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  1. was fast 5 any good?
  2. Need a Right Side Rocker cover for a 03 WRX
  3. Cheap car insurance on newer STI's
  4. I am one lucky mofo..
  5. school me on car alarms, how would I remove one?
  6. Houston friends: Any history on these 2 newly listed 2008 STis
  7. New wheels just arrived.
  8. Houston BBQ Meet 2
  9. Fogs??
  10. Meet/ BBQ
  11. Spun bearing. What's next?
  12. test n tune dallas raceway may 6
  13. Subaru Owners Meet-Up in Dallas
  14. Haute Wheels Houston, May 14th & 15th
  15. Comming home
  16. 2011 WRX - RCE/Bilstein Setup
  17. Looking for Lugnuts
  18. DFW: Monday RiceKiller meets???
  19. anyone want to go carting
  20. Do I have a AC problem???
  21. 2009 STi used???
  22. Houston Car shows 5/14/11
  23. In & Out opening(get your animal style on!!)
  24. The Big Bend Open Road Race-Anybody done it?
  25. COBB Austin sponsoring Team High charity meet in San Antonio this Saturday!
  26. Where to get rallycross practice near DFW
  27. eBay deal - HKS Outlet
  28. 820 Renovations
  29. openclutch feature
  30. Txic stickers??
  31. Bridgstone National Street Tire Challenge at Mineral Wells
  32. Butterz and Rancid Are Enjoying My Wiener This Very Second
  33. DFW: CupCake Meet 10!! 6/25/11
  34. Installations Costs?
  35. PLEASE Vote For The AWDTuning/Sideways Autosalon/Gillman/UG/KU Bagged Legacy!!!!!
  36. Motor Builds - builder reviews and suggestions needed
  37. Beware Shade tree expert in Houston
  38. 4EAT Transmission
  39. Sat. Nights Arlington Meet!
  40. 05/15/2011 AWD & Turboed Meet *Sponsored by CVT #2"
  41. Educate me Exhaust Issue
  42. Texas Military Suby owners shout out
  43. Tactrix cable in Houston
  44. typo on speeding ticket
  45. Any particular place to get/install tires in the Plano or Dallas area?
  46. need help
  47. Any good Cruising spots in Texas ?
  48. Austin meet and cruise #3
  49. Good place for a first date in the Sanger area
  50. Vultures get ready... Likely parting out the FXT
  51. Need some HELP in DALLAS!!
  52. June 25th Hill Country Drive : 3sisters route
  53. Burning ford gt
  54. *HOU* Free Booze Friday 5/20/11 @ SHARKBAR
  55. How well does 3g tethering work while driving across TX/interstate?
  56. Need some exhaust advise for an 03 WRX
  57. Dog dilema... What would TXIC do?
  58. Thanks cobb
  59. GO AEROS!!! ...any other Aeros fans?
  60. Need a navigator for the DFW Map Rally on Saturday morning.
  61. Planet Zero Big Meet
  62. North Houston Car Show
  63. Awd Tuning Or Bust?
  64. Need some work done on a Civic
  65. anyone ever had a cyst?
  66. Looking for a tuner In OK/TX
  67. 2011 WRB WRX finally!!!
  68. should i buy a used ac hose?
  69. Need a good mechanic
  70. Omg Another Tuning Thread!
  71. <<<<< Planet Zero Meet Pics. >>>>>
  72. Looking for an Austin area Photographer
  73. 11 Model Year Info
  74. need a little help please
  75. Working in Oklahoma (OK City)?
  76. Detailers in Houston
  77. DFW storms
  78. Awesome brat for sale
  79. The Official TXIC 'Joke of the Day' Thread...let's laugh together!
  80. IT Guru question
  81. CV axle shop in Houston
  82. 2011 wrx insert?
  83. Place to get my Scooby Dirty in Austin?
  84. f you mr manifold
  85. What ever happened...
  86. Kartboy Extra Long Hangers
  87. Employment Opportunities at COBB Tuning: Hard Parts Engineer
  88. looking for east houston tuner
  89. Back in a Subaru, Back in Texas!
  90. Any Saturday night meets?
  91. Good Shoe Repair Place
  92. Just got back
  93. Interior Flair Pool Party Cancelled Due to Fathers!
  94. I'm a real Mod now...picked up a non-Subaru
  95. What NOT to do When a Knife is in the Disposal
  96. Leather reconditioning in Houston?
  97. where to buy thread tap
  98. Clear bra group discount.
  99. Galveston
  100. Houston number 1 in Burgers.
  101. Playing with my UTEC in the Garage..
  102. lewisville meet 6/1/11?
  103. 2011 Old School Meet - Presented by COBB Tuning - June 17-19
  104. ALL RIGHT Rally - July 9
  105. Houston, Numbers July 9 A Split Second
  106. Lubbock - Anyone like working on Subarus?
  107. Need opinions on this car
  108. Looking for a good immigration lawyer in Houston
  109. I made it to the FINAL round! VOTE NOW!
  110. place to get inspection done
  111. Quality Machining in Dallas
  112. Good mechanic for pre purchase inspection in San Antonio?
  113. Hello from Costa Rica
  114. hks bov c clip issue
  115. Hou:Anybody know this car 05 STi
  116. Xtreme Drift Circuit Finals and REMIX Carshow in Dallas Sept 24th
  117. anyone else going to summerfest this weekend?
  118. Jack spots bending
  119. Farewell TXIC, for now, off to DC! *Roadtrip*
  120. Waco, Temple, Killeen Subies!!!!!!
  121. I just want to say
  122. Truly a Gem on Craigslist!
  123. Pikes Peakers!
  124. Aubrey/Denton/Little Elm meet?
  125. FML white smoke from tailpipe
  126. Roadtrip to CA: Where to stop along the way?
  127. Grass Question
  128. AWD.....PICKLES!!!! THX iconone!!!
  129. opinions needed
  130. Bought an 07 STI limited!
  131. what's up subie ppls!
  132. Thanks Gillman Subaru Service
  133. shops to take my subie to around DFW
  134. Houston Beer Fest!!!
  135. I now no longer drive a suby.....
  136. Antique car restoration in Houston?
  137. DFW: Semi Regular burger Joint Meet
  138. Repair shop South Houston
  139. Any Denton/Fortworth GC8/GM6 RS want to do me a favor?
  140. Hi, im new to the DFW area.
  141. Looking for a home for this cute little guy...
  142. Best friend lost his battle with cancer June 1st,2011
  143. Where to get a new EJ20?
  144. can SOMEone help me PLEASE???? fugi bond question
  145. 06 Silver WRX buyer APv2
  146. TX Lic Plate, for law enforcement?
  147. Did anyone see what is opening up in Sugarland Townsquare?
  148. Hello ,
  149. Cruise control stop/check engine
  150. Arachnid
  151. Anyone in north Dallas have an Apple remote I can borrow for an hour?
  152. H-town residents keep on suprising me.
  153. If you had $120k to spend on a car, how would you use it?
  154. any reputable place to have wheels widened in houston?
  155. 2002-2003 Amber sidemarkers...?
  156. Anyone identify this car for sale? 2005 WRB STI Austin Tx.
  157. Any one want to come for a beer at the petrol station?
  158. Any CB guys in TXIC?
  159. SE Houston 04-05 sti AP owners I need your help
  160. Congrats Dallas Mavericks
  161. help with a ring.....
  162. What's a fair price on this car
  163. (DFW)Where can I get an 4inch exhaust silencer in DFW?
  164. laptop help
  165. NASIOC Newbie checking in from the DFW area.
  166. Networking question for teh TXIC IT gurus
  167. finally got tuned!
  168. Instant Karma FTW!
  169. I never really did a "first post"
  170. Frisco Plano paint work
  171. COBB Tuning Signature Series T-Shirt Contest!
  172. Who wants some free beer?!
  173. Dear Big Hitter
  174. any good dirt tracks in or around austin?
  175. tailight tint in the dfw area?
  176. ::OFFICIAL::ALL TEAM BASH- X4 June 26th 2011!!!!
  177. Jtran Studios Summer Meet ( TODAY )
  178. Who Rolls Fenders in Houston Area?
  179. Dear TXIC mods...
  180. Wake Nation Houston!
  181. Anyone else noticed this problem with TXIC?
  182. Houston suspension needed!
  183. Battery needed?
  184. Hooters meetup (Frisco) FREE WINGS!
  185. The Bruins win!
  186. 06 WRX STi in San Antonio
  187. PPG work in Houston
  188. HR professionals, is this legal?
  189. Wife needs WRX Hatch. Where to test drive in Houston? Gillman?
  190. Red Light Cameras?
  191. Newb in DFW
  192. On leave from FT. Bragg
  193. What beaches are good in Corpus Christi?
  194. I Need Help With My Restaurant
  195. Anyone computer guys in here? Need help choosing a video card!
  196. Happy Father's Day!
  197. Texas Showdown
  198. RiceKiller Super Show July 9th!
  199. Help with wiring OEM lights
  200. I would have thought it would have been Steve-O from rectal trauma
  201. who got f'ed in that epic storm last night in dfw?
  202. Anybody with Hydraulic Bearing Press I could borrow (in SA)?
  203. looking for advice
  204. 4th of july thread
  205. OT-Looking for tickets to the Astros game Sunday, July 3rd
  206. Videographer/Photographer Position Available in Austin!
  207. San Antonio Need Help
  208. WRX got Violated, Busted Window, Dickinson TX
  209. Selling a Car Privately in Texas
  210. Stolen SV650
  211. beer n' bbq engine install
  212. Decent repair shop in DFW?
  213. Summer internship in Houston
  214. My Thread :P
  215. Anyone in Austin area who can help me fix my ac belt tension?
  216. Speeding Ticket
  217. ohhai.
  218. DFW: Xtreme Drift Circuit Finals / Remix Car show - Sept 24th
  219. Isle of Mann TT
  220. Anyone on here polish out headlamps and do a black out for a decent price - 2003 WRX
  221. TXIC what is your favorite driving song?
  222. Suggested windshield replacement
  223. Congratulations Kolten
  224. Texas Girl (Brianne Corn) Running Pikes Peak in a STI..streaming now.
  225. Austin meet?
  226. 03 bugeye bulb
  227. Will pay to borrow Tactrix 2.0
  228. Lubbock?
  229. turbo rebuild
  230. Burger Girl in Katy
  231. Free Beer!!!!!!
  232. Sandblasting near McKinney?
  233. Happy Birthday Glilly! ...and Jamesohoh7, ...and H.K. Phooey, ...anyone else?
  234. security cameras
  235. Educate me on lug nuts
  236. How can i fix this spoiler?
  237. Open letter to Subaru
  238. I would replace my subie with this thread....
  239. Happy birthday H.K. Phooey!
  240. Paging YourMother'sLover
  241. Worst car experience EVER!
  242. Wheel touch up shops in Houston area
  243. Mobile Touch Up Reviews/Recommendations
  244. Subaru of Austin?
  245. So has anybody eaten any good Tacos lately?
  246. @AWDtuning for Round2
  247. Should I part out my stock 05 WRB STi?
  248. DFW: Craftsman 104pc Mechanics Set for $40 at Ace Hardware 4th of July Weekend
  249. DFW: Subie Choreography movie?
  250. DFW: Gym Question