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  1. Guess what I did today?
  2. UBCSCC Auto-X July 1st.
  3. Any used shifter knobs
  4. The Fast and the Furious...Disappointing...
  5. Official Announcement - Official Announcement: Big Meet Info - July 8, 01.
  6. today's sightings...
  7. Sticker run....
  8. Advanced Driving Schools
  9. Anyone interest in MRT stuffs....
  10. Hello Sandy & whoever was in Specialty
  11. my little sighting of the day.
  12. Show & Shine Invitation Cards!
  13. what are you thinking?
  14. i wish this is mine
  15. FS: Toyo Proxes H4's (205/60/15)
  16. Hey Ashtaron14
  17. Brake Lines Update!
  18. ATTN: sandy.
  19. anyone have problems with fibreglass bumper?
  20. Blitz Air Filter
  21. FS: Brand New Sony DSC-P1 digital camera
  22. unoffical mini-meet by Specialty
  23. Burnaby Pre-meet 8th July
  24. I need someone from Vancouver with an automatic Free Parts
  25. Holy cow - RS sightings..
  26. FS: A Gravis Blackhawk Digital Joystick
  27. RS sighting on FTV news at June 27's 7:30pm
  28. wtb: front RS calipers and rotors.
  29. Hey ashtaron14, is that you working at Aberdeen ~6:30pm?
  30. i really got enough of this toy ..can anyone just help me......
  31. Who's WRX At Advance?
  32. impreza cop car pix!?
  33. hosting pics?
  34. WRX Wagon @Dairyland
  35. Keiho
  36. Hey Mr. Moderator!!!
  37. just wondering about the show and shine...
  38. Whose Black RS coupe?
  39. FS: Prodrive P1 wheel combo
  40. Who's WRX at Metro Superstore P2?
  41. first Dent.. need help =(
  42. No more mini meet in Lansdown?
  43. Acura RSX sighting
  44. honda driver finally drives wrx
  45. Anyone from Kelowna going to July 8th..
  46. Chrome '0x wheels?
  47. are these oem sti seats?
  48. Blitz bov installed
  49. When I was at the traffic light...
  50. Lexus SC 430 sighting
  51. who is this boardmember?
  52. Front window tint allowed?
  53. Kelowna ppl meet Jul-1 weekend?
  54. Installation for S-AFC on 00/01 RS
  55. Have everyone reactivate their PM?
  56. Brief Sighting at Coquitlam Centre :O)
  57. Fog light
  58. Tein medium springs for cheap!!
  59. Where to get window tint?
  60. 5Zigen: PMed u!
  61. Clutch Problems '02 Wrx
  62. MY02 white WRX on Hasting on Jun 30,01
  63. Who paid/is paying for your current car?
  64. Canada/Ktown weekend pics (lotsa pics)
  65. FS:Red Indiglo Gauges and other stuff.
  66. attn: all Coquitlam i club member that is going to the meet...
  67. Accidents Suck!!!!!!!!!
  68. Very Important!! Brake Lines are Here..........
  69. hm..let's try this... pre-Abbotsford meet
  70. "Lifetime" Alignment Shops?!?
  71. Body shop in Lower Mainland area?
  72. Stromung Exhaust good for Accords?
  73. White Syms Legacy sighting
  74. Q: Where's the Yaohan?
  75. Summer boarding @ Whistler?
  76. Anyone in the club likes photography?
  77. S leung i saw u at New West today.
  78. Want to trade?? My WRX Rims for your Silver MY99 RS Rims
  79. Are you bored at work?
  80. Anybody interested in a Canadian Supplier of scooby stuff?
  81. FS: Custom Exhaust
  82. Was it u Sunny?
  83. I think that's you, Firewire
  84. Oops...kicked myself out.
  85. training WRX by Nick Warne
  86. Finally... club member sighting
  87. I can't Make it on Sunday ahhhhh =(
  88. Anybody interested in eyeliners(GC8) ?
  89. any WRB wagon here?
  90. Contact info for Tora while in Kelowna?
  91. Need a pair of V4 bumper turning signals
  92. wondering aloud....
  93. Looks like it's going to rain!
  94. how many KM's can you get on a full tank of gas??
  95. Help - looking for street racing articles/news video
  96. Our Good Omen
  97. attn :Burnaby Pre-meet ppl
  98. What a lucky guy I am!!
  99. Prodrive brake pads!
  100. i was mosquito bait at the sube meet!
  101. New Age TS Wagons
  102. blue wrx on 49th after show and shine
  103. More Pics.
  104. what do u think of the meet....
  105. opinions gt wing or version 5 wing ?
  106. My new boyfriend!!
  107. Rally anybody?
  108. Update on GB s/s brakelines
  109. I missed the meeet! AHHHhhhhhh!!!
  110. WRX Wheels
  111. few questions about the meet...
  112. WRX Pully Kit for sale
  113. tail light question
  114. Acropolis Rally on Speedvision - 10 PM
  115. Some PIXs from my Japan trip...
  116. Lovin' the Whiteline
  117. ATTN: bender
  118. some "result" for the Show and Shine
  119. Hi everyone!
  120. OEM fog lights for V5 bumper
  121. ouch
  122. BC Autox Championship - who wants to represent Subaru
  123. Let the bidding wars begin
  124. Where's Don's website?
  125. Who works in aluminium and lives on the Island
  126. Car Alarm and Imobilizer
  127. got something from specialty...
  128. Hello
  129. 3rd annual West Coast Meet - on line!
  130. Primitive Racing Skid Plate Group Buy
  131. New Prodrive Impreza UK300
  132. For those wondering about Private Messages
  133. help!
  134. att: Ken Kong
  135. Boom 2001
  136. looking for my00-01 RS wheels?
  137. What does Sticky means?
  138. Hot Imports Night in Seatle
  139. Anyone got the hookups on a PS2?
  140. Attn: Orbiter
  141. Black WRX Wagon sighting (July 13)
  142. Legacy GT Wheels for Sale
  143. Anyone interested in N1 pulley?
  144. OT: Speaking of PS2 deals, how about mountain bikes?
  145. Some ECU questions...
  146. Black "Old-Age" 2.5RS Sighting in Kelowna! :O)
  147. GT3 with iLink =multi player full screen battle
  148. My new RS vs. Newish Mustang, sadly...
  149. Attn: Orbitor
  150. Xenon HID kits
  151. Blaze Yellow WRX Sighting!!!!!
  152. water sprayer for Intercooler
  153. Some 1 please help me
  154. Somebody buy a...
  155. WRB WRX driving always driving down 50th Ave by fraser
  156. FS: Minnam Intake w/ Filter
  157. TSD Rally Clinic #2 Article
  158. Mini-Group-Buy for Rev-Lab ShortShifters: Final Call!
  159. Tips, Hints, Advice etc on New set of Fog Lights?
  160. autoart 1/18 model type-r
  161. Silver RS with red sticker
  162. Mini-meet Wednesday!!
  163. ne1 following this morette group buy?
  164. FS: Snowboard Equipment
  165. question(s)
  166. Regional autox @ Boundary Bay this Sunday
  167. Are you guys interested in skidplates??
  168. Canadian RS bumper signal lights on eBay.
  169. The Definitive V5 Bumper Thread
  170. Kids made my day
  171. Need to sell three more things (forgot something)
  172. got this email today...
  173. help
  174. FS: Borla Catback 2.25 piping
  175. who was i waving to today?
  176. Attn: Ashtaron
  177. Blue WRX sighting today
  178. found this on the honda-tech board
  179. anybody selling stock rims in the near future?
  180. those of u with aftermarket intakes...
  181. NE 1 want my stock rubberz?
  182. wheel 4sale
  183. Still for sale? Borla muffler.
  184. subaru drive event pixs
  185. Is it legal?
  186. Shouldnt have argued with that cement barricade
  187. Attn: Ben tang, u are gona love this.
  188. Possibly parting out car.......
  189. Fun run this Sat?
  190. Boom tickets
  191. Check this out!! Models of the Impreza!! CHEAP!
  192. Harness Bars fron Specialty Meet
  193. WTB: RBP canadian style bumper skin
  194. Is this a good deal?
  195. ne1 here running an underdrive pulley and a/c?
  196. yesterday a black impreza rs crashed
  197. School bus
  198. Somebody buy a WRX @ London Motorcars?
  199. RS on Nanaimo
  200. H5N1 or 5Zigen...
  201. WTB: white stock sedan spoiler
  202. WRX Rims?
  203. how much tax is supposed to be charged on used cars?
  204. wrx sti ra
  205. I did a crazy test..
  206. FS: KYB/AGX shocks
  207. FS: eyelids
  208. looking for this wheel... what are my chances of finding them used?
  209. Wtb: My00-01 Rs+
  210. I got my Kakimoto exhaust already
  211. Last Chance, Vacouver People! :O)
  212. i-club t-shirts
  213. What do you think of this?
  214. [offtopic] HELP, me choose a decent digital video camera !!
  215. iclub T-shirt design
  216. Can you help me find my rally car?
  217. ? what's that amusement park there near vancouver?
  218. 12-Aug VCMC closed club sign up
  219. C-West distributer?
  220. August 11 Car Show!!
  221. Who got a GT wing??
  222. SpeedVision Scooby Program Alert! :O)
  223. i-club shirt design
  224. i want one
  225. 2001 Vancouver I-Club Annual Meet Article
  226. 2 sightings in BBY tonight
  227. Oxygen Senor Problem
  228. Mini-meet for collecting I Club Tees money
  229. I'm going RACIN' on Friday afternoon....anybody wanna play ?
  230. Cross drilled rotors ?
  231. FS: Subie parts
  232. Went to Technik today
  233. saw you penphoe
  234. Street Racing policing issues
  235. stereo shops
  236. Group buy on Hoosier race rubber
  237. Insurance Questions
  238. WANTED: pix for the i club tees
  239. How much is your insurance?
  240. WTB: 5Zigen catback exhaust for cheap
  241. Last Call: I-Club T-Shirt, final design and changes
  242. Volk Racing supplier
  243. Autobot and Decepticon Logo Stickers
  244. Helmet buyers look here
  245. 2.5rs wheels on legacy
  246. Places to buy DVD's
  247. where to get replacement belt for UR pulley?
  248. Sorry to bug you all again... but...
  249. plus 1 wheel/tire sizing... did i mess up?
  250. the sports grill and sports gills