mira Mesa?
  223. Cars of SCIC
  224. Any local ships can get me Liberal Lip?
  225. CSi: OT - "*** is AWDABTU??!"
  226. Track Event at Willowsprings May 21
  227. Free Milan!!!!!
  228. DoomEQ..... clear out your box you ho!!!
  229. Ben&Jerry's Free Cone Day!!!
  230. Need a decent mechanic for simple install
  231. I've been spotted.
  232. crazy spring install prices
  233. Who else is enjoying the heat today?
  234. Ok, now i really need to get the front bumper on.
  235. Someone Install My Up
  236. SD Free Ice Cream GTG Wed April 27th
  237. Turbo Rebuild in So Cal
  238. Sighting: Diamond Bar, BRP GC8 Sedan
  239. San Diego Tuesday May 4th GTG
  240. Greeted on the 56 EAST Mon. night- anyone here?
  241. UCR/Riverside meet
  242. Yo skimmilk68 clean out your pm box!
  243. Caravan to G-FORCE BBQ from the SFV gauging interest.....
  244. Alignment for 04 WRX
  245. Vince from Cali
  246. Passed the dB Test
  247. forgot to log out y0!
  248. Ontario races
  249. ATTN: SFVoltron, Auto-X fanatics, Auto-X time!!
  250. Clutch warranty in Irvine area?