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  1. anyone ever run hertz components/subs
  2. MB Quart QSD 216
  3. anyone use the Escort 9500i?
  4. possible tweeter mount location - anyone tried/heard this?
  5. Anyone tempted to just drop car audio completely...just to save their hearing?
  6. Deck and Amplifier Install
  7. Sub box that retains trunk space??
  8. Product Review Thread: Speakers
  9. Product Review Master Thread
  10. newb wiring question: 4 AWG -> small terminal on Basslink
  11. Facory Alarm issue or am I just going nuts?
  12. Basic Audio questions
  13. Eclipse AVN-2210p
  14. How to Install and Remove stereo 2005 Impreza/WRX
  15. Fiberglass repair
  16. Viper 5002?
  17. Acquiring First Sound System!!! HELP
  18. need expert on how subwoofers work: ksc-sw1
  19. best 8 or 10 inch sub for underseat box and best components??
  20. pioneer avic-d3
  21. 07 aux in port in 06?
  22. grrr fiberglass help...
  23. simple set up opinions
  24. help with dvd indash installation!!!
  25. legacy face
  26. amp 3ch how many RCA's
  27. Car audio install order
  28. My 06 Impreza Install
  29. Does anyone know a place that repairs headunits?
  30. NOOB question: Where is the igniton harness
  31. Bondo Fiberglass Filler
  32. Fuel pump kill engaged with alarm??
  33. braille battery
  34. Captain Howdy's guide to installing component speakers
  35. Remote door lock/unlock
  36. Dash Question...
  37. Noise from bluetooth
  38. IPOD Question
  39. 4-channel amp question- run 2ch while bridging other 2??
  40. A silly question about HU
  41. Alpine pdx-1 1000w and question
  42. i know nothing about car audio help me out
  43. OEM Remote disarm wire?
  44. Putting a screen in the dash of an 07...
  45. AVIC-D2 Startup Picture Question
  46. There are still brick buildings standing in Japan?
  47. Need help with alarm and window module
  48. Good deal?
  49. So, what would you say is the best grounding point in the trunk????
  50. Battery change = hazards come on?
  51. Rear speakers: 4"/none or rear deck
  52. anyone know of a good indash screen
  53. is this the right hella horn
  54. Any 2-way paging systems without the extra bells & whistles?
  55. Need some input on speakers, something simple
  56. 06 wrx rear speaker sizes
  57. Need Quick Help - AVIC-Z1 and iPod.
  58. 2006 STI and XM antenna question.
  59. running amp wires from battery to trunk help.
  60. Just finished my system - JL, MB Quart, Pioneer
  61. Kenwood DDX7019, DVD picture.
  62. Scosche reverse harness help
  63. why so much rattle ??
  64. Perfect Fit Amp Rack Color Options?
  65. 06 WRX touch screen cd/dvd
  66. Factory alarm tripped
  67. Aftermarket CD player in 06 Forester..HELP
  68. Dynamat Dynaxorb?
  69. Electrical noob needs help with installing ksc-sw1
  70. Aftermarket radio cutting in/out at higher volumes
  71. Cassette Player Problem
  72. remote control trigger
  73. Un-amped components... thoughts...
  74. panic feature disable
  75. oem sub
  76. Dynamat Dynapad ?
  77. Subwoofer Woes =(
  78. Tweeter in A-pillar
  79. No sound, cant figure out what caused it.
  80. Do carbon fiber trunks rattle?
  81. Avic D3 Problems
  82. 07 WRX stereo/door install...
  83. Radio connector
  84. Amp install kits other than Streetwires...
  85. Subaru Auxillary Option For Satelite Radio
  86. Plan on new sound system
  87. Sir-pnr1
  88. pioneer avic-d3 question
  89. anyone used this dash kit 2005 legacy GT
  90. re-pinning electrical connectors, anyone know how?
  91. A Little Update To Our Portfolio
  92. Budget system
  93. Transferring my old system over
  94. installing my alarm, any trick or tips for me
  95. coaxial vs. componant
  96. 2007 STi Nav install - Please help!
  97. Train horn install
  98. I Built Me A Box...
  99. I need to know what wires to connect to disarm secutiry system in 05 sti
  100. No power to upgraded speakers?
  101. NO radio
  102. Where is the alarm horn?
  103. need help taking apart a system
  104. Recommended Amp for these Subs?
  105. Keyless Entry/no blinking lights
  106. Remote locks acting up on '06 WRX... advice?
  107. recommend me a good 12v camera
  108. 12v wire no power
  109. JL 12W7 questions
  110. In-Cabin Camera Mounts
  111. anyone with a normal woofer box in a wagon?
  112. Please recommend a good circuit breaker/fuse for remote battery
  113. Low profile stereo install (JL, Focal & Kenwood)
  114. empty stereo dock in dash
  115. Wheel remote compatible with AVIC-D3?
  116. Basslink still the best compact solution?
  117. security system removal ?
  118. Factory alarm info
  119. Subaru Subwoffer and speaker upgrades
  120. iPod Hi-Fi Boombox with iPod 60GB Video
  121. Having issues with Stock Anti-Theft/Alarm
  122. Keyless Question
  123. Ensolite - do you glue it down ?
  124. AVIC Z2 over heating problems
  125. Head Unit to match wrx interior?
  126. Installing Z!
  127. Help With Speakers For 06 Wrx
  128. Sirrius sattelite rattle in 07 sti ?
  129. Pioneer AVIC-D1 1.02 Discs
  130. 07 WRX with static radio
  131. Couple of Wiring Questions
  132. Installed Infiniti Reference components now got Q
  133. My AVIC D3
  134. Speaker placement info
  135. All four channels in the front????
  136. Quick question about tweeter
  137. Anyone with a Pioneer DEH-P7900BT before I pull the trigger?
  138. DB Drive recall
  139. pioneer AVIC Z2 overheating?
  140. Mounting Amp
  141. XM Radio?
  142. HELP!! stock radio harness have Remote wire for amp?
  143. Wagon Sub Enclosure
  144. Infinity BasslinkII ?
  145. Help I failed on my deck install
  146. Kenwood Excelon KDC-X491
  147. Speaker upgrade?
  148. Car Alarms
  149. Not Hiting
  150. amp repair
  151. power wire run
  152. MRT Audio upgrade on a budget discussion
  153. Need some help
  154. My Jazzy Install
  155. JVC CS-BB2 Underseat sub for review....and others
  156. Will An 07 Sti Oem Sub Work With 06 Wrx Radio
  157. speaker level input on an old Clarion amp
  158. Looking to add a subwoofer to my STi
  159. Where is the tach wire for a 07 Impreza 2.5i Wagon?
  160. install of lcd screen question
  161. Can your stock alarm go off and on for no reason?
  162. Diamond Audio Amps, Good or Bad?
  163. KENWOOD KSC-SW1 Powered Enclosed Subwoofer
  164. Security System box: why is this wire cut?
  165. Blown Subaru amp/sub
  166. built-in amp subs, rear speaker fitment
  167. kenwood ebrake bypass
  168. Please Help With Oem Underseat Sub Install
  169. my aftermarket sub has a rip in it, HELP!
  170. Eclipse Ipod control
  171. JL Speakers need to know if will fit.
  172. Subwooooooofers?
  173. Installing custom head unit in '07: don't repeat my mistake
  174. car alarm security
  175. Trying to choose Navi/Sirius/etc. Need Help
  176. auxiliary input option (can't find wire!)
  177. Stop the door rattles with this info
  178. Train horns on my STI.... *video*
  179. Fitting a 15 inch subwoofer?
  180. What wires to add siren to OEM alarm?
  181. pioneer electronics
  182. Pioneer D1 Bypass Stopped Working
  183. blown amp?
  184. Keyless Entry assistance needed.
  185. sirius or xm
  186. Good navigation system??
  187. So I bought a sub, box, and amp...
  188. double din for legacy
  189. Questinon About Ipod Connection And Sirius Conncection
  190. 07 TR Aux In
  191. My crappy box
  192. Buying a Sub
  193. Does Subaru use a floating ground?
  194. AUX input quality
  195. center speaker
  196. how do you handle teh power watts to your amps etc
  197. Kenwood KDC-X890 USB problems
  198. What do you think?
  199. Removing material from stock speaker grates?
  200. Ipod connection to stock headunit.
  201. 05 radio intermittent
  202. How to disable parking brake switch for DVD player?
  203. Key Fob question
  204. my very pimp setup. check
  205. Sirius in a 2007 (looking for install guide)
  206. ground problem, please help...
  207. Help! different kind of noise coming from tweeters!
  208. i need help
  209. Factory Stereo Swap
  210. Quick Audio Question
  211. Help! Sub and amp wiring questions.
  212. pics of subie trunk installs
  213. Amps
  214. Stereo set up, need some advice please
  215. BRANT issue
  216. Valor 6.5 touchscreen
  217. Factory Alarm Trouble
  218. What do i need to install my sony car stereo??
  219. Newer Pioneer HUs with rounded sides
  220. Avic d3
  221. Where to purchase?
  222. Over my Infinity Reference components. Suggestions?
  223. HELP! Clifford 3.5RSX emergency!
  224. need front speaker recommendations...
  225. Stock Stereo Amplifier Installation - '07 Wagon?
  226. pioneer avic-d3
  227. Components: Infinity vs. Polk vs. Alpine
  228. Anyone have a suggestion?
  229. How do I make my sub/amp "removeable"?
  230. Sound deadening tips for spare well enclosure
  231. two blinks and no worky.
  232. req pics of indash dvd setups
  233. Ensolite has much cheaper competition on the market
  234. budget audio setup for newbie
  235. Flush Mount Tweeter in Front Door Panel:
  236. Tons of questions!! Please read =(
  237. Crazy Alarm!!!
  238. Incremental Upgrades
  239. Options on getting an aux input - STOCK headunit
  240. need opinions
  241. Another Mirror-Rattle Thread!!
  242. 03 Impreza TS questions, owners chime in!
  243. 2005 WRX Wagon OEM sound deadening
  244. can i fit a 6.5" speaker in the rear?
  245. harness for HKS TT from evo to STI
  246. Alarm Gurus.....HELP!! Toasted My Alarm?
  247. How to install the shock sensor to the stock alarm system
  248. How to mount sub?
  249. Scosche decibel meter...junk!
  250. speaker sizes