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  1. Local source for aftermarket and OE parts, etc.?
  2. What is the camber setting on your Suby?
  3. Anyone in victoria wanna help me install a header?
  4. My New Whip
  5. Cypress finally open other then bunny hill.
  6. Flight coming in for emergency landing at YVR . . . stay tuned
  7. unofficial anthem
  8. Turn this one up LOUD!!!
  9. New to the club
  10. What's traffic like?
  11. Rainex wiper blades
  12. another flying subaru
  13. wtf is up with my transmission?
  14. Attn: FastDriver
  15. OT: So many Subies featured on GT5!!
  16. Used STi Inspection
  17. Be careful out there...
  18. dun know how this would happen
  19. version 8 jdm fog lights
  20. Protuning
  21. OT: Looking for a show car to sponsor with tires...
  22. Wackos on the road
  23. Another +1 for Dale's Alignment
  24. 08 STi bite the dust
  25. +1 Polar Battery
  26. State of WRC: Some thoughts
  27. Interesting oil filters
  28. What Do You Think of X-Mas Music?
  29. Any good machine shops?
  30. Hydro Christmas Card
  31. Just Washed & Claybar'd
  32. YAY My Piggy Got New Shoes: Advan RGII
  33. LOL gangsta star wars
  34. JDM Santa Drop off RA-R Goodies at my House!
  35. STI VS Shelby GT
  36. 04 STi makes the list
  37. is this bad for your car?
  38. post a pic of your dash
  39. My first STI...the good kind :)
  40. Anyone else see the full-page Saturn ad . . .
  41. The New 278whp Ride
  42. Fixing exhaust tip
  43. OT: I had to...
  44. OT: question regarding Fukamoto
  45. Quick battery question!
  46. Question about CEL and cats
  47. Soup Kitchen
  48. Routine maintenance cost...
  49. Sneuw!
  50. Tire prices CAN vs US :(
  51. This would have been a sweet addition to subaru's family
  52. 19 y0
  53. Anyone with Koni inserts . . .
  54. So I did it today.
  55. jacking points bent outta whack
  56. OT: Buying Gift Cards in the US online
  57. Happy Birthday to H5N1!
  58. OT: Please educate me! PS3 vs xbox 360!
  59. Happy Holidays
  60. want to buy an R35 GT-R?
  61. what did everyone get for xmas?
  62. Did I miss a GC meet?
  63. Blown headgasket, stuck in the interior, may need EJ25x shortblock
  64. World Jr. Hockey Championship
  65. Is this anyone's car?
  66. where to get?
  67. HID Question
  68. Anyone up for a photo meet?
  69. My new Subie!
  70. OT: cool vid
  71. Back in HK (again!)
  72. Where can I program the keyless entry remote?
  73. Why Wingless? Why Not?
  74. spoiler shop
  75. question about exhaust hangers.
  76. OT: Reconstructed title in US
  77. Gsp
  78. 13.6 @ 100MPH found the video, thought i would share
  79. optima red top battery
  80. Barnes Lake
  81. 2007 Baja 1000 on NBC right now (11am)
  82. Powder Coating my Advans. But whom to trust?
  83. OT: how do you guys think when you see a non-sti impreza with sti parts on it
  84. Overheating mystery
  85. OT: Photo "Borrowing"
  86. I got called a "coastie"?
  87. Price Check?
  88. prosport gauges installed!
  89. Boxing Day shopping results
  90. heeelp me
  91. Spotted thread 2008!
  92. Very OT: semaj you're international!
  93. Q: Suspension Question
  94. OT: Initial D parody from another anime
  95. CAI VS Short ram in BC?
  96. Modded 08 STI's and EVOX's in Japan 4WD Performance tuning show!
  97. cheap gps at future shop
  98. Osram NightBreaker vs Philips X-Treme Power
  99. 3-4 months wait for a set of wheels?!?
  100. Anyone visit New York?
  101. OT: What is the world coming to?
  102. Christmas Dinner 2007 in January!
  103. MAF question
  104. OT: Discounted Cypress Mountain Lift Tickets?
  105. Noob question about clutch?
  106. Yo '08
  107. Behold my knobs - and post your own too
  108. Tanabe Springs
  109. Need Advise: A new Jack and Stands
  110. Help me identify this car
  111. OT: Why NASCAR rocks.
  112. 255 on a 8.5 inch wheel good?
  113. Your downshifting habits
  114. Lordco discount?
  115. Bah!hahaha
  116. So funny and so true
  117. Please Educate Me: Street Driving Tips and Techniques on Subies (MT)
  118. Heavy Girls
  119. Any local STi's want to enter this?
  120. what is this mean..USPS/CanadaPost
  121. Ot: Gps?
  122. Excise Tax, wow gov sucks money again...
  123. OT: looking for part time job
  124. Sweet new TV series: Tiger Team
  125. new cool tools.
  126. Whats a good mountain to go snow tubing on?
  127. check out the new Impreza vs new Evo!
  128. Totalled R35
  129. Thank you Kal Tire
  130. Where do you get your tires mounted?
  131. wrx and mazda 3 comparsion
  132. High-Perf Driving School
  133. help! need a nut!
  134. Japanese IMPREZA WRX police car (Video)
  135. wowow what do you guys think of this one?
  136. slightly OT: my uncles 700hp vette
  137. [Vid] 08 STi motor show
  138. Question:
  139. OT: HID foglights
  140. $2500 car.
  141. Exclusive: DJ Tiesto Interview
  142. OT: End of Leadaed Fuel? What does it mean for Autosports?
  143. OT: Mazda 3 Break-in problem
  144. OT-- time to bring on some chinese song
  145. Hid
  146. OT: King's Park...
  147. Here's a reason to go catless
  148. Ot..
  149. North/West Vancouver mini-meet for Christmas Dinner
  150. New to the forum
  151. Anyone know where i can get Cobb AP V2?
  152. New to VIC
  153. Another newbie
  154. New to the suby world
  155. New BL6
  156. Detroit Auto Show
  157. local shops for yellow h3 bulbs and light bulb condoms (for dashboard lights)
  158. winter is abusive to the fmic
  159. Paying off auto financing?
  160. Clunky STi Strut :(
  161. patr, did you forget to tell us something?
  162. where to get bugeye rear OEM skirts and diffuser
  163. OT: 2008 olympic coin
  164. loomins 6-speed install.
  165. Aliens... We found them!
  166. 2008 WRXs are torque monsters!
  167. New STi arrived today
  168. need help on fitment about catback????
  169. Proper Break-In?
  170. 9200rpm WRX
  171. Running car with no intercooler?
  172. OT: where can I get the wagon rear bumper skirt?
  173. OT: Where to sell a used car/truck
  174. New STi & Old STi & New old EVO
  175. ATTN: aspect
  176. It took awhile...
  177. Looking for Job Opportunity: Electrical Engineering Co-op
  178. will these mags Fit help please!!
  179. EVO X is here :O
  180. Rocks on Oak street bridge
  181. Old guys like Subies too!
  182. Endurance Go-Kart
  183. Blown Engine LAWL!!
  184. RAYS Wheel Production Video
  185. happy birthday jstbstn
  186. Blown something?? please help!
  187. American Top Gear to be called "Gear"
  188. 300whp goal
  189. The most weirdest combo i have ever seen!
  190. Want to out together a big party? Get this guy to do it for you!
  191. Want to put together a big party? Get this guy to do it for you!
  192. Picture for 02-05 WRX's flywheel wanted
  193. New Scubaru owner (photos inside)
  194. Picked her up on Friday... 08 STI
  195. Finally Checked Them Out... 08 STi
  196. 06 STI BBS wheels on 08 STI
  197. Idling Question
  198. 3-Pulley Set GB: Pickup 1:15pm this Sat @ Oakridge P1 underground
  199. GB: AWD Tow Decal(s) - pickup Feb 23rd @ 11am Oakridge see details inside
  200. OT: Question about writing off cars..
  201. Water in Bumper
  202. Buying Tires options
  203. OT: Crazzzzy aussie practical joke show
  204. Do we need to have a 3rd brake light?
  205. New Impreza debuts in Monte Carlo!
  206. COBB Tuning Firmware: v1.2.4.0
  207. anyone know a good exhaust shop?
  208. goodbye cheesy oem heatshield, hello new stuff.
  209. Vancouver Motorcycle Show - worth the trip?
  210. guess what I ran into on the freeway
  211. VIC Official Aspen/Satin White Photo Thread
  212. Need some local's advice
  213. B&B required....
  214. 08 STI Rear resemblies something from sci fi movie
  215. OT: passing aircare
  216. KAL TIRE Rip-off
  217. Snowboarding is lame...
  218. 2000 2.5RS Head Gaskets?
  219. B&b Faq
  220. Hmm Blow-thru boost tube???
  221. Synthetic Oil
  222. Process West V Mount Intercooler
  223. Spec C folding mirrors in the buy/sell forum, cool find!
  224. so I splurged. =)
  225. Hide-and-seek - my boost gauge mount
  226. Happy B-day semaj
  227. Wut da...You Called this Private Wanted Classifieds ?
  228. OT: More model building...
  229. UBC-SCC Slushy Premeet
  230. Turbo Question
  231. 02 JDM WRX Headlight Help
  232. OMG this is killing me!!!!
  233. SFU snow day mini-meet today?
  234. WTH? 1965 VW Beetle with STI engine.
  235. My gauges are not working.
  236. Vancouver Auto Show
  237. haha okok i will do it: happy bday fuka!!!
  238. OT: New Toy on Dash - JDM Police Car
  239. Help me out:)
  240. Zerosports STi
  241. Sumitomo HTR ZIII
  242. Advise Needed: How to Repair/Repaint the Front Lip
  243. 08 STI Winterized... Let it Snow!!!
  244. Subaru snowboarding
  245. Another new toy(ACPT)Long, hard and light
  246. Anyone get there Suby lock picked?
  247. trunk condensation
  248. Seriously, Does anyone the 2004 White Subaru across the street?
  249. 007WRX, I saw your name in PRoN 5
  250. Mini club needs an idea for a cruise meet