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  1. Saruday Night: Import Hangouts
  2. Indiglo Gauge HELP!
  3. abused 03 cobra story goes world wide
  4. Party tonight
  5. got a ticket...need help!!!
  6. follow up to CENTRAL KIA story
  7. so did anyone place at IE3?
  8. TMS Pics...not too many sorry :(
  9. I saw the 22b on I10 today!
  10. This is not a sighting thread
  11. OT: 27 inch SONY WEGA .....FOR SALE
  12. Need an auto tech you can trust?
  13. Oct. 13 HouSCCA Course Map
  14. 20 HP Tuning Gain
  15. Careful Where Your Cars are Serviced
  16. where to get brake pads in H-town?
  17. Fs: Jvc Kd-sx980 Cd/mp3
  18. Greddy Front Lip for sale
  19. GReddy 720cc injectors
  20. Spent the morning looking over a 84 Buick Regal T-Type
  21. rs-t in texas?
  22. So i am watching Sanremo this afternoon on my lunch break...
  23. greddy boost gauge
  24. Awesome Flashlights!
  25. Oopps...made a BIG mistake today!
  26. any MTBer's? need tech advice
  27. Question for in-car CD-R/MP3 users
  28. ATX's Joke of the Day (10.01.02)
  29. Bankheist's song of the week
  30. ATX: Please be careful out there
  31. Initial Impressions: Prodrive WRX Springs
  32. Lili is on the way
  33. Quick Question
  34. Austin hh?
  35. Has anyone seen the header that is available for your wrx
  36. mullets
  37. Official Statemeet Shirt Sign-In Thread
  38. Houston HH tonight
  39. Who's the white wagon owner that goes to Richland CC.
  40. Austin Subaru Stage 1 installed ***PIC***
  41. Any houston recommendations for house repair work
  42. Poll: would you work for Subaru, or Porsche?
  43. Can we debate Exaust Systems? Please?
  44. 2 way GMRS radios
  45. Where could I find the GC06 Prodrive
  46. Kevin where are u?!!?
  47. Nov 9th TMS Track Day
  48. paint shop in Clear Lake/Webster
  49. FIS Dyno Day!
  50. Is it illegal to charge a card before an item has shipped?
  51. Bon Voyage to Cobb Tuning
  52. need help buying a WRX
  53. unfortunate discover
  54. Dispelling Fallacies
  55. ATVball? (Yamaha Raptor, Banshee, etc...)
  56. what to buy as a new computer?
  57. any interest in WRX Quick Steering Rack?
  58. WTB 2.5 RS in austin
  59. Hondas hogging the road for 2003
  60. Another scooby site!
  61. For Sale: Brullen Uppipe and HKS Downpipe
  62. clearlake area!
  63. FS - Vishnu WRX
  64. Tons of stuff for sale: GC8 (turbo, tec, stereo, etc)
  65. mini meet
  66. cool street encounter (NOT racing)
  67. anyone in texas know anything about digital recorders?
  68. USGP Pics
  69. Sell me your sti injectors
  70. Mustang Dyno in Austin
  71. Nicks place tonight
  72. Rallycross Reminder
  73. Windshield replacement cost?
  74. Anyone in TX get insurance through
  75. Exciting Sighting! Austin
  76. Ticket technicalities
  77. Our trophy pictures.
  78. Rally New Zealand
  79. p2p problems (kazaa & limewire)
  80. Jon's ATX Joke of the Day for Friday 10/4/02
  81. For Trade: HP OmniBook Laptop
  82. Htrz-2
  83. What do you ppl think about the HKS downpipe?
  84. SPEC Miata Race at the Ranch this weekend
  85. Mini Meet on Saturday
  86. Party Tonight
  87. Did any import magazine have coverage of August's HIN?
  88. AutoX at RCR Reminder
  89. Public thanks to Kevin Heist
  90. gnucleus
  91. struts
  92. iodine, where ya been?
  93. About bloody time, quite frankly.
  94. Port Strike and Subaru
  95. New Hood for Daughter's Eclipse
  96. I'd rather have THIS than a BOOHOO...
  97. Anyone have any ideas - cos I'm stumped!
  98. Hey DFWers, now you all can ID me
  99. River City AutoX Tomorrow??
  100. Reminder: Sasca AutoX at RCR
  101. 3 sightings today in austin!
  102. my first sighting post!!
  103. one of my worst fears came true today...
  104. My new look
  105. greetings from guilin
  106. anyone in houston looking for a turboback?
  107. Buying Question?
  108. exhaust question.
  109. Domain Name Help
  110. Cobb/APS CEL fix? (p0420)
  111. What do you guys use / think is best....
  112. Anyone watching Rallye New Zealand? Who is...
  113. BBS rims for sale
  114. BBS rims for sale
  115. Houston sighting
  116. Just bought a Diablo
  117. WTB: morrette lights
  118. Good customer service
  119. Cuttout issues - HIGH EGT's and CEL's
  120. FS: Stromung Downpipe & 3rd Cat Elim
  121. iMac Help!!
  122. My new car!
  123. studio shots of my wrx
  124. Any TXIC people dreamcast fans?
  125. DFW: I Need A PLace To Live!
  126. yall seen this?
  127. Results from the ER AutoX are up
  128. Dyno my truck?
  129. Another San Marcos Sighting
  130. anti-sighting post
  131. dunno if anyone has seen this *houston*
  132. Anyone here have a SC and Sprayed RS???
  133. My new car....
  134. Hey I'm Back!!!
  135. Austin HH?
  136. Hey Wes...
  137. uppipe install
  138. I just opened a new furniture shop in Austin
  139. WRX: getting slower by the day
  140. so i requested a refund from
  141. Which way should the toilet paper roll from?
  142. Attn: Josh (Legacy777)
  143. Friend robbed at gunpoint
  144. Clearing out my closet... Computer stuff
  145. Rotoras are on as-are Axxis pads.....
  146. WOO HOO! :) New Wheels
  147. Relocate to Houston
  148. no love!!!!
  149. 22B for sale!!!
  150. TXIC your pic
  151. Friday Lunch - Chili's - Irving Mall
  152. Inital D game
  153. Natural Intercooler Spray
  154. Mudding experiance gone bad
  155. steve-o liquid iq and bike rack
  156. looking for Motul motor oil
  157. SCCA autocross at gulf Greyhound park this weekend Oct. 12-13
  158. Texas Street Legal Championships
  159. FS in TX: Audiobahn MD60 Midbass drivers (new)
  160. Wheels
  161. WRX Sighting Austin Ranch
  162. FS '95 eclipse GSX...
  163. Help! Need stock WRX strut!
  164. Cracks in sidewall?
  165. Brand new VF 22 turbo for sale
  166. Should I Change my name?
  167. Nick's Place Thursday HH, ....again?
  168. well its a bit cooler out today
  169. Halve your gas costs for your Subaru!
  170. Need help...Which flywheel?
  171. Anyone going to the NHRA Fall Nationals this weekend?
  172. AAAHAHAHA Everyone has to see this!!
  173. Cool site
  174. custom catback with magnaflow muffler $175
  175. Attn: Austinites
  176. Apex'i N1 installed
  177. Clutch
  178. anyone go to RCR to drag?
  179. In Htown AutoX, wheres the Z06?
  180. 2002 Texas Rally Invitational Series
  181. VF23 For Sale
  182. What does cooler air really do to your engine? DeltaDash Comparison Runs Here
  183. Sighting: On the Drag ATX
  184. did anyone see the wreck on 59?
  185. who has a cel checker thingie?
  186. jmott
  187. ATTN: Whit...Deal's Gap
  188. Driver's Edge dinner... Tonight or Tomorrow?
  189. anyone have an M2 exhaust
  190. How to appreciate your Impreza more...
  191. For of those of you who dont look at stickies or announcements.
  192. Two more wrx's, one in atx, one in sm
  193. Some guy has his black WRX in the Texann
  194. WTB: OEM Sideskirts
  195. FS: Locally, STi injectors used for 2mo.
  196. Anyone have a costume for Halloween yet?
  197. How much for 02 RS foglamp covers?
  198. Clear side marker w/clear light legal?
  199. Beat the Hell out of OU!
  200. Why do people use a FIXED percentage?
  201. I'm not even going to ask...
  202. LED condoms in houston
  203. LED condoms in Houston
  204. I hate sales managers....
  205. atx: caliper painting...
  206. Spoke's AutoX Pics
  207. Spoke's AutoX Pics
  208. Kudos to the Subarus at TWS this weekend
  209. anyone know the guy who had the heart attack at the autox?
  210. Warranty Question
  211. Garage Floor Paint
  212. It's take two to tango (Me vs. Z06)
  213. TXIC fans "R. Kelly - Ignition"
  214. hh this week
  215. Here is one for all you wagon owners!
  216. State Meet map and directions...
  217. Hey Orion - you're not a Guru anymore
  218. 2001 Silver Honda Reflex FS
  219. Need a test drive
  220. ATX people: anyone have quickbooks or peachtree accounting?
  221. HRP yesterday
  222. No records broken at HRP yesterday
  223. wanted stock clock unit
  224. WTB: Sedan Rear Swaybar
  225. once again, turboback for sale
  226. When does the PCM shut down the engine do to too much boost?
  227. local junk yard?
  228. Might be selling some parts thought texans should know!
  229. So I like had a tiger in my tank this morning or something...
  230. So why are undeleted, non-OT threads not counting in post count?
  231. I'm moving from Texas to Japan just to buy this...
  232. Evolution Autocross School on Saturday
  233. so how much more power ARE we making in the cold?
  234. DFW Autocross November 3rd
  235. One day track event - November 1st - TWS
  236. State Meet - Pub Crawl Info...
  237. north texas track day
  238. Road trip: Houston to Portland, Maine.
  239. Anblick im Clear Lake
  240. White Oaks Area(Gray/Sheperd) sighting
  241. Selling Stock Turbo to buy new AWD vehicle
  242. Up for a Baja Thread? (Again?)
  243. Skip Barber Racing School
  244. Ready for Halloween?
  245. Looking for Roommate in Dallas, TX (Irving)
  246. WOW! 56K beware, ***PICS***
  247. Access to tools?
  248. Houston....
  249. Do-it-yourself boost increase for about $10
  250. Heading to Austin on Friday...Need somthing to do with my night..