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  1. about to do a 6mt tranny and diff fluid change...where to get fluid?
  2. motor blown?
  3. 60-130 mph Challenge Series
  4. anyone ever notice this???
  5. Need Some Hunting Advice
  6. Halloween Costumes...what are you gonna be?
  7. Apartments in N Dallas/Plano/Addison
  8. MAN! Check out this video now thats a modification!
  9. Should I Buy this??
  10. N. Dallas area, any good roads to take some datalogs?
  11. Installing hid kit into my EDM's questions.
  12. Houston Help
  13. Hou: guess I need to move...
  14. Anyone else get hate from Corvettes?
  15. TXIC, help a virgin with TX Meet registration, please!
  16. Speeding Over Limit
  17. Hurray for Engine Logics!
  18. Any Soob dealers participate in 'LIRAP'/whatever?
  19. Congrats to [email protected] Thread...
  20. PRoN #4
  21. I'm back
  22. Parking Garages
  23. MMA fights at College Station tonight
  24. Any TXICrs ever made catch cans ?
  25. Austin area alum fabricators
  26. Poll: buy a new hood?
  27. Car will not start =(
  28. Extreme Sports Shop in Houston / needed
  29. If anyones looking for a STI Limited....
  30. New to TXIC
  31. sti tranny fluid
  32. if anybody has a stock BPV please let me know
  33. Need cobb street tuner person
  34. Wheel bearings, shot?
  35. TXIC Will this work?
  36. Trouble finding car!
  37. No Boozin just Crusin Houston
  38. Car EdICut Thread
  39. Buying Subaru at Chevy dealership
  40. Dallas, since you guys never go to OT.....
  41. Vista
  42. Header Help PLEASE?.....
  43. '06 WRX Clutch Issue
  44. Tire replacement thread #eleventy
  45. Where can I find 91 octane in the Dallas area?
  46. Gun Show October 27 & 28, 2007
  47. Barry, thanks for the Football!!!
  48. powder coating?
  49. Why you should not get a perrin rsb...
  50. Sully, Will and James, your next cheap car challenge!..
  51. C'mon you weak asses! SIGN UP!!!!
  52. From ----> To
  53. Un-Official State Meet Shirt idea#4
  54. New Clutch Time
  55. ATX: Woodrows Tuesday Steak Night
  56. any good brake shops?
  57. Where do you get your Subaru apparel
  58. Hou: need plate run
  59. is it too early for a black friday thread...
  60. What to use to clean the inside of the tranny??
  61. BRAT Day at Gillman SW This Saturday October 27th Free Hoodies to helpers
  62. local strut rebuild?
  63. Hou: St. Arnold's Pub Crawl - Nov. 9th
  64. S2000 day at Underground - needs wash.
  65. Subaru Challenge will be great fun!!!
  66. houston: need some help getting a 04-07 fender.
  67. how many co-drivers can I have at the Subaru Challenge?
  68. Interesting New Service
  69. how to make a moofalos!!!!
  70. IF you see a subaru ridin on chrome rims.....
  71. Austin is getting a TechShop! w00t!
  72. TXIC football anyone?
  73. Thursday Plano Lunch 10/25!
  74. This looks like a good one!
  75. El Paso meet
  76. SEMA attendees!!!!...
  77. North Dallas: I think we should have a last minute meet tonight
  78. Feliz Cumpleanos big o loveable thing you!
  79. HOU: Auto Tech Jobs
  80. World Series Game
  81. The road back
  82. Modding STI injectors
  83. Gvine Meet 10/25 AKA Jon's Going away party.....
  84. I got married a WOMAN!!!
  85. New LCD Opinions
  86. AS:LDKJAF super annoying!!
  87. Help on launching
  88. Took some pics of the sti
  89. Halo 3 Friday night?
  90. going to mexico..
  91. FREE!!!! 3 OEM TIRES Pickup Only..Houston, TX
  92. Red Vs Blue, MS3 vs STI
  93. the Ford Doctors mechanical aptitude test...
  94. I just need a name !
  95. what the? Uverse was avail. one day and now it says it's not
  96. Pics From Apex Driving Academy-Oct 6, '07
  97. Computer help
  98. Halloween Weekend - Hellcats this Saturday, what does everyone have going on?
  99. exhaust question.....
  100. Anyone have access to a lift in Austin this weekend (10/28-29)???
  101. Halp! Halloween Costume!
  102. Going to Woodrows tonight...
  103. Business Proposition
  104. Shaolin Warriors at SMU
  105. Its Mah Birfday!!!
  106. Pics of the "Silver Sleeper" STi
  107. BOV Flutter or Compressor surge?
  108. Someone on HI must be bored
  109. Are there any cyclists here from Houston?
  110. Project car ideas
  111. 2008 Subaru Wrx Sti
  112. I need a new Job...IT preferably
  113. Electric Company
  114. TXIC Photog thread: carlos nice, distorto, selmak, fried icecream welcome :O)
  115. Oh Yummy...vette lovers only!
  116. wheel-bearing question
  117. does anyone know what this is and where it goes?
  118. Any AIR Hockey Players here?
  119. Killeen-ft hood meet this weekend?
  120. Help Please!!!!
  121. Naccd
  122. Raider is getting bent over and stuffed by Buffalo.
  123. Anyone around Rockdale?
  124. New Rims and some glilly Graphix
  125. Subarus and Supras and Porsches Oh mY!
  126. Finder's fee for wrecked '06-07 wrx
  127. paintless dent removal in DFW.. recommendations?
  128. HELP in install needed SW HOU
  129. Where should I visit while in Dallas?
  130. fastcb Goes Wingless FTW!
  131. New toys
  132. hello austin
  133. best tuneing in TX
  134. N. Dallas Tuesday Night Dinner 2007-10-30
  135. Suspension install (crunch time)
  136. Car won't shift into gear after tranny install!!!
  137. Because i love N00bs...
  138. how long have we had new icons?!?!!...
  139. What should you bring to the Subaru Challenge?
  140. DFW Convoy to Houston... Friday 11:30, Ennis
  141. San Antonio Raceway: Nov. 14th
  142. i need a place to stay(state meet)
  143. Battlestar Galactica : Razor (DFW peeps look here)
  144. Just a couple pics from Import Faceoff (WARNING: probably NWS!)
  145. Halloween Party Pictures (pictures of the ladies)
  146. I need to borrow your T70 torx bit...
  147. Miss Houston
  148. flywheel opinions...
  149. 2007 Texas NBA Thread!
  150. You guys hate low cars but this one is sex
  151. I am in Corpus
  152. friend spark plugs?
  153. Any TXIC cars with RCE Springs?
  154. Kansas Sti In Dallas 6, 7, 8th Nov.
  155. 07 Subaru Challenge / State Meet Itinerary
  156. Guru's 34th B-Day - Dinner, Drinks & Good Times! - Sat, Nov 10th @ 7:30 PM
  157. Subaru Challenge - any bets going on?
  158. i thought about making a TXIC pumpkin, but..
  159. HELP! exhaust problem
  160. Austin MM, Firebowl @ Sunset Valley, 7pm
  161. Got My Car Back Last Night
  162. WRX Wing Width
  163. N. Dallas Tuesday Dinner | Nov 6th
  164. Music Question (Metal/Rock)
  165. Salsa at Kroger's
  166. little green subaru
  167. Bye Bye Subaru!
  168. wrx to STi suspension swap
  169. I Need A Good Exhaust.
  170. wanna drive on my tires @ the suby challange?
  171. Esx??
  172. Fathead - Thanks a TON !
  173. ATX: Convoy to the Challenge??
  174. 5 years of fun....
  175. Anybody got the heat/run order for Saturday?
  176. Where to buy magnetic material
  177. School bus = radar?
  178. DFW - Senior IT Consultant
  179. formula 1 going green...
  180. Austin project people head's up
  181. HOU: Any GC driver's have a take-off set of bearings?
  182. Happy Birthday Will!
  183. I need a Sprint PCS phone.
  184. Changing plugs
  185. The official San Marcos / Texas State University thread
  186. 1979 Subaru FE?
  187. Subbie Challenge is safe from Chupacabra
  188. need help installing turbo timer
  189. FYI for those coming to Subie Challenge from out of town...
  190. Some of my wedding pics
  191. Name The Sound - Win A Beer
  192. Exotic cars check it out.
  193. GTR Big Whoop!
  194. Cameraphone pics of the houston motorcycle show
  195. Its frigg'n early!!!!!
  196. FIC's Texas State Meet 2007 Pics
  197. Rallye de Paris
  198. So....when's the next tuning session in DFW?
  199. Thank you SCCA & Subaru for a Fun Event!
  200. Uhm hi there, possibly invading your TXIC permanently
  201. drum to disk swap, underway
  202. I need new rims, TXIC help.
  203. Are front license plates required?
  204. Shawn's Crappy A$$ Pron Picture Thread from The Challenge
  205. anyone in Texas work for a DEI/Clifford Retailer?
  206. Houston Crew....Thanks for your hospitality!
  207. ROAD RALLY: Melissa TX to Flower Mound Scavenger Hunt Rally 11/24/2007
  208. PS2, Xbox, 360... help a non-gamer decide?
  209. Sway bar install for beer or food ?
  210. Subie Challenge official photo thread
  211. no happy birthday to me?...
  212. So who's 98 2.5 lives in my complex..
  213. Woot
  214. I need a trustworthy bodyshop.
  215. Im going to college
  216. Helicopter Services
  217. Subaru Rally Side Decal
  218. Greetings from Bama.
  219. Houston SCCA: Regional #11 results are up.
  220. My Subaru Challege Pictures
  221. Happy Bday Guru!
  222. so whos selling thier car on craigslist??
  223. Gonna be all over H-Town...but more specifically
  224. So I'm sitting at the Mazda dealer...
  225. Kids have lost their minds!
  226. anti seize lubricant on suspension?
  227. Anyone making a Houston-Dallas trip anytime soon?
  228. Woodrows steak night rollcall 11/6
  229. Kansas STI in Fort Worth right NOW!
  230. DFW: Mirrorcross/Autocross event this weekend!!!
  231. fryin turkeys atx
  232. Made some center caps when i got bored
  233. Layed Off - Land Planning
  234. Head shop needed
  235. In need of new bushings, halp!
  236. Race Gas - ATX
  237. Anyone doing an SA-DFW run anytime soon?
  238. HOU: TXIC Football Sat. 11/17
  239. ATX - WTB 06/07 STi OE Springs
  240. 11/7 - Austin M&M
  241. MUTE MATH @ house of blues
  242. Hou: Need to borrow/rent a tow vehicle
  243. Good Exhaust Shop in the Plano area?
  244. anyone in houston have a bugeye front bumper?prefably damaged.
  245. How many miles to a tank
  246. Track days next year?
  247. photos from the Subaru Challenge, one huge
  248. Happy Birthday ablank!
  249. Hou: can anyone recommend a cheap electricity provider
  250. Official Happy Birthday to Broxma thread...