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  1. Finally
  2. Houston guys???
  3. Looking for a GPS unit
  4. Stupid Girl!!!!
  5. pistol gurus
  6. Houston I need a Santa Saturday
  7. wtf
  8. Lightening McQueen: 06 STi
  9. White elephant gift?
  10. Snow in El Paso... WTF???
  11. I had fun in my subaru today
  12. Which wheels should I buy/run?
  13. School is cancelled!
  14. anyone know of a place in Hou to get injectors flowtested?
  15. Im bored
  16. any one tht likes 80's video games.....(frogger/robotron/dig-dug/joust/zaxon)
  17. DFW - Parking Lot Fun List (if it ices)
  18. Dallas IT guys-Job position available-Los Colinas
  19. Sexy Red
  20. scoob in Austin
  21. I saw Corpus Crew today
  22. It's too frigging COLD
  23. hi everyone in DFW !
  24. who had the black sti at regal row on tuesday?
  25. Earthlink's lesser Highspeed DSL
  26. OMG, Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  27. Bull and Bear convo: Lexus Curb Weights
  28. Ibtl?
  29. SAR tonight
  30. Is teh Guru efamous??
  31. Tuning :Phil Grabow Element Tuning
  32. First Good Snow
  33. Ferraris in Gran Turismo? EVO magazine says so
  34. Someone tried to steal my car
  35. I have more lip 4 you than before
  36. Corpus ??
  37. Sar-import Face Off Dec 17th !!!
  38. Car And Driver was good...
  39. anybody going to the parade in Euless
  40. Got my crimus tree today
  41. so did my egt probe finally melt?
  42. Were do I find this part?
  43. DFW photographers help!!!
  44. Tranny won't budge- need help for tomorrow
  45. Look at what/who I found ! ! !
  46. SOD Sales rocks
  47. I chased down a drunk driver
  48. How the Edge Stole Christmas! Anybody Going?
  49. I should stop thinking so much
  50. Car Theives/Vandalizers Caught
  51. HOU: Brain Freeze Scavenger Hunt Jan. 13th 2007
  52. Karma
  53. I bet these Texan announcers do not like Subarus
  54. xbox 360 borked
  55. im coming down
  56. Austin?
  57. Ohio State/Florida in BCS championship game
  58. 12.03 SCCA Pictures
  59. "IN-COM-PLETE" is the most lame sports chant EVER!!!
  60. Just got back from picking up the Interior
  61. Dallas Cowgirls: 4 in a row.......
  62. Guru and ablank go wheelin IN THE STi!!!
  63. Fell asleep around 9....
  64. Last Austin AX for the year.
  65. Teh BrownBoy needs new wheels and tires...
  66. Austin HH, 12/6
  67. I know but it's Santa Claus
  68. Which Coilovers should I get?
  69. Why do I feel bad for going to a job interview
  70. Went hunting for the first time.
  71. an event for December10th, 2006
  72. Dragstrip - HRP 12/8
  73. HELP - Who is the best ticket lawyer in HOUSTON??
  74. I can't believe I'm about to ask this, (dot dot dot)
  75. Anyone know a good personal injury/workers comp attorney in d/fw?
  76. Steal a PS3 - Karma
  77. Spotted Blk Sti On 59 S
  78. crashed be for big move
  79. PSA: The JBP '04 STi for sale at SoP was mine...
  80. rearended! what is a good body shop in the austin area?
  81. TXIC Movie Night (Friday night TBD) - Apocalypto
  82. Any Dell Folks in TXIC?
  83. SA Thurs
  84. Xmas Shopping deal
  85. This turned out SO good..
  86. The worst theif ever works at Fox and Hound
  87. Mac kr3w
  88. January 7th Houston SCCA Autocross 1st of the year
  89. Looking for a good muffler shop in Arlington
  90. *sa Thurs*
  91. Brake Pad Replacement covered?
  92. a good friend of mine was in a DWI car wreck.
  93. Hou: Dec. 8th - St. Arnold's Pub Crawl II
  94. I quit my jorb today!
  95. Used Lappy PricechecK IBTL??
  96. SPOTTED: wrb bugeye
  97. I need to borrow a driving suit.....
  98. Need asap
  99. yippy new phone (blackjack)
  100. Urgent care centers downtown?
  101. got my new kicks
  102. FXT's dead Jim!
  103. victoria's secret fashion show
  104. intellitext
  105. Best Place For 60K Tune-Up In Dallas
  106. Sport Wings - North Dallas/Carrollton lunch or Dinner meet?
  107. Need Help in Killeen: UTEC base map
  108. New Clutch!!!
  109. Opinions on Electric Impact Wrench
  110. Emergency for a friend
  111. Best paint shop in Dallas?
  112. Black Hole eating stars.
  113. Coming back to TXIC
  114. Anyone need a CarFax report?
  115. Cell phone destruction
  116. Ringlands...RIP
  117. Would the owner of a vinyl'd stock WRX license plate number....
  118. give me some clutch advice
  119. 65 years ago today...
  120. Who here is bored enough to help me with a paper?
  121. Well space shuttle discovery is fully tanked..
  122. Parking in downtown Austin...
  123. Spotted : White 06+ WRX w/ white wheels at WingStop in RoundRock yesterday ~9PM
  124. Brown Santa + DP= Install Help
  125. This is how I roll!
  126. New plates for the S2k, help me decide
  127. Spotted: College Station
  128. Brown Santa
  129. I just learned about the existence of this car
  130. Anyone know a good Lawyer in SA?
  131. Mathematics + BS = ?
  132. Houston: WRB WRX off Kirby at the Tire Shop
  133. OT: anyone here ever smelled moth balls?
  134. Mac users/professionals, local advice needed...(Austin)
  135. spotted: 06 white sti
  136. Been awhile, Texas unclaimed property search
  137. Police chase at lunch (ATX)
  138. Spotted...
  139. So long and thanks for all the fish...
  140. Andy Pettite headed back to Yankees.
  141. Camera gurus part deux
  142. Window Tint
  143. Houston meet 12/9!!!
  144. how it change in a a month.
  145. Speed
  146. spotted on 75 in sherman to katy TX
  147. Clerks 2/Speedzone
  148. Is anyone else...
  149. got my rims powdercoated!
  150. Scareface the Videogame recorded message...
  151. Took some pictures after wash and wax.
  152. forced4 on myspace...NOOOOO!!!!
  153. did I ask a stupid question or is this just another example of ...
  154. Meet in south fort worth area
  155. For all you F1 fans...
  156. wrx for sale?!?!?!
  157. Car problems
  158. Booze+impreza+camera= Impreza cool-ection.
  159. I hate t3h Dallas
  160. Uppipe downpipe install went right!
  161. .....
  162. *** Go Saints!!! ***
  163. Austin HH 12/13
  164. Represent TXIC v.NewPics
  165. Spotted a couple Subies...
  166. FINALS!! sucks
  167. Mud guards for an STI...Please!?!?!
  168. H R P 12/22
  169. Pictures from galveston rollout.
  170. anybody here did this????
  171. Anyone want a Blockbuster Online Promo Code ?
  172. Want to say thanks to SoP
  173. Hey parents
  174. So close!
  175. Real Estate Schools (Houston)
  176. Has anyone been to this dealer?
  177. the south fort worth meet
  178. How to install doorcards?
  179. so today i got rear ended
  180. Laredo Peeps!
  181. Lightweight Flywheel Anyone?
  182. Stay away from RND Sounds in New Braunfels/Austin
  183. I’m not satisfied with my windshield repair….options???
  184. powdercoating
  185. Anybody know a good auditor that wants a job?
  186. I am seriously considering going to have a look at this
  187. Texas rednecks in rustangs piss me off
  188. look what i got myself for christmas
  189. Any meets going on in DFW tonight?
  190. Team BW3, ASSEMBLE!!
  191. This is sick!! Real? You make the call...
  192. (HM-15) Corpus Christi, TX
  193. Paint question : H-town
  194. More trunk questions...
  195. Man I Don't Have A Clue
  196. You know...I like the move the Astros are making in the offseason.
  197. CPL in Dallas this coming weekend?
  198. IMPORT FACEOFF / DEC 17th
  199. question on exhaust FTL
  200. Grits
  201. WRX Seats in the Impreza
  202. So a top-level executive ask me..."Jay what does that sticker mean?"
  203. rim repair shop in dfw area?
  204. Cops got 'vettes!?
  205. New TXIC member
  206. Geminid Meteor Shower TONIGHT!!
  207. N00btastic
  208. Move from Seattle to Dallas? good idea or bad idea?
  209. Don't look now another ghey katy sighting thread
  210. Need Help!!! Got A Speeding Ticket!
  211. Jan. 6th HouSCCA Championship Runoffs
  212. Install Help this Weekend
  213. Another scooby down for the count
  214. North Dallas/Carrollton Weekly Tuesday Dinner
  215. A T X: anyone wanna play bluebonnet hill on Sunday?
  216. Austin: Nissan mechanic / parts .... any recommendations?
  217. New Beer Mag goes on sale!!
  218. Suggestons for a ProTune in DFW
  219. Yet another to join the forum ranks
  220. So, its starting to look like I might be joining TXIC...
  221. The new official hottest News Anchor
  222. red horn
  223. Trx's official Courier Spotted thread
  224. Houston Area Muffler Shops
  225. 3 hours lunch FTW
  226. Ticketed teen selling 142 mph Subaru
  227. Spotted 04 05 sti on hardwood
  228. Good deals in Dallas Thread!
  229. Anyone want to spot me $340 bucks??
  230. Anyone want to spot me $8,665,352,475,936...
  231. So, who else got the 2007 Meguiars Sponsorship?
  232. This Helmet Good for Autocross?
  233. spotted 06 Silver STI Tomball Texas just past four corners.
  234. Just watched Redline on Speed: segment on rallycross
  235. The Not spotted thread
  236. Trivia?
  237. What I got my wife for crimmus
  238. wrxdaddy.....
  239. So I was Thinking of SAMAGON
  240. cool vid
  241. Quick input on RS v. WRX
  242. I need help guys!
  243. One bad tire; what do do with other 3?
  244. Texas Toy Run - Dec 17th sunday
  246. big ol birthday boy you!
  247. mer pics
  248. Wheels... just throwing this out there.
  249. WooHoo
  250. I think I've officially gone to the dark side, 380whp FJ!