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  1. dirt roads + suby + me and colby_cheese = fun!!
  2. Sad Sad Sad story
  3. Trade CF Hood for your WRB WRX hood and lots more!
  4. CAI debate here. Curious.
  5. Dual Bulb Conversion Harness
  6. Neat Items
  7. Anyone know where I can get a windshiled replaced in this freaking town?
  8. I'd go to Autoscope
  9. Gas Quality
  10. How much does a WRC cost?
  11. New WRX Commercial
  12. Cockpit Instrumentation
  13. Sept 7th Hill Country Cruise in Austin
  14. So the windshield guy just showed up..
  15. WRXXX license plate, who are you?
  16. Lightbringer
  17. Reading this I thought of Kevin...
  18. Any tuner shops in San Antonio area??
  19. Chris (subpreza) got two speeding tickets this weekend
  20. Bankheist's Song of August
  21. Now if I can get Michael to sponser me!
  22. new WRX spoiler option
  23. FS: Steering wheel column and boost gauge
  24. It's my b-day!
  25. So what is the date for the next state meet?
  26. 2.4-liter WRX
  27. spaceflight training
  28. okay so HH....
  29. oh damn!
  30. Bwahhaaa; Funny, and meet info
  31. The dyno shipped out today...
  32. Oh No
  33. bricker...
  34. WTB: wheels, tires, suspension
  35. 12 1/2 easy hp
  36. So an office accident and a few stiches later
  37. Chuck's Car Shows in Plano
  38. Fastest Street Vette in Texas Shootout V
  39. who else is killing front wheel bearings??
  40. SPOKES AutoX event @ Tech Ridge - Sunday Sept 1st....
  41. Seen the new WRX body style?
  42. greetings from shenzhen
  43. Indoor Cart Racing - Dallas
  44. Autospeed
  45. HouSCCA Sept.1 Course Map
  46. Crown Subaru...any good?
  47. how bad can wheels slow me down
  48. Anyone know if the MY04 Turbo Foresters will be limited production?
  49. Any interest in CF hood w/heat extractor vent in front?
  50. Why doesn't anyone talk about torque?
  51. SASCA auto-X @ RCR
  52. Twin Turbo legacy....US bound
  53. Funny Thread if you care to read.
  54. Silver Brookhaven college WRX???
  55. Silver WRX
  56. Saw a Subaru Baja today.
  57. Need spring compressor desperately.
  58. what is a good houston dealer for warrenty work?
  59. Subaru class at every HIN show now...
  60. A sad day for me...
  61. October 4th at Ennis
  62. This takes the cake
  63. Sighting...
  64. So my brother-in-law just picked up his new M3.
  65. Saturday Car Show in Garland
  66. Anyone Have Wheel Suggestions?
  67. So we need to do a Houston meet at the Tall Texan
  68. QTEC cut out valve installed
  69. Just bought one of these....
  70. Some kind of Import night or Meet soon?
  71. Who needs a set of stock WRX rims?
  72. Fri. Houston HH @ The Harp
  73. Hated?, think so
  74. So I think I'm going to install my KB SS tomorrow.
  75. Sighting: 03' WRX @ Hillcrest HS
  76. What is the new Subaru at Gillman????
  77. another change...
  78. Need brakes
  79. Houston Regional AutoX Check in
  80. Looking to purchase an 00-01 RS in TX
  81. import show in san antonio
  82. San Antonio Meet
  83. Whoa!!! New Rally car in Austin
  84. Hello from Pennsylvania
  85. Oklahoma Speed Meet in Norman, OK
  86. 03 gots heatshield
  87. Workin on my car tomorrow, tips please
  88. Nx Nitros System
  89. Got back from Bobby Archer's
  90. So I figure the KB SS is about 100 times better than the stock shifter.
  91. UT vs. UNT
  92. dirt tour ????
  93. Sherman TX anyone here?
  94. so im walking into my apartment and see outside on the ground an intake air silencer
  95. FS: Unused Godspeed Uppipe
  96. stupid battery
  97. yellow rex @ academy in austin
  98. FS: Unused set of Eibach Prokit Springs for WRX
  99. Should I equip HellWagon with the following...
  100. Finally got me a WRX!!! (thanks Somber)
  101. Back from Cali
  102. 1st post! New 03 WRX wagon owner! Austin, TX
  103. Who teaches golf to kids?
  104. FS:2002 WRX Sedan
  105. StateMeet #4 Info and Sign up
  106. Statemeet Discussion (split)
  107. Fs: Hks Evc Iv
  108. "Import Mix Live" Car Show in Arlington Saturday
  109. TurboXS "utec" Stand-alone?
  110. FS: Unused Godspeed Uppipe
  111. MTV's Fast Enuff Challenge
  112. Anyone know this car?
  113. Schuey's thumb index
  114. attn: bildo
  115. morette taillights
  116. Skel...
  117. My car goes back to the hospital
  118. Rally-X Sep 14th Motorsports Ranch
  119. Austin hh
  120. WTB: WRX Headunit
  121. HouSCCA results won't be up anytime soon
  122. Just got back from ATX
  123. ATE super blue racing brake fluid in Houston?
  124. The dyno is here!
  125. New Dallas member saying hi
  126. deltadash in austin
  127. Morgan Car Club Gimmick Rally around D/FW
  128. Redline Shockproof Lightweight
  129. attn: Blugin
  130. DFW Mini-Shop Day - Sat Aug 7- 8am
  131. Houston HH Sept. 5th
  132. This is awesome- if I didnt think my GF would shoot me!
  133. The State Meet T-Shirt Designs Thread....
  134. DFW meets?
  135. Inconsistant Timing....
  136. Free Car Sweepstakes
  137. Party the 17th at Enkei Wheels near Alliance
  138. WRX at VDub Addiction
  139. So who was driving N up shepherd in a WRBP WRX Sedan with spoiler and UT horns?
  140. The new Baja at \west Houston!
  141. SCCA Hallett track Day!!
  142. Is it just me....
  143. Road/Home dyno?
  145. I think there is some confusion about the pricing of the meet
  146. DFW mini meet Sunday-8th!
  147. Lunch on Friday in Dallas
  148. Meet update...
  149. I can feel the love just oozing today....
  150. Iclub Disgusts Me!
  151. Bankheist and Glilly
  152. HKS Hiper catback
  153. Jmott what does it take to get a 10 sec WRX I have video
  154. Anything we want
  155. State Meet #4: your choices...
  156. State Meet #4: your choices...
  157. BrickDawg's WRX (ChronicSystems Customer)
  158. OT- Swell(skipping work again)
  159. FS Silver OEM WRX spoiler with trunk lid
  160. Used DMS 50mm Coilovers
  161. Wheels for sale
  162. TXIC Damn meet!
  163. FS: Toshiba Satellite Laptop!
  164. possibly FS, my rex and ducati.
  165. OT: Need printer help
  166. Hotel Orion open for business...
  167. just curious...past meets...
  168. Solo II Nationals
  169. Maybe FS/Trade: Prodrive P7 17x7
  170. Hyper Rev Vol 12 Impreza Magazine
  171. So is a Porsche Boxter S considered a fast car?
  172. EGT Question
  173. Mbc
  174. Beware of Subaru Dealer in DALLAS!!!!
  175. Its time for new Christmas lists
  176. Attn.wrx Owners
  177. Austin owners: I-Club Scooby @ dell
  178. Magazines from Japan
  179. There's a storm a comin'
  180. Good luck with Fey
  181. Catering at the State Meet
  182. Houston Sightings Silver Wagon and White Sedan (WRXs)
  183. Anyone know a place in DFW that has uppipes in stock?
  184. OT: Printer recommendations
  185. How accurate is the G-Tech?
  186. Dreaded 3rd rear wagon seatbelt problem
  187. Does anyone need a complete (stock) WRX exhuast system?
  188. Passenger side Foglight...
  189. Rim sighting
  190. hmmm
  191. I was challenged!!
  192. new pic :)
  193. new pic 2 :)
  194. TekkGod's Phone#?
  195. Austin >> Dallas?
  196. dirt tour?
  197. Blue WRX from the meet today (7th)
  198. TXS topmount FS
  199. CarToys / Show Results
  200. sighted: white 2.5rs in denton
  201. Thanks Forced Induction Systems
  202. DFW meeting tonigh...Irving Fuddruckers
  203. Mini Meet pics
  204. Best NFL team in Texas?
  205. Go Texans!!!
  206. too the dude that wrecked on Lime creek saturday
  207. Back from PA
  208. Mini maniac driving!
  209. Best prices for OEM parts? re-30k service
  210. Aftermarket brakeline question
  211. Boy... what an new air filter can do
  212. so that plastic door trim part that breaks...
  213. Sighting, silver sedan UT?
  214. Austin HH
  215. Mud covered WRX spotted at Brookhaven...
  216. FS Turbo smart BOV
  217. marty...
  218. So who goes to UH??
  219. Pictures - DFW Mini Shop Day
  220. WTB: turboxs stage 1 or 2 (houston)
  221. DFW Newbie
  222. Move over Snap-on....
  223. DFW, gimme a job!
  224. Patriot Day
  225. FS in Austin: AEM CEL + STi spark plugs
  226. contact info for subpreza?
  227. Alan's crash saturday *HELP*
  228. Looking for one stock WRX wheel
  229. Subaru rear differential part in SA area?
  230. HH in Houston Sept. 10
  231. Cross post : My Advans for sale ...Link inside
  232. My car today (update from labor day mishap)
  233. my car is mad faster....
  234. parts needed...
  235. Nationals results
  236. Greetings Houstonians
  237. saw a blue sedan in plano
  238. If anyone needs a new car.
  239. Weekend plans
  240. Tangled with an E46 M3 this morning
  241. WRX long term REVIEW
  242. A/F installed but the confusion starts....
  243. gc8 owners
  244. So here I am again....
  245. Red 2002 RS???
  246. HKS Camp or Delta Dash?
  247. Houston plane excorted by F-16s
  248. Painting for today's rememberance
  249. Whens the next DFW meet?
  250. Hellwagon vs. Superwagon