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  1. Season-ender at ThunderHill Sun Dec 10
  2. EbaY ID and Debit Fraud anyone?
  3. New project - what do you think?
  4. Photos From The PFM Auto Cross Practice
  5. Import Shop?
  6. Help in Santa clarita area? (by magic mountain, morning of Nov 11)
  7. Stage 2 Exedy 3 Puck Clutch Any reviews
  8. A good shop in OC to paint my wing?
  9. where to buy o2 to fix my p1153??
  10. a little help?! Stop light camera...
  11. Nintendo Wii & Sony PS3 Thread
  12. SoCal mountains snow chain or cable chain
  13. Painting sideskirts
  14. Cheap crap hookups?
  15. learn how to spell meet - 11/09/06!!onesies!
  16. Having a in n out meet in glendora
  17. sfv-anyone have a cobb TBE catted?
  18. Legal question regarding dealer installed rims
  19. Has anyone been caught w/ a JDM motor?
  20. Shops to NOT go to?
  21. Team Orange & Yokomo At Renick Subaru Night 12-9-06 6:00pm
  22. who else is shopping at the NASIOC Store
  23. socal EM/tuning preference
  24. 07 Wrx Sti Limited
  25. whos going to Harman today
  26. Keyes, Keyes, Keyes on Van Nuys!
  27. NHRA Winter Finals
  28. For Ravers or people who love techno/house/trance
  29. Need recommendations on NON-mobile Detailer...
  30. KW v3 Coilover owners, I need a test ride!
  31. Gruesome crash on Santiago Canyon
  32. 11/25 Return To The Masterdome V
  33. Paintless Dent Removal
  34. Streets of Willow Dec. 8, 9, 10
  35. Annual check in w/ SCIC
  36. Does anyone actually rally?
  37. Farking meatheads in a GTO ran me off the road
  38. Meets in Pasadena...
  39. STI for sale at Harbor Chevy
  40. Getting sideways in LoS AnGeLeS? didn't think it was possible. (with pics)
  41. Azusa Canyon carving fun tonite
  42. streets of willow
  43. About Time!
  44. !! Preliminary '07 ITN Road Rallye Schedule !!!
  45. Any Subie Techs here?
  46. Still have in&out meeting?
  47. SoCal Evo Meet Invitation
  48. moving to san diego area (carlsbad, oceanside)
  49. Engine Question
  50. Advanced Motorsports (Irvine) shindig
  51. Advanced Motorsports (Irvine) shindig
  52. [email protected] Library Walk Car Show
  53. I'm headed to see Clark on the 28th
  54. Big Bear
  55. +1 for Dan at Harman Motive
  56. Johnson Valley RallyCross - Last event of the year! Dec 9th
  57. sti gold
  58. Friday Night Plans
  59. autobody shop in OC
  60. sold WRX, bought a used M3 sight unseen..very
  61. where to get used parts installed??
  62. I pissed my pants laughing so hard. xb tried to race me.
  63. Attn: SCV WRX folk...
  64. shop in Simi?
  65. Hin La Vip Car Show
  66. all show, no ,,,,
  67. Police Enforcer STi?
  68. subaru junkyard around OC???
  69. Sunday Nov 19th 2006 Drive/Meet --Last Minute--
  70. Question about missing Traffic School
  71. I need good transmission shop?
  72. What shop has a turbo porting service?
  73. Ski Dazzle today
  74. sti's being hassled??
  75. any recommended bodyshop in South Bay area?
  76. Anyone around the San Gabriel area?
  77. What in the hell?
  78. need help from AAA members.
  79. 02/03 WRX Eibach Pro Kit Springs & Misc
  80. Where to buy a GOOD quality gasket around!!
  81. Megan racing is looking for test cars
  82. Torrance Subby Mechanic? Recommendations pls
  83. Student shot with Taser by UCPD officers.
  84. detail shop in oc?
  85. Who's all in Palm Springs?
  86. happy gobble gobble everyone!
  87. Where to move to in Ventura?
  88. Help finding a part please
  89. Porsche Hits toll booth at over 100MPH in Lake Forest
  90. LA Auto Show 2007 this Dec 1-10, 2006
  91. Recommendation for windshield replacment in the IE?
  92. Thanksgiving day joke.
  93. In need of stock headlights
  94. NOOOB question...
  95. Ape needs date ideas
  96. SPT Exhaust - Ticketed...
  97. SDIC Meets Thread
  98. big bear
  99. Anyone in SD area have an impact wrench I can borrow?
  100. Ticketed by the fine officers of Orange
  101. New device to catch speeders!
  102. Capoeira - Orange County
  103. Body kit paining?
  104. SoCal shop for headlight aim
  105. health club in oc
  106. Is there any other Tuner stores In OC
  107. Mt. High.....
  108. questions on emissions, out of state cars in ca, and law schools
  109. Streets of Willow on Dec 15th?
  110. Corvette + WRX STI + rain slick freeway ramps = WRX STI WINS
  111. What's up everyone
  112. any mechanical shop in burbank?
  113. NASIOC in Drive magazine
  114. 12 volt technician?? troubleshooter??
  115. STI swap in Irvine free beer and bruised knuckles!
  116. Looking For Rims To borrow this week for money
  117. Proud new owneeeer
  118. Soon to be a SCIC'er...
  120. the time has come....big bear meet!
  121. Upholstery Shop in Socal?
  122. what do you use to clean your motor?
  123. coin op laundry mat in irvine?
  124. Gold paint...
  125. Bakersfield meet
  126. failure to wear safety belt = moving violation
  127. anyone good at wiring or can solve this?
  128. Photos From Nov. Auto Cross's ...
  129. Does this price quote for installation of parts sound reasonable?
  130. Car wash near Glendale
  131. so cal dyno tuners
  132. Suby Specialties Brake Job
  133. i hate rabbits...i crashed my bugeye.
  134. OK i need motormount(s) ASAP
  135. port/polish/coat services?
  136. I got her...her name is Sharron
  137. LA Auto Show Meet... FREE TICKETS!!! TGIM TONIGHT 12/4
  138. Go Ucla!!!
  139. Valencia Import Club
  140. OMG So Cal on fire again!
  141. installing DP??
  142. La Auto Show Pics
  143. ticket question: chp on vacation??
  144. The reason why "the real Travis B" and the Michelin man weren't at sema this year...
  145. cellphone fix?
  146. Just moved to SCIC region...
  147. Valencia bi-weekly meet
  148. bored... ditched class...
  149. so who all was at motor4toys???
  150. Last Event of the Year - SOW DEC 15 - REDLINE
  151. Team Orange & Yokomo At Renick Subaru Night 12-9-06 6:00pm
  152. buyer complaint
  153. Mammoth and Big Bear
  154. Where to complain about bad online store?
  155. Fabricator/engineer Needed!!
  156. rebuild tranny
  157. New to the club
  158. Can anyone help with spark plugs
  159. Where do SoCal guys get methanol??
  160. 100 octane in Valley?
  161. New job!
  162. Anyone else going to the Auto Show?
  163. When is the next install day?
  164. JDM sidemarker install tomorrow, anyone?
  165. is the stock clutch ok? for a vf34
  166. people around riverside know this GUY???????
  167. Joining Team Blew & 2007 Auto Crossing
  168. Clear bra installer in San Diego or South OC?
  169. Check out myspace
  170. My Best Mod Ever!
  171. Cycle World Int'l Motorcycle Show Pics
  172. Mission Valley Meet: January 6th
  173. Looking for a roommate in the southbay area
  174. got stopped last night, sending me to ref
  175. Ventura County Bulldog rescue?
  176. New Member!
  177. Rain Booohoo
  178. Good shops in San Diego area?
  179. free movie tickets in socal
  180. Flame teh new guy!
  181. Request for photos of #38 Subaru from Laughlin Rally
  182. where to get pump 100 octane Santa Monica/Venice area
  183. Photos from Dec. CSCC Auto Cross
  184. Storm Alert 2006 - 2007
  185. Possible group pricing for Clear Bra in San Diego???
  186. question about dtec
  187. american touge 3
  188. Winter q's
  189. Tuner in San Diego (Nearby)
  190. Hit up your favorite manufacters to get Carb approval
  191. Big Bear Sheriffs?
  193. Genocide on Tuesday Dec. 19th
  194. D1 Finals in Irwindale
  195. jdm acura parts?
  196. Anybody Have Info on the Costa Mesa meet this sunday???
  197. Big Bear Sheriffs Part 2
  198. Jeri Lee & Alie Layus @ Cinespace December 21st!!!
  199. Dent removal? Need a place in SoCal!
  200. Anyone from the 559?
  201. Golf bag, computer bags, backpacks, sample sale, 12/15/06 in Tustin
  202. Anybody have trouble daily driving with a FMIC?
  203. Fabrication ideas ?
  204. Looking to buy an 06 Baja
  205. RIP Rim of the World As We Know It
  206. Looking for a very nice 04-05 for test fitting/prototyping of WRC style aero part
  207. shops in diamond bar with 'tuner lugs'?
  208. san diego
  209. i need a ride in a cobb or worx tbe!
  210. Tuners in Southern California
  211. SGV shop to install stock suspension again?
  212. Big Bear Driving Conditions & Tires
  213. Mt. High
  214. almsot bogging out when starting!!!
  215. WARNING: Loud Exhausts in Cerritos
  216. $30 to mount/balance 1 tire???
  217. Leaving Car for a Month
  218. TSB for fuel smell - any luck with dealerships covering cost?
  219. Meet with WebRidesTV
  220. Redline Time Attack, 2/10&2/11
  221. Mammoth snow on car pics
  222. Good bar/restaraunt in Huntington Beach near PCH?
  223. Can anyone recommend a good house cleaning service
  224. Can anyone recommend a good escort service?
  225. Greddy Test Vehical(s)
  226. Mt. Baldy
  227. Speedlounge article on speedtrial events...good pics inside
  228. I need some help with work - **Prize!**
  229. Mt High on Saturday
  230. 255/40/17 fit 04 sti?
  231. Wire disconnected 06wrx?
  232. How can I sell my STi?
  233. SCAMMED: eddieyu, HKS catback
  234. irvine subaru (vent)
  235. soooooooo pissed.
  236. scammer phone search!!
  237. Buy This Used WRX?
  238. Congrats to Recce02 on "2" 06 Rally Championships
  239. 2007 CRS RallyX Schedule
  240. New Years Day 2006 WRC Viewathon
  241. Who had the worst company Christmas party
  242. neew dealer recommendations quick :)
  243. Bolivian Road
  244. Asking the NASIOC audience
  245. Redline Track Event Jan19th
  246. What do you guys think about ESX?
  247. Feliz Navidad!!!
  248. Smogging the Bug Eye
  249. Tomei Header/Up-pipe
  250. newmember