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  1. Kenwood DDX7015 Double Din DVD/CD/Tuner for sale.
  2. How old is too old for an amp?
  3. Those who've done a carputer...
  4. Why no flash card based head unit?
  5. CD only HU with iPod capabilities
  6. What size speakers fit 05 STi?
  7. Updating system, all over.......
  8. Custom Sound System ?!?!?!
  9. Quick photo of trunk amp/sub install
  10. Ipod integration gets better in 05 (Alpine)
  11. 2002 WRX Raido Harness replacement
  12. amp help with kappa perfects
  13. what will stop the rattle of 2 15s in a custom box
  14. Are there places to sell my stock head unit?
  15. Can't get Alpine HU to select AUX input
  16. Head Unit issues. 04 2.5RS.
  17. Mirror Rattle Fix
  18. Speakers for stock HU?
  19. 04 WRX...i need a sound system upgrade!
  20. No release of Alpine/adapter
  21. Where is the wire for the dimming control located for STi?
  22. 05 RS speakers.
  23. 02 WRX Radio Bracket
  24. cheap and quality HU w/ aux input
  25. Valentine One Constant False Alarm
  26. EZ way to pull '03 Legacy head unit?
  27. wiring question..need the most juice
  28. In Car Computer
  29. Need advise on amp
  30. WTB: eclipse cd8454?
  31. Amp question
  32. Custom Sub Box
  33. stock rears dont work now?
  34. Kenwood Kvt-715dvd
  35. ipod with aux adapter
  36. So. Cal Sub Woofer install
  37. installation questions
  38. Suggestions on how to install Sirius Radio JVC KT-SR2000
  39. Where to tap for LOC
  40. JDM pop up screen & navigation system
  41. AI-NET emulator carpc - EE, CS, CE Unite!
  42. Stock radio/cd changer static during shifts
  43. Trunk grounding point for 01 RS coupe
  44. Blitz Turbo Timer With Cobra Alarm
  45. 05 stock radio question
  46. Double Din LCD Touchscreen ... is this a safe item to buy?
  47. real impedance for Focals......??
  48. Back from CES, some cool rides, some not so cool
  49. Ever heard of these?
  50. Ok i got a question
  51. How to disable keyless entry?
  52. Is it safe to drill down in center console (by e-brake)?
  53. Quick question about suby double din....
  54. I dont kno witch Pioneer is better
  55. I dont kno witch Pioneer is better
  56. component choices and installation advice
  57. What do you think of this setup?
  58. apple bite sized carputer?
  59. Are having subs and speakers with no head unit screwing my system?
  60. n00b question regarding head units
  61. Alpine components
  62. Where to buy an iPod online?
  63. inline fm modulator
  64. Colors of speaker wires
  65. new 9833 coming in...
  66. XM Commander /w WRX stock radio
  67. Capacitor Needed?
  68. hidden antenna?
  69. Amp Install with no Space Sacrifice
  70. Blown Amp or sub?
  71. Ultimate Electronics going for Chapter 11
  72. HELP on kenwood kdc-x859!
  73. keyless entry settings Q
  74. which HU has best LCD graphics?
  75. Which CDTs to get?
  76. Too much vibration!
  77. Help with 1.5 DIN head units
  78. RS Alarm Removal
  79. where to drill to mount sub
  80. Dvd
  81. Phoenix Gold Ti Elite 6.5s
  82. Ipod+aftermarktet HU+Aux
  83. rattling and dynamat Q
  84. help finding "how to" thread
  85. My new SQ Comp car amp rack DONE
  86. Help picking a new HU/LCD
  87. Car Alarm - Is it required?
  88. Amp install kit question
  89. Help with a 12v source for a Satellite tuner..
  90. Issues with factory Security System
  91. Keyless entry: beep ---> honk
  92. Viper 690xv... NEED HELP!!!!
  93. Clifford alarm occasionally does NOT unlock the doors
  94. stock wrx headunit problems
  95. annying interference/noise in speakers
  96. JBL p80.4 not working, red light stays on, HELP!
  97. Opinions on new system wanted
  98. Help me get back into car audio
  99. i need advice
  100. Question re: antenna lead with IAP wiring harness 05 STI
  101. Infinity Speakers
  102. Installing forester din pocket in 2005 STI, help needed
  103. Need new head unit
  104. no light flash on lock/unlock
  105. The Phantom II and Other radar Jammers.
  106. speaker advice
  107. help, could not find something
  108. Rear deck project!
  109. That damn chirping has to stop
  110. Stupid panic alarm...
  111. trunk mat
  112. which wire where.....??
  113. 05 WRX speaker options
  114. thoughts-opinions on the RF type RF-162s components in the STi
  115. Picts of ~97 impreza component speaker installs.
  116. Having both Sirius and XM with Alpine head
  117. DDX7015 speed sensor wire?
  118. Hooking up my Mp3 Player to my Audio system, with no cassette deck
  119. Need Instructions to program new remote to Clifford Matrix 3.5 RS??
  120. 2005 stereo questions, iPod
  121. JDM subwoofer under driver's seat?
  122. Rear Deck Vibrations
  123. Impreza MY02- Factory Subwoofer Detail Needed
  124. mounting the KCA-420i alpine ipod adapter
  125. bass blockers or go into debt for a crossover?
  126. capaciter, yay or ney?
  127. Boston Acoustics
  128. 05-wrx problem with radio signal with aftermarket radio
  129. Navone Engineering Cust. Service = Awesome
  130. Cutoff Switch
  131. where to get stock radio connectors
  132. Parking Lights no longer Flash when activating alarm
  133. Where did the Alpine stuff go?
  134. I want to remove my alarm. How?
  135. An idea for adapting bigger speakers without adapters.
  136. Need help powering accessories...
  137. 250w max amp, what gauge of power wire?
  138. OEM Gauge Housing???
  139. upgrading the alternator
  140. Underseat STI bass project starting soon!
  141. subs with stock head unit
  142. Raammat BXT sound deadening review!
  143. Aftermarket sub with stock head unit
  144. 99 RS Coupe speaker sizes
  145. What format of the video can Alpine IVA-300 play ?
  146. Sedan Trunk Floor + Sub + Bolts - Starting some stupid debate = Simple answer please
  147. Who got their CDT-CL61s to fit their front doors?????
  148. neat little gaget
  149. Anyone have ProClip pictures?
  150. Radar detector location
  151. '05 Wiring Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  152. '02 WRX door speakers - what fits?
  153. sound quality 4 channel amp, almost there...
  154. 7" lcd install
  155. Good bass response without subs? How?
  156. Rear Deck Rattle
  157. Door Loom questions (Getting speaker wire to the door from cabin)
  158. funny ad
  159. My "Budget" System Review
  160. Solid Security System?
  161. Awesome new system. Annoying rear buzz.
  162. finally got the system (pics to come)
  163. amp suggestion
  164. Installing speakers?
  165. Using XM and an iPod
  166. The Sony CDX-F7705X HU Has Subaru on it
  167. Alpine 5x7's as front replacements?
  168. How good are factory door tweeters?
  169. My car thinks I stole it.
  170. Stereo Decisions....
  171. 9833 and my sub
  172. Mad at Valentine 1
  173. Any ideas on how to view Out.Temp. display with boost gauge?
  174. Need amp suggestions
  175. DVC with two channels
  176. Looking for a really tiny amp
  177. HU questions round 2... please help.
  178. How much for a fiberglass sub enclosure?
  179. HELP! Subs not playing anymore!
  180. subs sharing airspace?
  181. Squel from speakers when ignition turned off
  182. MP3-DVD's?
  183. 2 12" dual 8 ohm subs-need amp
  184. Alpine 9833 and phone?
  185. police scanner help
  186. alpine 7897 + Sirius tuner
  187. Factory sub plug question. Help Please!!!
  188. Noob Help
  189. Picked up a new deck
  190. Clarion SRV303 Powered Sub
  191. WoopWoop! New Decks from Crutchfield!!!
  192. Subaru part number is 66120AE050 does not fit MY05 WRX
  193. Radio cutout
  194. does this look right?
  195. Blown Fuse?
  196. Alpine CDA-9833 and its paramteric eq
  197. amps efficiencies, how to get it?
  198. Car Audio Advice
  199. STI underseat sub update
  200. Flashing "Security" light
  201. rattles
  202. 2 single din HU's in stock location?
  203. anyone with a KENWOOD EXCELON KVT-815?
  204. AM/FM Antenna booster
  205. b134-23 or b135-26
  206. I need ideas on where to mount DVD player
  207. mtx thunder 8000 subs?
  208. Cheapest matting? also, Good front speakers?
  209. marksman alarm question
  210. 9833 problems
  211. Look- I can self-promote my own eBay auction like a pro!
  212. Car Battery Question
  213. Clarion ProAudio DXZ945MP
  214. Battery info!
  215. 9830 and 9831 questions
  216. eclipse avn2454
  217. help with sound upgrade
  218. Kenwood eXcelon KDC-X969 vs. Alpine CDA-9833 vs. Pioneer DEH-P80MP???
  219. installed dvd player
  220. alpine phantom face and silver flip din pocket
  221. eDead discount coupon
  222. AVIC-N1 in Europe
  223. DVC Sub and a 4 channel Amp??
  224. alternator question
  225. Will these speackers fit?
  226. WRX Speakers
  227. Amp Suggestions?
  228. Audiobahn VS. JL
  229. Another Hella horn question
  230. Renewed talks of merger: XM and SIRIUS
  231. XENARC 700IDT 7" in-dash LCD Monitor w/ VGA & Touch Screen
  232. Car audio newbie needs amp suggestions
  233. pricing on the COmpustar 2w900fmr-as
  234. buzzing noise
  235. Anyone ever seen this type of enclosure?
  236. Clarion ProAudio VRX935VD
  237. HU in dash
  238. Disable factory Impact Sensor
  239. amp location
  240. MY new SD page done
  241. lens cleaner, any good?
  242. Best Deck?
  243. Ipod integration question
  244. Need Online Vendor for Kenwood Excelon CD/MP3
  245. REALLY nice A-pillars
  246. Simple Keyless entry question help please
  247. bad idea?
  248. When Are The New Kenwoods Released?
  249. 10" underseat bass is a go in STI project
  250. Anyone see the MTX jackhammer sub?