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  1. heel and toe
  2. Downpipe, CO2/Smog Question!
  3. VPD = Morons
  4. can anyone help me find this thread?
  5. Best place to get an alignment
  6. 2000rs Unreadable OBD at Aircare?
  7. Aluminum Honeycomb
  8. The Chinese strike again...
  9. OT: Conversation with an off-duty cop(?)
  10. Where is the best place to get window tinting?
  11. Mission Street Legal - 5/11 - Friday
  12. help----remove my rotor
  13. Setting up vbulletin (or some other forum)
  14. what would you do if the bolt head became rounded
  15. Anyone install an oil catch can?
  16. RS is slow...
  17. OT: what are you getting for mom on mother's day?
  18. Priceless
  19. crossing the boarder
  20. Order Club Sticker Here!
  21. Best Video eVar
  22. Anyone drive a yaris?
  23. wtf seatbelt ticket while wearing a seatbelt....
  24. Condom BOV (movie)
  25. Mountain Trials Rally - June 16th - VOLUNTEERS NEEDED
  26. Insurance question
  27. I am on Richmond Review!!
  28. OT: Someone wants me to put a link on my page. What to charge?!
  29. Anyone want to help this guy....
  30. Gas price gouging? Unpossible!
  31. Cheerios!
  32. where yo by cheap engine oil
  33. Stock endlink Issues??
  34. What type of intake is best for 04 Sti???
  35. fuh you?
  36. Sti side skirts on a wagon
  37. Blitz Exhaust?
  38. anyone work at no.3 rd staples
  39. Brakes done... finally.
  40. OT sushi
  41. Got NOS?
  42. what do you guys do with check engine light
  43. Where to buy an Open Port for 2005 STI?
  44. what will bump you up classes in autox?
  45. anyone have pics from Next Top Novice #1?
  46. Alki Beach III Seattle 93-01 Impreza Meet 6/ 24 (Sun) 11am w/opt. drive to Ft. Worden
  47. Alki Beach Pre-meet!
  48. who can give me a ride???
  49. What the?
  50. BBK installed.. somewhat disappointed.. (pics)
  51. is there a shop that sells CF hood in lower mainland?
  52. That's hot . . .
  53. any one know how to install a keyless trunk
  54. How do you take off the trunk lock?
  55. Q: Stock 07 STI TBE
  56. Do you approve of lululemon pants on guys?
  57. World's first high performance/ high mileage sports car
  58. Job Posting thread
  59. Some pics of the car, and new bridge construction
  60. We need a B&B meet
  61. Ot: 2007 G35s
  62. OT: Good place to sell used car?
  63. B&B meet: tuesday, May 22, after work.
  64. Did some tanning
  65. hi guys, new here, buying a 2001 impreza
  66. crashfx
  67. earplugs?
  68. what do you rate this tire
  69. Pick up stuff from Point Robert
  70. Auto-technician position available
  71. New member, new car
  72. ATTN: Picard
  73. where to buy silicone hose?
  74. best recommended dealerships
  75. Anyone going from Whistler/Squamish TO Vancouver tonight
  76. rant *long*
  77. oil filter
  78. finally, i got my keyless trunk installed
  79. Tire recommendations- 04 TS Wagon....
  80. shipping question
  81. Dead pedal foot rest from Legacy Spec B
  82. 2007 2.5i muffler stainless tip
  83. GAS so expensive
  84. sti spotted
  85. just did some comestic upgrade to my wrx
  86. Subaru Wrx Vs Toyota Avalon accident
  87. how big is the intake pipe?
  88. got my new 2007 2.5i!
  89. AP Question ???
  90. Who traded this car in?
  91. whats a good UP?
  92. Lug nut
  93. technical support
  94. rear spoilers for 2007 wagons
  95. Quick STi fuel question
  96. OT: YouTube Video of fast Subaru
  97. heli-bulance(???) at my work w/pics
  98. I've noticed something....
  99. Im pretty sure no one here owns a GC8
  100. Definitive Driving May 21st Pics!
  101. Need a body shop Stat!!!
  102. What did you drive before your subaru
  103. Which Lips is good?
  104. new impreza
  105. My car got stolen.. but the cops have it?..
  106. Any 04+ STis running 50/50 BOV?
  107. Sell my STi for this??
  108. w00t, scored at the junk yard!
  109. Group Dyno?
  110. best dealership to do services?
  111. wagon lovers?
  112. replica wrc bumper 06
  113. Colin Mcrae Dirt Demo Released
  114. do hid retros affect DRL?
  115. About DCCD
  116. My "Other" car.
  117. What cars are made in US/Canada?
  118. Justy?
  119. ACT clutch kit
  120. have any of you guys tried this?
  121. it's been great......
  122. Bent Plate DIY
  123. did you guys see this on yahoo?
  124. OT: Vacation in the Rockies, part 2 (pics inside)
  125. Any installers here willing to help me out?
  126. Cel??
  127. Just got another new upgrade
  128. Cam gear wrench or suggestions
  129. anybody know...?
  130. Pictures from club-sticker meet 5/26
  131. It's been said before...
  132. Please welcome our newest VIC member!
  133. Importing car from states with body kit
  134. hey everybody ! just picked up my suby today
  135. K&N typhoon or Injen CAI???
  136. My Vancouver friends: Cascade Loop Run July 15th. MEET and KartraK
  137. Notice the difference?
  138. Which OBDII Reader do you recommend?
  139. Who does projectors retrofits locally?
  140. Vancouver Police GHost Cars..
  141. what's the cheapest way to make my black wagon look better?
  142. Crunch time!!
  143. 2 hours, a hair dryer, and a blistered thumb later....
  144. wow, these people are rich
  145. Rim Size Noob
  146. VIDEO: Car dent removal with hair dryer and compressed air
  147. Prodrive Dealers
  148. Yo Dtp Guy!!
  149. my phainted phat lip!
  150. wanting to change my tranny fluid..anybody have the key?
  151. Fender rolling - n00b question
  152. Car detailing (Wheels & Tires)
  153. gas in the states
  154. STI crash new Oak Street Bridge Yesterday...
  155. A new RALLY GAME(pc, xbox, ps3)
  156. TEJ Auto
  157. SubieSport Mag !
  158. URGENT! need oem strut replacement by sunday!
  159. jason t
  160. So I came out to find a cop by my car...
  161. +1 to Dale's Alignment
  162. Exchange rates
  163. attn: H5N1
  164. saturday night!
  165. avo turboback
  166. Valley Tuners Meet?
  167. CEL(s!) :(
  168. help needed , suspension swap
  169. Best place to get butyl mat locally?
  170. B&B Valley Tuners Meet: Tues. June 19th
  171. Engine Oil 5W50
  172. Porting WG ??
  173. yay 1100 posts!
  174. Anyone got a Subaru manual to hand
  175. Does anyone know where i can get Rain Visor?
  176. penphoe: um when did i say i was street racing?
  177. OT: What happened to Z95.3?!!
  178. Today I got a new hat!
  179. Can you do this? Vid
  180. Boarder guards
  181. new dubs?
  182. Who wants Krispy Kreme?!
  183. Underseat Sub
  184. Island Meet: BBQ and Wrenching
  185. Has anyone confirmed their shipping address with Paypal
  186. scooby specialists: radiator question
  187. Pre purchase inspection?
  188. Gas mileage challenge?
  189. should loomin paint his rims?
  190. Any recommand place that do spring install and wheel aliagment?
  191. Another thread: Subaru Dealership in Japan
  192. Are our dealers honest?
  193. More Power!
  194. wow.
  195. a CRAZY battle between lions, buffalo and crocodiles?!
  196. recommend me a cell phone carrier :)
  197. june 22nd or 24th build day! BBQ!
  198. Mini Suby meet
  199. pinch weld adapter for jacking
  200. Which bumper beam did you use on your JDM GC8 front bumper conversion?
  201. KK Meet Pics
  202. Where is impulse777?
  203. So i got a call from my manager..
  204. Latest project
  205. Anyone else on Forza 2?
  206. Krispy Kreme meet's Pics (Lots of them!!!)
  207. Attn: Bar-F1
  208. Need advice on selling a car...
  209. attn: people with a radar detector
  210. Anybody hear of Contenders Gym?
  211. Hotel Rec needed
  212. Bugeye Fogs
  213. engagement ring...on a man?
  214. I'm as happy as an air freshener...
  215. All Auto-x'ers please take note on what not to do
  216. Custom fiberglass joint
  217. New RR Website
  218. why not dealers put those old model's accessories on sale?
  219. Car Paint touch ups
  220. OT: GT-R and EVO-X coming out 08
  221. TSX lens swap into 05 STI
  222. some track day pics from yesterday's event at MRP
  223. Is there a B&B meet tonight? PHO?
  224. haven't posted in a while, update pics
  225. need help with bachelor party ideas in Vancouver
  226. Is this a Local Benz dealer ripping someone off? (video)
  227. impreza RS4
  228. Roof rack question
  229. So my friend with his WRX had a little accident...
  230. @#$%^& cop~!!!!!!!!!
  231. Machine Shop or Grinder
  232. I... I just had to...
  233. Need suggestions for romantic getaway!
  234. new and in a pickle
  235. Anyone with an Invidia G200 or HKS Carbon-ti cbe?
  236. RIP: Drag Racing Car Kills 4 Bystanders
  237. BBQ Success
  238. Hey guys i might not be making it out!!! boooo
  239. So..... should I buy an SPT intake and heat shield?
  240. 'pignose' or 'roundrear'??
  241. Race Fuel, where to buy
  242. Forester in WRB
  243. VIC member ink
  244. new additions to the family
  245. Spotted 2008 wrx hatch
  246. recommend a garage in VAN for UP install?
  247. spring specs
  248. Cleaning the exterior of the car
  249. WRC diesel?
  250. coming to calgary to pick up my bike