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  1. Smog test in OC for WRX?
  2. Need a new cell phone ASAP: where can I get sony-ericcson z600?
  3. AP users!!!
  4. What up?
  5. San Diego Reunion
  6. Anybody here tried to drift with their car?
  7. Mods today are worse than the OT Nazis AKA IM A BIG BABY!
  8. And Yet... still no explanation
  9. Sun May 16th San Gabriel/Alhambra meet
  10. Tattoos etc: El Toro Ink House in OC?
  11. ATTN: SolidForce
  12. need help with 91 express lane ticket!
  13. Any SoCal Subies wanna join us for some Palomar Mountain action tomorrow morning?
  14. Peeps who got tix at last South Coast Sub Meet!
  15. 1 opening for Dynamispeed tranny fluid day in long beach today!!
  16. showstoppers in glendale
  17. Sighting: USC 4 JC
  18. I knew there were idiots in california. but this one takes the cake.
  19. me and TMRRALLY just drove teh 05 legacy
  20. sighting: mira mesa blvd
  21. bright lights on the 210 west monrovia
  22. Who was working @ The Old Spagetti Factory on Sunset tonight (May 15)?????
  23. Late night Jerry's run
  24. Sighting: Wadsworth VA Parking Lot
  25. LAX sucks
  26. signing!
  27. Moderator Onederer is abusing his power. Moderators read please
  28. Shaking
  29. Moderator Onederer has taken Poland and France. Moderators read please
  30. Hey WRX grl
  31. Where to buy a car Canopy??
  32. Sighting Blue GC8 Gold Rims RHD JDM w/ Pics
  33. sighting: some girls ina wrx..
  34. SD and WesCo peeps
  35. good dealership?
  36. Girl Drift Team. I'd go see them.
  37. Every Sunday AU 79 Arcadia
  38. Death Race 2000 The Movie
  39. Disneyland hookups?
  40. Shops in pomona area?
  41. New race track in the Riverside area ...
  42. SCC mag needs help
  43. CA Street Racing Penalties
  44. advanced traffic school
  45. Cheap Gas link!
  46. We are 100% open
  47. Where to get race gas around Torrance, Los Angeles Area???
  48. A/C condenser question????
  49. My first mod!
  50. Yeaaayyyhhh!
  51. the cheapest pocketbike for sale!
  52. Finally going STI!!!! But need some help on price
  53. Moderator Onederer could you please abuse me with your powers?
  54. Intercooling Woes
  55. I pass this place every day...
  56. Scenic Drives in So. Cali
  57. OMG - I think I made the theme track to the Spearmint Rhino...
  58. How much to install front and rear sway bars?
  59. Wuts with the bitter old schoolers?
  60. Who was that on the 15 in the grey STi?
  61. Where to paint sideskirts?
  62. Need help before I make my purchase...
  63. ***Party at The Creek v.Eleventybillion <---THIS IS WHERE TO BE!!!! L@@K!!1!!11!!!***
  64. where can I get methanol & toluene?
  65. Sighting: Po Po pulled you over!!!
  66. Passive Protest: Don't Buy Gas Today!
  67. Is it just me , or..........
  68. Back from CO a few thoughts
  69. can anyone get me a good deal on a truck lift?
  70. happy birthday eric m.!!!1
  71. Boston Acoustic car speakers in OC??
  72. illegal or not?
  73. Painted Side Skirts in S.D.
  74. Silverstate Classic Challenge
  75. Modified car search at Mira Mesa High School...
  76. Pics of destruction
  77. mac osx
  78. Anyone down to meet in Palmdale?
  79. Mine's replica rear trunk lip - local shops that carry them?
  80. Mizu-Zushi under Repair.
  81. redline water wetter (sd peeps)
  82. Need help! Shop takes car for PNP and ruins head keeps car for months
  83. I'm coming back. Coming back to LA, I mean.
  84. side skirts painted?
  85. Tor no longer at Southcoast??
  86. anyone added a sunroof on ur 02-03 wrx?
  87. Exhaust Noise Certification
  88. Gauging interest in another Group Sideskirts Paint Job
  89. Anyone heard ot these guys?
  90. oh this is a nice litle car
  91. Thoughts on Carbon fiber 04 sti scoop for 02\03 WRX and forester XT...
  92. Looking for used EJ25 engine in SoCal.
  93. need dvd head unit install help...
  94. A story for the n00b's
  95. fmic cut bumper for stock one
  96. damn you SBC
  97. Subie*girl Hi there
  98. new law to pass
  99. San Diego Tuesday May 25th GTG
  100. Yay!!!
  101. BBQ & car show
  102. need a QUICK favor
  103. Anyone here go to UCLA?
  104. Anyone want to go paintballing Saturday morning? SCV Area...
  105. trip up to dry lake bed this saturday.
  106. Sighting in KTown
  107. Anyone still in the market for an 04 STi???
  108. grah... I barely slept...
  109. Anyone with STi/Pink Springs locally?
  110. Vegas Memorial Day Weekend Traffic
  111. Post your Miles per gallon and driving style here!!!
  112. 2004 STi Ping Reflash
  113. SOA industry-exclusive
  114. speeding ticket in NM -> CA
  115. Dios del Sol
  116. Need to use air tools somewhere please help
  117. Reminder to TCRA participants
  118. C-WEST back kit CHEAP!
  119. Best dealer for clutch judder?
  120. "shield Industry" Anyone here done business with? (HB)
  121. Time Warner - HDTV Laker phone call on TNT
  122. 5/21 Friday Night Late Night
  123. Timmon's Subaru
  124. Which Performance shops in SoCal
  125. The Bug Eyes Were Out Tonight!
  126. Many Thanks to Kym and Steve!
  127. digital racer trackday changed from big willow to streets.
  128. Bad Luck last night...
  129. SD and SCIC people..
  130. Hi silver 2.5rs that parked next to me at the West 10
  131. Julian runs??
  132. Why are people so opposed to sighting threads?
  133. Where'd my Aerosim thread go?
  134. FREE Paintball Monday At Hollywood Sports Park, Who's coming with me?
  135. Went to the Cadillac DriveSummit at El Toro
  136. hey LA people, help me out
  137. Longest w/o putting new plates on?
  138. Suby Specialties
  139. Moving to SoCal from Indiana worried about Emissions (need advice)
  140. Redline Track Events - -Streets of Willow, June 18th
  141. Happy Birthday Dayna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  142. Good thing I read those LAX threads...
  143. Anybody here work at THQ
  144. what do i torque my rocker cover to?
  145. New South Bay Meeting Place
  146. so i got a ticket... (paragraph long)
  147. anybody want to play paintball in the corona area?
  148. TurboXS Utec Install
  149. Just got my car tuned at Harman Motive
  150. Just another reminder: BE CAREFUL ON STUNT.
  151. What's with all the beotching, whining and complaining about....
  152. California Speedway Sat-5/29
  153. Laker Game My House
  154. diy water spray kit
  155. who does auto-x
  156. BRP RS on 5 south
  157. hotel experiences in SoCal.
  158. Silver Bugeye in Irvine
  159. Fontana SpeedWay on Sat.. 5/29
  160. PSM WRX by USD
  161. Caravan to the SLC Cobb meet
  162. Strange Sighting
  163. Blue STI at the Spectrum
  164. Yellow Bugeye in Laguna Hills
  165. OUCH! sightin'
  166. Old Skool White RS turning on Sand Canyon
  167. suby mechanic in culver city?
  168. Yeah thanks for Deleting 'FugeSTIkle'
  169. Sf Delete Me Then Biah.
  170. I bought an STi*
  171. Spent all day at Harman Motive, couldn't think of a better place to spend my day off.
  172. Someone changed mah location
  173. Red Outback on North 5
  174. June 18th SD Mini Meet.....
  175. Nasty surprise at South Coast Subaru
  176. P&O June 3rd SD
  177. White Legacy L sighted
  178. My amusing flat tire story.
  179. Some lady backed into my car
  180. San Diego Meets
  181. My last day at South Coast Subaru
  182. Black RS at Topanga Mall
  183. Black '98 RS in Chipotle parking lot.
  184. White WRX wagon with dealer plates
  185. Another reason why Big Valley Dodge/Subaru Sucks:
  186. SIGHTING: Blue WRX
  187. Any luck?
  188. Performance shops in So Cal
  189. List of all the AWD dynos in SoCal...
  190. **One Lap shot at Glory and BBQ**
  191. SIGHTING: Silver WRX, STi Mesh Foglight Covers.
  192. Muffler shop to go to make Flange for Hushback?
  193. what should I get for lunch ???
  194. Carbeque Sighting
  195. Riverside/UCR/909 meet tonight
  196. TS Wagon on Sand Canyon & Portola
  197. hey mv's on a roll, might as well join in
  198. Silver Bugeye Discovory & Irvine Center
  199. Pacific Media Expo - PMX - This Weekend in Anaheim
  200. Debadged Black WRX Bugeye
  201. Please I need help quick!
  202. SIGHTING: the STi in the parking lot, Pacifica, Irvine
  203. Mods do something about the Sightings
  204. Their insurance company "totaled" my car! Advise Needed!
  205. install place in LA?
  206. Best Pro Stereo Installer in OC?
  207. SCIC Basketball Game
  208. Going to Vegas this weekend.
  209. modified exhaust ticket LAPD
  210. SIGHTING Thread (All Sightings Must Go Here) V2
  211. P&O Meet (ALL Details Inside) [MERGED]
  212. Anybody have a set of the steering rack bushings in stock...
  213. Thank You Mods
  214. FREE STi WING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  215. Clutch shudder what dealer?
  216. Erotica LA, June 18-20
  217. dang, that thread didn't last long.
  218. Petals around the rose
  219. memorial day???
  220. The new WRX drivers!?!?!?!
  221. What do you think about Tom Leykis ?
  222. Senate Bill 1800
  223. Full Exhaust Tested
  224. *sfv* Anyone need a hard rock/metal guitarist/bassist/writer?
  225. First Friday Niter - TSD Rally
  226. He said Poop!
  227. SD peeps, newbie SCCA auto-x questions
  228. Anyone wanna go fishing tomorrow out of Long Beach?
  229. Pha Q call Chaste Auto or help us find him
  230. Wheres Tor?
  231. I fear the adrenaline
  232. Results frpm qualcomm tonight w/my STi
  233. Sunday (tomorrow) GTG
  234. I'm bored. Anything happening today?
  235. Anybody wanna help me change my oil, local prefered...
  236. very,very large posterior Props to Chaste Automotive!
  237. Helix turboback
  238. tmrmzine live video trip to havasu
  239. Dynamispeed needs a 05 WRX or STI to fit a Dynamiscreen\Mattjk screen.
  240. Mahalo nui loa Dynamispeed and HighSpeedRacerX!
  241. so what's going on this weekend?
  242. Any good tint shops in OC
  243. fix it ticket for modified exhaust: still exists?
  244. where to get a chorizo and eggs burrito right now ?
  245. Who messaged me at Spundae's last night/morning?
  246. stigma pie!
  247. meet at shakeys, in 30mins!
  248. Hi
  249. Southbay/West LA people, I need 2 eyebolts
  250. A good chart for everyone who runs crappy pump gas....