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  1. Suspension & Small Tidbits Install Day in SFV this Saturday
  2. anyone selling a '00-'01 sedan?
  3. From SoCalEvo...
  4. northridge meets?
  5. ne1 in los angeles area w/ 02 silver wrx stock exhaust read this
  6. Bad Rep
  7. Any one in the OC seen sams evo at srtmotorsports
  8. DN Perfomance TBE worth it?
  9. Any good stereo shop in Riverside/I.E. area?
  10. 05 Sti
  11. Birthday Bash
  12. wrc 2007
  13. Who in So. Cal. sells Crimson K6 wheels?
  14. Suby in Nov. 04 Import Tuner, what hood scoop
  15. Who has the 6th & 7th Initial D in English?
  16. Hertz
  17. Good place to buy a Charge Speed v2 kit?
  18. Anyone work Real Estate?
  19. Which dealer for the westside/valley?
  20. Where can I get some M12x1.25 stud and threaded stud fitting?
  21. The Purple stuff
  22. South Bay Body Shop: the closer the better
  23. You Think the Smog Rules Are Bad Now.
  24. dyno tuning in O.C?
  25. Help - Cross threaded caliper bolt
  26. Which wire to tap into?
  27. TODAY ONLY! Tustin In-N-Out 12:30PM
  28. Looking for good Suby shops in Valley area....
  29. Thanks Tanabe Racing...
  30. Norm Reeves Subaru Meet Oct 16th
  31. Big Willow (Willow Springs)
  32. anyone up for a beach cruise next friday?
  33. Sti prices without tax and licensing
  34. Anybody have the factory restrictor (black boost controller piping) and piping?
  35. Takin a trip out to malibu today
  36. Happy B-day Ferdie
  37. WRX Run From O.C. CA => Ortega Higway => Big Bear
  38. Bosal Dual Tip
  39. WRC style mirrors?
  40. Does LA have the worst cab drivers
  41. RFCC Road Rally - Sunday October 10
  42. scoobysport socal vendor?
  43. I said Adios to my Rex
  44. Anyone interested in Camping
  45. Looking for old pals
  46. Roommates Wanted - Irvine
  47. Hey everyone
  48. Where can I find a Red subaru emblem??
  49. Engineer / Mechanic / Fabrictor Needed
  50. Another ->BAD<- experience at SIERRA Subaru, MONROVIA.
  51. The car IS gone bye bye!
  52. 2005 WRX RIMS for sale!!!! NEW!!
  53. Ha ha ha, frickin CHP.
  54. Sorority Party Fri 10/01 @ Knitting Factory
  55. need new fenders
  56. Free CEL Checks
  57. Carlos,
  58. "Days of Thunder" Auto Rally??
  59. K&N filter for Injen CAI?
  60. If annyone had a worst week end id like to know
  61. subaru meet IN November, if possible
  62. Any '05 Legacy GT and Forester XT want a discounted ECUtek tune and FREE dyno time?
  63. south coast subaru isnt cool
  64. Vp race fuel??
  65. Will they FIx?
  66. Oct. 1st: SoCal European Automotive meet in Diamond Bar
  67. van nuys subaru
  68. Now recruiting for Team Super Rad's So Cal division.
  69. vinyle decal
  70. I need Mod Friendly SMOG Check
  71. xplane isnt cool
  72. Thanks for the THQ thread...
  73. Mike Shield's contact information?
  74. Streets of Willow Track Day Fri. Oct. 22nd
  75. Good alignment Shop in the OC area.
  76. Anyone Able to Reflash My ECU...
  77. Thurs Grub and meet in Rowland Heights
  78. How EMO are you?
  79. La Jolla Lunch Wed Oct 13th
  80. Streets of willow nov 11th anyone?
  81. looking for a pair of dodgers tickets....
  82. TurboTrix Dynoday UTEC/FLASH/EMS
  83. So Cal Subaru's - IDRC drag racing at LACR - Nov 13-14
  84. ? about dealership
  85. Is anybody else in so cal having a great day?
  86. ECUtek tuning in SoCal?
  87. Local place for ceramic coating
  88. El Toro airport racing?
  89. Mizu-Zushi is Officially Open
  90. In-N-Out in Tustin -- Today Only!
  91. Whats up for today in so cal!
  92. my car got shot up last night
  93. If you have a front lip don't go to Irvine Subaru for Service
  94. placerita cyn. oct 3rd
  95. Canyon Run Tonight (10/2/04)
  96. Adios (bye, bye) to my wagon
  97. Blue Angels!!!
  98. My night.
  99. Anything going on tonight?
  100. Dodgers and Angels!!! WOOOOOO!!!!
  101. any new 04 sti's left?
  102. Oct 10th Road Rally
  103. Never-Ending SCS antics!
  104. Need WRX mechanic in LA area.Help Please!!!
  105. Know where to get some t shirts printed? (ps. I NEED A BUMPER BEAM)
  106. Fluid changes where in SoCal (orange county)?
  107. Nov 12 California Speedway private drags
  108. Thanks to everyone who went to the xtreme show
  109. thinking about selling and get 05 STi?
  110. What a Bunch of Whiney Babies!
  111. SD: P&O Meet October 7, Two Thousand and Four.
  112. Offbeat furniture near/in Pasadena and Newport Beach
  113. Where to buy Cusco Swaybars from?
  114. Battle Of The Imports - Season Finale 10/31/04 - Bakersfield, Ca
  115. Apartments in SCV
  116. Relocating to La Jolla / San Diego area - help!
  117. Haunted places to check out in Cali
  118. hood scoop upgrades?
  119. Rapid Roo's Road Rally Schedule for Oct 2004
  120. places to powdercoat in so cal?
  121. EVO (NOT that Evo!) AutoCross School Coming To Town
  122. Mazda Extreme Street Show! LAGUNA SECA!! October 17th CAR SHOW!
  123. It's A Girl!!!!!!!
  124. good restaurants in vegas?
  125. SCCA ProRally no more!?!?!
  126. SCS event December 4th 11am to 4pm
  127. Eli
  128. Pcc Roll Call!
  129. GT3RS vs 3600CS
  130. muffler shop?
  131. Bad Service At South Coast Subaru! Do not go there!!!
  132. major service done at suby specialties?
  133. Inland Empire meet
  134. Irwindale drags, anyone going?
  135. Harman Motive. Great place.
  136. Subaru Trade-in Deal...anyone tried it?
  137. Any drag strips open this Saturday. Want to test out the car
  138. GM Find Your Style "Ride & Drive" Event (San Mateo)
  139. Forsale Items, Seats, Wheels, Tires, other...
  140. Computer guy from TGIM with black wagon
  141. Big yello Chevy enjoys Subaru too...
  142. Fender rolling in OC?
  143. Service at Santa Monica Subaru
  144. Tombstone Rally-x
  145. PCA Auto-X, Camarillo. October 10th
  146. Non-Turbo'd CA emission questions, befor my relocation
  147. uppipe install
  148. Crappola I missed it..... WagonMonster's...Birfday
  149. oil leak!
  150. anyone who has a greddy front lip....
  151. To a Moderator:
  152. To a Carloserator:
  153. Interest in Kingpin/AZscoobie dyno tune day?
  154. coolest thing happen to me today... hahaha
  155. If your name is James and you called Aerosim
  156. Emissions ticket
  157. Roommate needed: Downtown LA
  158. I miss that fat sweaty guy named Val.
  159. So who was at Streets of Willow today (Oct 8th)
  160. Nov. 13-14 HPDE Buttonwillow
  161. Need Help~!
  162. Posting Pic and video
  163. i got lucky yesterday night!!
  164. What do I do??? Issue with Best Buy
  165. Anybody in OC Hungry
  166. Meet tonight:10/9 6:00 PM
  167. Thanks to GravelCrew/GravelGirl!
  168. Haunted Houses or Holloween Events???
  169. Speed Factory near Life Plaza
  170. How to get sponsored (for a band) any ways?
  171. Painting helmet
  172. I'm in Greece and guess what...
  173. Who needs gas on a Canyon Run!!!
  174. Best outlet in SoCal?
  175. Who was at Buttonwillow on the 10/9/04
  176. Anyone try El Cholo restaurant in L.A.?
  177. Sweat TV on TechTv, 10/13 at 2pm: Drifting
  178. blackstar meat
  179. I am now a federal employee.
  180. Where can I get 215/45/17 es100 for $100 installed each around LA area?
  181. It's Columbus Day, I'm off work... who wants to go driving?
  182. Whats there to do in So Cal
  183. Looking for a 98-00 Forester, $200.
  184. What happened to Chaste Auto?
  185. Anyone try Gardens of taxco in West LA?
  186. Zodiak Hookah Lounge
  187. Ok, how about El Cholo vs. El Tepeyac?
  188. Valentine One radar ?
  189. hey i need a brake job done!
  190. SCV meet & eat
  191. My car vandalized by 40 year old woman in Yuca Valey !!!
  192. intake manifold
  193. Poker night in San Diego, 10/12
  194. Happy burfday Milan!
  195. can anyone get sema tix?
  196. Condo or loft to buy in pasadena or surrounding area
  197. I just want to say that....
  198. First Ticket Today
  199. GTLive needs volunteers!
  200. BiG Screen in a Cadillac...
  201. Thousand Oaks Subaru Service
  202. Really need to borrow an 1 5/8 tube bender die.
  203. STi... cop magnet?
  204. Lets go for a drive
  205. Reccomendation for Waranty work in SD?
  206. Renick Subaru Tuesday Night Owners Night! October 19th!
  207. Visting LA any carting places?
  208. helmet policy
  209. In dire need of exhaust silencer.
  210. I-Speed USA Tuning Calendar is up and running
  211. Need to change my oil.
  212. SCCA/Subaru decals?
  213. TEIN installs in So. OC or surrounding area
  214. Custom Exhaust Shop?
  215. I am trying to get El Toro marine base opened up friday nights for racing.
  216. Greetings from the other side of the World!
  217. Mechanics in South Bay area?
  218. socal shops
  219. coc roll call
  220. Cheap Place For Liquor in the OC?
  221. seat belt bolt to seat belt bolt measurement
  222. O.C. Cops Stopping for Intercoolers ! :-(
  223. Spring noise when releasing clutch
  224. headlight problem
  225. Where to get RCA Cables locally?
  226. San Diego Fusion Cafe Tues Oct 19th GTG
  227. Does anyone go to Morongo?
  228. Anyone Got Stock Wrx Injectors To Borrow
  229. Cops profiled me!
  230. Broomball!!!!5
  231. SCIC / Lotus Elise Xover
  232. ahh! i need to determine problem/solution for my suby! need help!
  233. I need gauges installed...
  234. socal lug nuts
  235. looking for STi RA gears in So Cal
  236. Aerosim Meet 10/26/04
  237. Yumzorz Anyone?
  238. Rain = Offroading Foolishness
  239. Tombstone Video/Pics
  240. How would u feel if...
  241. Pic Request: Stunt Rd.
  242. Sunday night meat tonight? anywhurr?
  243. Lakers Thread 2k4/5 Who the hell are these newbies?
  244. waited 15min for popo to leave
  245. Mandatory Court Appearance @ North Justice Center
  246. Ok... so I fell asleep...
  247. Welcome to the World, Helene!
  248. Renick Subaru Night Cancelled!
  249. canyons?
  250. extreme autofest Pamona