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  1. autox results from BMW event today
  2. WHEW, just got back from Newbies & FAQ
  3. Good News/Bad News
  4. GOOD dog free to a GOOD home
  5. List me all Car Alarm Sensors! ! !
  6. exhaust leak post-turbo create turbo flutter?
  7. Knocklink install help
  8. Guaging Interest, who needs a spoiler?
  9. UOA - MY05 Forester XT - 1128 miles
  10. pls help - would like test ride in 05 STi
  11. Teh Bawstons
  12. State Meet Housing
  13. STI Exterior mod pic + questions
  14. WEEKLY DFW carshow, arlington, zero subaru representation
  15. Austin HH
  16. Now Thats A Spoiler!!
  17. got my flywheel clicking sound?
  18. Dallas to Austin: Saturday Morning Run :)
  19. Heading to Austin for Statemeet? Choose a group to roll with!
  20. Houston to Statemeet: Friday Early Afternoon Group
  21. Houston to Statemeet: Friday Late Afternoon Group
  22. Give me some ideas Houston......
  23. bored at work?
  24. Speeding Ticket Blah
  25. Racquetball in Houston
  26. OT:Paris Hilton's Stolen Sidekick
  27. Engine Stand & Hoist
  28. FRIDAY NIGHT Austin Statemeet Rollout DFW ->Austin
  29. Good Place To Have Rims Installed?
  30. Are there any plans on Friday Night of the State Meet?
  31. should i drive down to houston from jersey ?
  32. Pay yer frikkin' tolls! - '02 Silver WRX Wagon
  33. For anyone who knows there exhaust set ups (56K Warning)
  34. OT: So I'm like 10,000 miles away and my wife is in labor
  35. Hmm...any of you suckers remember this OG?!
  36. Hou: you guys missed a great meet last night
  37. FYI, Gillman North Subaru sucks ballz
  38. OT: hard drive?
  39. DFW STi Theft question.
  40. well, i suppose the rest of 05 will blow. *begins rant*
  41. For Kevin: Guess what I bought (aka. Heist doesn't totally suck!)
  42. gauging interest: Rice, or no rice?
  43. Rockabilly Night Dallas Wed 02/23
  44. Fotr Worth area: need stock WRX FPR
  45. DFW to austin friday night
  46. so do I need to worry about parking at zilker clubhouse?
  47. Tribeca
  48. Rockets finally lose Mo Taylor!! ...and get PG's
  49. what hotel is the "unofficial" statemeet hotel?
  50. Random Pictures
  51. Car & Driver Racing Series
  52. friday night state meet thread
  53. 346,000+ Gmail invites - who wants one?
  54. GT4 Challenge
  55. R/C Gas Car: HPI NITRO RS4 2 / PICCO .15 / JR RACING XR3 Package (new)
  56. You can only park next to me if you have an old school Impreza
  57. Nasioc Welcome to Austin from Knife Specials/Goodies
  58. For the DFW-Austin morning crew
  59. '04 Wrx Sti radio delete plate
  60. Weather update for Austin...
  61. Hugest threadest everest?
  62. No one wants to trade their wingless trunk?
  63. State Meet BBQ @ [email protected]'s house - address within
  64. I will be in San Antonio this weekend.
  65. Wheel bearings are easy.
  66. State Meet pics
  67. Hey all just saying hi and posting my GTOs dyno numbers
  68. My state meet pics
  69. Baytown sunday
  70. Wow! I'm exhausted! (mileage poll)
  71. So what do you get...
  72. An intro and newbie question..
  73. Buy me one of these please
  74. rollerderby girls in dallas tonight!
  75. GT4 best car, best race?????
  76. 2005 State Meet Pics
  77. N. Dallas Tuesday Dinner Thingy
  78. Video of HK. Phooey, Heist & Drift Monkey 1/4 mile
  79. i'd like to nominate...
  80. Thank you all very much (state meet)
  81. For those who missed the State Meet: Leftover T-Shirts!
  82. Ralley de Texas Pics
  83. Did you like the SWRT flag I gave away in the raffle?
  84. N. Dallas Thursday Lunch 3/3/05
  85. Thanks to the Ol' Skool Crew!
  86. BFG posters, a late item for the Statemeet.
  87. Street Tuner comes out 3/2/05
  88. Austin HH
  89. A few pics from Austin
  90. 05 Rallye de Texas stickers, ...almost free
  91. I never got a shirt :(
  92. Go get your $12 back on GT4...
  93. GT 4 - ALL License Finished - Oooo. Yeah.. :)
  94. Buy my Girlfriends dogs
  95. Dear Black WRX (on Walnut Hill in Irving)
  96. Thanks to all for a great weekend.
  97. Finally, I'm a daddy
  98. Someone backed into me!
  99. Omg I Want One
  100. Before & After (warning:big pics)
  101. da noob empty your pm box
  102. I Won!!
  103. Denton Dragway 1/8 Mile - Friday March 4th
  104. Hello!
  105. 150 miles Charity Bike ride Dallas to Oklahoma in May 14-15
  106. Gran Turismo 4 Pictures That I TooK wEEEEEEEEEEEEE......
  107. SE / Clear Lake Meet - Ol School Reunion, haha. Wed 3/2/2005 or Thu 3/3/2005 - 8:00pm
  108. HEY! "subystuf" on ebay! are you on here?
  109. Anybody find some "damage" on their car at the hotel?
  110. Look what I found..
  111. Tow hitch install (austin)
  112. You have got to check this out!!!!
  113. Lockheed looking for engineers - $$$$ (4 digit) referral bonus
  114. 0h n0es! more state meet pics....
  115. Tha Ol' Skool rally
  116. Indoor Statemeet photos
  117. Things to do in Austin this coming week?
  118. Rims Destroyed
  119. What are the chance of me seeing this?
  120. Hot Import Daze: $3 off
  121. TXIC "For Sale" (FS) Thread - March 2005
  122. TXIC "Want To Buy" (WTB) Thread - March 2005
  123. Hey, were you up in McKinney...
  124. WRC2005 Pics & Info, Subbies new WRC Machine.
  125. Sighting (Houston): Yellow WRX on HOV this morning?
  126. YAUSP: 35 South in North Dallas
  127. Rallye de Paris work day
  128. This kid ownzzz joo all!! (GT4 Vid inside)
  129. spec c engine/tranny? where?
  130. Houston National Tour is open for registration
  131. Wreck at F.M. 1765 and IH45?
  132. The Kentucky Club--Houston
  133. hey old schoolers
  134. Tracking Airmail
  135. wrecked: black STi this morn (3/3) I-10 inbound
  136. Austin: anyone up for a mini shop day?
  137. I need Help...HKS + Cobb DP TOO LOUD!!
  138. Be on the lookout!!!! Crime watch bulletin
  139. Suby in Stephen King Movie!!!!
  140. Houston: course map for Sunday's event
  141. Plano Thefts (Please Read)
  142. Whos going to wrc mexico thread?
  143. TWS March 5-6
  144. STi Crash in Cali... more to story
  145. Gas prices going up?
  146. DFW's Bargain Gas Station
  147. OMG! Nine Inch Nails to Play in Texas!
  148. Where to by ThermoTec products in Houston?
  149. Stupid Shift Knob Question
  150. On my way to Houston
  151. 45,000 Maintenance - Dallas Cost?
  152. Pulled Over Again
  153. So i blew my block, i think...
  154. New Season Starts TODAY!!!
  155. lookin for a job
  156. 900hp and 10krpm
  157. well, looked at the car yesterday...
  158. austin, need a roomate
  159. Austin HH
  160. I can't find it
  161. buying gc8 with "1994 version 1 sti motor" got some questions
  162. DFW: Need a specific pipe fitting, where to look?
  163. houston indoor Karting
  164. Any Clutch Recommendations?
  165. Arlington Meet = Crickets??
  166. anyone know Willman67
  167. My GC8+ EJ257+ 6-speed idea...
  168. so if my steering wheel shakes like a monkey passing persimmon seeds when I brake...
  169. New in Dallas
  170. Selling my WRX
  171. Fort Worth / Haltom City - where to get rotors turned?
  172. N. Dallas Tuesday Dinner Meet 3/08/05
  173. Finally Got The New Wheels On!
  174. Need opinion....
  175. MEX rally......who's coming?
  176. Slow down on 75 access road (popo on the prowl)
  177. a few pics from Sun.'s game
  178. People that have wrecked their wrx's
  179. harddrivelive event in Dallas
  180. Tuner Bash?
  181. Intrest in Rota SDRs in bronze?
  182. SOD Alignment price?
  183. Does the city pay for pothole damage?
  184. Finally! GT4
  185. Results for March event are up...
  186. Good body shop in Dallas?
  187. Anyone catch the News? Collin County
  188. Forced Perfomance/Tial BOV
  189. Same gas station, different ferrari
  190. so... i got stung by a wasp this past saturday night
  191. Just one tire
  192. Blue wrx on Carrier in N. GP this morning
  193. SRTFORUMS are hillarious
  194. No more Fairmont for the WRX crowd?
  195. Greetings From Belize
  196. Texas Mile
  197. N. Houston fun run
  198. SoD-- Body Shop?
  199. TXIC: Post your work space/office space!!!
  200. Utec tuners in texas
  201. Where can I get a Performance Alignment
  202. How much should it be to replace a windshield?
  203. So Sully where is your post about the Wednesday Meet?
  204. So whos the Red Wagon in the Sugar Land area...
  205. OT: Eye chart
  206. Mudding in SA
  207. Helix Uppipe, Downpipe and CEL - anything else..?
  208. Today automotive technology quiz
  209. Are we getting together this Wed or Thurs?
  210. a job for a 17 year old in automotive feild?
  211. Gold BBS -- maintenance suggestions (attn: glilly)
  212. Consumer Reports picks 'Best Cars'
  213. SRT4 getting spanked by a gmc syclone
  214. Free 87 Subaru XT engine
  215. Subaru Drive Performance Magazine coming to DFW?
  216. What should I do?
  217. I'm so an engineer....
  218. OBD2 Code Scanner
  219. What's up with people in SoCal??
  220. Visitor From So. Cal
  221. N. Dallas Thursday Lunch 3/10/05
  222. Hotrodguru is a hero
  223. Going from Dallas to Denver
  224. HKS Carbon-Ti For Sale
  225. WRB Paint
  226. SOD Alignment Question
  227. Who did I see driving on 290, WRB 2004 wrx.....
  228. Any Houston members go to North Harris Community College?
  229. Testing Waters: Amp, subs, box
  230. help
  231. The Official Candy of TXIC
  232. Anyone going to TX2K5 in RCR in San Antonio?
  233. Where to buy Recaro Speeds?
  234. FS: Brand New Autopower Street-Sport Roll Bar that fits all 02+ Impreza's, Plano TX.
  235. 15% tint in texas?
  236. look in here to see Mr. STi's, well ...STi
  237. why wouldnt i buy a saab 9-2x aero
  238. Need some help with tools concerning a shortblock install in Houston...
  239. washed wrx+camra= pics!
  240. OT: Don't be mad, but....
  241. Interesting/Fun Roads in N. Dallas/Flowermound
  242. Anyone want to trade trunk lids? STi for WRX
  243. Loss of power, why does my car feel slower, is it in my head?
  244. Dallas area recommended service places?
  245. 235/40/17 Will They Fit?
  246. Supra Meet in H-Town?
  247. Im in SA today! tee~hee
  248. frisco sighting
  249. HAppy bday to [email protected]
  250. Sa Bbq