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  1. **MBRP cat-back for sale **
  2. Total Body Conversion (WTLW?)
  3. FS: NEW Stainless Header for WRX
  4. Is Bridgestone Potenza G009 a good tire?
  5. Daytime cruise November 28th, all local clubs invited!
  6. Links with anti-lag in
  7. Mailing money order?
  8. 02 WRX part out
  9. where to by 2.2l headers?
  10. Question about Zerosports pulley
  11. WTB:WRX turbo back or cat back exhaust,and WRX stock wheel with tire ASAP
  12. WTB: GC/GM Style fog light covers
  13. Rally videos
  14. FS: HIDs
  15. Is custom downpipe the only choice?
  16. FS: Greddy Boost Gauge Peak/Hold Warning Meter
  17. NA route WRX?
  18. Where to find a 1998 Forester Taillight?
  19. Used STI prices
  20. know any good muffler shop in vancouver?
  21. Good import wreckers for Subarus?
  22. Suite for rent
  23. Best Shop for Rims
  24. FS: Skyline R32 GTS-T
  25. exhaust questions
  26. Spotted: ghostmike
  27. need seat with a pass through..
  28. WTB:Intercooler hose!!!
  29. turbo heat shield
  30. WTB: lowering springs for 04 wrx
  31. FS: TS Stock Steelies
  32. ROTORA Rear Brake Kit forsale (brand new)
  33. Arrrrrrrr-Esssssss-T
  34. Yes! Finally, it arrives!
  35. catalytic questions
  36. OT: where good to buy digi camera in HK
  37. URGENT: WTB: Stock muffler and stock seats..any condition!
  38. WTB: Sparco/Momo Steering Wheel
  39. OT: Post your pets.. if you have and women don't count ;)
  40. Rom 10 Card
  41. Pics From Tonights more
  42. Importing a wrx sti from the US
  43. FS: Brand new in box TurboXS RFL BOV
  44. Anyone ever buy something off R.C.Y.K
  45. 2004 STi At Docksteader?
  46. FS: My STi
  47. Newbie with a question ?
  48. FS: HKS SSQV BOV wit purple&silver insert
  49. f.s. brand new buddy club coilover for 04wrx
  50. VIC pics here
  51. [B]WTB 99 RS Body parts[/B]
  52. Free RBP touchup paint
  53. 2.5 Rs Intake
  54. blue HVAC and red cluster [Doable!]
  55. Yeahhhhh!!! I See Snow!!!
  56. Blue STI with vanity plate
  57. Noob question: How can I tell if a tire is new?
  58. OT; car suggestions...
  59. Snowday, well... Night actually
  60. Funny Candian humour site
  61. Rant: First transaction over E-bay
  62. your wish is my command
  63. FS: Yakima Cargo Box
  64. FS or Take Over Lease: 02 WRX
  65. FS. GC's towerbar
  66. TMIC or FMIC with UTEC Stage 3
  67. "Memory Steer" somewhat fixed.... alignment needed?
  68. where to buy cheap rims?
  69. Nissan X-Trial Initial Test Drive Review - Long Read
  70. sighting: @ ubc (not a subaru)
  71. Long live the bugeyes ;)
  72. want to borrow or Buy 02-03 WRX ECU
  73. WTB:Stock downpipe
  74. Attn: BongC
  75. Going rate for a set of used RE92s
  76. Need quick answers....
  77. Tires!
  78. ??? for Pat
  79. Car is written-off; everything for sale!
  80. Vancouver i-club: Toy Drive or Food Bank?
  81. Preboxing day sales this Saturday
  82. 22mm swaybar will affect an otherwise stock wagon how?
  83. Someting to Dream About
  84. WTT: Steelies for WRX wheels
  85. FS: 2002 wrb wrx
  86. Whiteline Rear Differential Bushing/Brace thingies
  87. K&N
  88. WTB: STI parts
  89. FS: Tanabe sustec tower bar for wrx
  90. deciding on which pulley to get...
  91. Any fatmat or brown bread distributors in Vancouver?
  92. Woot! Paid off my car in full yesterday!
  93. Phone # for Aldergrove Wrecker
  94. Moral Dilemma
  95. Coilovers
  96. Coquitlam Subaru Meet
  97. Hurry! 1 hour left for this cheap exhaust.
  98. Wtb: 97-01 Rs Hood
  99. Pulse Harmonics
  100. Off topic: Post ur dream car wit pic and reason why
  101. Attn: patr
  102. Roof Rack
  103. Fs: Gc Stuff old skool style
  104. Spotted: WRB bugeye with gold P1
  105. milestone? My car hits 80k
  106. gas and millages
  107. Price lowered on KW coilovers, Prodrive UK300 Headlights etc
  108. fs:brand new coilover
  109. Hibernation?
  110. FS: 04 WRX hood w/ STi hood scoop
  111. FS:Gold 04 Sti BBS wheels no rubber
  112. WTB: Stock Fog Lights or Hella for V.5 Bumper
  113. fs:subs and amp
  114. OT: Ken Jennings Finally Lost..
  115. FS: Used Forester OEM tires
  116. Forget importing
  117. FS: Set of four Bridgestone Potenza RE92
  118. Bad news...
  119. where to buy tire cheap?
  120. wtb: blow off valves and questions
  121. its snowing all over Burnaby.. lets have a drift night
  122. Sources for used (cheap) subies?
  123. fs: 2000 subaru impreza 2.5rs
  124. Anybody have Alex/Reset's cell number?
  125. Coq Meet + FoodBank/Toy Drive Interest = REVSCENE Toy Drive?
  126. Another story of RMD Subaru.
  127. Go rallying without the dirt/gravel
  128. headlight upgrade
  129. Where to purchase WRX?
  130. Woohoo! Xmas comes early!
  131. FS: 225/50/16 KDWS tires 4x
  132. Old I-Club Site = Porn????
  133. For Sale: 2000 SRP GC with WRX engine/tranny swap and other goodies
  134. OT: Who needs jack stands?
  135. alarm
  136. Fukamoto: You're almost a Guru
  137. wtb: STI tranny mount
  138. MY04 or 05 white WRX
  139. I got my LGT ltd wagon!!
  140. FS: 2 Defi D-gauges
  141. FS: HKS Hi-pwr, Helix DP, Blitz DD BOV
  142. engine management
  143. group buys...???
  144. FS: 4 Bridgestone Potenza RE92 tires
  145. FS. Razo shift knob
  146. Valentine 1 FS: (brand new)
  147. Cypress mini photoshoot
  148. Witness Needed -- 9:15 a.m. @ Burnaby Kensignton Overpass
  149. 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR review
  150. Options
  151. FS: 22B Engine/ECU/Tranny *VEGE DONT GO IN*
  152. Accident.. (yes it's my turn)
  153. WRX engine/auto tranny selling for?
  154. Today, I am the happiest man on earth
  155. fs*Urgent*: Whites Tree Frogs
  156. Parts For Sale
  157. where to buy koni/kyb shocks?
  158. after 6 months waiting, FINALLY!
  159. which body kit is better and cheaper 04 wrx
  160. OT: My PS2's RIP and I dunno what to do!!!
  161. OT: Bah, this sucks
  162. sighting in delta
  163. Attn: fieron
  164. Bov For Sale! New!!!
  165. Gemenid meteor shower
  166. OT: New Civic Type R
  167. OT: Subaru Impreza Story vid
  168. gauging interest:TONS of parts forsale. returning car back to stock!
  169. parting out
  170. FS: 2003 Impreza TS SE
  171. FS: Left over from my car
  172. PFR piece on Driving Television (Global)
  173. FS: compustar *new*
  174. Reasonable priced stock parts in Van. area?
  175. CEL-FIX help!
  176. Customs question
  177. For those who have the Top Gear Blues...
  178. Any one play poker ?
  179. FS:2004 Gold BBS Sti wheels 5x100
  180. fs: stuff
  181. Girl Born Without a Face
  182. Mods
  183. OT: so i got bored...
  184. OT: where to get a mod chip for ps2
  185. Sighting: you work in Burnaby
  186. FS: Yakima roof rack and bike rack
  187. FS: Blitz Super Sound BOV
  188. OT: Subaru Impreza book
  189. Nagano Dinner in Coquitlam Sign-up list
  190. My car broken into!!
  191. FS: rubber floor mats
  192. FS: STI hoodscoop
  193. Carbotech Race pads
  194. WTT/FS: 18" Rota Subzero w/rubber
  195. who has some nice seats for sale?
  196. Anyone know where to find HKB hub for 02 WRX?
  197. EcuTeK in the West coast
  198. Took a pic of my car, spotted a yellow MY02 sedan, then killed a Hemi
  199. Canadian Subaru Dealer that sells Aero SPlash Gaurds?
  200. FS: 02 WRX - Price Lowered
  201. OT: Working for Best Buy now...
  202. Is this anyone's car?
  203. FS: parting out!
  204. I spent all my money on this, and I'm happy.
  205. Sighted: Red, new Legacy GT Wagon at Planetarium
  206. ICBC discount info
  207. OT: Got Unpaid Impark Tickets? No problem
  208. Funny sighting
  209. STi's for sale
  210. WTT: 18" Buddy Club P1 racing II Plus w/ P Zero Nero
  211. Attn: Graheme (sp?) that bought the Stromung
  212. What Makes A Perfect Shop Experience?
  213. is this car belong to anyone here
  214. AirCare owned me!
  215. I need a party next week!
  216. [Total Autosports] Quite frankly, I'm disappointed
  217. ATTN: bong your pm is full ERASE msgs!!!
  218. has anyone done this mod?
  219. new wrx
  220. Financing vs Lease ?
  221. OT: Best Digital video camera?
  222. stock boost gauge
  223. OT, WTB: Older PS2 console..
  224. Im done
  225. OT: where to up load pix?
  226. BAD Luck for me ~~
  227. WTB: ONE stock wrx rim in burnaby/vancouver area
  228. Free box of donuts: Details inside.
  229. My 1st time to Vancouver...suggestions??
  230. Lumber?
  231. New Years Resolutions
  232. Perrin or STi parts in Vancouver?
  233. tora, polaris & Deziwoo
  234. driving to Sun Peaks
  235. FS: Momo, Yakima, Rockford Fosgate, Silverstar, Nokian
  236. Fs: New Lower Price
  237. Good Sushi in N.Burnaby/Coquitlam Area?
  238. looking for wrx seats
  239. Not happy tonight!
  240. Kartboy SS? who sells them?
  241. Have you guys seen this thread?
  242. where can I buy Orange County Chopper hoodies?
  243. Steel wheels
  244. after UTEC then boost creep?
  245. Any one tried Colt Cams?
  246. Invoice Pricing
  247. Fumoto valve, NXT wax, superstore jack stands
  248. What wheels are these?
  249. Who's done with Christmas shopping? Put your hands up!
  250. FT: chargespeed side skirts for stocks + $100