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  1. PR: Sheehan Motor Racing Shocks the Competition with DMS
  2. thank to you guys, i'm COOLER!
  3. Hungarian Grand Prix Predictions
  4. Are there top speed limits in Solo 1 and Solo 2 competition?
  5. Subaru at Ojibwe question?
  6. LDR Maine Forest Rally video online
  7. Autocross tire pressure quick question (search is down)
  8. Maine Forest Rally tonight 11 PM
  9. Mounting accessory odo
  10. Heel / Toe
  11. Pikes Peak Coverage
  12. 1998 Maine Forest Rally pics posted
  13. Todays Rally-Cross was fun!
  14. WRC: Australia
  15. 2003 Boston BMWCCA end of season ice racing video available for download...
  16. Anyone has pics / videos of car 536 from Bemidji Minnesota? (white ver.3)
  17. I got Salt in my eyes, A week in Bonneville leaves me wanting a 200mph WRX Wagon
  18. PR: Easystreet Motorsports wins class at Sport Compact Nationals in Oregon...
  19. Auto-x Classing, not a n00b, but a weird car.
  20. Fire Extinguisher Bracket
  21. F1 video links...
  22. 2.5RS in SCCA Showroom Stock Road Racing
  23. Midwest RallyX Video Link
  24. Peugeot unveils 307 WRC
  25. Event #1 – Richmond, VA Event registration deadline is September 19th!
  26. GC8 Cages?
  27. PR-Last Ditch Racing heads to Defi.-St. Agathe!
  28. PR-LDR to award first CAN-AM Thong!
  29. Gravel Damage
  30. New Kumho V710 race tire - awsome!
  31. Cusco rally car
  32. Ojibwe Forest Rally photos
  33. Stock suspension + roll cage = mad phat tripod action...
  34. The 2wd Quebec Cup championship presented by DMS North America
  35. d-stock WRX, 1st of 49... check the results...
  36. Bump me out of STS?
  37. Question for Gary Sheehan
  38. Q about SCCA street prepared mods
  39. RPNE RallyCross Videos
  40. SpeedTV Is Doing Goodwood!
  41. My first track day was today! I really dont know what to say...
  42. Road Course = Roll bars?
  43. Help rally tire pressure.....
  44. Summit Point - Any One Interested in Two-day HPDE with Car Guys in November?
  45. WRX vs VIPER?
  46. Mazda Rev-It-Up - Laguna Seca - This weekend
  47. Short shift:: Seems like you need pre-mods first..
  48. Sno-Drift pics from me
  49. F1 tire tizzy...Bridgestone vs. Michelin vs. the FIA
  50. SCCA Pro Racing to Sanction Drifting Event
  51. New US Subaru Rally Drivers announced
  52. Peugeot all full
  53. Need HELP - Alignment Specs
  54. 2003 ProSolo Finale and Tirerack SoloII Nationals
  55. PR: Easystreet Motorsports Event schedule for September...
  56. FTD'd the RallyX in Erie
  57. Rim Term?
  58. SCCA Pro Racing to Sanction U.S. D1 Grand Prix Drifting Event
  59. Renting a Car for RallyCross
  60. What Auto-X Class am I in?
  61. STICKY: Rally Australia (talk about it here)
  62. Tire Shaving request
  63. How fast does one go, generally, on a 1/2 mile paved oval?
  64. Help a race promoter out:
  65. AutoX Tire Pressures
  66. Lime Rock Vintage Weekend Photos
  67. Drift Racing.......
  68. AutoX: Azenis (17s) or stockers(REs on 16s)?
  69. Subaru Challenge teaser #2
  70. Drive at the Glen!!!
  71. Third driver for SWRT in 2004 (Colin/Carlos?)
  72. Harness Bar or Full Cage??
  73. Do you leave your car on in between autox runs?
  74. Road racing an impreza?
  75. Makinen-Lindstrom WRC in Brunei
  76. Monza picks, and Ferrari's gettin' kinda wanky....
  77. STI Top Mounts in D-Stock?
  78. Ground control coilovers
  79. FS: F1 tickets USGP
  80. FIA Group N Cars
  81. WRC 2004 in Mexico?
  82. Are all WRX seat mounts the same? Model years and vehicle types.
  83. Helmet location in rally cars???
  84. Convince me to stay in DS instead of moving to STX!
  85. I got to shake hands with Johnny Herbert and JJ Lehto!!
  86. Cheap tires make good rallyx tires?
  87. Who is going to win the WRC now? (watch your considerations)
  88. Urgent AutoX help!!
  89. Question about trip to WRC event
  90. FIA May Do It Again To WRC!
  91. Roll Cage Symposium
  92. Finally! Subaru takes 1-2 @ Wild West Rally!
  93. Pics of our crash at Rally Defi
  94. McRae going to NASCAR?!?!?
  95. Putnam Road Course
  96. PR-Last Ditch Racing Clinches Top 10 Finish!
  97. PR-CanAm Triple Caution Thong goes to Nova Scotia!
  98. Two Driver Rule / 16 Rallies Passed - D'OH!
  99. Busy day for FIA: new Michelins are fine, two drivers in WRC.
  100. LSPR?? whos going?
  101. Dallas Area RallyCrosses
  102. Corona Rally is in the WRC!!
  103. Woohooo!!!! Rally Mexico!!!!
  104. Subaru challenge ?
  105. Hrm...anyone else have Customs Blues?
  106. Wild West Photos
  107. PR: Subie Gal Racing Secures Championship at Wild West
  108. Make my own studded tires?
  109. How many were Frankencivics?
  110. Solo2: ALK -> SM? Is it official?
  111. full snow setup?
  112. Duct taping Fenders
  113. Too big for autoxing?
  114. New ruling limiting WRC teams to 2 cars
  115. CART news
  116. More news regarding Possum Bourne's fatal crash..
  117. site redesign
  118. Rally NZ not happy with new date
  119. See ya, Colin!
  120. Newbie With Track Day Questions
  121. Patching track tires - thoughts
  122. Recommended Size for R-compounds for DS
  123. FS: 215/40/16 Hoosier A3S03 autocross tires for sale.
  124. Subaru the greatest rally manufacture to come from Japan?
  125. Magnetic Numbers for AutoX
  126. Subaru Challenge
  127. Help - Need body panels!
  128. Latest LDR Video online!
  129. Where is JGTC? does speed cover it anymore?
  130. Club Motorsport in Tamworth, NH
  131. Next Subiegal!?!
  132. Best USGP tickets you can get-FACE VALUE!
  133. 2 more USGP Tickets
  134. WRC problems?
  135. 16" tire size preference for rallycrossing?
  136. WRC Rally Finland 2003
  137. Auto-X class for a WRX-hooded RS
  138. Drifting article
  139. Luis Moya, Sporting Director, Prodrive Subaru
  140. Final Subaru Challenge Event Teaser!
  141. FS: 1 ticket USGP & pit pass
  142. Attn: Gary Sheehan -- Best of...Team SMR
  143. Enzo or Diesel Truck: What is faster?
  144. The Celebration of RallySport Party! (Thurs Oct. 16th - Toronto, Canada)
  145. A-X class for wrx sedan with prodrive wheels
  146. Rally Wagon!?
  147. My new GC Impreza Rally car.
  148. Pyramid of Speed
  149. my Auto-X class... ESP?
  150. PR: Keith Casey Earns 2 Class Championships in Topeka with his STX Prepped WRX Wagon
  151. PR - Dual Victory at Defi St. Agathe!
  152. 4 Point Harness Setup
  153. No more Hyundai
  154. Congrats...trhoppe....Celeb status now????
  155. drifting article in 9/18 wall street journal!
  156. Charlevoix Rally Canceled
  157. My DMS50s showed up and one of them rattles. Is this normal?
  158. Going to track, to lip or not to lip
  159. Production WRC on TV
  160. rallyx questions
  161. 2004 wrx have 17" as a factory option
  162. Formula One
  163. how do race cars fight window fog?
  164. SCCA Ojibwe Rally on Speed TV Now!
  165. Where is the Subaru US Team based?
  166. Correct Street Prepared class for STi?
  167. For those that wanted to see our Maine incident
  168. The evil empire AKA FIA
  169. tickets for f1 race this weekend.
  170. Pics of my Car with the Cage/Belts
  171. good DS autocross prep
  172. Solo II mods
  173. Will the STI stay in A-stock?
  174. Indy Picks
  175. THIS is why you do NOT skimp on your roll cage!
  176. Praxis suspension STX legal?
  177. Auto-X videos
  178. My new job with Eddie Jordan
  179. Spitzner Gone
  180. Team McRae
  181. Best road coarse instruction book?
  182. Pictures of 2003 Cog rally.
  183. What should be the tire pressure for Azenis?
  184. helmet questions
  185. Saturn ION Rally Concept
  186. Somes pics for F1 walkabout
  187. locking hood pins
  188. Experience w/ RA1's or A032's?
  189. PR: SubieGal Racing Earns WSRC Championship Lead with Strong Finish in Cog Rally
  190. Rally Cross
  191. What is a good time for St of Willow?
  192. Would you like to see Toyota return to WRC?
  193. Streets of Willow, 10/3
  194. sti classed for roadracing in touring 2?
  195. Vermont SportsCar MudCross Pics
  196. Mid Ohio Raceway + STi = FUN
  197. STi struts for rallyx?
  198. Treeline and Tarline Rally, Anyone know where to get info?
  199. The nations cup.
  200. RPNE RallySprints 10-11-03
  201. CSCC Solo2 event at Buttonwillow Raceway 10-4/10-5
  202. Toronto AutoX video
  203. F.S.: 91 Turbo Legacy (PGT) Rally car
  204. Are all competition seats about the same SEAT height?
  205. wheel studs
  206. Will Schuy make it #6?
  207. San REMO!!! **Official Thread** Talk about it here!
  208. The Gravel Crew is at it again!!!!!!!!
  209. STI and EVO in T1 - WRX in T2
  210. SWRT Newsletter #42
  211. From Autosport - Active suspension boost for Solberg
  212. cell phone location in WRC car
  213. Why do you race?
  214. Surprise! Lovell/Solberg Signed Hoodscoop
  215. Rally Racer Investigation
  216. AMA superbikes test on Indy F1 course
  217. Digital Camera Mount
  218. Maybe No Ford next yr for WRC...
  219. STI Racing future
  220. WTB '03 Solo II rulebook
  221. Cold Weather AutoX: R-comp vs Street tire
  222. WRCAustralia03.wmv
  223. Villeneuve dropped by BAR-Honda
  224. auto-xing the STi.. few questions..
  225. Where to buy longer wheel studs????
  226. Rally DVD
  227. Have SPEED??...Rally San Remo in 11 minutes!
  228. Who think Marcus crashed on purpose?
  229. Club Rally Production Class
  230. Prescott Forest Rally
  231. Subaru Impreza Rally series
  232. Help! problems w/ABS!
  233. Fw: Great North Woods And Maine Forest Winter Cancelled
  234. Subaru Challenge Results: Richmond, VA.
  235. An editorial I liked in this month's "EVO"
  236. World Challenge changes for '04
  237. Where is Subie Gal on TV
  238. United States Road Rally Challenge - Portland, Oregon
  239. Rally Cars: solid engine mounts?
  240. I need help with some track/autoX research please…
  241. Who has been to a European F1 race?
  242. LSPR *Official Thread*
  243. Ford uncertain for 2004 WRC
  244. BAR agree to release Jacks 1 race early.
  245. 245s and STX
  246. What should Dan Guney sign?
  247. How much does it cost to keep a WRX on the track?
  248. Who is frustrated at the FIA?
  249. Subaru [email protected] and travel info you *NEED*
  250. Suzuka - Home of the 130R!!